Action Zone Billboards by Krankin4 (K4C) No Known Working Download!

Kings Island Action Zone Billboards. 6 billboards total. One textured set and one recoclorable. Each set has: 1 - over path 1 - off path 1 - diagonal. All signs are lighted for night viewing.

ATM Machine by Bulldog2092

An ATM machine for your peeps to use.

A Christmas Carol by eriktheviking

Large set of Christmas-themed buildings and decor.

A2 Custom Vendors by bigdave7533

A set of functional custom vendors, restrooms, and benches for your peeps. Items come in several different themes and include stall covers, vendors, planters, vending machines and trash bins.

Absperrzaune by wuzeltown

Mesh fences to put up around a construction site to block the view. Includes billboards for your own images.

Abstract Centerpiece by Kosherboy35

A 3x3 round scenery piece, useful for a planter or fountain base.

ACCENTS by Aceana

The pack contains various items to 'beautify' your parks' gardens.

Achterbahn Details (RollerCoaster Details) by Scoaster

Objects around a realist Saxon hunting show with a magnetic system and cable lift

ACME Set by 741852963951753 (GraphicShadow, -GS-)

Includes a TNT box and crate.

Adams Fairground Set by Adam Gill (Adam 2000)

A set of items designed to add realism to your funfairs. Items include CS speakers in several positions, ride control booth, signs, stall covers, trucks and truck trailers, walls and path covers.

Adams Jurassic World Set by Adam Gill (Adam 2000)

A set containing gates and signs from Jurassic World.

Adams Pathcovers V1 by Adam Gill (Adam 2000)

A set of square pathcovers in a variety of textures such as: grass, snow, stone, brick, cobblestone, and ice.

Adams Premiere Mini Set by Adam Gill (Adam 2000)

A set of backdrops and movie screens for your next premiere event.

Adriatic Set by Coconutter89

A large building set in the Adriatic style, featuring a wide range of objects in both straight and diagonal positions. Items include walls, windows, cornerstones, arches, drainpipes, roofs, floors, awnings, and more.

Advanced lasers by max No Known Working Download!

Adventure by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

Adventure themed set with statues, walls, doors, trees, floors and more.

Adventure Path by Samplerocker & GreenTomTom

An adventure themed stone custom path set. Download includes a CS set featuring matching walls, bench, litter bin, drinking fountain and vines.

Adventure Things! (Version 1.0) by Kiotho

A large set of adventure themed items. The set includes many animated pieces and ride events, stone walls and floors, wall decor, statues, and rocks. Some items can be used as firework bases.

Adventure Thru Inner Space Mighty Microscope by DisneyFellow

Set modeled after the "Adventure Thru Inner Space" Mighty Microscope (Disneyland).

Adventureland Disneyland Paris by pierre-louis (thiery)

Pack with the entrance of Adventureland at Disneyland Paris. Buildings, lamps, umbrella, table with chairs, borders ... have fun!

Adventureland themed by pierre-louis (thiery)

Path accessories and decorations in the vein of Adventureland in Disneyland Paris

Africaset by Pajpaj

This set includes some Africa themed walls and roofs and some misc objects.

After Fire Set by Denny (osudenny)

A building set in burned and charred textures.

Aged Footers by Weber

A nice set of aged footers for that realstic look. Each footer has it's own built in mount for supports. Also now has 2-way recolorable parts.

Aidwhit Th13teen by Aidwhit

Cso set themed to Alton Towers Th13teen.

Alex's Pathcovers by Alexwohlbruck

A Pathcovers set.

Alice in Wonderland Plant Scenery by Taylordisney

Alice in Wonderland themed scenery including large recolorable leaves in different shapes and a giant mushroom with an Alice in Wonderland book.

Alladin's Steps by StationJimJr

A giant genie lamp (3 sizes) and some stairs.

Alpha Paths by L-33

Alpha path covers in 9 textures suitable for use with in-game ground textures. Features straight , curved and diagonal covers.

Alpha Paths: Dirty by Adam87

Small set of transparent, conforming cobblestone path covers.

Alpha Paths: Irregular by Adam87

Small set of transparent, re-colorable, and conforming path covers.

Alphabet by RCTchen

Hollywood Letters of the Alphabet and Numbers

Alpine Extra's by CoasterJoe

A set of Catwalks, Sidewall Nets, and Supporting Poles in Straight and Diagonal. Also Flat and 1H.

Alpine Village Set 1 by shyguy

First release in the Alpine Village series designed for shyguy's Wonder World Park

Alpine Village Set 2 by shyguy

Second release in the Alpine Village series created for shyguy's Wonder World Park

Alpine Village Set 3 by shyguy

Third release in the Alpine Village series created for shyguy's Wonder World Park

Alpine Village Set 4 by shyguy

Updated Alpine Village objects includes stucco walls, windows, doors, path covers, chimneys, roofs, shutters, and curtains.

Alpine Village Set 5 by shyguy

This set contains mostly interior pieces, decor, and furnishings.

Alpine Village Set 6 by shyguy

This set features updated roofs with better textures and thicker beams and posts.

Alton Tower Entrance Signs by Coasterfreak

Entrance signs for Alton Towers is two positions.

Alton Towers (Brick) Path Covers by RCTBlizzard

Path covers in full, curved and diag pieces

Alton Towers Corkscrews by Kryptakwanakunalite (Krypt)

This is the Alton Towers corkscrew monument in RCT3!

Alton Towers v3 by Park Novice

A set of various items and signs from Alton Towers.

Altstadt Erganzung Teil 1 by Bernd

A set of enclosure walls and balconies.

Altstadt Version 1.1 (Church) by Bernd

Scenery set to build a church.

Altstadt Version 1.1 (City Walls) by Bernd

Set of objects to create a fortified city.

Altstadt Version 1.1 (Tavern) by Bernd

Large set to create a medieval style tavern.

Altstadtgebäude by Bernd

Walls and roofs to build old towns.

America (American Western) by Lulujarre (cacheuxi)

An Western themed set different from the in-game set

American Adventure Set by Old-Spice

A Colonial American-themed set. Includes a large structure that resembles the "American Adventure" Pavilion at WDW's EPCOT, 4h brick wall, 4h thick brick wall, brick end filler pieces, 4h brick wall with doorway opening, sloped brick wall end with chimney, stair-stepped brick wall end, 4h cement wall, cement path tile, round brick planter, Colonial-style single tile roofs, water wheel, and a large tree. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

American Diner by Ralfvieh

Diner pieces in 4 different ranges - Crystal Diner, Maliby Diner, Silverline Diner and Dex's Diner, last is inspired by Star Wars' "Dexter's Diner".

American Idiot Heart Grenade by Cruiseshipfan

A one piece set that contains the Heart Grenade from the cover of Green Day's American Idiot Album

Amp's Mannequins by StationJimJr

These are blood stained mannequins made for Amplified. Many can be set as ride events to appear and disappear at set intervals.

Ampeln (Traffic Lights) by RCTchen

Traffic lights to use in your streets!

Amps Demons by Archbak

A spooky set of ride event, ghostly demons

Anaheim Space Mountain Set by mattatt14

A set to build Space Mountain from Disneyland, CA.

Ancient Add-ons by Citytrader

A small set of ancient Greco-Roman themed walls and floors, containing four wall murals and two tiled floor styles.

Ancient Add-ons II by Citytrader

An updated version of the Ancient Add-ons set featuring several new pieces. The set includes carved stone and mosaic walls, mosaic floors, and a single tile water piece with caustics.

Andreaskreuz by DasMatze

Railroad crossing scenery.

Andreizsmart's Gears by StationJimJr

Set of animated gears and stopwatches.

Aneheim Space Mountain 1977 Dome by mattatt14

Space Mountain dome and base.

Animal Print Awning Set by Denny (osudenny)

An adventure-themed awning set featuring many animal and snake-skin textures.

Animated Blimps by JMAinAZ

Several styles of animated and static blimps, including recolorable, billboard, zeppelin, and Goodyear.

Animated Dragon (Edna) by Patrick DVZ (Patrick)

A ride-event featuring an animated dragon that spits fire and splashes water with its tail.

Animated Dragons by Kiotho

A fire-breathing, animated dragon. There are two versions: one is a CS piece, and the other is a ride event.

Animated Escalators by Jonnyears

Escalators with actual moving steps.

Animated Fish Set (Coral Fish) by Old-Spice

A set of animated fish.

Animated Flag Set 01: Gt. Britain & Ireland by Elmer BeFuddled

Set of animated flags representing Great Britain and Ireland. Also includes recolorable flagpoles.

Animated Flag Set 02: Random Flags by Elmer BeFuddled

Another set in the Animated Flag series, this time featuring pirate, checkered, European Union, and United Nations flags. A recolorable flagpole set is also included.

Animated Flag Set 03: Canada & Europe by Elmer BeFuddled

The second installment of animated flags from ElmerBeFuddled contains flags of several European countries, plus Canada. Also included is a set of flagpoles.

Animated Flag Set 04: Europe, NZ & OZ by Elmer BeFuddled

The 4th installment in the Animated Flags series features flags from several European countries, plus New Zealand and Australia. Included in the download is a flagpole set.

Animated Flags (Recolorable) by JMAinAZ

Recolorable animated flag set with several different animation patterns.

Animated Flags (USA) by JMAinAZ

Animated American flags with recolorable flagpole.

Animated Lava by JCRise

Some animated lava to create volcanos and lava feilds

Animated Misting/Queue Fans by JMAinAZ

Misting fans to cool your peeps.

Animated Ride Event Doors by Weber

A set of animated doors for ride events. Updated: 06/03/08

Animated Tubes by ImagineerJohn

Large rotating tubes with various textures to send your rides through.

Animated Vents by JMAinAZ

Animated floor and wall vents. Some items recolorable.

AnimationRefactory (DasMatze's Animatronics reworked) beta by Belgabor No Known Working Download!

This is a beta version of a remake of Ride Events Animatronics by DasMatze. When it is finished, according to Belgabor, it will contain all the pieces contained in that set.

Annex DLHP by pierre-louis (thiery)

Disneyland Hotel Paris Annex buildings including guest relations & restrooms.

Antique World by Ralfvieh

Walls and accessories in neo-classical style

Apartment by qss5188 (MGJ)

Everything you need to make a modern apartment building, including extras such as air conditioners, ventilators, and window blinds.

Apocalypse / Destroyed City by Kryptakwanakunalite (Krypt)

A set inspired by MGP's Apokx (Beams) set, for disasterous situations

Apocalyptic Things by StationJimJr

A large set of destroyed and worn pieces to set the stage for an apocalyptic theme. Items include awnings, ruined walls, building facades, ruined vehicles, gas pump, roofs, windows, parking meter, street pieces, debris, traffic lights and much more.

ApokX by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

This set was designed for the end of the world with this Apocalyptic theme. it features many destroyed and broken pieces as well as crumbling buildings.

Aquablaster Set by Miksz

Light-up covers for the in-game Aquablaster slide.

Aqualander Set by CTRSind

This set includes catwalks for slide queues, pool covers, pvc slide pump pipes, steel braces, and aboriginal railing decor.

Aquarium Ride Sign Set by wabigbear (Wagi)

A small set created for Fisherman's "Aquarium - An Underwater Adventure" ride. Includes Attraction sign in two sizes, Ride sign in two sizes, Restaurant sign in two sizes. All use an 'unlit' texture so they glow in the dark.

Arabian Days by Ralfvieh

Lots of Arabian themed items including walls, roofs, arches and many more

Arabian Market Set by Old-Spice

A few items that help set the scene for an Middle East market.

Arabian Nights by Ralfvieh

Many Arabian themed items to make an Arabian themed city

Arboretum DLRP by pierre-louis (thiery)

Arboretum on Main Street as Disneyland Paris.

Arcade Games by Coasterfreak

Vast array of item to make an arcade. Includes all the classics such as Asteroids and Donkey Kong along with extras like carpets and bakcdrops.

Arcades Beta Pack by Jay SL

Ms. Pacman, Pinball, Space Invaders, and other arcade items.

Ardy's Concrete Stations by Rct3Demo (Ardy)

A concrete station building set including base, station covers, stairs, roof,walls and supports.

Ardy's Path Covers by Rct3Demo (Ardy)

Set of nine different styles of path covers, in full tile and diagonal.

Ardy's Wooden Stations by Rct3Demo (Ardy)

Three pieces to make wooden stations: Roof, beam, and station floor covers.

Arga Set by SWC

A set of recolorable path covers and stairs.

Arid Outpost by PB&J

Another adventure in the middle of the desert.

Ark-Angel Walls & Covers by Ark_Angel (The Shadow, ^*^Phoenix^*^)

Small set of decorative walls and railings. Set includes postcap lights, large curved path and ground covers, plus railings and walls in straight, diagonal and large curves.

Ark_Angel's Lims by Ark_Angel (The Shadow, ^*^Phoenix^*^)

Eight piece set of LIMs to add realism to your coasters. Recolorable.

Around Discovery Arcade by pierre-louis (thiery)

Buildings around the Discovery Arcade on Main Street at Disneyland Paris.

Around Transportation by pierre-louis (thiery)

Main Street buildings around the Transportation Company at Disneyland Paris.

Arrow Footers by Techno_Dude

Footers modeled after footers found on most Arrow rides.

Arrow Pack by Safari J (Jasonnkloos)

This set includes - Scaffold type supports - Supports for curves - inversion supports and so much more.

Art Deco Set 1 by Coasterfreak

Horizontal, vertical and crossed decorations in an art-deco style

Art Deco Set 1 by Future Imagineer

A set that contains various pieces to create structures in the Art Deco style. Includes versatile glass walls and roofs, suitable for making glass tunnels, marble walls, marble arches and detail pieces, and numerous beams. Most pieces are recolorable.

Artica Station by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

A high Tech theme with lots of pieces and versatility

Asbestos Walls (Fake Rock) by DarkRideGuy

Rock walls useful for a classic style themed boardwalk/carnival ride.

Asia Wall Set by Belgabor

Another set by Belgabor, but this time, Asian walls! Awesome!

Asia Wall Set by RCT-Spanky & Belgabor

A set of ornamental walls, doors, windows, beams, and other decorative objects with an Asian theme. Also included 3 Asian junks (ships).

Asian Empire by Old-Spice

A bunch of items that set the scene for a Far East theme.

Asian Lamp (Asia Lamp) by PhiWie

A single Asian style lamp.

Asian Sensation by n7 (n747)

A set of Asian trees including camphor tree, crape myrtle, dahurian larch, and plum trees. Crape myrtles are recolorable.

Asian Wall (Asia Wall) by PhiWie

A single piece set loosely based on the Great Wall of China.

Asphalt (Path Cover) by GRP-Disneycoaster93

The path cover is ideal for creating your routes in RCT3, perfectly compatible with the guardrail.

Asphalt Path Covers (beta) by AwesomeNinja/Dr Drew

A small set of asphalt path covers, including straight and curved pieces.

Asphalt Pavement by Aceana

Asphalt path covers.

Asphalt Roads 2 by NYRfan85

Update of last Asphalt Road Set

Astilbe by n7 (n747)

Beautiful flower bushes.

Asylum Characters by Archbak

A set of 7 animated figures that you might find in an asylum.

Atari Statue (Small, Medium, Large) by Antrolla

Atari statues.

ATH Terrain Cover by aroundthehorn (LightGrenades, ATH)

A small set of terrain covers, including triangular, plus inside and outside curves.

ATLANTIDE by TrekFriends

Objects to create an Atlantis-themed ride.

Atlantis (+Chinese) Roofs - v. 0.5 (beta) by Janitor 06

Atlantis Walls and Asian roofs.

Atlantis Vaulting by The_Cook

Huge set of Atlantis style scenery objects.

Atomic Set by stu-2693 (Doughnuts)

Attraction Signs by Redhair_9_9

A large set of billboards in straight and diagonal positions, featuring interchangeable signs and posts in several different styles. All items are recolorable.

Autoscooter Chaisen trailer by CoasterGirl

A trailer carrying bumper cars.

Autoscooter DIAMOND by CoasterGirl

Ride cover for the CFR Bumper Cars Large by CFH Rides.

Avalanche Summit Part 1 by coaster-inc

An assortment of about a dozen pieces in various slopes, straights, curves, and helixes. Comes in a realistic concrete texture that is not colorable.

Avalanche Summit Part 2 by coaster-inc

An assortment of about a dozen pieces in various slopes, straights, curves, and helixes. This set has been flagged to take on the terrain and cliff textures in your park.

Awning Set 1 by Denny (osudenny)

The set contains awnings in many different textures, in regular and large sizes.

Awning Set 2 by Denny (osudenny)

A set of awnings in several different styles, featuring stripes, prints, and logos.

Azanderz Paths v1 by Azanderz

A path cover set in five textures: concrete, asphalt, cobblestone, tarmac, and marble. Each texture has 1 high sloped, full square, plus inner and outer curved pieces.

Aztec Extras by JR-Imagine (jordy_rym) No Known Working Download!

An Aztec set to add some taste to your parks.


BenchesLive by AnubisLive

Series of benches and full customisation with DIY benches.

Billboards 2.0 by yesnt

assorted billboards

Block Set by Denny (osudenny)

A set of walls, windows, and more in five different textures. Other items include working ticket windows in three styles, restroom signs and doors, and large scrolling signs.

Buzz Lightyear by Archbak

Single figure of Buzz Lightyear

(Bob L'eponge) Sponge Bob by Lulujarre (cacheuxi)

Sponge-Bob and other characters from the popular cartoon.

B&M Brakes-Track Additions by jhnshm

B&M brake set. Recolorable.

B&M Catwalks by GRP-Disneycoaster93

Catwalks made for B&M coasters, includes inverted, regular, wingrider, and evacuation.

B&M Coaster Addons by xIWillDestroYouAllx (IWillDestroYou, xIWDYAx)

some block brakes to add to your b&m coasters

B&M Coaster Addons v2.0 by xIWillDestroYouAllx (IWillDestroYou, xIWDYAx)

A few more pieces to add to his previous version with LIMs this time and a very steep brake

B&M Spine Connectors by CoasterJoe

Track connectors found on B&M coasters

B&M Spines Set (BETA) by ProdigyRider

A recolorable set of spines made for B&M Hypers and B&M Gigas.

B&M Footers by Cpcisco

This set contains both aligned and diagonal footers in 7 different quarter tile positions so that all of your footers can be placed perfectly

Baby Crocodiles by Dylan Prod

A large crocodile guarding babies and eggs.

Babyflug-Verkleidung Star Trek by crange97

Star Trek themed ride cover for the Kiddie Plane Ride CFR by Darkslade & StationJumJr.

Back to the Future: The Ride Entrance by Knight Rider (ricD)

A ride entrance from the back to the future rollercoaster

Backdrops by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform) No Known Working Download!

Backdrop set including 2 curved sci-fi/fantasy themed backdrops, and an enormous starry dome.

Background Boxes by DasMatze

Extremely large boxes used to give a park or ride a completely blank background useful for editing an image of your creation afterwards.

