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Apartments and Other Buildings 2

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Description: It's the continuation of "Apartments and Other Buildings".

Due to try to avoid not including some of the buildings that meant to be included, I went overboard and included about half of the buildings in the "Apartments and Other Buildings" too (namely the apartments). (it's because I was lazy and the buildings all named "1-something")

None of these are the recreations of real buildings – any similarities with reality is a mere coincidence. Some of them are loosely impressed by real buildings though.
*cough* no, umm... this time, some of them are designed after real buildings though. Obviously the real one looks much better though.

Further information on the building bellow.

Side note: yes, it requires a loooooooot - now even mooooooore! - of scenery sets, this is partly because it’s a set of many buildings, none of the buildings use all of the listed scenery sets I think one-by-one, but it would be too complicated to look through – and to list it here – the sets required building-by-building.
(if you think it's a pain to read it, think about how much pain it was to list them XD)

Scenery sets needed (beside the standard in-game sets):
starts as the same list as in the Restaurants pack, plus some other scenery sets. I’m not sure if all are needed, but better safe than sorry.
  • Ralfvieh’s Beaver Homes
  • Ralfvieh’s Antique World
  • Ralfvieh’s East Asia
  • Ralfvieh’s Medieval 1-2
  • Ralfvieh’s New Castle 1-2
  • Ralfvieh’s Russian Woods
  • Ralfvieh’s Streets
  • Ralfvieh’s Sci-fi
  • Ralfvieh’s American Diner
  • Ralfvieh’s Clockwork
  • Ralfvieh’s Pathcover

  • Station Jim’s Furnishing
  • Station Jim’s Gardening
  • Station Jim’s Gift Shopping
  • Station Jim’s Hotel Things
  • Station Jim’s Midway Things
  • Station Jim’s Random Things
  • Station Jim’s Sci-fi Things

  • Mr. Sion’s Tiki bar
  • Mr. Sion’s Snack Shop

  • Das Matze’s Industry Age – Objects
  • Das Matze’s Mc Connery’s Fast Food Set

  • Asia wall set 01 (RCT - Spanky and Belgabor)
  • Atlantis Extras
  • Atlantis Vaulting
  • Cafeen’s Letters - Wall Mounted – Arial
  • Cafeen’s Letters – Arial
  • Captain’s Aviaries
  • Coco’s Euro Main Street – Building Set

  • Fisherman’s Enchanted Forest (Mallorn Terrace only)
  • Kiotho – In Medieval Times!
  • MEG LOTR CSO (Mallorn Terrace only)
  • Matt9537’s Ruined Mine Set 1 (Baba Yaga’s Hut only)
  • Periculum 3
  • RctAdam’s Inventions
  • Ropes by Elch (Mallorn Terrace only)
  • SK-Canopy 101
  • Vines
  • Vodhin’s Girder ‘n Glass
  • Shy Circus Center Set 3

  • Aces Countertop Pack
  • FD7 and Pat Safety Set
  • Letters
  • LoneWolf’s Lights and Alarms
  • Wetterhahn (Baba Yaga’s Hut only)
  • Additionally, these are needed as well!
    • Ralfvieh’s Hall
    • Station Jim’s Pirate Things
    • Station Jim’s Exhibition
    • Romana Asmosia
    • Flags by JMAinAZ (recolorable)
    • Museum 2
    • Ice – “Make Ya Own Logo” Shop
    • TM’s Factory Set
    • Terraform’s Bells
    • jhnshm – Time For Dinner!
    • Bulldog2092 Camping Accessories
    • Asian Sensations
    • Ornamental Trees II
    • Ralfvieh’s Pathcover
    • Spice’s Bushes
    • Callum’s Church Stuff (possible)
    • Coco’s Euro Main Street – Building Set (possible)
    • K2K26&Advanced Camping Set
    • MGP Concessions
    • Matt 9537s Ruined it Roofs
    • Matt 9537s Ruined it Walls
    • Miscallaneus Objects 2
    • Misteris Road Set 1 (or 2?)
    • NYR Stadium Seating 1 - 2
    • Osudenny Restaurant Signs and Shops Pack (Neoclassic Ap. 1 upg. only)
    • Ralfvieh’s Fountains
    • Ralfvieh’s Streets
    • Spanky’s World
    • Station Jim’s Chapel 1- 2
    • T4L fences and more
    • Annubislive Signs and Poles
    • Brandenburg Gate
    • Das Matze’s Tram Accessories
    • LR - Athletics
    • Old Spice’s Construction Set
    • Strassenset 4
    • Woodpiles
    • Bilboards
    • Custom Vendors
    • Individual WC
    • Das Matze’s Tram
    • Metro

