Aircraft Pack by JK

A set of 25 CTRs including passenger and cargo planes, helicopters, futuristic crafts, and UFOs.

Airshow CTR by Techno_Dude

A CTR that resembles a plane

Amity Boat Tours by sideswiper22

36 passenger Jaws CTR.

Angry Rat by StationJimJr

A classic, cheesy, carnival ghost train in the style of a rat. Seats 2

AP-DR by Fisherman and ImagineerJohn

These multi-rotation cars allow your guests to experience a ride like no other. Have the vehicle react to elements in the scene as these cars rock, roll, and rotate.

AP-DR by Revolutionary Rides Team

A CTR based on the Spider man technology. Comes in a generic and sliegh themed.

Aqua Diver by Weber

An 8 seat dive machine modeled on the Griffon at Busch Gardens.

Aquatica Floss Battle by Advanced-Rides

A floating raft ride, seating 8 passengers per raft. The ride is based on the Flossfahrt attraction in Heide Park, Germany.

Aquatrax by Revolutionary Rides Team

CTR based on the Intamin Aquatrax Atlantis Adventure at Lotte World in South Korea. Also includes a Jet Ski themed version.

Arrow Dynamics Hyper Coaster by Techno_Dude

Arrow Hyper Coaster CTR. contains Magnum XL 200, Titan V (recolorable Magnum), speaker Magnum, and PMBO trains.

Arrow Huss Stand-Up Coaster by zacharylunsfordworld

An Arrow Huss stand-up coaster, recolorable.

Arrow Hyper by Techno_Dude

Arrow hyper CTR with several different car types. Recolorable.

Arrow Shooter - B&M Version by TheOneSpark

B&M version of the Arrow Shooter.

Arrow Suspended CTR by Luke No Known Working Download!

Puts the in game Suspended Coaster cars on a track combination of Arrow suspended and Zamperla Flyer.

Auto Truck Bus Pack by JK

45 CTRs featuring a huge assortment of automobiles, trucks, and buses.


B&M 2 Seat by Techno & Lapper

B&M 2 seat CTR with recolorable track.

B&M Coasters by CoasterDesigner

A CTR using many B&M cars on Track 5

B&M CTR Pack 1 by DiarugaCoasters

Two different Coaster Sets Extended Coaster & Suspended Coaster Extended Coaster Cars Include Standup Twister, Twister, Hyper Twister, Hyper Twister Wide, Multi Dimensional, Floorless, Corkscrew Suspended Coaster Cars Include Flying Coaster, Inverted Coaster, Laydown, Biplane, Ghoul Theme, Parrot Theme, Saucer Theme, Suspended swing floorless, swing car, swing gorrilla car

B&M Extended Coaster CTR by DiarugaCoasters

A CTR in which the Standup Twister, Twister, Hyper Twister (normal & wide), MultiDimention, Floorless and Corkscrew cars are available on the Extended Track

B&M Floorless by TheCodeMaster

Floorless B&M coaster with recolorable cars and track.

B&M Floorless - BETA V2 by Parallax (Brandon)

B&M Floorless CTR with recolorable track and cars.

B&M Flying Coaster 2.0 by TheCodeMaster

Second version of TheCodeMaster's Flying Coaster, featuring recolorable track and cars.

B&M Flying Roller Coaster Cars by TheCodeMaster

A B&M Flying Coaster CTR. Recolorable.

B&M Invert - Revamp Set by KrakatoaCoo

4 Seat Inverted Coaster with more elemental track pieces to help recreate more realistic coaster

B&M Sitdown by Parallax (Brandon)

A CTR based of the B&M Sitdown model.

B&M Two Seat Train by Techno_Dude No Known Working Download!

A B&M Sitdown train with only 2 seats instead of 4. Comes in generic, racing, chrome, pirate, and sifi themes.

B&M Ultimate Pack by TheCodeMaster

A collection of twelve of your favorite B&M coasters in one download. Featuring Oblivion, Standup, Floorless, Wingrider and more. Track and cars are recolorable.

B&M WingRider by Parallax (Brandon)

A CTR based of of B&Ms WingRider (X-Flight).

Back to the Future by XD Rollercoasterfreak XD

CTR with the a car based on the De Lorean from the movie. Recolorable track.

Back Yard Rollercoaster by RCT RobDog

Back Yard Rollercoaster CTR, recolorable.

Balloon Flight by Samplerocker

A hot air balloon ride on the Invisible Track.

Banshee CTR by TheCodeMaster

Banshee inverted coaster CTR, recolorable.

Barrel Ride Maxi by Markus Lomberg

Barrel shaped rafting car. Seats 6 peeps

Barrel Ride Single by Markus Lomberg

Barrel shaped rafting car. Seats a single, lonely peep

Bat-Hatari by Steel Rides

CTR based on the Bat-Hatari ride at Hopi Hari Theme park in Brazil. Download also includes a CS set with everything necessary to theme the ride.

Battle Galleon by Revolutionary Rides Team

A Mack Splash Battle CTR based off Battle Galleons at Alton Towers.

Beta Floorless by TheCodeMaster

Floorless coaster CTR, recolorable.

Beta Wingriders by TheCodeMaster

Recolorable Wingrider CFR.

Big Dipper by StationJimJr

Classic wooden coaster car

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad by rctman12

Big Thunder Mountain CTR.

Blue Dragon by Schulzi

A dragon themed car on the mini coaster track

Blue Fire CTR by Mauer02

Blue Fire CTR.

Bob CTR by Patrick DVZ (Patrick)

The Efteling Bobsleigh recreated in RCT3! Includes 2 versions of cars.

Bobkart by blue fire

Bobkart CTR with recolorable track and cars.

Brandon's Arrow Dynamics Mine Train by Parallax (Brandon)

Arrow Dynamics Mine Train

Brandon's Vekoma/Arrow Trains by Parallax (Brandon)

One of Parallaxs earlier works, contains a Vekoma MK1212 train (Carolina Cobra) and a classic Arrow train.

Buggy Ride by zyned

A funfair style buggy ride CTR for the little ones, seating 4 peeps per car. The download includes a track file, CS, and lights to build the complete ride.

Bullet coaster by RTRC

An original design by RTRC. Uses the extended track

Bullet Coaster by Old-Spice

Bullet coaster with four car types: generic, log, bullet, and spaceship. Cars and track are recolorable.


Cablecar CTR by TheRack

Move your peeps up and down mountains with this cable car CTR. Choose from the large version seating 50 peeps per car, or the small version seating 24 peeps per car. Two recolorable car types are available for each. Cables, connectors, and wall pieces are in a separate CS folder.