Baffies Stations by Bafke

This set helps to improve your tracks' stations.

Baffies Stuccos by Bafke

Stucco set for making beautiful buildings!

Bahnhof1 (Train Station Set 1) by RCTchen

German Train Station. Includeds Benches, Lamps, and Signs. Set 1

Bahnhof2 (Train Station Set 2) by RCTchen

Train Station Set 2. Billboards signs. Train Included.

Bakara Market v2 by Viscosity086 (Viscosity86)

A set of objects to create an Arabian-style market.

Balkon v1.1 by Der Freak 00

Simple balcony piece for buildings.

Bamboo Posts/Borders by Callum

Bamboo post fence/border set including straight, curved, sloped and diagonal pieces, plus bamboo floor. Conforming pieces found in foliage menu. Works with Shyguy's Planters.

Bamboo Themed by pierre-louis (thiery)

Bamboo plants in small and large sizes.

Bamboo Walls by oorenotsoo

This set is made with 100% authentic bamboo.

Barns by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

This set contains all the pieces needed to add a farm theme to your park.

Barns 2009 by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

A set that contains all the pieces needed to add a farm theme to your park.

Barrier by Scoaster No Known Working Download!

A barrier with 3 Dimensional money back, price display, ticketing and ticket issue button with light effects.

Basic Trims by StationJimJr

Basic trims to add some variety to your walls. 9 styles each with full,half, diagonal and 2 plug pieces.

Basic Wall Set by samous

A few basic walls with high resolution textures in offset positions and curves

Bate's House by diepas79

Build the Bate's house from the movie Psycho, or other scary style houses.

BATMAN by Archbak

A ride entrance and sign themed to the Arkham Asylum rollercoaster at Warner Bros. Movie World in Australia.

Batman Ride Building by Bridgepiece

Batman-themed coaster station.

Batman Ride Logo v0.1 by Bridgepiece

This is a simple piece to place near your Batman Ride.

Batman Stuff by Samplerocker

Batman set featuring many animated ride events.

Batman Suit Display by darkfhantom

A modular set with all the pieces needed to create Batmans armory.

Bauaufzug (Service Elevator) by RCTchen

Service Elevator for more realistic parks!

Baugerust (Scaffolding) by RCTchen

Very detailed scaffolding with safety nets.

Baustellenzubehor by Streicher & Lukiono

A set of road construction signs and objects.

BBQ Cafe Set by Denny (osudenny)

A barbecue themed set featuring a grill building, a cow-shaped stall cover, lights, walls, roofs, and entry pieces.

BBQ Chicken Stand (Hahnchengrill) by Bernd

A Custom Stall. Choose any item you wish to sell. Has signs advertising Chicken in German.

BCW Objects by zezegui

Cowboy logo for the Fire Whip coaster at Beto Carrero World, In straight and diagonal placements.

Beach Balls by blings

A beach ball in two different sizes.

Beach Fence by PB&J

A set that contains fences that are mostly found on the beaches of the east and west coast. Also included are a number of beach grasses. Most of the pieces work with Mobys Curved Walls and Shyguys Planters sets.

Beach Jumper Kirmes Verkleidung by CoasterGirl

Ride backdrop for Saltamontes CFR by Steel Rides. Comes in straight and diagonal versions.

Beach Set by Ckef (Ckef01)

Large beach-themed set.

Beacon Point Set by wabigbear (Wagi)

Curved wall/tunnel sections with "rotten plank" texture from Fisherman's Ghost Mine sets.

Beams by Viper

Some supports to support just about anything

Beastie's Coaster Signs by BeastieBoyDrumma

A set of 4 recolorable roller coaster signs.

Beastie's Path Covers by BeastieBoyDrumma

Re-colorable path covers in straight, diagonal, and curved. Includes inclines and stairs.

Beastie's Wooden Boxes by BeastieBoyDrumma

This is a set of 4 different sized wooden boxes which comes with the re-colorable set also.

Beaver Add-On Part 1 by Magu

This set is an add-on to Ralfvieh's Beaver 2010 set, and uses Ralfvieh's original textures. Set includes many diagonal and slanted pieces, plus doorways designed to fit Shyguy's and Das Matze's doors. Recolorable.

Beaver Home (original version) by Ralfvieh

Objects to build a classic American home building.

Beaver Homes Set 2010 by Ralfvieh

Objects for classic American home building

Becker's Stage by PandaCoasters

A three piece set to build a 1-square wooden stage.

Bedford Falls Set by wabigbear (Wagi)

Created by Wabigbear under "The Masters Guild" label for Citytrader's "Bedford Falls' holiday bench, based on the movie "It's a Wonderful Life". Includes various store signs, banners, gas pump and clothes line items based loosely on the movie. Also includes new windows in regular, offset and diagonal formats, and several turret roofs.

Belisha Beacons by Elmer BeFuddled

A pair of flashing crossing beacons.

Bells by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

A set with fully animated bells.

Belotto's Arch Filler Set by wabigbear (Wagi)

Recolorable filler pieces for Vodhin's Glasswork arches.

Ben and Jerrys Stall by Coasterfreak

A stall cover featuring the famous Ice Cream brand.

Bierausschank-Wagen by CoasterGirl

Beer garden.

Big Building by coaster-inc No Known Working Download!

Big Foot Expedition Everest. by Archbak

Set includes 2 big foot's 6 broken track variations, foot prints, glow in the dark eyes and Ride supports.

Big Thunder Mountain Set by toto_2

This set is made up of two parts: Disneyland Resort Paris : * Disneyland Resort Paris's mountain * Arch * Tunnels of the mountain Make Your Own Mountain : * Apex 1h * Apex 2h * Apex 4h * Apex 6h * Apex 8h * Arch * End of tunnel * Rock large * Rock small * Rock 3 * Wall * Diagonal wall * Roof * Diagonal roof

BIG Trees by n7 (n747)

An ever-expanding collection of large trees for your parks. Currently in the package: Sweet Chestnut - All seasons. Horse Chestnut - All Seasons Lodgepole Pine - 2 heights

Big Trees by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

Jungle themed set including huts, vines, and trees.

BigBurger's Streetlife 0.1 by BigBurger

A small set that contains three road types to create a street or road.

BigBurger's Easy Pix by BigBurger

A nice white-textured set for taking icon pictures, mainly for CSO/CTR/etc.

BigBurger's Extended Covers by BigBurger

BigBurger's Timber by BigBurger

This will be a set with supports for all wooden coasters in RCT3

BigBurger's Timber v2.0 by BigBurger

Fatter wooden beams.

Bike Parking by plankie

A place for your bicycle to be parked.

Bike Rack by Luigi Wollknäuel

A set ofd 9 different Bike Racks.

Bill Tracy Madness 3 by Plokoon111 (Pred-Koon111)

Horror awaits you in this set.

Billboard Flags by DasMatze

Two billboard flags, one straight and the other diagonal.

Billboard Inserts by shyguy

Billboard Pack by Iceatcs

Smaller billboards useful for logos or advertisements on walls.

Billboard Sky by coasterman20076

Billboard Trashcans by JR-Imagine (jordy_rym)

A set full of trashcans with billboards provided on the front and sides.

Billboard Trucks by Zephon

Trucks with billboards on their trailers

Billboard Walls by Jdrowlands

Billboard walls in 1, 2 3, and 4 high, plus a billboard floor piece.

Billboards by RCTchen

More billboards to add to your collection!

Bird House by CTRSind

The second set within the Laugh Country series. Inspired by Disneyland in Tokyo, Japan; Bird House expands upon the Laugh Country series in it's legacy with new high quality and recolorable textures, diagonal alternates and various wooden beams and fencing. Bird House is designed to lend well to queue structures, and finds itself at the junction of the other Laugh Country Sets.

Birds by PB&J

A set of flying birds made to spruce up your in-game screenshots

Bizzaro Braces and Tunnels by Arknot

A set that contains Superman/Bizzaro-shaped braces and tunnels for a roller coaster.

Black Box by Daddyreign

simply a black box

Black Flexability by Plokoon111 (Pred-Koon111)

Another set of black walls for your collection.

Black Hole Set by Scoaster

A set of outer space objects.

Black Out by crange97

A themed backdrop, ticket booths, and platform made for the Pegasus CFR by CFH Rides. The set features left and right ticket booths, lighted signs, and working loudspeakers.

Black Pieces by IA (RCT3freak)

completely black pieces that could be used to create a dark scene or room

Black Sub by Lassoares

An underwater submarine ride.

Black Wall Set by pyrofr3eak

A set of black walls and path covers.

Black Wall Set (brick) by rctwizzkid No Known Working Download!

this set are blackwalsl that are brick on the outside so you dont have to build another building around it

Black Wall Set (rock) by rctwizzkid No Known Working Download!

Black Walls by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

Black walls that can be used for dark rides and such.

Black Walls by lukashoffmann1

A small set of black walls.

Blackbiird Path by Blackbiird

A versatile asphalt textured path set with curved pieces matching shyguy's planter sets. The set includes both recolorable and non recolorable versions, plus conforming pieces. Other features are 1h and 2h stairs and recolorable thin borders.

Blacklights by Cap'n Pogo

Lights that emit a deep purple glow.

Blaulicht (Blue Light) by Antero

Police, fire, and rescue vehicles. Includes a fire station.

Blocks, Bricks, Stone and Wood Large Fountains by Denny (osudenny)

Set of two extra large fountains.

Blocks, Bricks, Stone, Wood Counters and Stalls by Denny (osudenny)

Large set of custom stalls and counters, in many different textures. Includes both straight and angled versions.

Blocks, Bricks, Stone, Wood Set Large Fountains by Denny (osudenny)

Two large fountains to enhance your parks.

Blocks, Stone, Brick and Wood Misc. Pack by Denny (osudenny)

Varied set of items including awnings, umbrellas, ceilings, doors, cash registers, and thirty-five pathcovers.

Blocks, Stone, Bricks,and Wood Set Fountains by Denny (osudenny)

Set of ten small fountains in several different textures and shapes.

Blox Theme Pack v. 1.1 by JCat

Fun lego style blocks, roofs, arches, and other unique pieces.

BloxV1 by DeadAngel No Known Working Download!

BoB CSO by RCT3maniak

A CS set to recreate elements of BoB at Efteling

Bobbejaanland Revolution Set by BBJRevofans

A variety of scenery objects themed after the Revolution coaster in Bobbejaanland, Belgium.

Bobbejaanland Revolution Set 2 by BBJRevofans

Five more scenery pieces themed to the Revolution ride at Bobbejaanland.

Bonanza Pony Ride Set by Haderlump

A set of horses and riders to create a pony ride.

Boomerang CT by Heve-RCT (heverton)

Classic Boomerang roller coaster. Includes small CS set.

Booster Maxxx G4 Verkleidung by CoasterGirl

Ride backdrop for Booster Maxxx CFR by Patrick.

BOSE Environmental Speaker by Project Towers

Nice environmental speakers to add to your park.

Bose Speaker Pack 2 by Project Towers

Set of eight different styles of Bose speakers, recolorable.

Bostons Scare Actor Anims by StationJimJr

A set of ghoulish animated scare actors, modeled by Boston and animated by StationJimJr. Includes chainsaw guys, clowns, and zombies in several poses, some of which work as ride events.

Boulder and Brush by Weber

Create a more realistic terrain with these various boulders, branches and plants.

Bowling Alley Theme by Dkimber (Dkimber1974)

Various bowling alley pieces including a large statue of bowling pins.

Box for Wall - E by Dylan Prod

A wooden crate designed to fit the Wall - E CS piece by Dylan Prod.

Box Set by Old-Spice

His first ever set, Some crates for a warehouse

Boxed Wooden Supports by Djf

Recolorable wooden coaster supports in "boxed" sections. Includes diagonals and footers.

Boxes by Citytrader

Wooden boxes in several different styles, with recolorable versions.

Brakes part 1 by Techno_Dude

Coaster breaks by many manufactures

Brand Name Logos Pack One by Iceatcs

Many fast-food and restaurant logos.

Brandon's Parks and Rec by Parallax (Brandon)

Random Park and Rec items.

Break Dance No1-Grunberg by CoasterGirl

Ride backdrop for Breakdance CFR by djf.

Breakdance Stuff by Advanced-Rides

CS set to enhance the Breakdance CFR from Advanced Rides. Includes two styles of ride railings and several terrain pieces.

Breaks part 2 by Techno_Dude

More breaks in addition to part 1.

Brick Path Cover Set by Wacky Worm

Brick Path Covers Set by AzoRctMan25

Conforming brick path covers in various designs.

Brick Paths by Keegs

First Released Set. Brick Pathway Covers.

Brick Paths by baba (mr baba)

brick path cover

Brick Set by wabigbear (Wagi)

Small brick wall set including filler pieces for Klinn's Arches.

Brick Set by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

Some dark colored bricks for any purpose.

Brick Set by MSstudios

A small set of walls in a brick texture. Includes 3 high and 4 high walls and corners.

Brick Set 1 by Denny (osudenny)

1st in a three part brick building set. This set includes straight and curved brick walls and windows, path covers, and doorways.

Brick Set 2 by Denny (osudenny)

2nd in a three part brick building set. This set includes walls in three brick textures, stall covers, roofs, and path covers.

Brick Set 3 by Denny (osudenny)

3rd in a three part brick building set. The set includes straight and curved walls and windows, counters, doorways, path covers, and roofs.

Brick Set and More by Denny (osudenny)

A brick building set featuring many extras, including diagonal pieces, lights, billboards, fountains and more. Also included in the download are two structure files for buildings.

Brick Wall Set by 05marshallol No Known Working Download!

A brickwall mini set which features: 3H wall, 3H wall corner, 4H wall and a 4H wall corner.

Brick Wall Set by Oderus

This set features walls, window walls, paths, and posts in a gray brick texture.

Brick Walls by Callum

A set of recolorable Brick Walls

Brick Walls and Paths by weshx

Three walls and a path time

Bridge Constuction Set V2.0 by AvA

Bridge creation set.

Bridge Covers by Adnecles

Colorable covers for path bridges.

Bridge It! 2010 by DasMatze

Useful for creating large steel arch style bridges.

Bridge Set by Old-Spice

A set that will create many types of bridges in different themes.

Bridge Set by Ralfvieh

Piece by piece bridge building kit in a variety of styles

Bridge Set by ImagineerTom

A bridge building set containing fences, railings, gutters, bridge supports, lamps, path walls, and path borders. Pieces are recolorable.

Bridge Set by Denny (osudenny)

A stone textured bridge building set, plus two statue pedestals.

Bridge Set 1 - Version 2 by Jmbekrub

A pair of sets to build a simple stone bridge and wooden foot bridge.

Bridges by Old-Spice

A small set that contains brick and stone pieces to make bridges.

Brix Set by NYRfan85

A larger-than-life set of building (LEGO) bricks for your parks!

Brunnen mit Wasser by Liam-Blackwolf (Liam Nigél)

Small, simple fountain.

Buckeye Cafe Set by Denny (osudenny)

A building set perfect for fans of the OSU Buckeyes. The set includes walls, murals, path covers, roofs and signs.

Building Set 2 by John Oldman

Another building set containing walls, roofs, windows, doors, etc.

Bungee Jump Set by Antero

Set for Bungee Jump CFR.

Burning House Set by Denny (osudenny)

A set of burning house pieces.

Bus Set by Oderus

Two simple buses.

Bus Stop by RCTMe1

A brick bus stop.

Bushes by Old-Spice

A variety of bushes.

Buzz Lightyear by T4L (tycoon4life)

A cardboard cutout of Buzz Lightyear


Caddys Footers by CaddyCrossover

A set of textured footers. Also, for every footer, there is also a footer with a cement block underneath it so it can be placed on water.

Cafeen's Letters by Caffinated (Cafeen)

Two sets of Arial font letters, wall mounted and regular.

California Screamin' Mickey Mouse Loop by Iamok

The Mickey Mouse scenery piece from the loop on California Screamin'. The piece is also a speaker.

California Screamin' Ride Sign by AzoRctMan25

Paradise Pier's California Screamin' sign.

Callum's Alton Towers Logo Set by RCT3Callum

Cameras by RCTchen

Ride Cameras

Camping Accessories by Bulldog2092

The set features camping equipment such as tents, motorhomes, picnic tables and baskets, firepit, grill, lantern and more.

Camping Set by K2K26

A set based around Camping. Includes Bungalow's, Tent's, RV,Camper,Car, 2 types of Swimming Pool, Firepit, 2 types of Grill, Lounge Chairs w/covers, 5 working Toilets and many other item's.

Camping Set by Denny (osudenny)

A set of tents and teepees in several textures. Also featured are coolers, firepits and cots.

Canal Locks by Imagineer John & Wabigbear

ImagineerJohn was nice enough to take the Canal Boat Locks from my 'TMG Canal Boat' Set and created a ride event with it While of course we can model either water nor the boat actually rising, the boat entering the lock, the first lock gate closing and the second lock gate (if used) opening adds kinetics to your park and ride. The locks fit a 4 tile wide waterway - 2 tiles at the center with a tile on either side sloped down to water to keep boats/cars centered. Created for Citytrader's DisneyAmerica Park.

CanalMeow's Biggies Set by CanalMeow No Known Working Download!

CanalMeow's Chair by CanalMeow No Known Working Download!

Candy Shop by patti333

A small candy stall.

Candy Store Accessories by Krankin4 (K4C)

A small set that contains accessories for a candy store, such as candy racks and a truffle counter.

Canopy101 by stuk71

Create covered walkways, ride stations etc... with 'cantilever' style supports

Cany Store by Krankin4 (K4C)

A set that contains walls, floors, and roofs to create a main-street type candy store.

Canyon Craze by Weber

A set of various massive cliffs to create large canyons.

Canyon Lake Set 1.0 by CedarPointer (Maverick)

A "For sale" and "Park Inspector free zone" sign, construction walls, and a sign for Cedar Pointer's ride "Aphelion."

Captains Aviaries by StationJimJr

Frames, nets and birds to make your very own aviary!

Captains Walkways by StationJimJr

A set of wooden walkways, stairs, and fences in straight and diagonal positions.

Car Park BitZ by Bio|Hazard

A nice car accessories pack to use in your "car parks" or parking lots, etc.

Carnaval Festival by Pat

Animated figures from the Carnaval Festival attaction at the Efteling.

Carnival Consessions by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

With this set you can add carnival realism to your park. Contains various concessions that resemble the real thing

Carnival Festival by DasMatze

Track covers designed for the Haunted House style track.

Carnival Festival Set by MarkMarkje

Items to build the Carnival Festival located at the Efteling in your RCT3!

Carnival Game (Wurfbuden) by RCTchen

Items to build a ball-throwing carnival game!

Carnival Poster Set by wabigbear (Wagi)

Collection of carnival posters.

Carnival Trailer Set by stephanbrunswik

Trailers and living quarters for carnival workers.

Carousel of Progress Sign by rctman12

Carousel Organ by CoasterGirl

A Carousel/ Carnival Organ that lights up at night. Comes with a couple songs to place in the Music folder included in the download

Carrousel Paleis by Pat

Building set based on the Carrousel Paleis attraction at the Efteling theme park.

