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Hollywood Tower of Terror


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Description: This is a hybrid of the FL/CA version, since I like the outside facade in Orlando, but it is made to fit the custom flat ride (CFR) of thatonekid's tower of terror cfr which is based on the Anaheim/Paris/Tokyo version.  When you try to place his ride inside, put one full rct space between the back elevator shaft wall and the spaces that glow when you place a ride- this will ensure that you give space for the elevator car to move back one space when it begins it's ascent as he has designed it to do. My cso here is under the "general scenery" category and is called Tower of Terror. The lobby is designed for you to decorate it as you wish, there is no set floor or decorations so that it reduces polygon count & that you have maximum flexibility with the inside. This is the same building that I released at Vodhin's before he closed his website.
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Looks Good. :up: