Invisible Doodads

Contains invisible items perfect for use in any park!

Set Info:
Belgabor has also released Invisible Changing Room (announced in this thread at the Atari forums and found at Vodhin's Community Pages), but this set contains everything found in the previous one, as well as additional pieces. The two sets are not compatible: you will have to uninstall Invisible Changing Room in order to use this one. This is the reason the previous set does not have an entry of its own in the complete list of custom scenery any more. Make sure you read the "Readme.txt" file contained in the archive for installation instructions and other information on this set. Although alternative textures are provided in the set for those who don't want to have invisible pieces, only the standard version of this set (with invisible textures) has been tested for the purposes of this list; moreover, all the keywords/key phrases were added with this version in mind, since this was the intended use of this set.