California Space Mountain by T4L (tycoon4life)

CTR based on Space Mountain in Disneyland. Recolorable.

Camera Car by Weber

This CTR features cars with front and rear facing cameras. There are regular and constant speed versions, both with recolorable track.

CanalBoat Ride by Imagineer John & Wabigbear

ImagineerJohn was nice enough to take one of the Canal Boat models from my 'TMG Canal Boat' Set and created a custom ride with it. Note that this ride was in fact created back in 2008, we've progressed some since then with ride creation. One quirk is the length of the boat can cause it to 'bleed' into the ride station if it starts a turn right away, or makes a turn to return to the station. You can get around that somewhat by using cs like fences under the water to create a barrier that the boat will pass before turning and/or line the boat up before arriving back at the station. Created for Citytrader's DisneyAmerica Park.

Candy Cane Express by Weber

A Christmas themed kiddie train, complete with a coal car.

Captain's The Seaward by StationJimJr

A jungle themed paddle steamer boat ride made for captain. Seats 13 peeps.

Carnival Festival by DasMatze

A small two seat "hooded" style car with rotational control.

Carpet Flight by Samplerocker

A flying carpet ride using the Invisible Track.

Challenger CTR by Kiotho

A robo-controlled CTR seating 4 peeps per car.

Cheetah Hunt by TheCodeMaster

Cheetah Hunt CTR.

Chiapas CTR by Pearman

A CTR based on the Chiapas log flume ride in Phantasialand. There are 2 versions of the ride: A CTR using Log Flume track for users without Soaked and Wild expansions, and the Giant Flume track version for those with expansions installed.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang by Vodhin

CTR featuring the flying car from the movie. Download also includes a wagondaten and bahndaten for use with the CTR creator.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Speedboat by Vodhin

CTR featuring the speedboat version of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Christmas Blast! CT by StickyGum32

CT comes in two styles: red and green colored, and a black version that can be recolored. The download includes CS track and support pieces in a separate folder, plus a Christmas park file. A CS list for the park is included in the readme.

Classic Cars by StationJimJr

5 classic coaster cars on the wooden coaster track. Comes with a CS version of each too

Classic Tram by DasMatze

Eight seat trolley style car.

Classic Trams by Revolutionary Rides Team

A CTR perfect for recreating service trams that you would find in big cities.

Coasterball auf Spinning Wild & Mini Coaster (Coasterball on Spinning Wild & Mini Coaster) by K2K26

Coaster on Spinning Wild and Mini Coaster CTR. Recolorable

Coca Cola Weihnachtstruck by Samplerocker

X-mas themed Coca Cola truck on an invisible track.

Coffin Ride by gamer2456

A coffin-shaped coaster.

Colorado Adventure by Advanced-Rides

A reproduction of Colorado Adventure Mine Train coaster.

Concrete & Race Dark RideTrack by Markus Lomberg

Take your dark rides to the next level, with brand new twists and turns, stops and starts. This custom track offers your guests the most exciting experience for any dark ride adventure! Recolourable concrete with a guide rail

Crossfield CT by Heve-RCT (heverton)

Crossfield Custom Track. Includes a small custom scenery set.

CT Poseidon by Levels Rides

Poseidon CT features recolorable track and cars, plus a CS set containing footers and recolorable supports.

CTR Black Hole by Scoaster

Space-themed CTR.

CTR Inverter by Advanced-Rides

Suspended roller coaster.

CTR Megapack Batch 1 by Wacky Worm

One of two CTR packs by Wacky Worm.

CTR Megapack Batch 2 by Wacky Worm

One of two CTR packs by Wacky Worm.

CTR Revamped Set by rctman12

Multi-set of CTRs includes B&W Floorless Sit Down, B&W Hyper, B&W Stand Up, B&W Twister, Big Thunder Mtn RR, XCar, and Wingrider coasters.

CTR S&S El Loco by Simon

A CTR consisting of both the Screaming Squirrel and the Spiral Coaster track sets with the Inverted Wild Mouse car.

CTR-Track "Guided Tour - Rail Only" by Markus Lomberg

For dark/themed rides with a rail only (i.e. you can build any floor underneath). Set consists of 234 track sections for maximum freedom in your layout, including revolutionary stations, tilted pieces and special "timed stop" pieces! (Version 24.10.2011) You'll need the CTR Creator to install.

CTR-Track "Guided Tour - Wood" by Markus Lomberg

For dark/themed rides with recolorable wood floor and a rail in the center. Set consists of 234 track sections for maximum freedom in your layout, including revolutionary stations, tilted pieces and special "timed stop" pieces!

Custom I305 Cable lifts by Techno_Dude

I305 Cable Lift CTR with several car types and recolorable track.

Custom Tracked Rides Set 1 by FantasyParksLtd

Set of CTR's including Giga Turbo, Giga Water, Loop Reverser, Mine Junior, Top Thrill Dragster, and Wooden Lim.

Custom Tracked Rides Set 2 by FantasyParksLtd

CTR set including LIM, Impulse, Halfpipe, Stormrunner and Elephants on extended track, and more. Tracks are recolorable.


Dark Mine Train by Zephon

Runaway mine train style coaster car with a spooky theme.

Dark Ride by T4L (tycoon4life)

Dark Ride CTR with recolorable track.

Detox by Weber

A spinning CTR with an industrial Sci-fi theme. Features animated restraints and recolorable track.

Dipper Coaster Car by Azanderz No Known Working Download!

Mini wooden coaster car

Disney NW Railroad by StationJimJr

A CTR based on the former Disneyland attraction, "Mine Train Through Natures Wonderland." The ride features animated wheels and six carriage options, some of which are recolorable

Dive Coaster Pack by Old-Spice

A dive coaster CTR featuring your choice of 3 car types. The CTR also features recolorable track and cars, plus animated restraints.

DragonHeart by JR-Imagine (jordy_rym)

Steel Coaster 4 Seat per car. first CTR of Future Designs. Quoted by Jr-Imagine

Dreamboats by Advanced-Rides

A gently floating wooden boat ride, seating 12 guests per boat. Recolorable.

Droomvlucht by Mennoo_ (Mennoo22)

CTR to recreate the Droomvlucht ride at the Efteling!

Drop Zone by Weber

An inverted CTR featuring animated restraints and recolorable textures.

Drybone Express by Zephon

Custom themed coaster in the vein of Dry bones from the Mario games


Eagle Hunter by Samplerocker

Rocket-like winged coaster cars. 2 versions. One with constant speed, one without.

Efteling Train by Patrick DVZ (Patrick)

A beautiful train based on the one at Efteling. The train has recolorable lights and animated wheels!

