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Revolutionary Rides Concrete & Race Dark RideTrack


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Description: About Concrete & Race Dark RideTrack: NEW RELEASE*

Take your dark rides to the next level, with brand new twists and turns, stops and starts our latest custom track offers your guests the most exciting experience for any dark ride adventure!

Concrete Track:
|Concrete recolourable track including guide rail
|A variety of angled pieces ( Banked 22 degrees, rising slopes & turns)
|Hold track points for pausing cars.

Race Track:
|Concrete recolourable track including racing stripes & guide rail.
|A variety of angled pieces ( Banked 22 degrees, rising slopes & turns)
|Hold track points for pausing cars.

This CTR track set includes the following track sections:
| the Station and Straight sections as usual
| new Curve sections (sizes XS, S, M, L) with angles of 30°, 45° and 60° left/right
|new Slope sections with angles of 15° up/down
|new Tilted sections for some surprising effects in your dark/themed ride
|special "Timer" track sections for a "timed stop"

Track Details:
|Design : Markus Lomberg
|Creation : Markus Lomberg
|Based On : Markus Lomberg's Dark Ride Track Design

*Installation Easy Guide:

How do I install the invisible track & Guided Tour?

Once you have downloaded and extracted the files there will be a notepad file containing all the installation information required for the invisible track.

However if you do not wish to use the CTR_Creator as suggested in the notepad file a quick way to do so is:

    * To get the track folder and place this straight into Atari/rollercoastertycoon3/Track/Trackedrides


Now you can download and install a car such as the Mystic Mover or SG-DR which uses the invisible track.

You can also download the MM-Jeep to run on the concrete guided tour track!
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Posted by: wabigbear April 09, 2014, 03:39:59 PM

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August 14, 2018, 02:35:44 PM
How do you make the ride pause, speed up and slow down, and switch what the track looks like?