Content by Techno_Dude

Hydraulic Launch

A hydraulic launch guide way for Techno Dudes hydraulic catch car CTR.

Arrow Footers

Footers modeled after footers found on most Arrow rides.

Brakes part 1

Coaster breaks by many manufactures

Breaks part 2

More breaks in addition to part 1.

Intamin Footers

Footers made to resemble the ones found on Intamin rides.


A set of LIMs for coasters made by various manufacturers.


LSMs from various coaster manufactures

Trash Can Set

Set of trash bins in different styles, some with billboards.

2nd Gen Eurofighter Pack

Two Eurofighter CTRs , regular and mini. Includes several different car types and recolorable track.

Airshow CTR

A CTR that resembles a plane

Arrow Dynamics Hyper Coaster

Arrow Hyper Coaster CTR. contains Magnum XL 200, Titan V (recolorable Magnum), speaker Magnum, and PMBO trains.

Arrow Hyper

Arrow hyper CTR with several different car types. Recolorable.

B&M Two Seat Train No Known Working Download!

A B&M Sitdown train with only 2 seats instead of 4. Comes in generic, racing, chrome, pirate, and sifi themes.

Custom I305 Cable lifts

I305 Cable Lift CTR with several car types and recolorable track.

Eurofighter Gen 2

A Gerstlauer 2nd Gen CTR. Comes in generic, air force, WWII plane, space carrier, and racing themes.

Intamin 1st Gen Looper

A CTR that resembles the trains that were found on Monte Makaya at Terra Encantada.

Intamin Blitz

CTRs that resembles trains on Intamins Accelerator coasters. Includes 1st gen (nose holes), 2nd gen (no nose holes), Ispeed, and Speed Monster.

Intamin Double Coaster

4 Seat Steel Coaster

ISP's Accelerator Catch Car CTR and CS

Intamin accelerator launch CTR. Download includes hydraulic launch CS items in a separate folder.

ISP's Intamin Blitz V.1 CTR Pack

Intamin Blitz CTR with several different car types. Recolorable.

Rocket Ride

Rocket Shaped Ride, like a Rocket Car

Rocket Rider

Rocket themed CTR with recolorable track

Steel Hybrid

A CTR based on Gemini at Cedar Point.

Working 1305 Cable Lift

Cable Lift CTR . Recolorable.