Adventure Path by GreenTomTom

Adventure-themed paths and an accompanying cs set.

Asphalt Path Beta V2 by GreenTomTom

Asphalt paths & queues and accompanying CS Set.


B&M Track Retexture by Cpcisco

B&M Track Retexture. I can not stress this enough, please make sure to read the readme before doing anything!


Category Tool by Jdrowlands

A tool to make custom theme areas to organize scenery better.

CSO Importer v.18 beta1 by jonwil

The latest version of the RCT3 Importer.

CTR Creator v1.00 by Markus Lomberg

The latest version of the CTR Creator give you even more tools to create great new Custom Tracked Rides for RCT3.

Custom Diagonal Paths Part 1 by francecoaster

Francescoaster's Custom Diagonal Paths for your RCT3 Parks! Featuring 4 variations: Concrete, Cobblestone, Brick clay and Irregular bricks.

Custom Firework Mortars by AzoRctMan25

Set of 3 custom firework mortars.

Custom Mortar Set by Conrail92 (Avizzv92) No Known Working Download!

The 5 mortars include: 1. two 180* mortars 2. two 45* two 70* two 90* mortars 3. two 70* mortars 4. one 90* mortars 5. five 90* mortars

Custom Path Vol.1 by Old-Spice

A set of six custom paths including: wooden bridge with dirt path, light wooden bridge with sand path, Sci-fi bridge with metal path, epcot bridge with concrete path, timber bridge with cobblestone path, and timber moss bridge with moss cobblestone path.

Custom Pools by Old-Spice

Redesigned original pools, invisible paths and invisible pool fences.


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Efteling Path by Joey

Custom path in a weathered stone texture, inspired by the Efteling theme park. This is real path usable by peeps, not path cover. Install in "paths".

Eletigna Particle by Eletigna

Particle effect used in his Creations Pack 2: Dark Ride Elements. The particle effect was also released separately for some reason.

Entrance and Exit by GreenTomTom

3 custom ride entrances and 1 custom ride exit.

Epcot Path by Old-Spice & Jdrowlands

A fully custom path modelled after the Epcot ones.

Europa Park Add-on CTRs, CFRs, and CTs by PEP Team

A set that contains all PEP CTs (Euro Mir, Eurosat, Matterhorn Blitz, Pegasus, guided wooden tour, and Whale Adventures) and CTRs and CFRs based off of rides found at Europa Park. (There are 2 files...EP Add-On Pt 1 and EP Add-On Pt 2, both containing CS, CTRs, CFRs, and CTs.)


Flag Tests Part 2 by Vodhin

CS blocks to test the function of each of the flags in the Importer. This set covers flags 33-64.

Flat Stations by SwissCheese77 and JG59

It's probably bothered you that peeps always float above the station platform when they walk to their seats. With these flat stations, hopefully this problem will be a thing of the past. Peeps will walk to their seats at the same height as the queue and exit paths. Also, this set comes with eight different station types so you always have the perfect fit for your car, from one wide enough so peeps don't walk through Wing Coaster trains to one directly in the center of the track if you're working on an uber-realistic train project (ahem).

Framework Meshes by Klinn

These are the original .max and .3ds meshes used by Klinn to construct his Frameworks set, one of the earliest CSO in RCT3.


Generic Queue Line by Old-Spice & Jdrowlands

A generic asphalt queue that you can use with your rides.

Ghost Train Facade by Eletigna

A series of billboard images that together form a facade for a Ghost Train ride. Images are .bmp Originally released with his "Creations Pack 2: Dark Ride Elements" set

Glas Treppen Custom-Path (Glass Stairs) by GreenTomTom

A clear glass stairs and path set, plus a bonus CSO set of path extras. Extras include a glass bench, lights, and supports.


Halloween Balloons by cotda

A set of Halloween balloons.


Ice Path by GreenTomTom

Ice paths & queues and accompanying CS set.


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Lightsaber Carried Items by Kryptakwanakunalite (Krypt)

A vendor that sells multi-colored Lightsabers.


Make Your Own Balloon Set by Jdrowlands

This set contains three balloon like carried items that you can customize the textures. They work exactly like the ingame balloons (peeps will let go of them and you can even pop them).

Mickey Balloons by cotda

A set of Mickey Mouse balloons.

Monorail Set by Ano Nym

A set that contains a realistic monorail CT, supports, and transfer track pieces.


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Old-Spice Custom Paths Vol. 2 by Old-Spice

A set of 3 custom paths: Aqua, Industrial, and Skywalk.


Park CleanUp v2 by Joey

Park CleanUp is a program design to optimize your RCT3 savegames. Park CleanUp analyses your park-files and deletes unused data out of these files. Unused data can be seen as data which RCT3 saves to your parkfile, like references to installed scenery, but which isn't used when RCT3 loads your park again. The benefits of optimized savegames are a decreased chance of crashes and optimized park-files will load faster.


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RCT3 Options Editor by JohnJC

An editor to easily edit the options.txt file.

RCT3 Path Creator 2.0 by darkhorizon

A tool that allows users to create custom paths and queues for RollerCoaster Tycoon 3! This program has an intuitive, visually-appealing user interface that makes creating your own paths quick and easy. In contrast to the previous version of the Path Creator, Ovlmake is no longer required as a dependency


Shared Textures by GreenTomTom

Shared Textures for paths and other things.

Stall Test by Vodhin

A test for creating stalls.

Steel Support Replacer by Old-Spice

Replace those ingame supports with theses custom ones


TexMod v0.9b by RSToff

TexMod will temporarily replace any texture in RCT3 without the need to use an application specific modding tool and without replacing any files in your RCT3 installation, but during gameplay will give the appearance that there are new textures.

Texture Switcher by Dutcher

This program allows set to easily switch around their shared texture files allowing a set to have varying textures depending on the project you are working on. The textures have to be provided by the author of the CS-set and can only be used if the author prepared the set accordingly.

Textured Metal Path by Jdrowlands & Surfingoz

Textured metal custom path. This is real path usable by peeps, not path cover.

The SketchUp Man! by KingVeveraine

A simple, cut-out figure of an adult male scaled to the size of your park guests.


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Wooden Support Replacer by DasMatze

Replace those terrible ingame support with this custom version!


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