Content by Parallax (Brandon)

Brandon's Parks and Rec

Random Park and Rec items.

Parallax Throne

A marble throne.

Vertical Supports

a few pecies that could be used to make a tower

B&M Floorless - BETA V2

B&M Floorless CTR with recolorable track and cars.

B&M Sitdown

A CTR based of the B&M Sitdown model.

B&M WingRider

A CTR based of of B&Ms WingRider (X-Flight).

Brandon's Arrow Dynamics Mine Train

Arrow Dynamics Mine Train

Brandon's Vekoma/Arrow Trains

One of Parallaxs earlier works, contains a Vekoma MK1212 train (Carolina Cobra) and a classic Arrow train.

Timberliner CTR

A wooden coaster CTR featuring recolorable track and cars.