Casey's Corner Set by CTRSind

A small set containing doors, trashcans, and cash registers.

Cash and Control Stands by CoasterGirl

A set of 4 Ticket Booth/ Cashier stands

Casino Games by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

A set with various slot machines and wood panels to recreate that old time gambling hall.

Castle Defense Walls by Adnecles

Defense walls for castles.

Castle Madhouse by Mennoo_ (Mennoo22)

CS Pack Included

Castle Pack 1 by Denny (osudenny)

A castle themed set with extras such as ATMs, stalls and stall covers, and curved building pieces.

Castle Pack 2 and UK Shops by Denny (osudenny)

More castle themed building pieces, plus shops, stalls, and fences.

Castle Things by StationJimJr

113 pieces. Lots of walls, windows, spires, battlements, arches, gates and columns.

Castle Things 2 by StationJimJr

Things for making castles with! Comes with 2 alternative texture sets.

Catering Supplies by Syztemlord

Items to use in your restaurants!

CatFish Cove Extended by ImagineerTom

Diagonal walls for shyguy's Catfish Cove set.

Catfish Cove Set by shyguy

Created for the Catfish Cove area of shyguy's Wonder World Park

Catwalk Set (Catwalk and Coaster Accessories) by aroundthehorn (LightGrenades, ATH)

Catwalk set and accessories.

Catwalk-Base by Callum

Catwalks a lot like ATHs but with more pieces.

Catwalks Spiral by Callum

Spiral staircases for the catwalks.

Catwalks-Railings by Callum

Railings for the Catwalk set.

Cave Entrances by Knight Rider (ricD)

Caves with a hole in to enter though

Ccron10's Dippin' Dots Stand by Ccron10

A shop cover designed like a "Dippin' Dots" stand.

CCTV Cameras by | Aces |

CCTV Cameras.

CDN's Scattered Rocks and Pebbles Fixed! by CDN1212

Terrain conforming scattered rocks and pebbles.

Cedar Roof Set by Denny (osudenny)

A roof set featuring six different wood shingled textures.

Cedar Wall Set by Denny (osudenny)

A building set featuring a light cedar texture. The set contains extras including fountains, stalls, lights, billboards and fences.

Ceiling Fans by Coasterfreak

Animated ceiling fans in several different textures, plus an animated wall fan.

Ceiling Fans (Recolorable) by JMAinAZ

Recolorable ceiling fans with optional lights.

Ceiling Fans (Themed) by JMAinAZ

Ceiling fans with optional lights in several different themes.

Center Tile Chain Ripoff by Jerr _Oen and Vodhin

A two piece set of vertical chains by Vodhin, re-positioned on the quarter tile by Jerr_Oen.

Central Plaza Disneyland Paris by pierre-louis (thiery)

The last scene of central plaza Disneyland Paris before the celebrations of the twentieth anniversary. This CSO contains borders, lamps, loudspeakers and the central scene.

Cerca e Pipoca by MF-RCT

A small but useful set containing a popcorn cart, plus curved and half fences. All items are recolorable.

Chapel Building by StationJimJr

Design your very own church with this set.

Chapel Building 2 by StationJimJr

Lots of building items with curved walls. it also has some ride events including light up candles and opening doors

Chapel Building 3 by StationJimJr

Lots of building items that can be put together to build an old style building. It includes some decorations for this building and some ride events too

Charlie Brown and Disney Christmas Set by Denny (osudenny)

A Christmas themed building set featuring Charlie Brown and Disney characters.

Chateau Disneyland Paris by B.Ravenswood (Bennjy59)

Sleeping Beauty Castle from Disneyland Paris.

Chateau Magique by Lulujarre (cacheuxi)

A pre-built Disney magic castle to use in your Disney recreations!

Chateau Magique v2 (set 2) by Lulujarre (cacheuxi)

More fantastic Disney magic castle sets to inspire Disney recreations, or even your own parks!

Cheong Gye Cheon (Bridge Set) by qss5188 (MGJ)

A small set to build two different types of bridges.

Cheong Gye Cheon 2 by qss5188 (MGJ)

A bus stop sign.

Chinese Tallow Tree by n7 (n747)

A beautiful set that contains many varieties of Chinese Tallow Trees including saplings and autumn colors.

Cho Ga Jip (MGJ's Thatched Cottage) by qss5188 (MGJ)

Cho Ga Jip is Traditional Korea House.

Christmas Goodies by Weber

Christmas set including trees, decorations, tree lights, fireplace and more.

Christmas Market Booths by amsterdam87

Now you can create your own German Christmas market with these rustic wooden booths. The booths come in six different rotations, and feature lit garlands.

Christmas Pack by Krankin4 (K4C)

An assortment of candy canes In various sizes and positions

Christmas Set by K2K26

A set with 2 Ice Skating Rinks, Buildings, Walls, Roof's, and Window's

Christmas Set 2008 by Denny (osudenny)

A Christmas themed set featuring lights, a stall cover, signs, and all the pieces to build Santa's workshop.

Christmas Set 2009 by K2K26

Christmas stalls.

Christmas Set 2010 by K2K26

Christmas decor and ice rink.

Christmas Set 2011 by K2K26

A Christmas set including an entrance, Ice Rink, Buildings, Snowman Shaped Stall, and the Coca Cola Truck.

Christmas Train Ride and Things by Denny (osudenny)

This Christmas themed set features a station building, gift shop, a variety of decor pieces, lights, and more.

Christmas Tree Flat by wabigbear (Wagi)

A flat Christmas tree CSO.

Christmas Wonderland Part 3 by Denny (osudenny)

Another Christmas themed set, this time containing path extras such as lights, path covers, borders, and walls with toppers.

Chromakey Film Set by SPACEMTNMAN

Set to assist in using Chromkey technology in RCT3

Chromakey Set by KrakatoaCoo

A set of green screens in various sizes and positions.

Church Stuff by Callum

Large church themed building set. Incudes extras such as stained glass windows, bell tower, coffins and more. Some items recolorable.

Church Windows by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

Set with walls and stained glass windows. Windows are recolorable.

Cinderella's Castle - WDW Orlando by eeZee

Unique Disney style roofs and clean brick walls designed for the Cinderella castle at Walt Disney World but with so many other uses.

Cinema Set by maniacmaniac

A small set of items to furnish your theaters. Includes sections of theater seating, stairs, and walls.

Cinipaes Shy Planters Extras by Cinipaes

Designed as an add-on to the shyguy Planter Set. The set contains recolorable railings in many curved sizes, plus sloped and offset pieces.

Circle Blocks by Dkimber (Dkimber1974)

Circular blocks in many textures and a few sizes.

Circus Center Set 1 by shyguy

First release in the Circus Center series for shyguy's Wonder World Park

Circus Center Set 2 by shyguy

Second release in the Circus Center series created for shyguy's Wonder World Park

Circus Center Set 3 by shyguy

This set includes lamp posts, stanchions, straight and diagonal hedges, a ride operator console, some new path edges, railings, terrain covers, shuttle loop parts, tables, chairs, trash bins, windows, doors, counters, billboards, and more.

Circus Welt Verkleidung V2 by wuzeltown

Carnival-style base and scenery for the in-game Chair Swing. Includes regular and diagonal versions.

CircusCircus by zyned

Set to create an animated fun house facade.

City Hall DLRP by pierre-louis (thiery)

The City Hall building at Disneyland Paris.

City Hall Sign DLRP by pierre-louis (thiery)

The Disneyland Paris City Hall sign.

City Skyline by Kryptakwanakunalite (Krypt)

Flat backdrop of a city skyline, one straight, one diagonal.

CityScape Backround by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

Large cityscape backrounds.

Ckef's Planet Collection by Ckef (Ckef01)

Assortment of 11 planets.

Ckef's Rock Side Lagoon set V2.0 by Ckef (Ckef01)

Rickety roofs and walls, beams, and many other pieces needed to make a laid back and rundown wooden building.

Ckef's Tropic Detail Pack by Ckef (Ckef01)

A assortment of stone archways, canopies, and other details.

CL's Main Street Pack by cjleonard

Three objects for your Main Street recreations...Lamp post, Trash bin, and Dentist sign.

Classic Trams CS Trolley Track by Revolutionary Rides Team

A set that contains track covers for the Classic Trams CTR.

Classic Trams CS Trolley Wires by Revolutionary Rides Team

A set that contains electric cables that run above trams and some trains.

Cliff faces by The_Cook

Clock Fountains by Denny (osudenny)

A set of fountains featuring clocks with celebrity faces.

ClockDia by Adam87

A clock face in various positions.

Clockwork by Ralfvieh

Clocks, clocks and clocks!

Clothesline by qss5188 (MGJ)

A small set to create a clothesline to hang/dry clothes.

Clown Set by Albert Caine (Captain EO)

Clown models.

Coaster Accessories by RCT3master54

A recolorable set of B&M brakes and friction wheels.

Coaster Buildings by Azanderz

Your park will have that raceway atmosphere when you add to it with this unusually themed set.

Coaster Extras by TheNintendofan1209

A small set of pieces to add realism to your coasters. Includes brakes, station covers, blocks and supports.

Coaster Goodies V.3 by Odys

It includes: Flange Diagonal Flange Horizontal Flange Vertikal Flange H1 Flange H2 Flange H3 Flange H4 Flange H8 Flange H12 Flange Diagonal H1 Flange Diagonal H2 Flange Diagonal H3 Flange Diagonal H4 Flange Diagonal H8 Flange Diagonal H12 Footer Round Footer Square Launch + Car Launch

Coaster Joes Crowd Control by CoasterJoe

Beta Release of My Crowd Control, Once I get some time, I will release a new set with icons and everything. It is under the Space Scenery Section.

Coaster nets by Shadow

Some coaster nets to make your coasters look more realistic

Coaster Station by Cmoney

A generic station cover.

Coaster Tunnels v1.1 by MrPKI

Wooden coaster tunnels.

coaster-inc's Projects by coaster-inc

Coasterfreaks - Topiary Set by Coasterfreak

A large topiary set with many interesting pieces, created as a spin-off to the Wonderland Themed Chess set by RCT2 Revival Crue. Included are recolorable topiary chess pieces, hedges, benches, park entrance, arch, and statues.

Coasterfreaks Christmas Sets by Coasterfreak

A variety of sets all themed around Christmas

Cobwebs by PB&J

A huge set containing all the cobwebs you could ever wish for.

Coco's European Main Street - Building Set by Coconutter89

A Main Street building set with a European style. Items include recolorable walls, arches, doors, pathcovers and more, plus diagonal versions of most pieces.

Colorable ConeZ by | Aces |

Recolourable cone set. There are 3 different types, Large - Medium - Small.

Colored Mists by matt9537

A great set filled with plenty of mists to create great effects.

Colosseum by coaster-inc

Community Neon Signs by Coasterfreak

An array of neon signs. Some for general purposes and some in a tribute to forum members

Computer Zalman by Dylan Prod

A realistic PC for your RCT3 office.

Concert Stage by Alien

Stage set.

Concrete Cornice Set by Redhair_9_9

This set contains 21 different recolorable cornices in a concrete texture, as well as 8 corner pieces.

Concrete Footers-The Complete Set by Rct3Demo (Ardy)

Finally! Version three has arrived! That wraps these sets up folks!

Concrete Statues by Denny (osudenny)

A set of concrete statues.

Concrete Walls by Viscosity086 (Viscosity86)

Concrete Wall set, contains walls, roofs, windows, door, columns.

Concrete Walls by weshx

3 concrete walls.

Concrete Walls by Rct3Demo (Ardy)

Many concrete walls.

Concrete Walls by NYRfan85

A versatile set of recolorable concrete walls featuring straight, curved, sloped, flat, and diagonal pieces.

Concrete/Stucco Path by Viscosity086 (Viscosity86)

Confisco Grille by L-33

CS based on Islands of Adventure's Confisco Grille.

Construction Barrack by darkfhantom

A set designed to build construction site structures. The set includes, walls, signs, windows, concrete blocks, roofs, and stairs. Some pieces are recolorable.

Construction Set by Old-Spice

Adds a tough of realisim to your parks construction area.

Construction Set by gamer2456

Set with many different items for your construction site.

Construction Set (Pack Travaux) by Battor77

A construction set to use in your parks for realism!

Construction Yard by | Aces |

Construction set.

Contemporary Resort Sign by Imagineer Michael

A sign from the Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World.

Control Panel by rc1111

Rollercoaster control panel CSO.

Control Panels by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

Control panels in various types and sizes. Some items are recolorable.

Control Room by Ynor9

A complete control center with versatile panels and all the trimmings

Cool Country by Ark_Angel (The Shadow, ^*^Phoenix^*^)

A set of rustic wooden walls and stone objects great for use in a Western/Frontier type park.

Corkscrew Breaks 3 V2 by RCT RobDog

A single corkscrew coaster brake.

Corkscrew Supports by Old-Spice

Custom supports for corkscrews.

Corn by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

Corn plants in 2 colors.

Cottage Set by John Oldman

Set of walls and roofs to make a quaint cottage.

Cotton Candy Stall by zyned

A cotton candy stall Featuring animated lights. The sign reads "Suikerspin" which is Dutch for cotton candy.

Countertop Pack by | Aces |

Counters: -Counter (1) -Counter (2) Counter Machines: -Cotton Candy Machine -Ice Cream Machine -Drink Machine -Hot-Dog Machine -Pretzel Machine -Popcorn Machine -Nacho Machine -Slush Machine (P1) - (P2) Other: -Ketchup & Mustard -Hot-Dog Fork -Popcorn Cups -Pretzels

Country Inn by StationJimJr

Items to build an amazing Country Inn!

Covers & More V1.1 by DasMatze

A set of path covers in various textures, crosswalk stripes, and a few other items.

Cowboy Cool by Samplerocker

Animated cowboy demonstrating target practice.

Craggage by PB&J

A set of craggy boulders in a gray rock texture. The set includes four basic boulder styles in a variety of angles.

Crate Set by 182470 (1-23456)

Created: 02/01/11. I quick little crate set that I wanted to make.

Crazy Cars by zyned

A funfair style CTR kiddie ride featuring several different car styles. The download includes a CS set containing a track cover, ride cover, lights, and a ticket booth.

Crazy Circus Funhouse by zyned

A funfair style funhouse with animated parts and light animations. Diagonal version included.

Crazy Dance by zyned

Ride cover scenery for the Crazy Dance CFR by CFH Rides. Included are the ride cover, animated lights and strobes, and a ticket booth.

Crazy Game Set by nevs

Game stall for a funfair.

Crazy Laboratory by Samplerocker

A Mad Scientist type set with Test Tubes, table, Wall Switches (Frankenstein Style) and several Lightning Flashes both Vertical and Horizontal ranging from little bolts to giant vertical flashes.

Creations Pack 1 by Eletigna

A large red dragon, snow covered pine tree, and metal fence.

Creations Pack 2: Dark Ride Elements by Eletigna

Assortment of creepy items including skeletons, grave stones, clowns, pumpkins, and terrifying cloaked figures.

Creations Pack 3: New Street Elements by Eletigna

Assortment of cars and other traffic items.

Creepy Circus by Haderlump

Halloween pavilion with tent, trailer, and creepy figure.

Creepy Clock Set by Denny (osudenny)

A wide variety of clocks, all with creepy faces.

Creepy Cobwebs by Station Jim Jr. and Ironaiden

Add a spooky vibe to your park with this set of cobwebs and realistic spiders.

Creepy Old House Set by Denny (osudenny)

A set with old stone walls and weathered roofs to build a spooky house with. Extras include a carved stone mural, and three types of musty old shelves.

Crenelation Walls by Coasterfreak

Unique walls in a stepped formation in a variety of positions

Crocodile by Dylan Prod

A large crocodile.

Crocodile Falls by LoneWolf

Adventure themed set of flume ride extras, including catwalks, flume covers, signs, wait time signs, speakers and more.

Crown Leisure Logo by Park Novice No Known Working Download!

Crumbling Walls by Delta V

Destroyed walls and floors.

Crystal Set by JimmyG

A large set of recolorable crystals in many different sizes, shapes, and orientations. also included are separate light elements for further customization.

Crystals City by crange97

Funfair house of mirrors.

Crystals City Maze by crange97

A funfair style maze, with separate lights and extras.

CSF Christmas Set by CoasterSim.Fan

Pieces to make your own Christmas tree.

CSF Glass Set 1 by CoasterSim.Fan

Recolorable glass wall and floor pieces.

CSF Glass Set 2 by CoasterSim.Fan

Recolorable glass wall and floor pieces like Glass Set 1 but with diagonal placement.

CSF Rock Set by CoasterSim.Fan

Simple round rocks in a variety of textures and a terrain matching version.

CSF Steel I Beam Set by CoasterSim.Fan

Steel beams with a cross-sectional "I" shape.

CT Support Connectors by jhnshm

Track connectors compatible with Moby's Steel Jungle.

CTRS Paths Redux by CTRSind

Updated version of CTRS Paths set, with a more subtle texture and lowered curbs. Objects are recolorable and align to Shyguy's, Station Jim Jr.'s, and most of Moby's path angles. Also includes trash and recycling bins and strollers.

CTRSind's Path Walls by CTRSind

Recolorable "1h" walls useful around paths.

Cube Base by samous No Known Working Download!

Textured blocks

Cube Set by 05marshallol No Known Working Download!

Textured cube set.

Curtis-Rohde's Monobeam Set by Curtis-Rohde

Covers for the monorail track.

Curve Billboards by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

A Billboard set complete with Curved, large and street sign billboards.

Curve Slide Supports by Iceatcs

Supports useful for turns on slides and roller coasters.

Curved Concrete Walls (Curved Wall Sections v1.0) by StarRanger4

A set of curved walls, including floors, windows, and domed roofs.

Curved Walls by Disney

Recolorable curved walls in a variety of sizes, suitable for path edges and planters.

Curved Walls & Floors v2 by Moby

Curved walls and floors. Great for off-grid building.

Custom Dining Tables and Blinds by Disfan1

A set of dining tables in 7 different themes.

Custom Food Stalls by Coasterfreak900

Includes a McDonald's and an In-N-Out. Also includes a trash can.

Custom Hollywood Sign V3 by Iceatcs

Large letters and supportframe in the style of the famous "Hollywood" sign.

Custom Mortar Set by mibelse

A compact and unique set of custom mortars.

Custom Particle Effects As Ride-Event by Kiotho

A set designed to use the games fireworks and particle effects as Ride Events.

Custom Scenery 1 by toto_2

Ce pack contient : -Abri en pierre pour les allées -Babyfoot -Cube d'étoiles -Mur galaxie -Mur nébuleuse 1 -Mur nébuleuse 2 -Mur nébuleuse 3 -Mur trou noir -Météorite 1 -Météorite 2 -Mur futuriste -Panneau "Mickey's ToonTown" -Entrée Rock'n'roller coaster -Sieges de cinema

Custom Signs and More! by Kiotho

A large sign set designed for the Summer Showdown 2016. It consists of many sizes and shapes of wooden signs and posts, plus interchangeable lettering to complete the signs. You can also alter the textures to create custom signs, instructions can be found in the readme.