El Loco by Weber

A CTR recreation of the El Loco coaster, featuring animated restraints and recolorable track.

Elevator & Escalator Pack by JK

A large set of working elevators and escalators.

Escape Pods by Luigi (loubauder)

Finally, a way to get off this spaceship!

Eurofighter by DasMatze

Living up to its name-sake, this car is a replica of the popular Eurofighter car manufactured by Gerstlauer.

Eurofighter Gen 2 by Techno_Dude

A Gerstlauer 2nd Gen CTR. Comes in generic, air force, WWII plane, space carrier, and racing themes.

Eurofighter on Mini Coaster Track by DasMatze

The same Eurofighter car only on the Mini Coaster track.

Eurosat by Mazzer

CTR modeled after the Eurosat coaster in Europapark. Track is recolorable.

Evo-X by Weber

Evo-X CTR features a B&M chassis, animated restraints, and recolorable track.

Expedition Everest Train by Coasterfreak90

Coaster train for Disney's Expedition Everest.

Expedition Grizzly by Revolutionary Rides Team

A CTR made by Revolutionary Rides that has a rustic theme to it.


Factory Line Pack by JK

Create a factory production line with these CTRs.

FairyTale Ride by Advanced-Rides

A circular raft ride.

Falcon by JR-Imagine (jordy_rym)

Wooden Coaster with 2 seats per car.

Fantasy Ghost Train by zyned

A 3 story funfair style ghosttrain ride in a fantasy theme. The ride comes with 2 CS sets containing ride building parts, lights, signs, and a transport set. Also included are sound effects, music, fireworks, and structure files.

Fantasy Spin by Samplerocker

Spinning coaster cars.

Fantasy World Luigis CTRs by Samplerocker

The package contains two CTRs with unusual vehicles: Holzbiene (Carpenter Bee) is a wooden airplane CTR that flies on invisible track. Nemos Car is modeled on Captain Nemos car from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen film.

FC Wooden Cars CTR by francecoaster

Wooden Coaster CFR featuring 4, 6, and 8 seat cars plus 2 versions of the Millennium Flyer.

FearFaller-DR by Revolutionary Rides Team

The Fear Faller concept takes your guests on the ride of their lives with a number of multi-motion movements as well as rises and falls.

FearForce Spin by Samplerocker

Spinning coaster car based on the Winjas Fear & Force.

Fighter Jet by Luigi (loubauder)

The CTR that's also a war machine

Fiorano GT Challenge by XD Rollercoasterfreak XD

CTR based on the Fiorano GT Challenge coaster at Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi.

Flintstones Car by Vodhin

Flintstones themed CTR featuring a choice of two car types: Fred Flintstone's or Barney Rubble's.

Floorless Rafting by Coasterfreak90

Floorless Rafting

Flugzeug by Scoaster

A cool, modern, and realistic plane CTR on the B&M track.

Flugzeug (Invisible Track Version) by marc-98

A nice, realistic, modern plane CTR on RR's Invisible Track!

Flume by PB&J

Flumes based upon Splash Mountain. Large and small flumes are included alongside a CS set with ride event splashes.

Flume CTR by Project Towers

Flume ride CTR modeled after the attraction at Alton Towers.

Fly Free by Revolutionary Rides Team

CTR based on the S&S Free Fly coaster. Contains generic and log theme cars.

Flying Dutchman (De Vliegende Hollander sloep) by Patrick & Mennoo_

A boat CTR to recreate the Flying Dutchman ride at the Efteling! Comes with 2 versions.

Flying Jalopy by Advanced-Rides

Roller coaster with cars shaped like whimsical airplanes.

Flying Over The Rainforest by TheCodeMaster

Colorful Wing Coaster CTR.

Flying Shyguy Coaster by DasMatze

Roller coaster train resembling the popular character and a certain forum administrator.

Flying Western Wagon by Advanced-Rides

Suspended coaster cars with a Western theme.

Formula Rossa by Skyline

Coaster shaped like a racing car.

Free Fly by DasMatze

A new coaster type with a unique mechanism similar to the Free Fly coaster from "S&S Worldwide".

Funicular Railway by DasMatze

Peeps can ride up mountains in this Funicular CTR. Cars are recolorable.

Futuristic Wild Mouse by T4L (tycoon4life)

Wild Mouse CTR with modern cars. Recolorable.


Galeone by Coasterfreak90

A splash coaster car.

Gateriders by Scoaster

A nice space-themed CTR for your parks!

Geisterbahn Car by sio1

A Ghost Train CTR, designed to work with Geisterbahn CSO V2.2, also by sio1.

Geisterkarren (Ghost Cart) by RCTchen

A scary ghost pulls you through a ride in a wagon. Very good for dark rides! SampleRocker also credited as author.

Geisterzug (Ghost Train) by EP2010

Dark ride CTR with spooky themed cars and recolorable track.

Generic Diver by Weber

A generic diving coaster, featuring recolorable track and cars.

Generic Giga by Weber

A generic giga coaster, featuring recolorable track and cars, plus animated restraints.

Gerstlauer Eurofighter by Luke No Known Working Download!

Puts Dasmatzes Eurofighter CTR on a track combination of Stormrunner, Ball Coaster, Mini Coaster, and Spinning Coaster.

Gerstlauer Spinning Coaster by DasMatze

This car is a replica of the inward-facing spinning car manufactured by Gerstlauer.

Ghost Bug by StationJimJr

A VW Beetle themed coaster car

Ghost Bus Tours by StationJimJr

A ghostly tour bus that seats 14 peeps!

Ghost Cage by Stormrail

Ghost Train vehicles shaped like a cage.

Ghost Rider by Samplerocker

4D coaster "Ghost Rider" car.

Ghost Ships by StationJimJr

Spooky, miniature, ghostly pirate ships that seat 2 peeps

Ghost Train by StationJimJr

A creepy, rusty old train for your spooky ride!

Giant Flume Extension by Belgabor

A customized version of the original Giant Flume ride, with new track pieces and car types.

Giant Inverted Boomerang CT by Heve-RCT (heverton)

This is a Vekoma Giant Inverted Boomerang CT created by Heve-RCT. (member herverton on Shyguy's World) This CT set includes supports and track details.

Gondelbahn by Mazzer

Gondola style ski lift with recolorable track.

Gondoletta by Joey

Three types of boats to recreate the Gondoletta ride at the Efteling.

Grand Canyon CTR by Rocker79

A Constant Speed CTR, semi-adjustable. hill lift speeds are adjustable, flat section's non adjustable.

Great Racers by Vodhin

CTR featuring the Hannibal Twin 8 car from the film "The Great Race".

