Content by Kryptakwanakunalite (Krypt)

Alton Towers Corkscrews

This is the Alton Towers corkscrew monument in RCT3!

Apocalypse / Destroyed City

A set inspired by MGP's Apokx (Beams) set, for disasterous situations

City Skyline

Flat backdrop of a city skyline, one straight, one diagonal.

Desert Rocks

An awesome set of big, medium, and small desert rocks to beautify your deserts.

Disney Rocks

Some nice Disney rocks for use in Disney recreations and for other uses!


A nice fern for that extra foliage need!


An awesome grass set to beautify your parks!

Main Street Walls

A set of different colored brick walls.

Mr. Freeze

A nice set to use around Mr. Freeze recreations!

Park Extras

More tables and umbrellas based off the ones at SFOT (Six Flags Over Texas) for use in any park!

Security Booth

A one-piece set that contains a security booth.

Terrain Block Half

A nice half of a terrain block to fit in those tiny spaces where you'd need one!

Wooden Station

A nice set to build beautiful wooden station!

Kiddie Coaster 4 Seater

Krypt's first kiddie CTR, a coaster made specifically for little kids.

LIM Launch

A revamped LIM Launch car by Krypt. Animated restraints, too!

Maglev Train

Another Maglev Train, this time created by Krypt!

Mine Train

Some really nice looking mine train cars based off of the ones at SFOT (Six Flags Over Texas), of course!

New Texas Giant

A CTR based on the New Texas Giant Trains at Six Flags Over Texas. Comes on the ingame corkscrew track and all the PEP coaster CTs.

Revamped Giovanola Coaster

New Giovanola cars, like on Titan at SFOT (Six Flags Over Texas)!

Steam Train

Some awesome steam train cars created by Krypt to use instead of the ugly in-game Mini Railway!

Vekoma Looper No Known Working Download!

Awesome Vekoma Looper CTR cars to use instead of the in-game ones!

S&S Power Combo Tower

Another S&S Power launch/drop tower by Krypt! This one launches and drops!

S&S Power Double Shot

The S&S Power Double Shot remade by Krypt so you can forget the in-game freefall!

S&S Power Space Shot

The S&S Space Shot made for RCT3 by Krypt!

S&S Power Turbo Drop

Another S&S tower remade by Krypt, but this time, It's the Turbo Drop!

Lightsaber Carried Items

A vendor that sells multi-colored Lightsabers.