Custom Stalls Set by Eagle Soars

Various custom stalls and umbrellas.

Custom Vendor Carts by LittleMac

Food carts for your parks.

Custom Wall Set by StationJimJr

Stone wall set in a variety of positions including straight, sloped, curved, and diagonal pieces. Download contains basic instructions for changing the original texture to make your own custom walls.

CZs Gameday Set by czsworld

Football field pieces.


D-X by Omaley95 by omaley95 No Known Working Download!

DA Circus Set by wabigbear (Wagi)

A large set themed to the circus. Included are assorted circus tent walls which work with Shyguy's Circus Tents, in both 4u and 6u height, tent poles with ropes and stakes, three sizes of circus rings, including one that matches a round iron cage, trapeze and high wire, assorted circus barrels, boxes, stands balancing boards, balls and rings, cobra snake in two sizes, circus cannon, clown car in two sizes, clown fire engine, clown burning building prop in two sizes, animal cages, bales of hay, assorted circus wagons, alpha overlays for plain circus wagons, midway vendor booths, assorted sideshow banners in two sizes, Peg Leg Pete sign, 'Midway' and 'Games' signs, Circus themed gate, assorted Disney character alphas. Create for Citytrader's DisneyAmerica Park.

DA Civil War Set by wabigbear (Wagi)

Assorted 'historical' type objects. A wooden printing press (high poly) and stack of papers, exterior cellar doors, diamond pane windows, diamond pane bay window, DA banners, straight and diagonal 'fort' windows, a 'medic/red cross' alpha decal that works with the plain circus wagon from the DA Circus Set, a Conestoga medical wagon, medical tent, straight and angled cannon, straight and angled large cannon, mortar, swiveling cannon, Liberty Square sign, straight, angled and damaged caisson wagons, left and right fence pillars, Statue of Liberty with fort base, Statue of Liberty without fort base, large and small Minuteman statues. Created for Citytrader's DisneyAmerica Park.

Danger Radioactivity by Dylan Prod

A scenery piece in the Industrial theme, featuring a concrete building with warning signs, chemical barrels, and spilled radioactive material.

Dark Ride Set by Denny (osudenny)

A set of fire textured building pieces and scary statues, plus creepy mural walls.

Dark Ride Set (Dark Ride Collection) by JCat

Dark walls, stone walls and tunnels, a giant corkscrew, and other various pieces for dark-rides.

Dark Ride Stunts 1 by FunDMental

Animated dark-ride scenery using LOD tricks.

Dark Ride Stunts 2 by FunDMental

Animated dark ride objects.

Dark Ride Stunts 3 by FunDMental

Animated dark-ride scenery using LOD tricks.

Dark Ride Swamp Set by DarkRideGuy

A few props for dark rides.

Dark Tunnels by 182470 (1-23456)

Pitch black tunnels to cover many coaster elements

Dark Wall Set 1.0 by RCT_Lego

DarkRide Set 2.0 by Finni

A set of Black Wall's and Floors. Floors come in 1x1 straight and triangle. Walls are straight and diagonal, in standard 1H, 2H, 3H and 4H

Darkside Expansion Set by Denny (osudenny)

A small set of spooky shops, stalls and signs.

Darkside Set by Denny (osudenny)

A set of spooky themed items including, ATMs, shops, stalls, graves, windows, and path covers.

Dark_side300 scalectrix by Dark_side300 No Known Working Download!

Das Funschiff / Clubschiff by crange97

Funfair style ride extras, designed for the Viking CFR from Steel Rides. Included are supports, lights, signs, ticket booth, and a backdrop.

Das Omen by zyned

A haunted house for your RCT3 funfair. Complete with animated parts and lights.

DasMatze's Billboard Collection by DasMatze

Includes unique billboards useful for displaying information in one's park.

Dawn's Misc Walls by Dkimber (Dkimber1974)

A few of the textures are rivets, tribal, and rainbow.

Dawn's Landmarks (Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe) by Dkimber (Dkimber1974)

Two landmarks including the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe.

Dawn's RCT3 Extras by Dkimber (Dkimber1974)

A coaster car, windmill blades, and pay booth for parking.

Dawn's Ride Signs by Dkimber (Dkimber1974)

Ride logos from Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, Cedar Point, and Paramount's Kings Island on walls with white backgrounds.

Dawn's Ride Signs 2 by Dkimber (Dkimber1974)

More logos from various parks on walls with white backgrounds.

Daylily by n7 (n747)

A set of several types of daylilies, each in two positions.

DBSKI Ride logos by Park Novice

Logos for "Steel Venom", "Roar", and "Scream" rides.

De Vliegende Hollander Beta Set by Joey

The tower, broken wooden boat bow, and wall from "De Vliegende Hollander" (The Flying Dutchman) ride at the Efteling.

De Vliegende Hollander Bootgevel (The Flying Dutchman Ship Facade) by Berke

A little building to use in your RCT3 Efteling recreations!

De Vliegende Hollander Havenlampen (The Flying Dutchman Harbor Lights) by Vincent

Efteling lamps to use in your Efteling parks in RCT3!

Dead Walkway by Bael

The set includes: -Walls -Ceilings -A lot of 1/4 tile coffins -groups of coffins -prayer shrines -a small sanctuary -morgue entrance -a skeleton in a coffin that turns into a vampire -and other scary things

Decals by matt9537

A set of decals and wall textures to compliment Matt's Ruined It! sets among others!

Deco Walls by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

Set containing items to create art deco themed buildings.

Decoration by qss5188 (MGJ)

A small set that contains various windows, walls, and doors.

Decorative Landscape Walls by Weber

This nice set will definitely add beauty to any park. These were designed after real walls used to landscape houses and apartments. This can also be used as a nice border around your elaborate garden. This new version features all new diagonal pieces as well as many new upgrades!

Deep Caverns by Weber

Build your own caverns with this set.

Deep Sea Life - Part 1 (Public BETA) by Kiotho

This huge set contains everything you'll need to create underwater worlds for your projects. Items include many types of fish, sea plants, crabs, lobsters, jellyfish, an underwater rock set, and much more. Many pieces are animated to enhance realism.

Defqon.1 Robot Stage by Adam Gill (Adam 2000)

A large sci-fi themed stage.

Demon Drop by Jonnyears

tems to decorate a reverse freefall coaster in the vein of Demon Drop at Cedar Point

Demon Drop V1 Non-Animated (Remake) by Coasterfreak

Items to decorate a reverse freefall coaster in the vein of Demon Drop at Cedar Point

Demons and Nightmares by Archbak

A spooky ride event set featuring werewolves, demons, and witches that float, leap, and howl.

Denny Memorial by Gravquian

Memorial to famed RCT3 CS designer, Denny (osudenny).

Desert Race Scenery by Luigi Wollknäuel

A set of Walls, Roofs and support Posts. Standard 1H and Slanted Walls, and Walls with windows. Also some items found in the Scenery Objects Menu, including a Helicopter, a Truck, rocks,and a Platform

Desert Rocks by Kryptakwanakunalite (Krypt)

An awesome set of big, medium, and small desert rocks to beautify your deserts.

Designs Set No. 1 - Brick by veryConfused (puzzled5543, Yoshi)

This set is the first of the Designs Sets, which includes all things brick. All of the pieces are recolorable in the game, and can go in just about anyplace.

Designs Set No. 2 - Lockers by veryConfused (puzzled5543, Yoshi)

Second release in the Designs series

Despicable Me Minion Mayhem Entrance by Adam Gill (Adam 2000)

An entrance building themed after Despicable Me.

Destruction by Archbak

Ever wanted a roller-coaster to smash through a window? well now you can with these destructible windows

Devil Rock by nevs

Devil Rock ride backdrop and cover.

DFO Signs by M10

A set of four park information signs.

Diagonal Awning Set by Denny (osudenny)

A diagonal awning set with many animal print and solid color textures. Works well with the Animal Print Awning Set also by Osudenny.

Diagonal Black Wall by disneyparkfreak

A diagonal black wall.

Diagonal Burned Flying Saucer by Dylan Prod

A large flying saucer with a burned metal texture.

Diagonal Paths by LittleMac No Known Working Download!

Diagonal Turnstiles by EnigmaticEffigy No Known Working Download!

Recolorable turnstiles in single and triple versions, diagonal and straight positions.

Diner Booths by NYRfan85

A set of recolorable diner booths and tables.

Director Chair Set by B2tfking

A directors chair featuring a billboard. The download includes a template for creating the correct size billboard image.

Disco and Race CSO Peeps by Samplerocker

A set of 8 Peeps.

Disco Jet - Heitmann by CoasterGirl

A set of ride extras for the Music Express ride from CFH Rides.

Disco Jet - Transport by CoasterGirl

A companion set to Disco - Jet Heitmann, featuring truck trailers with ride pieces.

Disco Loco CSO by Thrillzone100

Backdrop for Advanced Rides Star Dance CFR.

Disco Planet by ricardobugsy

Disney Balloons (Set 1) by MickeyEars

Set 1 contains: Mickey Car Balloon, Mickey Ears Balloon, Mickey Ears Balloon v2

Disney Balloons (Set 2) by MickeyEars

Set 2 contains: Donald Duck Balloon, Minnie Mouse Balloon, Goofy Balloon

Disney Balloons 1 by slayer (Richtopia)

This is set one of ten Disney balloons for you to enjoy in your park.

Disney Balloons 10 by slayer (Richtopia)

This is set ten of ten Disney balloons for you to enjoy in your park.

Disney Balloons 2 by slayer (Richtopia)

This is set two of ten Disney balloons for you to enjoy in your park.

Disney Balloons 3 by slayer (Richtopia)

This is set three of ten Disney balloons for you to enjoy in your park

Disney Balloons 4 by slayer (Richtopia)

This is set four of ten Disney balloons for you to enjoy in your park.

Disney Balloons 5 by slayer (Richtopia)

This is set five of ten Disney balloons for you to enjoy in your park.

Disney Balloons 6 by slayer (Richtopia)

This is set six of ten Disney balloons for you to enjoy in your park.

Disney Balloons 7 by slayer (Richtopia)

This is set seven of ten Disney balloons for you to enjoy in your park.

Disney Balloons 8 by slayer (Richtopia)

This is set eight of ten Disney balloons for you to enjoy in your park.

Disney Balloons 9 by slayer (Richtopia)

This is set nine of ten Disney balloons for you to enjoy in your park.

Disney figurines (Disney figures) by Lulujarre (cacheuxi)

A set of figures from the Disney films and Disneyland Parks.

Disney MGM Studios Rock'n Roller Coaster Set by pyrofr3eak

A set based on Disney's Rock 'n' Rollercoaster.

Disney Rocks by Kryptakwanakunalite (Krypt)

Some nice Disney rocks for use in Disney recreations and for other uses!

Disney Set 1 by Denny (osudenny)

A building set useful for creating stalls and shops, in three brick textures. The set includes curved walls and character windows, Disney themed menu billboards, counters, and more.

Disney Set 2 by Denny (osudenny)

A building set featuring Disney characters. The set includes, awnings, doors, roofs, buildings, walls and more in several different textures.

Disney Set V.1.0 by MonorailBlue No Known Working Download!

Disney Signs by 05marshallol No Known Working Download!

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse scrolling signs.

Disney Transport Bus V. 4 by MonorailBlue

Disney-themed bus.

Disney Window Set 2 by Denny (osudenny)

53 more character windows to enhance your Disney park.

Disney Window Set Plus 10 by Denny (osudenny)

A 65 piece set of stained glass windows in round and square shapes. The windows come in many Disney character textures, as well as a few featuring icons of SGW members.

Disney Windows Fixed And Extra Set by Denny (osudenny)

Stained glass windows featuring many Disney characters.

DisneyAmerica Set 1 by wabigbear (Wagi)

Created for Citytrader's DisneyAmerica Park, the set contains items mostly of the World War 2 theme. Includes banners, flags, jeep, airplanes, signs, ticket booths and more, plus a USO bandstand cover-up for the in-game Kari-Oki Concert ride.

DisneyAmerica Set 2 by wabigbear (Wagi)

Created for Citytrader's DisneyAmerica Park. Set contains a number of objects with either a "WWII" or "Native American" theme. Two tanks, fuel truck, jeep on side, assorted 'axis/allies' flag signage, Victory Field Dogfight ride signs, assorted DA banners,assorted French advertising signs, assorted French 'frontline' walls and path tiles, assorted rubble piles, assorted ruble walls, assorted burned out/damages rooves, VF water tower, Hall of Presidents sign, rusty barrels, barrel stove, lifthill roof, Northwest Native American cedar longhouse front and section, Northeast Native American birchbark longhouse rood, walls, corners, and entrances; moose, caribou, bear, beaver,beaver swimming, sheep, horse (all High Poly).

DisneyAmerica Set 3 by wabigbear (Wagi)

Created for Citytrader's DisneyAmerica Park, the set contains a varied set of objects. Included are assorted historical Ford signage, Donal Duck theater curtain, Peg Leg Pete sign, straight and angled DA ride booths, assorted DA banners, 'Lewis & Clark' Explorer's boat with flags, assorted Disney alpha standees, Civil War Observation balloon, fancy plain gate, Disney gate alpha decals, large tents, pup tents, stew pot, rifle tripod, cannon blast ground alphas (work best if over white or black ground texture), three Native American canoes, ladder parts, tank of molten iron for factory, two sizes of 'furnace doors', left and right iron 'S' bends, oil well tower, 'Victory Field' gate, wooden water tower, Statue of Liberty unlit fireworks alpha, assorted 'ivy' ground cover, straight and angled patriotic bunting, assorted Gingerbread trim alphas, Conestoga wagon, supply wagon with assorted supplies, Signage 'backers', assorted ride signage, assorted Civil War Union troops/drum corps/colorguard/soldiers/officers, assorted Civil War Confederate troops/drum corps/colorguard/soldiers/officers, two sizes of Baseball field scoreboards, wooden grandstand, brick grandstand, baseball diamond ground cover, recolorable 'white sock' and recolorable 'black sock' baseball player, straight baseball grandstand, corner baseball grandstand, straight grandstand bunting, corner grandstand bunting, straight grandstand billboards, corner grandstand billboards.

Disneyland Castle by Disney

Inspired by the castle in Disneyland Paris.

Disneyland Frontierland Trash by superlegochannel

A Frontierland themed trash bin.

Disneyland Hotel ADD ON by pierre-louis (thiery)

A collection of sets by Pierre-louis, the add-on is comprised of thirteen custom scenery sets all themed to the Disneyland Paris Hotel and surrounding gardens. Also included is a sign pack and park file. See the download link for installation instructions.

Disneyland Hotel Anaheim by hornedlizard

One of the hotels from Disneyland

Disneyland Paris 20th Anniversary Sign by superlegochannel

A sign celebrating the 20th anniversary of Disneyland Paris.

Disneyland Paris Ceiling Lamps by pierre-louis (thiery)

Ceiling Lamps from Disneyland Paris. Exclusive model from Phantom Manor. Select the ceiling light intensity. Change the color of lamps.

Disneyland Paris Mainstreet Lamps by pierre-louis (thiery)

A lamp set that contains lamps found on the Mainstreet area in Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris Parking Lot by RNRCFan

This is my first CSO set ! It's perfect for recreate the Disneyland Paris parking lot !

Disneyland Studio France (Disney Studio Pack) v. 0.46 by Battor77

Another set created by Battor77 to build the Disneyland Studio France!

Dive Coaster Additions by Coasterfreak90

A set of Catwalks and Watermasked Trackbeds.

Dive Coaster Station by Christian S.

A Dive Coaster Station Platform.

DLP Signage by eeZee

Two signs from Disneyland Paris.

Dom Tower Utrecht NL by eriktheviking

Model of the Dom Tower in the Netherlands.

Domes by DasMatze

Four pieces that form a large 16x16 tile dome when stacked.

Domes 2012 by DasMatze

A new version of two of my first CS sets, "Domes" and "Spiky Walls". It does not replace the old files. Domes with radii from 4 tiles to 12 tiles Walls Floors Roofs Roofs with cutouts for each dome

Dominoes' Turnstyles v2 by dominoes007

Straight and diagonal turnstiles. Found in Walls.

Dominosteine by Feuer-Link

Dominoes fallen and standing up.

Donuts Trailer by CoasterGirl

A Donut/ Concession stand.

Doom by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

Spooky themed ride front panels.

Doom Fear Fall Ride Set by Death_slayer

Designed after the Doctor Doom's Fear Fall towers at Universal's Islands of Adventure, this set is perfect for a recreation.

Door Set 2011 by Denny (osudenny)

A set of glass doors featuring themed panels. All styles come in both open and closed positions.

Doors 1.1 by The_Cook

Installation * Download from one of the above mirrors. (735,664 bytes) * Open the zip file and drag the "Doors" folder into the "Style/Themed" directory within the your Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 installation. * If you're using some fancy unzip program make sure that the option to preserve the directory heirarchy is enabled. * Do not try to rename the directories Usage * The doors are set up as Ride Events so that they can be triggered by a car passing. They can be found under the ride events button. * Each door has three variants with 4, 6 and 8 second long animations. The opening and closing speeds are constant, it is the pause whilst the door is open that increases. Known Issues * The animation sometimes jumps when the game engine tries to blend between the models at different detail levels

Double Sided Seat by Krankin4 (K4C) No Known Working Download!

Double sided seating on modern style benches as see in Silver Swordsman's train video.

Doughnuts Caribbean Pool Set (beta) by stu-2693 (Doughnuts)

A Caribbean themed pool set for water parks.

Doughnuts Flowers by stu-2693 (Doughnuts)

The flowers in this set are billboards that can be used to make entire pictures from the flowers.

Doughnuts Madhouse Preshows by stu-2693 (Doughnuts)

Doughnuts neXus set v1.0 by stu-2693 (Doughnuts)

Paticles Not included.

Doughnuts Pool Structures by stu-2693 (Doughnuts)

Another pool set for your water parks.

Doughnuts Railings by stu-2693 (Doughnuts)

This set includes railings, queue covers, and mist fans.

Doughnuts Universal Studios Globe by stu-2693 (Doughnuts)

The classic globe from the Universal Studios parks.

Doughnuts Universal Studios Globe V2 by stu-2693 (Doughnuts)

The classic globe from the Universal Studios parks. (v2)

Doughnuts UpLift by stu-2693 (Doughnuts)

Pieces for the elevator ride.

Drag Strip by Coasterfreak

A drag strip set including a variety of trailers, plus road sections, grandstands, guardrail, start lights and more. Most items are recolorable.

Dragon Cafe Set by Denny (osudenny)

An adventure themed restaurant building set featuring entrance pieces with dragon images, stone walls, path covers, borders, and lights.

