Vodhin's Ride Operators (Generic Entrance & Exit)

Replacement ride entrances and exits

Set Info:
Created: 05/27/07. UPDATE: The vendors were floating a tiny bit above the ground. This update fixes this. No other changes were made to the vendor's positions.

This is a set of 4 Generic Entrances and 1 Generic Exit. There is no scenery around the Ride Operators, and Exit and Entrances do not have collision enabled, so you can place an exit  in the same place as an entrance. Several positions are available for you to choose from:

Some themes, like my Emerald City of Oz, will include "Skins" that can be placed over these new entrances and exits.


WARNING: Saved Parks & Scenarios, as well as saved Coasters that have these special ride entrances and exits will not load without this set installed. If you are planning to share a coaster or park with others and these entrances/exits are part of a ride, then be sure to inform them that they will need this set installed.