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RCT2 Revival Crüe - Wonderland Themed Chess

RCT2 Revival Crue Wonderland Themed Chess v1.0.zip

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Description: This set has pieces with placements small enough so that four chess pieces can place to each terrain map tile just like they did in RCT2. They are in a height similar to chess pieces in RCT3 for those who are happy with the current size of RCT3 chess pieces.  The size of these pieces are ideal for landscape theming in fantasy parks or parks with an Alice in Wonderland type theme.

Created by: FlightToAtlantis
Keywords: RCT2 Themed  The Crue  RCT2 Revival Crue  Wonderland Theme  Chess  FTA  FlightToAtlantis 
Posted by: FlightToAtlantis April 14, 2017, 02:19:44 AM

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