Griffon Cars + CS by Coasterfreak90

A 10 across dive machine train and dive machine catwalks.


Hairpin on B&M Track by Coasteriffic

Hairpin coaster on B&M track. Recolorable.

Halloween Tour by Kiotho

CTR featuring a spooky horse drawn carriage that seats six peeps.

Halo Ghost by Weber

This CTR is designed after the Halo Ghost vehicles from the Halo game series.

Happy Mountain by Steel Rides

Caterpillar themed CT plus a CS pack containing supports, lights, station and more.

Haunted Hayride by StationJimJr

A torrid tractor pulling petrified peeps! Seats 12, plus a driver!

Hong Kong Disneyland Space Mountain CTR by sideswiper22

CTR with Hong Kong Disneyland Space Mountain cars. Track is recolorable.

Hover Speeder by T4L (tycoon4life)

Futurific-styled coaster with cars shaped like small hover speeders.

Hyper Woodie by Berp (rct3rocks123)

Hey guys! This is rct3rocks123's first "custom" object, I guess. It's just the in-game hyper car on the wooden track. I've seen someone wanted it before and that was a long time ago but I thought it was pretty cool too so I made one. Thanks for looking! ;D Quoted by rct3rocks123

Hyperspeed Shuttle by Scoaster

A remake of Scoaster's Black Hole CTR.


I-Drive by Ullombrospictures

CTR with two track types and CS set included. Recolorable.

Ikran by Coasterfreak90

Inverted flying dragon coaster!

Improvised Rafts by AnubisLive

This a improvised raft... it uses "free to roam", so you only need to build the station (no track). The Raft will find his way in and out of the station on itself!

Indiana Jones Jeep V3 by Thatonekid

The Jeep vehicle from the Disney attraction. This CTR has robo-controls so it can be tilted and swiveled to suit your needs.

Intamin 1st Gen Looper by Techno_Dude

A CTR that resembles the trains that were found on Monte Makaya at Terra Encantada.

Intamin Accelerator-Stealth by Adam_Thorpe

Stealth themed Intamin Accelerator CTR with recolorable track.

Intamin Aceleration Coaster by CoasterDesigner

An Intamin Aceleration Coaster CTR

Intamin Blitz by Luke No Known Working Download!

The Stormrunner, and Coasterfreak90s Mega Coaster CTR on the Giga, Ball Coaster, and Storm Runner tracks combined.

Intamin Blitz by Techno_Dude

CTRs that resembles trains on Intamins Accelerator coasters. Includes 1st gen (nose holes), 2nd gen (no nose holes), Ispeed, and Speed Monster.

Intamin Boat Trip by Mennoo_ (Mennoo22)

Made off of Intamin's Boat Trip, this CTR by Mennoo_ is sure to be very handy!

Intamin Double Coaster by Techno_Dude

4 Seat Steel Coaster

Intamin Impulse by TheCodeMaster

Intamin Impulse CTR, with recolorable tracks and cars.

Intamin Looper car by Azanderz

An intamin looper CTR on megacoaster track.

Intamin Wooden Coaster by DasMatze

A roller coaster car designed after the wooden coaster manufactured by Intamin.

Intamin ZacSpin by TheCodeMaster

Intamin ZacSpin CTR.

Inverted Coaster Pack by Old-Spice

An inverted coaster CTR featuring a choice of 5 car types: generic recolorable, Montu themed, Black Mamba themed, Alpengeist themed, and No-Limits "Shark" themed.

Inverted Dive Machine by T4L (tycoon4life)

Inverted Dive Machine CTR. Recolorable.

Inverted Hairpin ( Konstante Geschwindigkeit) (Inverted Hairpin (Constant Speed)) by K2K26

Inverted Hairpin CTR, recolorable.

Inverted Impulse CTR by dominoes007

Inverted Impulse CTR one an Extended Track.

Invertigo by TheCodeMaster

Inverted roller coaster CTR.

Invisible Car (CTR) by Jdrowlands

Peeps walk around an invisible track, suitable for walkthrough attractions. Station is recolorable.

Invisible Track by Markus Lomberg

Nothing to see here! An invisible track, perfect for dark rides or transport rides

ISP's Accelerator Catch Car CTR and CS by Techno_Dude

Intamin accelerator launch CTR. Download includes hydraulic launch CS items in a separate folder.

ISP's Intamin Blitz V.1 CTR Pack by Techno_Dude

Intamin Blitz CTR with several different car types. Recolorable.


jordy_rym CTR package 1 by JR-Imagine (jordy_rym)

CTR BNMShark, CWShark, Eurofighter Dropper, Python, Vekoma Smooth B&M. These are all .txt files you must use a creator to create the files.

Joris en de Draak treinen Water en Vuur by Joey

Millennium Flyer wooden coaster cars used to recreate the dueling ride "Joris en de Drakk" (George and the Dragon) a roller coaster at the Efteling. Two different trains are included, one fire and the other water.

Jungle Jeep by StationJimJr

A jungle themed Jeep coaster. Comes in 2 styles. One with loading platform. One without.

Jungle Jeep v2 by StationJimJr

This version of the Jungle Jeep Coaster features recolourable lights and better cameras! This version has a loading platform and replaces the original Jungle Jeep CTR.

Jungle River - Reverchon Log Flume by zyned

A funfair style log flume CTR, also including a CS set with ride extras.

Junior Bommerang Track by Revolutionary Rides Team

A CT based on Vekomas Junior Boomerang. Includes CS which has supports, breaks and wheels, catwalks, and a station cover.

Jurassic Park Ford Explorer by dave841

CTR with Jurassic Park themed vehicles. Uses Revolutionary Rides Guided Tour track (not included). CSO pack included containing vehicles in straight and diagonal positions.

Jurassic Park Jeep Wrangler by dave841 & maria901

Jeep Wrangler CTR modeled after the movie vehicle. Recolorable track. Download includes a folder containing CS versions of the jeep.

Jurassic Park River Adventure CTR [BETA] by LoneWolf

Jurassic Park themed river raft ride

Jurassic World Gyrosphere Ride by DACS

Gyrosphere CTR from Jurassic World. Includes CS.


Kana River by JR-Imagine (jordy_rym)

Floating Boat

Kiddie Coaster by Weber

A small coaster for the kiddies, featuring recolorable track and cars, plus animated restraints.

Kiddie Coaster 4 Seater by Kryptakwanakunalite (Krypt)

Krypt's first kiddie CTR, a coaster made specifically for little kids.

Kiddie Safari by Laitch

A safari themed CTR featuring three car styles: Giraffe, Zebra, and Tiger.

Kids Fun by TheOneSpark

A cool kiddie coaster CTR to add to your awesome collection!