Drahtzaun (Wire Fences) by RCTchen

Wire Fences. Razor Wire. Gates

Dreams Set by Fisherman

A large set of fantasy themed items, created for "The Wizards Dream" darkride by Fisherman. Items include books, bookcases, spiral stairs and balustrades, druid figures, the Wizard and his dog, candlesticks, skulls, the Wizards bed, backdrops, crystal ball, many animated objects, and more.

Dreamworld Gate Set by iamtez

Entrance gate set themed to Dream World Park.

Drehkreuz Set 2.2 by Caederus

A turnstyle for park entrances

Drehkreuze / Turnstiles 1.7 by Caederus

Turnstyles for park entrances

Drenched by PB&J

A set of ride-event soaker sprays and water splashes to liven up your water attractions.

DRF's Black Wall Set by DarkRideFreak No Known Working Download!

Set of black walls.

DRF's Environmental Speakers by DarkRideFreak No Known Working Download!

An outdoor speaker.

Drinking Fountains by Coasterfreak

A set of drinking fountains for your park.

Drinking Fountains by Zorbacat

a few drinking fountains to add extra detail to your park

Drive Thru Set by 182470 (1-23456)

A drive thru orientated set featuring billboard menus

Drive-in Movies (Drive-in Theater) by Coasterfreak

Pieces for an outdoor drive-in movie lot with a huge billboard screen

Drop Zone Kirmes Verkleidung by CoasterGirl

Ride backdrop for the Drop Zone CFR by heverton.

DRP Laser Fakes by DarkRidePerson (DRP)

Basic pieces in different orientations designed to look like lasers.

DRP Rock'n'Roller Coaster Theme (Rock 'n Roller Coaster Road Signs) by DarkRidePerson (DRP)

Various signs from the Rock'n'Roller Coaster ride at Walt Disney World.

DRP Tubes by DarkRidePerson (DRP)

A large selection of tubes for your coasters to navigate through.

DRP's Ambience by DarkRidePerson (DRP)

A set of colored lights.

DRP's Kavernz by DarkRidePerson (DRP)

A set designed for making caves. All the pieces are recolorable and some are in a second "ice" form to make frozen caves.

DRP's Lightz by DarkRidePerson (DRP)

A set of colored lighting emitters.

DRP's Lightz MEGAPACK by DarkRidePerson (DRP)

An updated version of DRP's Lightz V. 2. The lights are recolorable and the set also includes a few ride-activated lights.

DRP's Space Mountain by DarkRidePerson (DRP)

Pieces useful for any space ride including walls and supports with a star texture, tubes, and other accessories.

Drummah's Efteling Pack by Drummah

A single trashcan.

Drums & Stuff by Humbucker

A drum kit with four amps.

Duel House Facade by Project Towers

Facade of the Duel House in Alton Towers.

Duel Sign by Weber

A nice sign to place next to a Duel themed ride!

Dungeon Things by StationJimJr

A set of dungeon themed items including walls, ruins, chains, shackles and more.

Dutch Windmill Set by PiecesofPrestige

Build your own Dutch windmill with this set. The download contains all the pieces needed to build a windmill, plus a structure file for a pre-built windmill.

Dutchesque by CTRSind

Half of this set is rural Dutch architecture in an Anton Pieck style, many of these peices ripped directly from Efteling in Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands. The second half is Dutch architecture as translated by Dutch American colonist.

Dynamite Trio by Samplerocker

A trio of animated western figures.


E-Stop Set by Fisherman

An elaborate set of catwalks, stairs, and escape routes very useful for dark-rides.

Eagle Soars' Santa Hat Set by Eagle Soars

Santa's Hat.

Earful Tower by Carlos Menezes (CFH Rides)

A CS recreation of the Earful Tower from Disney's Hollywood Studio Park.

East Asia by Ralfvieh

East asian themed building set with a host of extras

Easy Terrain Blocks by errt

Set containing terrain blocks in different sizes and forms to make landscaping easier or possible at places where normal landscaping was not possible because of attractions or such. There are many 1/4 tile pieces.

EasyLetters by errt

The set contains letters A-Z, numbers 0-9, and exclamation and question marks.Two different versions are included: normal and lighted. Normal does not glow at night whereas lighted does.

Ecclesiastical Theme - Gothic Walls and Windows 1.3 by The_Cook

Ecclesiastical Theme - Vaulting 1.3 by The_Cook

Eckl nostalgie Geisterbahn Testveesion! by Franky

Objects to create an fun house shell.

eddie's Sci-Fi ver. 1.0 by eddie2006jp

A beautifully detailed set designed for that perfect sci-fi corridor! Featuring lights, wall, floors, and many objects that are "lit", this set will fit right at home in your next sci-fi project!

Eden Log by Archbak

Spooky trees and branches guaranteed to scare!

Edward's Queue Screens by _Edward_

Television screens for ride queues.

Edward's Western AddOn by _Edward_

Wooden supports.

Efteling automaten (vending machines) by MarkMarkje

3 vending machines for Efteling.

Efteling Entrance by Harakhty

Efteling Entrance

Efteling Fence by MarkMarkje

Wooden fence useful for recreating the Efteling in RCT3!

Efteling Pack by BN

Custom Pack: new Big Ben: vogelrok input (v2), skeletal vogelrok, ​​light dragon get, the flying fakir and the troll king. Has several interesting and fun things!!

Efteling prullenmanden by ThaaaEftaaaling

Litter bins to give detail to Efteling parks in RCT3!

Efteling Set by Pat

An Efteling themed multi-set pack including Pat's Muren, Daken and Detail set's.

Efteling Set - AFC by Pat

Set of extras for Pat's Efteling Set including trees, pathcover, statues, dragon , fence and more .

Egypt Set by Archbak

A big egyption statue.

Egyptian Mysteries by matt9537

A set of Egyptian themed items, featuring walls, arches, floors, hieroglyphs, and ruins.

Eisbude (Ice Cream) by crange97

A funfair ice cream stand.

El Dorado Hotel & Stall by Krankin4 (K4C)

El Dorado Hotel with a 3 vendor option. Includes counter top hotdog and popcorn machines.

ElectroShock Custom Building Set by Klinn

One of the pioneering custom scenery sets created for RCT3

Eletigna Creations Pack 3: Street Elements (Pack in progress, Bonus Pack) by Eletigna

Eletigna Lamp 2 (Path-Version) by Eletigna

Simple lamp for paths.

Eletigna Lamp 2 (Scenery-Version) by Eletigna

Simple lamp that can be placed independent of paths.

Elevator Tubes by Dark_side300

Background tubes for the elevator ride in various textures including black, bubbles, hyper speed, matrix, recolorable glass, sky, recolorable twirl, and underwater.

Enchanted Forest by Fisherman

This set contains over 80 modular tree parts in two sizes: full-tile diameter trunks for giant red-wood-sized trees, and quarter-tile diameter trunks for smaller trees. Decorate your trees with the giant clusters of flowering tree foliage and hanging flowers in pink, orange, yellow, and blue...and colorable versions too. The set includes magical creatures and amazing particle effects created by n7 specifically for this set. There are ivy and fallen autumn leaves groundcover subsets in both conforming and non-conforming configurations.

Entenangeln by crange97

Duck Fishing funfair game.

Entenangeln (Duck Fishing) by patti333

Midway style game stall with colored lights.

Entenrennen Bude by nevs

Game stall for a funfair.

Entry Zen Garden by Dylan Prod

An Asian themed entry piece complete with small water features.

Epcot Entrance Set by Albert Caine (Captain EO)

A set designed to create the entrance area of Epcot park in Walt Disney World.

ER Frantic Fairground Fright Ride by rawwood

A modular building set featuring everything you need to create a spooky themed darkride building in the fairground or "geisterbahn" style. Set includes building sections, ticket booth, wall and roof pieces. The building front and several other pieces feature animated textures.

Errt's Goal by errt

Two different sized recolorable soccer goals.

Errt's Posters by errt

Billboard "posters."

Errt's Waterset by errt

Pieces to simulate water useful in areas where RCT3's terrain isn't suited to fill with water.

Europa Park Add-On CS by PEP Team

CS sets based off of things found at Europa Park. (There are 2 files...EP Add-On Pt 1 and EP Add-On Pt 2, both containing CS, CTRs, CFRs, and CTs.)

European Landmarks Pt. 1 - The Eiffel Tower by eeZee

The Eiffel tower that will add spice to any park.

European Landmarks Pt. 2 - The Brandenburg Gate by eeZee

A model of the Brandenburg Gate in Germany.

European Landmarks Pt. 3 - The Bell Tower of San Marco (Campanile di San Marco) by eeZee

A nice tower set to make the San Marco tower.

European Landmarks Pt. 5 - Big Ben by eeZee

A model of London's Big Ben

Event Fences by rawwood

Several types of metal and screen barrier fences, some featuring billboards.

Expedition Everest by Disfan1

Set pieces to build Expedition Everest from Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Expedition Everest Flags by ImagineerTom

Some flags from the ride Expedition Everest

Expedition Everest yeti set (beta) by rct3 coasterkid No Known Working Download!

Explosive by CoasterGirl

Objects to theme the Crazy Barrels CFR by ImagineerJohn in an explosive manner.

Expo 3000 Scenery Pack by shyguy

Expo 3000 Set 2 by shyguy

Objects used to make Expo 3000 in Wonder World II.

Expo 3000 Set 3 by shyguy

A set of odds and ends used to build my Expo 3000. Includes modern decor, shelves and counters, railings, floors, curved clapboard, and much more.

Extended Atlantis Walls v3 by penma

Objects based on the in-game wall set

Extra Bumpercars by Pyro Pro

Extra set of bumper cars to add to CFH's Bumpercars Large CFR.

Extra Discolight by Pyro Pro

Animated disco light for the Rock Express CSO.

Extremedesire's Harbor Set by Extreme_Desire No Known Working Download!

Extreme_Desire's Train Station Set 1.0 by Extreme_Desire No Known Working Download!


Fechu's Background Skies by fechu

A set containing realistic backdrop sky walls for rides.

Facade by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

Grey brick set to create a building facade. Includes a billboard wall piece.

Facade Planner by amsterdam87

Simple structures to help you plan building facades. The set has two 16 high pieces - straight and diagonal. The pieces are 1/4 tile placement and recolorable.

Facedown by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

Lighted billboards in upright and face down positions.

Fachwerk (Timber) by RCTchen

Many items to create Alpine style buildings.

Fairground Set by stephanbrunswik

Kirmes Schausteller Fuhrpark-Set Fairground trucks and trailers.

Fairground Truck Set by stephanbrunswik

Kirmes Schausteller LKW-Set Various truck tractors, flatbed trucks, refrigerated trucks, crane trucks, etc.

Fake Paths by TomboFry

Falling Waters by wabigbear (Wagi)

Frank Lloyd Wright inspired set including rock piers, fountain, signs, and recolorable flat pieces.

Famous SkyScrapers v. 1.1 by sober_penguin

A series of skyscrapers done as custom scenery

Fanfarenzug (Parade) by Haderlump

Figures to create a fanfarenzug (parade of trumpeters).

Fantasia Garden Disneyland Paris by pierre-louis (thiery)

Gazebo set inspired by the entrance of Disneyland Paris. Set includes large and small bridges, and recolorable gazebos in two styles,

Fantasy World Luigi's Base Center V2 by Samplerocker

Sci-fi themed set including floor, platforms, tunnels, stairs, computers and more.

Fantasy World Luigi's Shared Fantasies by Samplerocker

Small set containing several mushroom people, sci-fi themed portals, and a wooden bridge.

Fantasyland by pierre-louis (thiery)

A set of Fantasyland objects, including walls, towers, lamps, and roofs.

Fantasyland Diagonal Buildings by Xtian

A set of diagonal pieces to create Fantasyland - style buildings. The set includes timbered walls and facades, dormers, roofs in three textures, clock tower gate, and a round tower.

Fantasyland Landmarks by Xtian

A diverse set of objects to enhance your fantasy themed park areas. The set includes a centerpiece for the Dumbo ride, Fantasy Fair tents, a carousel cover, and a Pinocchio facade. Also included are unique terrain covers and walls meant to be placed over water .

Fantasyland Set [BETA] by Disney

Fantasyland themed set including walls, two-way recolorable roofs, towers and a dormer. Set also includes a ride cover modeled after Le Carrousel de Lancelot at Disneyland Paris.

Fantasyworld1 by RCTchen

Items to build fancy caves and other stuff are in this awesome set!

Fantasyworld2 by RCTchen

Items to build Fantasy lands! Used best in conjunction with Fantasyworld1.

Farm Set by Old-Spice

A farm based set with everything from barns and solos to corn and wheat!

FD7 & Pats Safety Set by FlyingDutchman7 (FD7)

A set that contains emergency doors, exit signs, fire hoses, sprinklers, smoke detectors, and more.

FD7 Details by FlyingDutchman7 (FD7)

Small objects to help add detail to your interiors.

Fechu's Swizz Objects by fechu

Used to create a Swiss setting for a park or ride. The set includes building pieces and cheese making accessories.

Fence by Goliathdude (rct3m)

A single wooden fence with stone supports.

Fence Set 2011-12 by Denny (osudenny)

A set of fences and walls in several brick, stone, and block textures.

Fences & Benches by Azanderz

A small set of fences, benches, a trash bins.

Fences & Railings V1.3 by DasMatze

Almost a necessity, this set contains a variety of fences and often in diagonal versions also.

Fencing by StationJimJr

4 fencing styles in an assortment of allignments complete with terrain covers and path enhancements ranging from lamps to bins to ducks. Also includes many plants in many positions.

Fern by Kryptakwanakunalite (Krypt)

A nice fern for that extra foliage need!

Ferris Wheel CSO by zyned

A platform and ride decoration set built for the Ferris Wheel CFR by CFH Rides. The set includes platform, lights, ticket booths, several choices of signs and backdrops, supports, awning and more. Most items are recolorable.

Festivities by n7 (n747)

A set of five fully decorated and lit Christmas trees.

Festzelt Set by K2K26

Fun Fair (Oktoberfest Zelt)

Feutcha's Pirate Loot (DEMO Pack) by Feutcha

A set of Pirate scenery based off the movie Pirates of the Caribbean.

Fiendish Furnishings by Station Jim Jr. and Ironaiden

A set of dilapidated furnishings for your spooky interiors. Includes furniture, walls, floors, windows and miscellaneous objects.

Finding Nemo by ImagineerJohn

Scenery based on the popular Finding Nemo ride at the Disney parks. The set contains many useful pieces for harbors or other sea related scenes.

Finish Line by Krankin4 (K4C)

Custom made dual track finish line. Can be used with K4C Finish Line Flag ride event set.

Finish Line Flags by Krankin4 (K4C)

K4C Finish Line Flags ride event to be used with K4C Finish Line.

Finni's Dark Ride Set V3.0 by Finni No Known Working Download!

A set of path covers, roofs, and walls for dark rides.

Fire & Ice logo by K2K26

A Fire and Ice Logo/Sign

Fireball CSO by Thrillzone100

A Fireball themed CS piece to cover the in-game Meteorite flat ride.

Fireplace by Pykespeek

A straight and angled fireplace.

Fish by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

Three kinds of colorful fish, in straight and diagonal positions.

Fisherman's Ghost Mine Ride Custom Scenery Set 5 by ImagineerJohn

Ride-events, crows, and other objects created for the Ghost Mine ride by Fisherman.

Five Nights at Freddys by Adam Gill (Adam 2000)

A set based on the Five Nights at Freddys video game.

Flaggen-Set v.1.0 (Flag Set) by Eviron

Two recolorable flags, one with horizontal stripes and the other with vertical stripes.

Flags Set v0.2 by Der Freak 00

Flags from various countries.

Flange Set by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

Recolorable full and half metal flanges.

Fleurs by n7 (n747)

A 40 piece set of flowers to enhance your parks. Flowers include daylilies, mums, geraniums, and marigolds.

Fliegender Teppich by CoasterGirl

Ride backdrop for the Flying Carpet flat ride.

Flight 67 by Old-Spice

A set which contains a few plane crashing items.

Flintstone Set 1 by Denny (osudenny)

You can create your own caveman dwelling with this Flintstones themed set.

Flintstone Set 2 by Denny (osudenny)

More Flintstone themed objects, including character flats, signs, stone walls, stone TV, and a stone cash register.

Flintstones Set by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

Welcome to the town of Bedrock.

Floor Blast - Cobblestone V1.0 by Shevek

A cobblestone floor set featuring pieces in a wide variety of sizes, curves, slopes, and stairs.

Floor Blast - Stucco V1.0 by Shevek

A large set of stucco flooring in a variety of sizes, curves, ramps and stairs. All pieces are recolorable.

Floor Set by K2K26

A set of square pathcovers in 54 different textures including wood, brick, snow, asphalt and stone.

Flowery Fields by Jerr_Oen

Set of spring-time flowers containing crocuses, daffodils, daisies, grape hyacinths, forget-me-nots, and snowdrops. All flowers are conforming.

Fly Away by FlyingDutchman7 (FD7)

A set containing various types of airplanes to make an airport. It also contains a CTR of a few airplanes featured in the CS set.

Flyer and Invert Things by hesukaheadRBLX

B&M Invert and Flyer platforms.

Flying Jumbos Scenery by Jonnyears

Station covers for the "Flying Jumbos" CFR by Jonnyears and ImagineerJohn.

Flying Saucer by Dylan Prod

A large flying saucer.

Food and Drink by Park Novice

Fast food billboards.

Food Stall "Grill Schinken" by crange97

German funfair style grilled ham stalls, in straight and diagonal positions. The stalls feature animated lights.

Food Window Signs Set by Denny (osudenny)

A large set of food sign windows with a variety of logos. Signs include pizza, donuts, coffee, smoothies, burgers and more in a variety of styles.

Foot Massage Chair by hotroddude

It's a foot massge chair.

Footer Sets by Cmoney

Four footer sets.

Footers by Chromin

Footer set featuring metal, chrome, and recolorable textures in 3 positions.

FooterSet v. 1.01 by FreyNcosrlos No Known Working Download!

Forgotten Crypt Part 1 by Bael

The set will include stone sepulchers, mausoleum stuff and other scary surprises.

Fountain Bases! by Kiotho

A set of fountain bases created for the Team 3 entry of the Summer Showdown 2016.

Fountain Construktion Box Set v. 2.0 (update) by Park Manager & Liam Nigél (Liam-Blackwolf)

Fountain Pack by Denny (osudenny)

A variety of fountains in many sizes, shapes, and textures. Some fountains also feature bubble effects.

Fountain Pack 2 by Denny (osudenny)

A 10 piece fountain set in many sizes and styles, some featuring bubble effects.

Fountain Set by John Oldman

A set of six fountains.

Fountains by Ralfvieh

One-stop fountain shop

Frameworks by Klinn

One of the pioneering custom scenery sets created for rct3. The arches have been used in thousands of parks over the years. Still a 'must have' set to this date.

Frantic Factory by invertedvertigo

A set of industrial themed objects.

Free Style by Jenne

Swinging Pendulum style flat ride with CS.

Freztull Machs (Drink Machines) by Gravquian

A large set of soda and beer vending machines in many positions. Includes signs and trash bins.