    There are two main types in this set, panel apartments of 50’s 60’s 70’ or such of socialist realism style, and apartments of neoclassical style. Why soc-real? I’m not a big fan of them in real life, but these buildings, - good or not - are still part of the city-view here. As for neoclassical, nothing much to question about their beauty, I guess. Although in the end, for everyone what they like.
    Most buildings have a normal version, a decorated version, and the parts to build your own (so, for example you can build them having more, or fewer floors).
    Does it not makes you wonder looking at the versions with decorations, what kind of people or families would live there?
    They’re not really building in an amusement part. But could be used to create a city around the amusement park, or something. Same could be said about some of the restaurants in the restaurant pack too, being more city-buildings – could combine them with these I guess. For example the Lucky Dragon, the Hussar Terrace, or the Gothloli Café.

    Not writing the info of the buildings that are present in the previous set too.

    Neoclassical Apartment 1

    Yes, it's the 1st one, that was missing from the previous set. Originally planned it to have shops included on the ground floor, but I couldn't figure out the best design for them before. Well, not like this is the best, but it not looks bad, I guess.
    It has two versions, one with the shops and normal roof, and another without shop, but with a large rooftop terrace.
    The shops are a KFC (tables not placed yet, place them to your liking), a sweets shop, a camera shop, and a shop under renovation (turn it into any shop you want, or just leave it like that).

Neoclassical Apartment 5

It's the 5th one, and the hugest member of the "family", it's an apartment with an inner garden (or how's it called? gang?).
It has a normal, and a decorated version.
Comes with the community spirit of such apartments, well, it's included in the decoration. or, rather, it's the decoration that gives it that feeling. Watermelons, potted flowers and cat food not meant to be stolen XD

Row(?) house

They are called so, because they stand in a row. But I'm not sure of their English name XD
It has an undecorated normal version and a version with garden, and a decorated row of 5 of them (each are a bit different!)

Other Buildings - Additions to city


Well... a football/soccer stadium. Pretty big. Looks nice from the inside, or if viewed from higher, the outside of it isn't too amazing of a sight...
There is a version of only half of it I left there (yeah, that was how I built it, the two halves are exactly the same, just turned around 180°. Though one side have the commentators' cabin.

Bus Stop

Exactly what it says on the tin. XD
Can add seats to it.

Calvinistic Church

Designed after the church on the Kálvin Tér (Calvin Square) in Budapest. The real one looks much better of course.


How about calling it Quadriga square? There are so few statues in game that can look nice in some city square or park... But I guess this looks pretty nice.


"OTP Bank"...? Yeah, it's yet another Hungarian stuff. Don't mind it too much XD But I think it looks nice.


Somewhat designed after the Szent István Bazilika of Budapest. The real one looks much better of course.

Elementary School

Or well, Elementary and Middle School, they aren't separate stuff here. Can you found the basketballs? Actually, they should be soccer balls or such, those are that usually land on trees and the roof (plus point for the railing at the roof, so the balls surely get stuck... and the warden gets angry he needs to clib for them again...), not basketball (who can throw them that high?!) but don't know about sets with soccer balls. XD


What they produce? I don't know. But I guess it looks kind of nice? Kind of like a factory.


What is that called in English? You know, those buildings where the trams stay when not in use. Anyway, it's that.
Comes in two sizes - the smaller one is not really optimalised, it has a lot of additional parts around...

Small Street Restaurant

Or well, rather a buffet. Might be found near a remíz, or anywhere else. What kind of food it sells I leave it to you.

Shop in a building - Ice Cream

It meant to be placed on the ground floor of an apartment. Looks nice with the neoclassical ones.
It's a very tiny Ice Cream shop.

Shop in a building - Clothes shop
It meant to be placed on the ground floor of an apartment. Looks nice with the neoclassical ones.
It's a clothes shop or boutique.

Shop in a building - Bar

It meant to be placed on the ground floor of an apartment. Looks nice with the neoclassical ones.
A bar with a garden. With the atmosphere of a... bar, I guess. And with lots of alcoholics...


An office building. Comes with parking lot and stuff.

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