Kingda Ka / Generic Stratacoaster by TheCodeMaster

Stratacoaster CTR: Kingda Ka and generic themed. 4 types of cars in all.

Kirmes Autoscooter by stephanbrunswik

Simulated Bumper Cars ride using Revolutionary Rides' Invisible Track. Includes CS and laser effects.


Lego Coaster CTR V2 by superlegochannel

Our first CTR! Have fun with it. V2 of the Lego Coaster CTR, safety bars are added and smoother ETC. and don't forget to read the readme!

LEGOLAND Driving School by Nightfall

Driving School is a staple of all LEGOLAND parks, and now you can simulate your own Driving School in Roller Coaster Tycoon 3!

LEGOLAND Driving School V2 by Nightfall

A CTR modeled on the Driving School attractions found in Legoland parks. The download includes a CS set containing CS cars and CS track pieces. Also included is a track file for a basic layout with in-game scenery.

LIM Launch by Kryptakwanakunalite (Krypt)

A revamped LIM Launch car by Krypt. Animated restraints, too!

Little RailRoad by JR-Imagine (jordy_rym)

Little Rail Road Roller Coaster Steel Track

Log Mine by _Brandon_

A log themed car on the mini coaster track. Animated by Cotda.

Looping Car auf Big Bahn (Looping Car on Big Train) by K2K26

Looping Car on Big Train CTR, recolorable.

Looping Car auf Mine Ride (Konstante Geschwindigkeit) ( Looping Car on Mine Ride (Constant Speed )) by K2K26

Looping car on the mine ride track. Recolorable.

Looping Star Playcenter by Heve-RCT (heverton)

Looping Star CT. Non-recolorable version (green). Includes a small CS set.

Looping Star Recolorable by Heve-RCT (heverton)

Looping Star CT with CS set.

Luazo by Skyline

Roller coaster CTR.

Lynet by Coasterfreak90

Recreation of the Lynet coaster car at Farum Sommerland in Denmark

Lynet CTR by Advanced-Rides

Recreation of the Lynet coaster car at Farum Sommerland in Denmark.


Modern Trams by DasMatze

A VERY versatile Tram set

Machinery Pack by JK

A set of 19 vehicles on multiple tracks. Includes construction vehicles, farming machinery, and cranes.

Mack Mega Coaster Generic CTR by superlegochannel

Mack Mega Coaster CTR with recolorable track and cars.

Mack Rides Spinning Coaster by CoasterDesigner

A CTR using the Spinning Cars based on Mack Rides designs

Mack Spinning Coaster by RCT RobDog

Mack spinning coaster CTR, recolorable.

Mag Lev Train by Weber

A sci-fi themed Mag-Lev train, featuring recolorable track.

Maglev Train by Kryptakwanakunalite (Krypt)

Another Maglev Train, this time created by Krypt!

Manta (overseat) by Advanced-Rides

Based on the Manta coaster in Sea World San Diego, the CTR features manta ray shaped cars and recolorable track.

Manta (underseat) by Advanced-Rides

Based on the Manta coaster in Sea World Orlando, the CTR features manta ray themed suspended cars and recolorable track.

MarbleRunner Kugelwagen by Samplerocker

Marble ball CTR with seats inside. There are 2 versions. One rides on Track 3 and one on the Bobsled track.

Mario Kart by Scoaster

Some Mario Kart carts for your RCT3!

Matterhorn Boblseds by ImagineerTom

Disneyland's Matterhorn Boblseds CTR.

Maurer Sohne & Gerstlauer Spinning Coaster by Luke No Known Working Download!

Puts Dasmatzes and Coasterfreak90s spinning coaster CTR on the spinning and mini track combined.

Maurer Sohne Concept Designs by Revolutionary Rides Team

A CTR pack that includes a Maurer Sohne Spinning Coaster and Maurer Sohne X-Car designs (Floorless and 4 across seating)

Maurer Sohne's X-Car by mrlego611

Maurer Sohne's X-Car (The Extended car) on a looping track.

Maya River Expo by StationJimJr

Maya River Expo features 16 passenger recolorable boats and recolorable track.

Maylene's Classic Corkscrew by Maylene

Classic Corkscrew Steel Coaster 6 cars per train 4 seats per car.

Maylene's Millennium Flyer's by Maylene

Maylenne's Millennium Flyer's Wooden Roller coaster

Megacoastercars & Additions CTR by Coasterfreak90

Recolorable Megacoaster car and 2 custom Expedition GeForce cars. Also contains Megacoastercars & Additions custom scenery (listed separately)

Mexican Spin by Samplerocker & Nincake

Spinning coaster with a Mexican theme.

MIG's Strassenbahn by MIGcoasters

Tram CTR.

Millenium Flyer [FD] by JR-Imagine (jordy_rym)

W W Millflyer Black & Orange with wooden Floor& trim. Wooden Coaster MillFlyerGeneric Red & Yellow with wooden Floor& Trim. Wooden Coaster

Mine Bender by Revolutionary Rides Team

A CTR that looks very similar to Revenge of the Mummy at Universal parks.

Mine Train by Kryptakwanakunalite (Krypt)

Some really nice looking mine train cars based off of the ones at SFOT (Six Flags Over Texas), of course!

Mine Train Wagons V1 by Azanderz No Known Working Download!

Mine styled custom tracked ride.

Minecart by Funtimes17

Minecart themed cars on recolorable junior coaster track.

Minenbahn by Scoaster

A cool minecart to add to your CTR collection!

Mini Railroad by DasMatze

Miniature "ride-on" style railroad with options for open or closed cars. Recolorable.

Mini Railroad Pack by Old-Spice

A mini railroad CTR featuring a variety of custom cars and locomotives. The set includes : Wildlife Express engine and cars, Generic Recolorable engine, and cars themed after Disneyland Paris, Busch Gardens, and Walt Disney World.

ML04 Elevator Extensions by Joey

The elevator extension pieces to the ML04 Track.

MM-DR & MM2-DR by Revolutionary Rides Team

A hybrid of a roller coaster and motion simulator, this ride has the ability to move you through vast worlds like never before.

MM-Jeep by Revolutionary Rides Team

A CTR based on Indiana Jones Adventure at Disneyland.

Monorail by ImagineerTom

Monorail CTR based on the ride at Walt Disney World.

Morgan Hyper Coaster by TheCodeMaster

Morgan Hyper Coaster CTR.

Motocoaster CTR by Cinipaes

Motocoaster CTR, Based on Booster Bike from Toverland.

Motorbike CTR by Samplerocker

Motorbike racers.

Mystic Mover by Revolutionary Rides Team

A CTR perfect for building spooky themed dark rides.