Friction Wheels by _Edward_

Friendship CTR by MonorailBlue

Epcot Friendship boat CTR.

Fright Night Party Set 2 by Denny (osudenny)

A variety of creepy items including gravestones, monsters, and themed lights.

Fright Night Party Set 3 by Denny (osudenny)

More spooky stuff for your parks, featuring a ride entrance and many creepy walls.

Frog Hopper by Goliathdude (rct3m) No Known Working Download!

Frog Hopper flat ride as scenery.

Frozen Lands by Moki

Fun Adventure Schloss Set by TheBIGxTx

A Darkride/Castle set with Wall's, a Break Thru Wall. Arch, Rounded Corner and 2 "Pyramid" style Roof's.

Fun Color Cubes by Coasterfreak900

Fun Fair Accessoires (Beta Version) by K2K26

An 8 piece CS set that includes 4 light pole, 3 Signs/Entrances and a Toilet

Fun Fair Living & Transport Set by K2K26

Fun Fair CSO Set - Living & Transport.

Funeral Parlor by Bael

Funeral Parlor 2 by Bael

This set consists of: -Walls -Animated changing portraits -Other horror stuff

Funtime17s Arcade by Funtimes17

A collection of classic arcade games, including Pac-Man and Donkey Kong.

Furnishings by StationJimJr

Your one stop shop for household items.

Futurama/Planet Express/Cable Stay Bridge by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

Futurama themed set including pieces to build a Planet Express building, bridge section,and more.


-GS- Queues by 741852963951753 (GraphicShadow, -GS-)

Includes various pieces that one may see in a queue or line.

Gadget Space Mountain by gadget

Multi-part set to recreate Disneyland Paris' Space Mountain.

Gadget Space Mountain Rehab by gadget

Update to Gadget's set to recreate Disneyland Paris' Space Mountain.

Galaxy Flyer Kirmes Verkleidung by CoasterGirl

Ride backdrop for Galaxy CFR by samplerocker.

Galaxy Spheres by Fisherman

A giant modular sphere, suitable for covering a dark ride. The sphere pieces are black on the inside, and covered with a glowing galaxy design on the outside.

gamer2456 & RedOctoberRCT3's Disaster Set by gamer2456 & RedOctoberRCT3

Destroyed objects such as walls, roofs, windows, and cars.

Garden Enclosure Set by Denny (osudenny)

A stucco textured building set featuring pillared walls, fancy door, window and roof pieces, plus a restroom building. Also includes a tile roof set.

Gardeners Concrete Walls by StationJimJr

A set of concrete block walls featuring arches, straight, sloped, and diagonal pieces, plus a chimney with smoke effects.

Gardening by StationJimJr

A set for sprucing up your paths and parks. From benches to borders and fencing to fish ponds!

Gardening 2 by StationJimJr

Sequel set of garden prettifiers! From trees and hedges to benches and bins.

Gas Station (Tankstelle) by RCTchen

Items to build a gas station in RCT3!

Gate Riders CSO by Scoaster

Stars, queue objects and more for a spaced theme ride.

Gavins Apple! by StationJimJr

A hollow apple, useful as a coaster ride through.

Gazebo by pierre-louis (thiery)

A small set to create a gazebo from Disneyland Paris.

Gazebo and Rocks by Weber

What could be better than an old stone gazebo surrounded by a beautiful stone wall accompanied by well aged rocks? Nothing! Which makes this set unique and will add detail and beauty to any park.

Geisterbahn CSO v2.2 by sio1

An updated scenery package for the Geisterbahn ride by sio.

Generic Building Set 1 by zyned

Everything you need to create generic buildings and skyscrapers for your park. Includes brick walls, recolorable doors and windows, glass entries, air conditioner, fences, floors and more.

Geraniums by n7 (n747)

This set includes geraniums in pink and orange.

German Railroad Crossing Kit by DasMatze

Create a German style railroad crossing.

German Street Set by Maxx

German Street Set v1.2 by Maxx

GermanTaco's Islands of Adventure Set, Jurassic Park BETA by GermanTaco (OneLeggedCow)

Objects to build Jurassic Park at Isles of Adventure in Universal Studios, Florida.

GermanTaco's Islands of Adventure Set, The Lost Continent by GermanTaco (OneLeggedCow)

Walls and such themed similarly to the land "The Lost Continent" at Universal's Islands of Adventure. The set also includes the dragons from the ride "Dueling Dragons."

Geronimo's BBQ by Antero

A mobile BBQ vendor.

Ghost Balloons 1 by slayer (Richtopia)

With these balloons it looks like your guests have ghost following them in the park.

Ghost Balloons 2 by slayer (Richtopia)

Ghost balloons modeled after the hitchhiking ghosts from the Haunted Mansion.

Ghost Blasters Exterior Set by RCExtreme

Spooky themed building set designed to work with RCExtreme's Ghost Blasters Interior set.

Ghost Blasters Interior Set by RCExtreme

A set of backdrops and cutouts to decorate your spooky rides.

Ghost Cabin by StationJimJr

Bits to make a haunted house with. 113 pieces including windows, walls, roofs, doors, decor and general spookiness!

Ghost Cabin 2 by StationJimJr

106 spooky pieces with windows, walls, doors etc! Have fun.

Ghost Cabin 3 by StationJimJr

111 pieces with re-colourable walls, windows, spires etc! Have fun.

Ghost Cabin 4 by StationJimJr

Fourth in the Ghost Cabin series, this set includes fancy roofs, walls, windows, decals and decor.

Ghost Cabin 5 by StationJimJr

The 5th set in the Ghost Cabin series features building pieces in worn brick and aged wood shingle textures. Items include walls, roofs, windows, arches, spires, dormers, brick cornerstones, plus curved walls and roofs. Also included are chimneys, pillars, and decorative pieces.

Ghost Fencing by StationJimJr

Barbed wire and rickety wooden fence sets, including all of the positions of Station Jim Jr.'s Fencing set.

Ghost Gardening by StationJimJr

A variety of ghostly trees, some with spooky faces and arms. Also included are recolorable lights for some of the trees.

Ghost Mine Ride Custom Scenery Set 1 by wabigbear (Wagi)

Custom scenery created specifically for the GhostMine Ride by Fisherman.

Ghost Mine Ride Custom Scenery Set 2 by wabigbear (Wagi)

Second part of a set designed specifically for the GhostMine Ride by Fisherman

Ghost Mine Ride Custom Scenery Set 3 by wabigbear (Wagi)

Third set created specifically for GhostMine Ride by Fisherman

Ghost Mine Ride Walls by wabigbear (Wagi)

Fourth set created specifically for GhostMine Ride by Fisherman

Ghost Mining by StationJimJr

Large set with everything you need to create an abandoned mine. Download includes a park file demonstrating placement options for the pieces. Objects include walls, roofs, windows, doors, rigs, customizable mine cart tracks, machinery and more.

Ghost Shopping by StationJimJr

Items to build a spooky, abandoned shopping mall.

Ghost Train Accessories 1 by RCTchen

A Dark Ride set with Black Walls, Black floors, flat and sloped, and Track Covers both in Black and Stone. flat, sloped and turns

Ghost Train Accessories 2 by RCTchen

A Dark Ride set featuring Ghosts, some Graveyard items, an Animated Tunnel, a couple pictures and a few other items.

Ghost Train Accessories 3 by RCTchen

A Dark Ride set with rocks that have lava spewing out of them in different sizes, Track Covers, Animated Scenery and a few other items.

Ghost Train Figures by sio1

Collection of spooky figures for a Ghost Train ride.

Ghost Train Front by RCTchen

The replica of a real ghost train front facade.

Giant Slide Roof Kit by Mennoo_ (Mennoo22)

Beautiful roofs to beautify your Giant Slide rides!

Gift Shop Items by Dkimber (Dkimber1974)

Items designed for a gift shop. Although some of the models are rather simple, the set contains some unique pieces including sneakers with a box, sports items, and a giant watch statue.

Gift Shop Items 2 by Dkimber (Dkimber1974)

More items for a gift shop including shop lifting detectors, wheelchairs, shops, camera, and a computer.

Gift Shopping by StationJimJr

Rake in the funds for your park with over-priced junk from the gift shop!

Giftshop items by Laitch

Plenty of goodies to accessorize your shops. Post card stands, T-shirts, keyrings, toys. Fill up your shops now!

Gigacoaster & Stormrunner AddOn by doenerschlumpf

A small set with some objects from my previous Minicoaster AddOns, this time optimized for Intamin tracks. In addition, some new objects are included; the set covers of various Launch-and brake fins, LSM stators, to hide the original brake modules on the track. Of course, the set as well as for all track suits is suitable based on the Gigacoaster or Storumrunner.

Gigantosaur Skeleton Set by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

Gigantosaur skeleton pieces including skull, ribs, and vertebrae in straight, curved, and diagonal positions

Gingerbread Building Kit by Denny (osudenny)

As the title suggests, this set has all the pieces you need to create gingerbread houses and shops. Items include walls, door, window, frosting textured roofs, and decor pieces.

Gipfelkreuz by Feuer-Link

A cross.

Glashalle by RCTchen

Glass walls and roofs.

Glass Awning Set by Denny (osudenny)

A small set of glass awnings featuring curved and straight pieces.

Glass Pieces Beta by sr3d No Known Working Download!

Glass Walls by Pteri3

A recolorable glass building set including walls, roofs, beams, arch, and floor.

Glow in the dark Portal by AXLR production

A psychedelic glowing archway.

Gluck-Auf Turm by crange97

A complete cafe/bar CS piece featuring a tower on top.

Go-Kart Set by radio583goeroe & AnubisLive

Assorted theming for a go cart track.

Godzillakespie's Station Covers by godzilla

Station covers.

Gold & Silver Extras Set by John Oldman

Fences, fountains, and signs with gold and silver textures.

Gold Ball by StarBP

Listed as a 'cheat object', the in game description reads "This is a golden ball for your park. The real gold is received when you destroy it, though"

Gold Mine Set by Park Manager

A set of mine tunnels and jewels to fill them.

Golden 50's by Funtimes17

A colorful set with pieces to build a 50's style diner.

Golden Set by John Oldman

Set of walls, doors, windows, stalls, and signs...all with a golden motif.

Golden Set Part 2 by John Oldman

More walls and roofs to make golden buildings.

Golf by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

Set of golf items including golf bags and balls, billboard, and golf cart. Recolorable.

Goliath Sign by Dkimber (Dkimber1974)

3D sign for the ride Goliath.

Gondoletta Schijf by Joey

Rotating platform and entrance pieces for the Gondoletta ride at Efteling park.

Googie Building Set by Vodhin

Pieces to create futuristic buildings with that 1960 Googie style look.

Gothic Walls 1 by Coasterfreak

A selection of circular windows in a gothic style, complete with walls

Gothic Walls 2 by Coasterfreak

A complete church set specializing in gothic windows

Grand Canyon Set + Update 1 by Park Manager

A large and versatile set with eroded rock textures. Great for: natural arches, cliffs, geyser bases, irregular columns, and rocky terrain.

Grass by Kryptakwanakunalite (Krypt)

An awesome grass set to beautify your parks!

Grass by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

Featuring 3 different heights as well a as being recolorable

Grass 2 by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

1 square grass set. Recolorable.

Grates N More Catwalks Beta by Krankin4 (K4C)

Catwalk set designed to let your peeps walk on them.

Gravediggers by stu-2693 (Doughnuts) & TNStickboy (tnstickboy70)

Gravediggers by stu-2693 (Doughnuts)

This set contains a zombie along with multiple nasty weapons that he can carry. Also included are hearses, giant zombie hands, grave, tomb, and a dragon.

Greece by PhiWie

A small set of objects to create Greek-styled buildings.

Greece 2 by PhiWie

A second set of Greek-themed objects.

GreeceSet by MrPark

A stucco textured building set in the Greek theme, featuring domes, arches, curved and straight walls, windows and fences. Most items are recolorable.

Green Park Logo by JG59

A sign for Green Park.

Greenscreens & Bluescreens V1.1 by doenerschlumpf

A set of walls to use as blue screens and green screens.

Grid Tool by TNStickboy (tnstickboy70)

Measuring tool for use in-game.

Griffon Station Cover & Station Block by Khezhar

Two separate files with two download links.

Grizzly Peak by hornedlizard

Grizzly Peak from Disneyland

Grobe Losbude by nevs

Funfair stall.

Ground Cover Set by 182470 (1-23456)

A set of path covers, stairs, and ramps. Textures include asphalt, concrete, tile, brick, recolorable, and terrain.

Ground Covers Set by Xynaxus

Ground covers to use for your Vertical Drop or other coasters!

GRP Wall Set 1 [Beta] by GRP-Disneycoaster93

My First wall set. It's contains wall, floor, slope floor, slope wall, path cover, station cover.

Gruselkabinett by Haderlump

Haunted house shell to house a spooky attraction, like the Mad House CFR.

GTT's Walling by GreenTomTom

Large set of walls in various textures.

Guided Tour - Rail Only by Markus Lomberg

CTR-Track "Guided Tour" by Markus Lomberg / Revolutionary Rides for dark/themed rides with a rail only (i.e. you can build any floor underneath). Set consists of 234 track sections for maximum freedom in your layout, including revolutionary stations, tilted pieces and special "timed stop" pieces! (Version 24.10.2011)

Guitars by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

Large guitars in different styles.


Hiimmisterdude's Pool Coverings by hiimmisterdude (THE_J3W)

Hydraulic Launch by Techno_Dude

A hydraulic launch guide way for Techno Dudes hydraulic catch car CTR.

Hag's Coaster Construction Odds & Ends by hag365

Objects to add the appearance of park construction.

Hag's Power Plant Smoke Stacks by hag365

Nuclear cooling tower.

Halloeen Fright Night Party Set 1 by Denny (osudenny)

Another creepy set of items for your scary projects.

Halloween 2008 Set by Denny (osudenny)

A small set of creepy items to enhance your spooky parks.

Halloween 2009 Set by Denny (osudenny)

A set filled with spooky items and buildings.

Halloween 2009 Set 2 by Denny (osudenny)

A large set of spooky themed pieces including billboard walls, themed windows, floors, stall, and more.

Halloween 2010 Pack 1a by Denny (osudenny)

A set of creepy buildings and stalls to set the spooky mood in your park.

Halloween 2010 Pack 1b by Denny (osudenny)

More spookiness, this time including roofs and signs.

Halloween 2010 Pack 1c by Denny (osudenny)

A wide variety of ghosts and tombstones for your spooky themed projects.

Halloween 2010 Pack 3 by Denny (osudenny)

A large spooky set featuring ghosts, graves, signs, floors and more.

Halloween 2010 Part 2 and Odds and ends by Denny (osudenny)

A collection of spooky items including gravestones and tombs, plus a billboard and mailbox.

Halloween 2013 by Kiotho

Create a scary Halloween park for your peeps! Items include pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, hay bales, path covers, coffins and more.

Halloween Balloons 1 by slayer (Richtopia)

Set one of Halloween balloons.

Halloween Balloons 2 by slayer (Richtopia)

Set two of Halloween balloons.

Halloween Balloons 3 by slayer (Richtopia)

Set three of Halloween balloons.

Halloween Balloons 4 by slayer (Richtopia)

Set four of Halloween balloons.

Halloween Zubehor by Franky

A pair of devilish heads.

Halo Set by Old-Spice

A few Halo themed objects.

Halo Vehicles by Weber

This is a set of vehicles from the game series "Halo". It's perfect for any Halo themed park or Sci fi theme as well. This includes my Halo Ghost ctr!

Han River Bridge by StickyGum32

Pieces to make the Han River Bridge.

Hangar Set by Denny (osudenny)

This is a set that has many uses. First it is a plane hanger so you can make a jet or plane museum. You can house flat rides, shops, game room, Bunny Club (restaurant), Food Court, Go karts, putt putt golf, other car rides or any other ideas you may have or what you wish. There are al ot of cut out decos for Advertising, lights, shrubs, wall sections, rooves, floors, neon signs.

Hangar51 by stuk71

Here's a great set of aircraft hangar custom objects by Stuk71. This set has several different arched roofs and a great variety of supports.

Hanging Baskets by n7 (n747)

Hanging geranium plants in white and orange, plus a thatch textured hanging basket to hold them.

Hanna-Barbera Set by Denny (osudenny)

A set themed with characters from the Hanna-Barbera cartoons. Items include fountains, windows, doors, stall windows, reataurant equipment and signs.

Hanna-Barbera Window Set by Denny (osudenny)

A stained glass window set featuring all of your favorite Hanna - Barbera cartoon characters.

Happy Garden by Moki

Happy Pool by Moki

Happy Pool V2 by Moki

Harbour Set 1 by LuckyGirl

Items for a marketplace and port, including baskets of produce, fishing equipment, vases, flowerpots, fountains, water lilies, and animals.

Harbour Set - Part 2 by LuckyGirl

Objects to build harbour-themed structures.

Harlekins Wallset 1 by Deru (Harlekin)

This set expands the default Colored Walls with diagonal ones.

Haunt by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

Spooky set featuring ghosts, Haunted Mansion portraits, walls and wrought iron fences. Some items recolorable.

Haunted Portraits by FunDMental

A collection of creepy portraits with images that change over time.

Haunted Mansion (Complete) by Disfan1

A set of ghoulish goodies to help you recreate the Haunted Mansion attraction from Disneyland. The download includes four CS sets, a laser file for Madame Leota, a music file, and a park file.

Haunted Mansion Changing Pics by BlackMambaFan No Known Working Download!

More changing pictures to use for a Haunted Mansion recreation and even more!

Haunted Mansion Changing Portraits by Jonte_The_Playe

Haunted Mansion Tombstones by eeZee

Tombstones to make any mansion haunted!

Haven by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

Haven signs, recolorable.

Hawaii by Rollerbote (Rollermessenger)

Huge set containing tropical-themed objects including walls, lamps, benches, trash bins, tunnels, vaulting, bar stools, tables, umbrellas, string lights, tree garlands (lights), flowers, signs, and working vendors.

Heavenly Stuff by JCRise

Heavenly items.

Heavy-Metal Set by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

A high Tech theme with lots of pieces and versatility.

Hebebuhne (Hydraulic Lift) by RCTchen

A modular set to build a hydraulic lift.

Hedge Alphabet by Jonnyears

Letters, numbers and topiary created to match RCT-Spanky's Hedges and Topiary set

Hedge Set by Bulldog2092

Box hedges in full and half tile sizes.

Hedges by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

With this set you can create hedge mazes or to boarder your paths.

Hedges & Topiaries by RCT-Spanky

Hedgeworx by wabigbear (Wagi)

Lots of hedges that could be used for lots of things like mazes, path edges and gardens. There are lots of decoration to like balls and spikes to make the hedges appeal to you.

Heide Park Krake Maul by theheidepark

Kraken mouth from Heide Park.

Heineken Concert Stuff by rawwood

Several pieces with the Heineken logo suitable for a cafe, concert or other outdoor setting.

Hellish Stuff by JCRise

Hellish Items.

