Invisible Grandstand CFR

ImagineerJohn was nice enough to work with me on an idea that never quite panned out as I hoped.  I envisioned a way that we could use a single custom flat ride - an invisible grandstand - that had a number of different styles of grandstand custom scenery models that could be placed over it.  The idea worked, however it's very difficult to use since the grandstand is, in fact, invisible!  There are four different grandstand CSO pieces that work with this CFR.  One - the recolorable 'Grandstand-WoodSlat' can be found in 'WAGI-DA Circus Set'.  The other three - 'Wooden Grandstand', 'Brick Grandstand' and the straight Baseball grandstand from the 'WAGI-DisneyAmericaSet3' also work. Peep pathway is from the backside of the grandstand along the leftside to their seats, although not perfect every time..  HINT:  When placing this ride, by default, the grandstand front is towards your right, carefully rotate to place it as you wish.

Set Info:
This CFR should be installed in 'RollerCoaster Tycoon 3/Style/Custom/ImagineerJohn'