Narrow Boat by Nightfall

A beautiful tour boat. Contains uncovered, covered, and canopy versions.

Nemesis by Project Towers

Here is the Project Towers Nemesis CTR!

New Compact Inverted by Samplerocker

Compact inverted coaster car.

New Texas Giant by Kryptakwanakunalite (Krypt)

A CTR based on the New Texas Giant Trains at Six Flags Over Texas. Comes on the ingame corkscrew track and all the PEP coaster CTs.

Nightfire: Diving Machine by Nightfall

Just over a year ago I created my first CTR. It was called Nightfire and developed for a park I was working on at the time. Due to many delays the project is still in the same state now as it was then. But after a request I decided it was time to release the Nightfire. - Train design includes a Zero Cart for a more realistic Launched Diving Machine. - Default 13 cart trains & staggered seating offer a unique perspective from every seat. - Creative seat design including a heart rate monitor

Nightflight: B&M Wingrider by Nightfall

Includes: Re-colorable skin 2 re-colorable front lights Animated restraints and wheels

Nimbus 2000 by fechu

Enjoy your ride on the flying broomstick.


Old McDonald Tractor Ride by DasMatze

Time to ride through the countryside on your very own tractor.

Old99 by DasMatze

A kiddie train perfect for those family friendly parks.

Omnimovers by Revolutionary Rides Team

A great CTR for creating dark rides

Original Miner by PB&J

The original version of PB&Js Miner CTR.

Oude Tuffer by Joey

Ford Model-T cars based on the ride "Oude Tuffer" (Lizzies) at the Efteling.


Paraglider by Marc_WL & Fechu

Soar through the sky with this ride.

Park Jet by DasMatze

Zip across the park with this stream-lined monorail.

Pegasus by Ronnimo

The in-game serpent car on the Maurer & Sohone track!

PEP Geisterbahnwagen (Ghost train) by Coasterfreak90

A spooky ghost train, perfect for haunted houses

Peril Mine Carts by Cruiseshipfan

Modeled after Indiana Jones and The Temple Of Peril from Disneyland Paris this thrill ride will give your guest the ride of their lives.

Peril Miner by PB&J

Peril Miner is based on the mine carts from the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril attraction at Disneyland Paris. Both a forward and reverse version are included.

Peter Pan's Flight by ShermanFTW

The Peter Pan's Flight from the Disneyland Paris.

Peter Pan's Flight by ImagineerTom

Disney's Peter Pan's Flight darkride CTR.

Pimped Hog by Weber

This CTR features vehicles designed after civilian hogs from the game series Halo.

Pinfari Z40 by MF-RCT & Cinipaes

Pinfari Z40 is a funfair style rollercoaster CT, featuring 4 car styles to choose from. Also included is a CS set containing several styles of lights, stations,and other extras. All items are recolorable.

Police CTR by Samplerocker

Police themed CTR with animated lights.

Poseidon by Ronnimo

A CTR in which the Water Coaster car is placed on the Hyper Coaster track.

Powered Junior Coaster by Redmanb11

A powered junior coaster using the in-game Ladybird cars. Cars and track are recolorable.

Premier LSM by TheCodeMaster

Premier LSM CTR.

Pteradon Flyers from IOA by dave841 & maria901

CTR based on Pteradon Flyers from IOA. Recolorable track.

Python by JR-Imagine (jordy_rym)

Corkscrew style cars 4 per car and up to 15 cars per train allowed. Completely Recolorable. Come as a python snake texture.


There are no items to display.


Raceway 2 Lanes by Markus Lomberg

CTR track "Raceway 2 Lanes" for a raceway with recolorable concrete floor, recolorable curbs and enough width for overtaking (i.e. two lanes if your chosen car has the ability to overtake). Set consists of 197 track sections for maximum freedom in your layout, including some tilted pieces for high speed curves.

Radiator Springs Racers by Krankin4 (K4C)

Radiator Springs Racers Ver 1.25 Racing cars from Disney California Adventure Cars Land.

Radiator Springs Racers by Patrick DVZ (Patrick)

Racing car CTR based on the Radiator Springs Racers ride at Disney's California Adventure. The cars are recolorable, and come in two versions: with or without "eyes" on the windshield.

Random Objects by TheNintendofan1209

A collection of four CTRs, including a family coaster featuring Shamu cars, plus an assortment of random objects including a black cube and cylinder.

RCT-HSR Consortium: Mini-Express by Silver Swordsman

The RCT-HSR Consortium has decided to release all assets in regards to the mini-trainset series. This final package includes previously unreleased custom scenery items and miscellaneous files.

RCT3 Batman CTRs by Samplerocker

A trio of Batman-themed coasters.

Realistic Railroad by DasMatze

Railroad Tracks designed for a variety of trains. Curves from 2x2 to 7x7 Three gentle slope types (two for diagonal slopes) Realistic gauge (1,435 mm) Lowered down track for raised stations (station will be made invisible)

Red's Air Force Pack by RedOctoberRCT3

A-10 and F-117 Jets

Revamped Giovanola Coaster by Kryptakwanakunalite (Krypt)

New Giovanola cars, like on Titan at SFOT (Six Flags Over Texas)!

Revenge of The Mummy CTR by castmemberzack

Revenge of The Mummy themed CTR with recolorable track.

Revolution by Skyline


Revolutionary Rapids by Revolutionary Rides Team

A CTR to make realistic raft rides in seven differently styled themes.

Robotest by MrPark

This car was created for to test the Robo-interface and the bow animation.

Rocket Ride by Techno_Dude

Rocket Shaped Ride, like a Rocket Car

Rocket Rider by Techno_Dude

Rocket themed CTR with recolorable track

Roller Skater by Revolutionary Rides Team

A CTR based on the Vekoma Junior Coaster.


S&S Arrow Multidimensional Coaster by Tycoon Coaster

A CTR based off of S&S Arrows 4th Dimensional Coaster. Contains a low poly version to test seat rotations, S&S Arrows 1st gen train (X), S&S Arrows 2nd gen train (Eejanaika), and S&S Arrows 3rd gen train (X2).

S&S Arrow Multidimensional Train by Tycoon Coaster

This is a set of S&S Arrow Multidimensional Coaster CTR which contains all three generations of the train, on both multidimensional track and extended coaster track. Cars and track are recolorable.

S&S Thrust Air by Scoaster

A Thrust Air from S&S as known from Dodonpa or Hypersonic XLC.

Safari by LoneWolf

Off-road safari vehicle CTR with 2 different track versions: Safari Track and Guided Rail.

Samplerocker's Karts by Samplerocker

Four racing cars, two with drift function.