Hestor Street by wabigbear (Wagi)

A bit of a 'grab-bag', this set includes another of the Colonial Towers with a specific placement, assorted 'clothesline' alphas, a 2 tile wide gate for 'Sleepy Hollow', both 2-tile and 3-tile versions of 'Liberty Square' gate, store awning, newsstand, shoeshine station, straight and angled fruit vendor counters, straight and angled worn wood vendor carts, straight and angled white wood vendor carts with DA logo, straight and angled white wood vendor carts without DA logo, and a horse cart (high poly). Created for Citytrader's DisneyAmerica Park.

Hexenhaus by RCTchen

A Hansel and Gretel gingerbread textured building set. Includes fireplace, chimney, woodpile, gingerbread man fence, roofs, walls, doors, and windows.

HGR71 v1.2 by stuk71

Highway Set Beta by Old-Spice

A set of asphalt road pieces including raised, raised with supports, slopes with terrain sides, flat road, and safety fences.

Highwayz by X Enterprises No Known Working Download!

Highway set

HK-Audioset by aDvhmrk

A small set of working speakers.

HL Generators by Thrillzone100

Three styles of generator trailers to add realism to your funfairs.

HL Isaac's Dunk Tank by Thrillzone100

A carnival dunk tank.

HL Isaac's Water Gun Fun by Thrillzone100

Water gun game stall with working seats.

HL RCGMS Ticket Booths by Thrillzone100

A set of funfair-style ticket booths, featuring animated lights.

HL Starship 2000 by Thrillzone100

A funfair style ride decoration designed to fit the in-game Gravitron.

HL Tents and Prizes by Thrillzone100

A set of six colorful midway game tents, and a variety of prizes. Suitable for use with Station Jim Jr.'s Midway Things.

HL Zipper CSO by Thrillzone100

A CS piece consisting of a trailer, lights, and a sign, designed to fit the in-game Zipper ride.

HL Zipper V2 by Thrillzone100

An 80's themed ride cover for the in-game Zipper ride, featuring a sign with animated lights and a trailer.

Holding Walls by darkfhantom

A set of recolorable holding walls and supports to add realism to your construction sites.

Holiday Addons by Moki

Holiday Set by Old-Spice

Holiday themed set including icicle style string lights, ice pathcovers, and wreaths with lights.

Holiday World Set by Alien

A simple water tower made for a recreations of Holiday World

Hollow Tree by Nightfall

some bit to create a tree that is hollow that rollercoasters can go in and out

Hollwood Sidewalk CS Set by Humbucker No Known Working Download!

A Pathcover set that contains the famous Hollwood Sidewalk Stars.

Hollywood Backlot Studio by djfriktion (Junior026)

Hollywood Set by LoneWolf

A set containing a large illustration of King Kong, Batman Logo, and Ghostbuster's Slimer.

Hollywood Studios Entrance by ImagineerTom

A beautiful set to recreate the entrance of Hollywood Studios!

Hollywood Tower of Terror by hornedlizard

Simply the Hollywood Tower of Terror

Hong Kong Space Mountain by sideswiper22

A set based on Hong Kong's Space Mountain

Hong Kong Space Mountain Set by Mtxilay13

Scenery pieces to make Space Mountain, Hong Kong.

Horizons Building by Mtxilay13

The Horizons Building from Epcot.

Horror Set by Plokoon111 (Pred-Koon111)

A set of walls with horror graphics.

Horror Set by RTRC

Scary themed items including building pieces and decorations

Hospital Screens by Therideman11

Hospital screens in straight and diagonal positions.

Hotel Things by StationJimJr

A set for creating amazing hotels. Ready to check in?

hotroddude's Custom Set #1 by hotroddude

Ticket booths, trash can, fast pass machines.

hotroddude's park Xtraz by hotroddude

Coaster nets, dark-ride particles, turnstyles, coaster launch lights, and other assorted objects.

Houdini's Magical House by Harakhty

Large building facade cover themed to Harry Houdini.

House Of Jazz by Denny (osudenny)

Build a jazz club for your peeps with this versatile set. Includes bar sections, stage sections, signs, walls in an aged brick texture, fences and more.

House Set by 741852963951753 (GraphicShadow, -GS-)

Small set to build a brick house.

House Specials 1 by Coasterfreak

A generic guttering kit for all your rain-ridding needs

House Specials 2 by Coasterfreak

A generic house and home building set

Hoverboard CTR by B2tfking

Peeps can ride a Back to the Future style hoverboard with this CTR.

HQ Stone Path Covers by Skiboy247

Two path covers with different textures

HSR Framework by StationJimJr

Huge set of simple, recolorable columns and arches. This is an extension to Klinn's Framework set. Includes diagonals.

Huge Black Roof by TheParseeMan

50x50 black roof created for TheParseeMan's Pirates of the Caribbean recreation; useful for dark rides.

Hully Gully Kirmes Verkleidung by CoasterGirl

Ride backdrop for the Rip Tide flatride.

Hunger Games CS Mini Set by Skifan

A 5 piece set based on The Hunger Games.

Huss Magic Funfair Ride by CoasterGirl

CS for Huss Magic funfair ride. Includes lit and unlit versions. Includes CTR.

Huss Magic Transport by CoasterGirl

Huss Magic on tour (transport).

Huss Rainbow Transport by CoasterGirl

Huss Rainbow on tour (transport).

Huss-Enterprise Kirmes Verkleidung by CoasterGirl

Ride backdrop for the Enterprise flat ride.

Huss-Ufo Kirmes Verkleidung by CoasterGirl

Ride backdrop for the Huss UFO CFR by Vophex.

Hyperion Bridge from Disney California by rikdaone2003

Tower and bridge pieces to recreate the Hyperion Bridge from Disney's California Adventure.


I Arbol Nevado by Eletigna

A single snowy tree.

Ice Caverns by Weber

Take your guests on a frosty cold adventure with this small set of ice and crystals.

Ice Cream Sign by Laitch

An ice cream sign.

Ice Plant by n7 (n747)

A set that contains a Ivy like plant, comes in many forms with normal and flower versions in many different positions.

Iceatcs' Timber Frame Building Pieces V3 by Iceatcs

A necessity to any form of Tudor architecture or European cottage you may be working on.

iEddiez FGW Train by StationJimJr

CTR themed as First Great Western Train.

iEddiez Star Wars by StationJimJr

Animated R2D2 and C3PO figures.

iEddiez USF arch by StationJimJr

Small set to create the USF Archway.

Ikarus-Kirmesverkleidung by LeNoir

CS set to theme the in-game Phoenix ride.

Im Einsatz (THW Set) by Antero

Truck rounder, rinsing station with space for two vendors, rinsing station in travel condition and a current generator.

Imagine - Flume Covers V2.0 by shaun allsop (Imagination)

Wooden covers for the Log Flume. This set includes updated textures and alignment of pieces. Also included are 4 new pieces for splash sections.

Imagine - Going Plain V2.0 by shaun allsop (Imagination)

Recolorable walls in many fun shapes and "cut-outs" suiting a variety of purposes. Updated textures and alignment fixes in this update.

Imagine - Soft Play by shaun allsop (Imagination)

This is the perfect indoor playground kit with over 100 pieces of soft walls and floors, nets, and slides.

Imagine -Green Energy V2.0 by shaun allsop (Imagination)

More goodies for saving energy and keeping the peep world clean such as solar panels and wind-turbines. Get your parks into the green age!

ImagineerJohn's Animated Tubes And Billboards by ImagineerJohn

Animated ride-event billboard doors and rotating billboard tubes.

ImagineerJohn's "Coaster-Kit" Ride Events - Beta by ImagineerJohn

Ride-event pieces such as brakes and splash-downs to make your rides more realistic.

ImagineerToms Mainstreet USA Set by ImagineerTom

A set to create Mainstreet buildings along with Shyguys sets.

IMAX Theatre Set by Mister Twister

Impossible Stuff by Dingyling

a set that includes some puzzels to work out or could be used as some statues in your park

In Gate by dalekhunter

In Medieval Times! by Kiotho

A large set of Medieval themed items, including a variety of building pieces, signs, banners, animated items and more.

Indiana Jones Ride by pierre-louis (thiery)

Objects to build the Indiana Jones Ride at Disneyland Paris.

Indische Waterlelies V1 by RCT3maniak

This set is made to the indische waterlelies from the theme park Efteling as closely as possible to build. You can find the indische waterlelies in the fairytale forest.

Industry Age by DasMatze

A diverse set of rusty and non-rusty metal walls and roofs with many additional pieces such as beams, palettes, boxes, and other warehouse items.

Industry Age Additions by DasMatze

Additional items to the Industry Age set including brick walls, smokestacks, tanks, and pipes.

Info Kiosk by JR-Imagine (jordy_rym)

walls and roofs to build a building

Instant Jungle by DasMatze

This set takes all of RCT3's jungle themed trees and rocks and rids them of collision detection.

Instant Wood by DasMatze

This set takes all of RCT3's "Vanilla" trees and coral and rids them of collision detection.

Intamin Acessory Pack - Set 2 by Maverickfan No Known Working Download!

Intamin BrakeFins by doenerschlumpf

A set of 8 BrakeFins. Flat, Flat to Slope, Slope, Slope to Flat. Full Length and Staggered

Intamin Drop Tower Cap by DeadAngel

Intamin Footers by CoasterJoe

Square Intamin Footers to go with CoasterJoe's Intamin Supports and Turns

Intamin Footers by Techno_Dude

Footers made to resemble the ones found on Intamin rides.

Intamin Mini Suppourts by Weber

Supports for Intamin mini coasters.

Intamin Supports by CoasterJoe

Intamin Square Supports. Goes with CoasterJoe's Intamin Footer and Turns... Works with Coasterfreak90's Megaconncetors.

Intamin Turns by CoasterJoe

Mutiple Turn angles for 45 and 90 degree wide turns.

Into the Sewer by Weber

If you've ever wanted to take your guests through a rotten sewer now you can. This set contains an abundant collection of pipes, tunnels, floors and a bunch of other pieces perfect for creating an underground sewer.

Inverted Roller Coaster Brakes by Iamok No Known Working Download!

Inverted roller coaster brakes for the Extended coaster track.

Inverted Station Clamps by CoasterBeta (CoasterBeta5)

Emergency brakes to fit inverted or flying coaster stations. (not animated)

Inverter by crange97

A funfair style CS set designed to be used with the Inverter CFR by Custom Funfair Designs.

Invisible Animal Fence by Jdrowlands

A set that replaces the "Electric Fence" animal enclosure with an invisible one.

Invisible Doodads by Belgabor

Contains invisible items perfect for use in any park!

Invisible Entrance by DasMatze

An invisible park entrance and a scrolling sign piece.

Invisible Ride Entrance & Exit v. 1.1 by errt

Invisible ride entrance and exits.

Invisible Speaker by superlegochannel

An (almost) invisible speaker.

IOA Port of Entry 1 by L-33

CS based on Islands of Adventure's Port of Entry. This is the first set in a series of four, and contains the IOA clock tower.

IOA Port of Entry 3 by L-33

CS based on Islands of Adventure's Port of Entry. This is the third set in a series of four, and contains the IOA windmill.

IOA Port of Entry Extras by L-33

This is the extra set, and contains the IOA Pharos Lighthouse, the 'The Adventure Begins' bridge (modular) and various restaurant booths.

Iron Fences- Disney Land Paris by pierre-louis (thiery)

An 8 piece CS set based on scenery found in Disney Land Paris. It includes Fences both Straight and Diagonal, a Ticket Booth, a roof covering the Ticket Booth, a Post, and Gates open and closed.

It's a Small World facade by Xtian

An "It's a Small World" facade inspired by the Disney ride.

Its a Small World Set by Adam Gill (Adam 2000)

A set to help you build your own "Its a Small World" ride. The set features bridges, a sign, various facades and scenery pieces, and mannequins.

itsReece Brick Paths by iCoaster (itsReece)

Pathcover set with 9 different brick textures in straight and diagonal positions.


Jamie's Girder Extras by Jaych4

J-Playa's Boat Set by J-Playa

Small set of various boats.

J-Playa's Boneyard Set by J-Playa

Bone arches, rib-cages, fence, and muddy rocks.

Jack Evil Tunnel by Coasterfreak

A glowing tunnel cover featuring an evil jack o' lantern face.

Jackpot! by zyned

Jackpot game CS, complete with your choice of animated lights and transport vehicles.

Jacksonbill Aquatica by qss5188 (MGJ)

Jacksonbill Aquatica attraction or ride signs. Signs come in two sizes, in straight and diagonal positions.

Jake C - Verbolten by StationJimJr

Scenery objects for creating the Verbolten coaster at Busch Gardens and various other pieces including luggage rack, cubby holes, giant leaves and lightning bolts.

James - GRR Rafting by StationJimJr

A set of rafting ride items, including barriers, lifthill, turntable, and entrance pieces.

James Hunt Set by stu-2693 (Doughnuts)

A set designed to work with the buggy you can drive when using the "James Hunt" cheat.

James Studios Rafting Ramps by StationJimJr

Rolling platforms for river rides using animated textures.

Japanese Rice Plantation I by Lassoares

lots of building pieces in a Japanese theme

Japanese Rice Plantation II by Lassoares

some Japanese themed building pieces

Japanese Rice Plantation III by Lassoares

some Japanese themed building pieces

Jaws Set by iEddiez

Objects from the Jaws ride at Universal Studios.

JD's Falling Rocks by Jdrowlands

Ride-event falling rocks in various shapes and sizes.

Jonny's Hedges (Hedge Custom Scenery Set) by Jonnyears

Jonnyears' Pylon Set V2 (Electricity Pylon Set V2) by Jonnyears

Visually generate the power your park needs with these spectacular pylons in this easy to use set.

Jonnyears' Plinth Set by Jonnyears

Jonnyears' Pylon Set by Jonnyears

Jonnyears' Steel-Roof by Jonnyears

Joris en de Draak (Jedd Set) by RCT3maniak

A set based on Joris en de Draak theming at Efteling.

JP Boxes by pitchounais

Jurassic Park themed boxes and crates.

JP Items by pitchounais

Jurassic Park themed objects.

JP Logos 2 by pitchounais

Jurassic Park themed logos.

JP Logos Set 1 by pitchounais No Known Working Download!

JP River Adventure Hollywood Set by Adam Gill (Adam 2000)

A set themed after the Jurassic Park ride at Universal Studios Hollywood.

JP Signs Set by pitchounais

A set of JP-themed signage.

Jungle by Pat

Animated tiger, snakes, and gorilla.

Jungle Jumble by n7 (n747)

A set that contains many detailed tropical plants.

Jungle Things by StationJimJr

Beams, walls, decking, rope bridges and a thatched roof to create a tree house in the jungle.

JungleAdditions by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

Polynesian style: temple, walls, tunnels, tables, billboards, stall and more for creating a Tiki style atmosphere.

Junkyard Letters v3.0 by stu-2693 (Doughnuts)

A grungy letter set for creating signs.

Jurassic Balloons 1 by slayer (Richtopia)

Dinosaur-shaped balloons.

Jurassic Park Falling Tourer Ride Event by Elmer BeFuddled

A falling car ride event based on the Jurassic Park ride at Universal Studios Hollywood. The download includes a falling Ford Explorer ride event, plus 9-high concrete walls and static CS models of the Explorer in four different angles.

Jurassic Park Fences by LoneWolf

Electric Jurassic Park Fences to keep your dinosaurs contained.

Jurassic Park Pack by KENY

A set to create a Jurassic Park ride.

Jurassic Park Set by briantjuh94

Jurassic Park gates and fences, including animated doors.

Jurassic Park Set 3 by LoneWolf

Scenery objects to help create Jurassic Park themed attractions.

Jurassic Park USH by Ahsan

A variety of items themed to the Jurassic Park ride at Universal Studios Hollywood.


K2K26 Street Set by K2K26

A large set of street and roadway building pieces. In addition, there are items to build parking lots, elevated train roads and cycle paths.

K4C TTD Billboard by Krankin4 (K4C)

Billboard using the Top Thrill Dragster base.

Kaleidoscope Windows by Fisherman

A set of colorful stained glass windows in four designs. The windows come in large, small, and half sizes, and light up at night.

Karibik Tools by RCTchen No Known Working Download!

An add-on set to the Caribbean Adventure walls in-game (if you have Soaked!, I think)!

Kasperletheater (Puppet Theater) by RCTchen

A nice puppet theater to use in your parks!

Katanga Canyon Sign by Project Towers

Sign for the Katanga Canyon area of Alton Towers.

Kid's Dance CFR by Levels Rides and Coastergirl

Kiddie funfair ride and CSO.

King Kong 360 (V1) by TheParseeMan

Entry structure to King Kong 360 3-D at Universal Studios Hollywood. Version 1 of this set was released in 2010; Version 2 is in the works.

King Kong Set (Stage Seats) by Old-Spice

A small set that contains stage seats and a skyscraper top.

Kiosk by Bernd

A Kiosk set with a Vertical Rotisserie,a Horizontal Rotisserie, a Pizza Oven, and a Trapezoid Ground Cover.

Kiothos Bridges 2016! by Kiotho

A small set of mix-and-match diagonal bridge pieces in brick and stone textures.

Kirmes Automaten (Midway Games) by RCTchen

A set of Vending Machines & Games from old time Fair and Circus Midway's. Includes the Strength Tester, the Love Machine, the Gypsy Fortune Teller and the Hammer Toss.

Kirmes Autoscooter-CSO-2 by stephanbrunswik

Custom Scenery for stephanbrunswik's Autoscooter CTR.

Kirmes Bude by nevs

Funfair game stall.

Kirmes Roof Upgrade by macer No Known Working Download!

Kirmes Scmuckbude (Jewelry Stand) by patti333

A small jewelry stand.

Kirmes-Torwand by crange97

A pair of sports-themed midway games.

KirmesCSO set by WDScenery

Ride backdrops and other various objects for a carnival.

Kirmesorgel (Fairground Organ) by Haderlump

Large, ornate fairground organ. (with speaker function)

Korea Arbor by qss5188 (MGJ)

An arbor in the Korean style.

Krake Verkleidung by nevs

Flat ride backdrop.

Kraken CS by Advanced-Rides

A large Kraken, based on the Krake coaster in Heide Park.

Krumm und Schiefbau by crange97

Funhouse/obstacle course.

Kuckucksuhr (cuckoo clock) CSO version 1 by wuzeltown

A building resembling a large cuckoo clock.

Kumali Scenery (Kumali Text, Kumali Sign & Cave) by Dkimber (Dkimber1974)

Pieces for recreating the Kumali sign and cave.

Kumba Sign by iEddiez

Kumba sign at Busch Gardens

Kustom Koncert Stage Set by Coasterfreak

Create a concert venue for your peeps with this large set themed after the rock group Kiss. Items include stage pieces and equipment, lights, supports, signs and band member figures, catwalks, and more.


L Beams by Azanderz

Metal bars for creating Steel-Woodies like The Hellcat.

