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Pinewood Park

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Description: Hi everyone! Today, I have my first (99%) complete download for you (the reason I said 99% is because I left a decent size area deprived of forest for you to develop your own attraction or midway area)! This one is called Pinewood Park, a vanilla themed RCT3 park accessable from Sandbox Mode with NO required addons! However, just to be sure, I do recommend having BOTH DLCs to guarantee this park works! Pinewood Park only has wooden-based coasters, minus the Alpine Coaster, but I added it because it's a woodsy-based coaster type. Here's a list of the coasters, ALL of which I custom made before even making this park.
-Dragon, a Wooden Coaster. Considered the "King" of the park with its double-loop and 53mph speed. However, it is not the fastest or most exciting.
-Matchbox, a classic wooden coaster filled with side-turns, a couple mini-hills, and a helix for good measure!
-Jester, a wooden coaster that got its name from its first mini-drop that drops into a tub of water- Surprise! Also stuns its riders with a sudden loop right after a turn from the big drop.
-Thunderbolt, a hyper-speed Woodie that goes over 70mph at top speed! By far the fastest, most thrilling, and (at least to me) the most exciting coaster.
-Dizzy Whiz, a Virginia Reel puke-machine. I do NOT recommend watching this thing in Peep Cam, as it almost made me, the creator, sick. xD
-Alpine Maze, technically the only "steel" coaster in the park, is a fast-paced race through, in, and out of a patch of woods in a small valley. It's a pretty long, but quite scenic ride (like all the others for the most part).
-Tipsy, a Side Friction Coaster, took me almost 2 hours to make work properly. It is definitely not the best coaster in the world, but it's one of my first SF coasters. It does, however, make a great starter coaster to get a feel of the park!
     I sincerely hope you enjoy this park; don't judge me because I didn't add any buildings. I'm still trying to figure out what the limits are and how to utilize the tools, as I've never actually used them before, so I don't plan on having buildings in my parks on here for a while. Sorry. However, I've worked my BUTT off placing about 900-1,000+ trees to keep a theme, and keeping the thrill, scream, and other necessary aspects in all at the same time. All this work took me around 3 weeks, working on average 20-30 minutes a day. Please, if you like it, tell me! I want to be proud of something I worked like a mad-man on and spent several hours of my life for! :)
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Posted by: Weatherpyro May 13, 2016, 09:48:59 PM

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