Saw the Ride (CTR) by KrakatoaCoo & Tomtomtom & Thatonekid

Saw themed CTR with recolorable track.

Schlittenfahrt (Sleigh Ride) by GreenTomTom

Sleigh Ride with 2 types of sleighs. Also includes a small cso set.

Schwarzkopf CTR by Kinderly

Schwarzkopf CTR features recolorable 4-seat cars and recolorable track.

Sci Fi CTRs by StationJimJr

A pair of CTRs in the Sci-Fi theme, designed to compliment Station Jims Sci Fi Things CS set. Sci Fi Utility Truck runs on invisible track and features recolorable lights and windows. Space Racers features four car types, plus recolorable windows.

SDR-01 Wooden Darkride by TheOneSpark

A new dark ride car to use!

Service Vehicle Pack by JK

A set of 41 service vehicles for your city, including dump trucks, taxis, trash collectors, and trams. Also included are trains, cranes, and metros.

Sessellift (Ski Lift) by Mazzer

Ski Lift CTR with recolorable track.

Sessellift Mit Haube ( Covered Ski Lift) by Mazzer

Covered Ski Lift CTR with recolorable track.

Seven Dwarf's Mine Train by ShermanFTW

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train from the Magic Kingdom and Shanghai Disneyland.

SG-DR by Revolutionary Rides Team

A CTR based off of Toy Story Mania

Shamu Express by Advanced-Rides

Based on the coasters in Sea World's Orlando and San Antonio parks, the CTR features killer whale shaped cars.

Shoot the Rapids by Advanced-Rides

A CTR featuring boat shaped coaster cars. Track and cars are recolorable.

Shooter by JR-Imagine (jordy_rym)

Shooter Games for your park

ShowNight RaverTruck by Samplerocker

The peeps rock out on a party truck.

ShuttleLoop CTR by Steel Rides

A shuttle loop CTR inspired by the ride in the Brazilian theme park Hopi Hari. CTR has two car types: Hopi Hari themed and generic. Download also includes a CS set with everything you need to recreate the ride. Many items are recolorable.

ShuttleLoop Custom Track by Heve-RCT (heverton) No Known Working Download!

Custom track and scenery items to build a shuttleloop coaster.

Simple Toboggans by DasMatze

A toboggan design for the Alpine coaster track.

Sinbad Boats by sjeskie

A boat ride CTR with boats similar to those of the Fata Morgana ride at the Efteling.

Six Seater Wooden Coaster (The Beast) by TheCodeMaster

The Beast/Six Seater Wooden Coaster CTR.

Sky Train by Vodhin

Retro style monorail CTR with recolorable track and cars.

Skyride by Project Towers

Ctr modeled after the Skyride attraction at Alton Towers.

Skyrush Intamin Wing Coaster by TheCodeMaster

Skyrush Intamin Wing Coaster CTR.

Space Mountain 2 by Scoaster

A cool Space Mountain Mission 2 train!

Space Mountain Hong Kong by Scoaster

Space Mountain Hong Kong CTR with recolorable track.

Speed Racer by Skyline

Launch Coaster CTR.

Speed Racer by Advanced-Rides

Roller Coaster CTR.

Spiderman 3 Cars by Samplerocker

Spinning coaster cars themed after Spiderman.

Spinning Coaster by Coasterfreak90

Spinning Coaster CTR placed on the Spinning Wildmouse Track (Track 8 ).

Spinning Coaster by Advanced-Rides

Generic spinning coaster CTR.

Spinning Coaster Set by Samplerocker

A set of 4 themed spinning coaster cars.

Spinning Pumpkins by StationJimJr

Pumpkin shaped spinning cars for spooky parks

Spooky Steam Train by StationJimJr

A spooky, Halloween themed steam engine with carriages that seat 8 peeps.

Sputnik - Version 1 by Ullombrospictures No Known Working Download!

Sputnik shaped coaster cars.

Star Wars CTR by Scoaster

Tie Fighter on a coaster track.

Starspeeder 3000 CTR by sideswiper22

Star Wars themed CTR using RR Invisible Track (not included). Recolorable cars.

Steam Train by Kryptakwanakunalite (Krypt)

Some awesome steam train cars created by Krypt to use instead of the ugly in-game Mini Railway!

Steam Train by StationJimJr

A steam engine with 24 peep carriages

Steel Hybrid by Techno_Dude

A CTR based on Gemini at Cedar Point.

Strato Car auf Big Bahn (Strata Car on Big Train) by K2K26

Strata Car on Big Train CTR. Recolorable.

Studio Tour by DasMatze

This tram used for the Hollywood Studio Tour now in your own park.

Submarine 2.0 - ROBO - Coaster by Kiotho

A submarine CTR seating 2 peeps per car. The download includes both constant speed and non-constant speed versions.

Subway by DasMatze

Straight from New York.

Super Splash by Kev50

Splash Boat by Planet CTR-Rides.

Swinging Mine by DasMatze

Mine train style cars with a horizontal swinging axis.


Tagadisco CFR by Levels Rides

Tagadisco is a recolorable spinning thrill ride. Also included in the download is a CS set containing backdrop, signs, lights, speakers, and more.

Test Track (Upgraded) by Luigi (loubauder)

The car from the Test Track ride as Disney's EPCOT.

Tetanus by PB&J

Hot Rod inspired coaster car with choice of lap bars or over-the-shoulder restraints.

Th13teen CTR by Project Towers

CTR based on the Alton Towers coaster. Track is recolorable.

The Beast Wooden Coaster CT by Real Tycoon 3

Wooden coaster CT based on the ride in Kings Island park. The ride has various car types, and a separate CS folder contains supports.

The Smiler CT by Levels Rides

A CT modeled on The Smiler coaster in Alton Towers. Also included are two CS sets containing a station building and supports, plus structure and music files.

The Smiler/Gerstlauer 4thGen by Project Towers

Time to get Corrected! The ULTIMATE Smiler and Generic Gerstlauer CTR from Project Towers! This CTR Pack combines 4 different CTR's over 2 tracks, 2 cars recolourable, 2 Smiler themed!

The Swarm by fredward

A CTR based on Thorpe Park's ride.

Timberliner CTR by Parallax (Brandon)

A wooden coaster CTR featuring recolorable track and cars.

Time Cruiser by Scoaster

Sci-fi themed coaster.

Time Riders by Samplerocker

A quad for the Mouse / Giga Track.

Toboggan by Steel Rides

Classic carnival-style Toboggan ride. Comes in generic version and space-themed. The download also includes custom scenery elements and 2 .trk files with each version fully themed with the CS.

Tomorrowland Transit Authority People Mover by ImagineerTom

The Tommorowland Transit Authority People Mover from the Disney parks.

Tony Hawk's Big Spin by TheCodeMaster

Tony Hawk themed spinning coaster.

Top Thrill Dragster by TheCodeMaster

Top Thrill Dragster CTR.

Tower Control Room & Restaurant Pack by JK

A set of elevated control rooms of various types to keep your transportation systems running smoothly. Also includes elevated, rotating restaurants. All are CTRs.

Track 5 Inverted Edit Set by Samplerocker

Track expansion set for Track 5 (extended track) Inverted coaster.

Track 6 Expansion Set by Samplerocker

Track 6 edits expansion set for Giga Coaster.

Train & Maglev Pack by JK

A set of 33 Train CTRs, including Maglev trains.

Traptreintjes by Pat

A cute little train similar to Datmatzes Old 99.

Traptreintjes CTR by Patrick DVZ (Patrick)

A kiddie train to recreate the ride at the Efteling!

Tripsdrills Karacho by Scoaster

Karacho CTR from Tripsdrill theme park.

Turbo_CTR by Funtimes17

Turbo CTR with recolorable track. Cars seat four peeps each.

Twist Giga by Weber

A tropical themed Giga CTR, featuring recolorable track.


U-Bahn (Subway) by Groudon

An generic subway train

U.S. Water Inc. Western Rafting by Samplerocker

Rafting CTR on invisible track for a more realistic ride.

Unita by Skyline

Raft ride on a flume.


Vecoma LIM Coaster by DiarugaCoasters

CTR with Corkscrew cars on the LIM track.

Vekoma Corkscrew by _Brandon_

Vekoma's MK trains, featured on Carolina Cobra. Arrow Dynamics looping trains.

Vekoma Family Inverted by dominoes007

A CTR based off of Vekoma's Family Inverted cars.

Vekoma Looper by Kryptakwanakunalite (Krypt) No Known Working Download!

Awesome Vekoma Looper CTR cars to use instead of the in-game ones!

Vekoma MK-1212 by Scoaster

The MK-1212 train from Vekoma. Also includes Speed of Sound version.

Vekoma MK-700 by Mennoo_ (Mennoo22)

More Vekoma cars from Mennoo_!

Vekoma MK-900 by Mennoo_ (Mennoo22)

An awesome CTR for littler kids rollercoasters (somewhat) but it's very useful!

Vekoma MK1212 by Walibi-Mike

Vekoma MK1212 Boomerang coaster CTR.

Vekoma SLC CT by Heve-RCT (heverton)

Vekoma SLC custom track and CS set.

Vekoma Suspended Looping Coaster by TheCodeMaster

Vekoma suspended looping coaster CTR, featuring recolorable track and cars.

Vekoma/Chance Rides Suspended Family Coaster by francecoaster

This CTR allows building Vekoma Suspended Family Coasters using Markus' ML03 CT.

Viking Coaster by StationJimJr

A viking long boat coaster. Seats a minimum of 6

Viking DR Flume by StationJimJr

A Viking themed log flume car. Seats 6 peeps

Viking Longboat by StationJimJr

A huge Viking longboat water ride


Wacky Worm CT by MF-RCT and Cinipaes

A Wacky Worm CT, complete with a CS folder containing lit signs, supports, station, and ride scenery.

Wayward Cliffs CTRs by Boston (theCurmudgeon) No Known Working Download!

CTRs created for Wayward Cliffs, one of Boston's parks. The actual cars are not very specific for the park, therefore making them useful in a plethora of settings.

WDW Space Mountain by ShermanFTW

The Space Mountain from the Magic Kingdom at WDW.

WDW Space Mountain CTR by Funtimes17

A Space Mountain CTR on recolorable track.

WDW Space Mountain CTR Set and Station Platform by Ullombrospictures

A CTR set based on Walt Disney World's Space Mountain. Original model by sideswiper_22. Editing and completion of the CTR set by Ullombrospictures. Station Platform Piece by Ullombrospictures

Wild Cat (Schwarzkopf) by Markus Lomberg

CTR ride "Wild Cat (Schwarzkopf)" -- also known as "Stahl Acht Bahn" from 1964, the first steel rollercoaster

Wilde Maus CTR by Ronnimo

A CTR in which the Wild Mine Car, Wild Mine Mouse, Inverted Wild Mouse, Snake car and Spinning Wild Mouse are all available on the Wild Mouse Track.

Wildschulzi by Dany

A spinning coaster CTR

Wingrider by Revolutionary Rides Team

A CTR based on the Intamin Wingrider Furius Baco at Port Aventura

Wingrider V3 by TheCodeMaster

Wingrider CTR with recolorable track and cars.

WingWorm by Samplerocker

Recolorable wingrider coaster.

Wood Spinner by Coasterfreak90

A face to face, wooden spinning coaster

Wooden Cars by StationJimJr

Timberwolf themed car, Halloween themed car, and plain car which is recolorable

Wooden Coaster CTR by 182470 (1-23456)

Basic Wooden Coaster with new train look.

Working 1305 Cable Lift by Techno_Dude

Cable Lift CTR . Recolorable.

World Of Fantasy Boat by JR-Imagine (jordy_rym)

World Of Fantasy Boat design posted by JR- Imagine


X-Car by Advanced-Rides

Maurer Sohne's X-Car CTR.

X-DR2 by Revolutionary Rides Team

Extreme cars push your rides to the limits! The X-DR concept takes your guests on the ride of their lives with a number of multi-motion movements and world's firsts actions for an amusment park ride. You program the ride to how you want it to react to your show scenes and let the adventure begin

Xa-01 by MrPark

Modern style dark ride train.

Xa-02 by MrPark

Dark ride CTR with rotating cars. Recolorable track.


Yoshi's Crazy Egg by Samplerocker

A CTR Spinning Coaster in the "Giant Yoshi - Egg" style with a suitable CTR-Ride, which also fits the Dino theme.


Zamperla Twister Coaster by Cinipaes

Twister Coaster CFR comes in two versions: with custom track, and ML03 track.

Zephon's Ghosttrain by Zephon

A dark ride car for your spooky attractions.

Zugtransport (Train Transport) by Regreb

Locomotive ride CTR.


1977 Space Mountain CTR by Funtimes17

A 1977 version of the Space Mountain cars.

2D2 by Zephon


2nd Gen Eurofighter Pack by Techno_Dude

Two Eurofighter CTRs , regular and mini. Includes several different car types and recolorable track.

2nd Generation B&M Hyper CTR by darkhorizon

A 2nd generation B&M hyper coaster featuring animated restraints, and recolorable track and cars.