L3G0s Series 1 & Bonus Set by lego3366

LA Set by wabigbear (Wagi)

Set containing a Hollywoodland sign, pyramid building topper, and three versions of a Carthay Circle Theater style tower.

Lagerhalle (Warehouse) by Ralfvieh

A few pieces to create a industrial themed buildings

Landscape Planters by Weber

A set of walls, benches and dirt covers for your landscaping needs.

Lapper96s Things by Lapper96

A mini set that includes two station pieces and a start light.

Large Billboard by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

8x2 size billboard.

Large Rocks by Weber

This set contains 12 different varieties in 8 textures of large rocks.

Large Vertical Statue by Mustaqim Nur

A large statue consisting of a group of hexagonal obelisks in a worn tile texture. Statue is 3-way recolorable.

Lasers As Ride-Event by Kiotho

A set of lasers designed to be used as ride events.

Launch Countdown by ImagineerJohn

A recolorable launch countdown piece to add realism to your coasters.

Launch Fins by Zeppelin

Launch Set by RollerCosta


Lavatorys by SWC

A pair of lavatories (rest rooms).

LCD TVs by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

LCD TV style billboard set.

Lego Pack by Nike Dorchain

Lego Set 1: Bricks (Lego Bricks) by Dkimber (Dkimber1974)

Several different Lego pieces,

Lego Set 2: Gears and Axles (Dawn's Lego Bricks 2) by Dkimber (Dkimber1974)

Lego gears and axels.

Length Indicators by FlyingDutchman7 (FD7)

Height indicators to measure peeps, in metric and imperial versions.

Lenticular Bridge Set by Jmbekrub

A lenticular truss bridge.

Lichtmasten (Light Stands) by CoasterGirl

Regular and diagonal version of light stand.

Lido Theater Marquee by wabigbear (Wagi)

Theater Marquee created for KiDFoX's California Spectrum Park. Lights are recolorable. Download also contains a structure file for the marquee.

Lifthill Set by Starrollercoasters

Lifthill set including chainguides and anti-rollbacks.

Light House Pier by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

Lighthouse and other items to create a pier scene.

Light Set by qss5188 (MGJ)

Set of working lights in different styles, recolorable.

Light Supports by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

A lightweight set of ride supports such as those used on carnival rides. All items are recolorable.

Light Thatch Roof Set by wabigbear (Wagi)

Set of yellow thatched roofs.

Light-up Lamps by snailmale152

Recolorable lighting posts - vertical and horizontal

Lighting Set by MattCollins

A set of lights in many different styles and themes. Includes wall and ceiling fixtures, parking lot lights, post lamps, stage lights, supports and bases. Some items are recolorable, and one light features billboards.

Lights and Alarms V1.0 by LoneWolf

Light and alarm set including animated alarm lights in 4 colors, alarm covers, light poles, and lights in different styles and positions. Oil lamps come with pull-up poles. Some items recolorable.

Lights and Beams by Coasterfreak

Recolorable lights and beams to spice up your parks.

Lights Set by AzoRctMan25

A "Radiant" Light set.

Lights Set 2 by AzoRctMan25

The set is more flexible and more simpler than ever. You can literally place it anywhere you want because it is now available in Quarter (1/4) Tiles, plus, 4 new offset positions! Unlike the previous one, which is only available in full tile.

Lights v1.1 Radius 10 by Jdrowlands

A set of lights that have a radius of 10.

Lights v1.1 Radius 5 by Jdrowlands

Lights with a radius of 5.

LIM Launch Tunnel by AXLR production

Lim launch tunnel.

limm launch set by The-M

LIMs by Techno_Dude

A set of LIMs for coasters made by various manufacturers.

Lion King by Archbak

Lion King animatronic

Litter Bins and Things Set by Denny (osudenny)

Litter bins in all shapes and sizes, plus some lights and clocks.

Little Boy Blue by CTRSind

The first set in the Laugh Country series. LBB was inspired heavily by Alton Towers in Staffordshire, England. Originally a massive file, the set has been updated to reduce the file size greatly. New items and geometry have been added. Since this set will not overwrite its previous incarnation, it is very strongly suggested that you delete the old set, your computer will thank you. This set is not recolorable.

Little City by Daddyreign

a small 1x1 city

Little-Vegas Crane by crange97

A funfair style crane game featuring animated lights. The game also functions as a working stall.

Lockers by NYRfan85

Lockers, make your park realistic.

Log Cabin Sets 1 & 2 by Denny (osudenny)

A set of log building pieces, including curved pieces and path covers.

Log Cabin Walls by Santoyo

Lots of log cabin walls in all shapes and sizes.

Log Truck by gamer2456

A logging truck complete with logs.

LoneWolf's Extras Set by LoneWolf

5 pieces that can be used for Indiana Jones or Jurassic Park themes.

Looney tunes Set by Denny (osudenny)

A building set featuring characters from the Looney Tunes cartoons. Extras include restaurant equipment, lights, billboards, and a statue.

Looney Tunes Wall 2 Set by Denny (osudenny)

An add-on to Osudennys Looney Tunes Set, containing walls, doors, billboards, awnings and more.

Looney Tunes Wall 3 Set by Denny (osudenny)

Another add-on to the Looney Tunes Set, featuring themed building pieces.

Looney Tunes Wall 4 Set by Denny (osudenny)

4th in the Looney Tune series of sets, this add-on features more themed building pieces and extras.

Looping Starship Static CFR scenery model by mac_daddy02

Custom scenery version of a Looping Starship CFR. Bases and cars are separate, and come in three positions.

Low Poly Cars by Dkimber (Dkimber1974)

Cars useful for parking lots and such.

LR Baustelle (Construction Vehicles) by Luigi Wollknäuel

A set of construction equipment including a Tower Crane, Shovels, Bulldozers, Cranes, a truck that can have a Flat bed trailer attached, as well as a snow plow and a salt spreader, a Cement Mixer truck and fencing.

LR-Architecture-2D by Reaver

LR-Athletics by Reaver

Basketball Hoop - Pro Football Post Soccer Field Soccer Goal Training Ring (boxing ring) Training Heavy Bag (punching bag) Training Heavy Bench Press Training Medium Bench Press Volleyball Net

LR-Catwalks (Pre Release) by Reaver

An extensive set of level catwalks.

LR-HVAC by Reaver

Heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)

LR-Lavatory 1.1.0 by Reaver

Parts and pieces to create the inside of a bathroom/lavatory.

LR-Piping (V1.0) by Reaver

The set is located under medium scenery. There are 80 pieces, each pipe has 6 sides. All pieces are recolorable. The names are somewhat vague, although easily learned. 1-4 are flat pieces, 5-7 are vertical pieces and the elbows are in variations of position.

LR-Revolution by Reaver

2 sets made up of an assortment of tilted, slanted, and standard flat pieces in various sizes. They come in a large blurred noise texture that is colorable.

LR-Wall Set V1.0 by Reaver

A set of diagonal and standard alignment 3-D wall and flat pieces in various sizes.

LSMs by Techno_Dude

LSMs from various coaster manufactures

Lucky Duck by patti333

Lucky Duck vendor stall.

Luigis Skyscrapers and Buildings by Luigi (loubauder)

Luos BTM Set by Luos

A set that has many rocks, some of them are based on rocks used at Disney parks for their Big Thunder Mountain coasters.

Luos Ice Rocks by Luos

A set that contains rocks covered in ice.

Luos Modular Mountain by Luos

A set that can be used to make mountains.

Luos Rocks by Luos

A set that contains beautiful rocks.

Lustige Mauler by Istico

Balloon popping midway game.

LWR-Dome Type-A by LWR

Set to create a huge airship-type hanger/domed structure.


(mini Set) Tunnels And More! by disneyfreek

M31 Lift Hill Machinery by stuk71

A great set of lift hill mechanical parts.

Mabels Gables by PB&J

A large and versatile roofing set including straight, sloped, and diagonal pieces in several heights. All items are recolorable.

Mabels Scallops by PB&J

A versatile wall set featuring straight, sloped, and diagonal pieces in a recolorable scalloped texture.

Mac's Huckleberry Knotts Set by StationJimJr

A set featuring various building components including columns, arches, roofs and decorative pieces.

Mac's SFOG Set by StationJimJr

Re-create the Six Flags Over Georgia entrance. Also includes Knott's Berry Farm signage and other decorative objects.

MacWay Set by Denny (osudenny)

A restaurant and stall building set, including walls, stall covers, signs, borders and path covers.

Madshell's Xpcot: SSE Set by Madshell

Epcot's Spaceship Earth and accessories.

Mag-Lev Track Covers by Weber

Track cover set designed for Weber's Mag-Lev CTR.

Magic Band Scanners 2 by MattCollins

Version 2 of the Magic Band Scanners found at Walt Disney World. Features both themed and recolorable versions.

Magical Creatures! by Kiotho

You can build magical tree creatures with this set, featuring textures from the Enchanted Forest set by Fisherman. Also included are some animated hedge pieces made with textures from Station Jim Jrs Gardening 2.

MagicBand Scanners by MattCollins

A set of recolorable wristband scanners similar to those used at Walt Disney World.

Magnetic Brakes, Stators, and Tunnels by Farenheit97

A series of brakes and tunnel pieces for your roller coasters.

Main Street DRP: The Mainstreet Railroad Station by pierre-louis (thiery)

The Main Street Railroad Station from Disneyland Paris.

Main Street Disneyland Resort Paris: Gazebo by pierre-louis (thiery)

The Gazebo from Main Street Disneyland Paris.

Main Street Disneyland Resort Paris: Ornaments by pierre-louis (thiery)

Lamps and fences from Main Street at Disneyland Paris.

Main Street Disneyland Resort Paris: The Bake Shop by pierre-louis (thiery)

The Main Street Bake Shop facade from Disneyland Paris.

Main Street Disneyland Resort Paris: The Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlour by pierre-louis (thiery)

The Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlour facade on Main Street at Disneyland Paris.

Main Street DRP: Storybook Shop by pierre-louis (thiery)

The Storybook Shop facade on Main Street at Disneyland Paris.

Main Street Elements by pierre-louis (thiery)

Elements to create the entrance plaza to Disneyland Paris, including lamps, benches, flowers, billboards, a gazebo and planters.

Main Street Emporium (MS-Emporium, WDW) by eeZee

A set to build the Main Street Emporium at Walt Disney World.

Main Street Lighting by Boston (theCurmudgeon)

Inspired by Disney's Main Street USA, this is a custom scenery pack that includes strings of popcorn lights.

Main Street Lighting II by Boston (theCurmudgeon)

More and more lights! Now give your circuses and wooden coasters the popcorn light treatment, they'll greatly appreciate it.

Main Street Set 1 v. 1.2 by shyguy

The first release in Shyguy's Main Street series

Main Street Set 2 (Expanded!) by shyguy

Second release in shyguy's Main Street series

Main Street Set 3 by shyguy

The third release in shyguy's Main Street series

Main Street Set 4 by shyguy

The fourth release in the Main Street series by shyguy

Main Street Set 5 v1.1 by shyguy

Fifth release in the Main Street series

Main Street Set 6 v1.3 by shyguy

This is the sixth set in the Main Street series. Where they will stop, who really knows.

Main Street Set 7 v1.3 by shyguy

The seventh release in shyguy's Main Street series.

Main Street Set 8 v1.2 by shyguy

This is the 8th set in the Main Street series.. IT WILL NEVER END!

Main Street Set 9 v1.1 by shyguy

This is the 9th set in the Main Street series. Where they will stop, who really knows.

Main Street Walls by Kryptakwanakunalite (Krypt)

A set of different colored brick walls.

Make Your Own Logo Shop by Iceatcs

Customizable objects to create your own themed shop items.

Mammutbaum by Cycas (Mega_Shark)

A giant Sequoia tree.

Maple Trees by Old-Spice

A bunch of Maple trees.

Marble Bridge Set by Adnecles

Bridge creator set.

Mario 64 Pack (Demo) by Nike Dorchain

Mario Brothers Set by Coasterfreak

A large set of Mario Brothers items, including character figures, blocks, lights, walls, and entrances. Some pieces are animated.

Marnetmar's Egypt Theme by marnetmar

Egyptian themed objects including walls, floors, statues, pyramids, and obelisks.

Marnetmar's Leftoverz by marnetmar

The flags & tables/tables with umbrellas are recolorable. There are 2 sets of flags, 1/4 tile & full tile. There are also 2 sets of each rock prop, one centered & the other offset for a more realistic look when building.

Marris Festzelt V.2 by stephanbrunswik

Large beer garden building with vans.

Mart Walls by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

Many walls and pieces to create a shopping centre but they can be used for just about anything.

Masonry Set by sigsig76 (Ted)

Mattatt14's Sleeping Beauty Castle Set by mattatt14

Sleeping Beauty's Castle from Disneyland, CA.

Matterhorn Bobsleds yeti set (beta) by rct3 coasterkid No Known Working Download!

MATTrct3's Fountain by MATTrct3 No Known Working Download!

Matts Hollywood Studios Set by MattCollins

A set based on WDW Hollywood Studios park.

Matts Lighting Set 2.0 by MattCollins

This set contains lights in a variety of sizes and styles, most of which are recolorable.

Matts Main Street Set 1 by MattCollins

A set to create the entrance area of WDW Magic Kingdom park.

Matts Main Street Set 2 by MattCollins

A set of walls, signs, posts and more to create WDWs Main Street USA.

Maverick2007 Water Effect Walls by Maverick2007

Wall with water effects enabled.

Max DC Resurection by MaxInfinity

Max DC wall set v. 3.0 by MaxInfinity

Objects to build a Disney style castle.

Max Egyptian Set by MaxInfinity

Egyptian themed walls, floors, columns, and statues.

Max Gothic Set by MaxInfinity

Gothic themed items to enhance your Medieval and spooky themed parks. Includes stained glass windows, tunnel, spooky portraits, walls, and doors.

Max New Pyramid by MaxInfinity

Objects for building a colorable pyramid.

Max Old Pyramid V2 by MaxInfinity

Objects for building an old, Egyptian pyramid.

Max's Specials (Max Specials) by MaxInfinity

Small set featuring carousel organ and canopy.

MaxInfinity's Mine Shaft Set by MaxInfinity

Mine themed set including pull - up coaster supports, wooden floors, walls, and roofs, rock shafts and more.

Mayan Temple Set by Azanderz

Pyramid and temple set.

maze park by happyUMB

a few hedge pecies that can be arranged so that it looks like a maze

Mc Connery's Fast Food Set by DasMatze

Many items for a shop or restaurant including drink dispensers and food items.

McDonuts by Ralfvieh

The complete fast food restaurant kit. (cleverly named for legal reasons!)

MCS Rock Edge Port by MrCoasterSimulator

A simple, generic rocky port side set.

MCS Wooden Fence by MrCoasterSimulator

A Wooden Fence pack.

Measure Template by Samplerocker

A block to measure buildings, etc.

Mecha Mountain Sign by Xynaxus

The sign from Mecha Mountain

Mediavel Tunnel Set by MrPark

A set of recolorable brick tunnels.

Medieval by Ralfvieh

Structure construction of the medieval persuasion

Medieval 2 by Ralfvieh

Sequel set containing medieval artifacts

Medieval Castle Walls by joffy

Medieval Conquest C10-Stables and Farm by Lassoares

Medieval stables and farm.

Medieval Conquest C11-Mill by Lassoares

Medieval mill.

Medieval Conquest C12-Market by Lassoares

Medieval market.

Medieval Conquest C13-Vinery by Lassoares

Medieval Winery.

Medieval Conquest C14-WindMill by Lassoares

Medieval Windmill.

Medieval Conquest C15-Lumber Mill by Lassoares

Medieval Lumber Mill.

Medieval Conquest C16-Archery Range & Training House by Lassoares

Medieval archery range and training house.

Medieval Conquest C17-Fishing Hut by Lassoares

Medieval fishing hut.

Medieval Conquest C18 - Coal Mine and Stonecutter by Lassoares

Coal Mine & Stone Cutter

Medieval Conquest C19-Dock & Boat by Lassoares

Medieval dock and boat.

Medieval Conquest C20-Temple by Lassoares

Medieval Temple. (church)

Medieval Conquest C21-Castle by Lassoares

Medieval castle.

Medieval Conquest C23-Aqueduct & City Wall by Lassoares

Medieval Aqueduct and City Wall

Medieval Conquest C24-Well & Monument by Lassoares

Medieval well and monument.

Medieval Conquest C25-Furniture by Lassoares

Medieval furniture.

Medieval Conquest C26-Tent by Lassoares

Medieval tents.

Medieval Conquest CO1-Generic House I by Lassoares

Medieval Generic House

Medieval Conquest CO2-Blacksmith by Lassoares

Medieval Blacksmith

Medieval Conquest CO3-Tavern by Lassoares

Medieval Tavern

Medieval Conquest CO4-Butchery by Lassoares

Medieval butcher shop

Medieval Conquest CO5-Generic House II by Lassoares

Medieval generic house.

Medieval Conquest CO6-LeatherWorker and Tannery by Lassoares

Medieval LeatherWorker and Tannery

Medieval Conquest CO7-Bakery by Lassoares

Medieval Bakery

Medieval Conquest CO8-Weavers House by Lassoares

Medieval weaver's house.

Medieval Conquest CO9-Pottery by Lassoares

Medieval Pottery

Medieval Stuff by FunDMental

Medieval walls and floors set. Includes a set of decorative shields.

Medieval Theme by Dkimber (Dkimber1974)

Weapons and furniture of medieval style including a trebuchet, catapult, and ballista.

Medieval Tower V0.1 by Zargorde

A 3 piece set for creating medieval towers, in a stone texture.

Medium Rocks by Weber

A large selection of medium-sized rocks in 10 different textures.

MEG The Hobbit CSO by misescrigumi

A Hobbit themed set featuring round doors and doorways, plus walls in straight, diagonal and inclined positions. Most items are recolorable.

MEG The Lord of the Rings CSO by misescrigumi

A Lord of the Rings themed set, featuring recolorable towers and pillars, plus many arch and gazebo pieces.

Mega Boxe by Pyro Pro

Megacoastercars & Additions CS by Coasterfreak90

Coaster supports, track connectors, flanges, and animated brakes (ride events). Contains a subset of pieces compatible with Moby's Steel Jungle. Also comes with the Megacoaster CTR (listed separately).

Memorial Day Set by Old-Spice

Memorial Day is here and i made a set to honor the men, women and children lost in the wars. I give my love to all of you... This set has: Flag -Us--Pow Mia- Wall Plaque And Cross's

Memphis Set by buckwilde

A set of granite walls in half and full sizes and various heights, an arch, a flat-topped spire with spire top, beveled columns in half and quarter size, a trim piece and a window. Can be used to construct the Lincoln American Tower in Memphis.

Metal Buildings by GMJ

A Metal Building set with concrete floors, corrugated walls, doors, poles, support beams horizontal and vertical, diagonal walls and other pieces.

Metal Set v2.0 by K2K26

A set of walls, floors, slopes, and station covers in a safety metal texture. All item types come in 9 colors.

Metal Walls and Floors by No Known Working Download!

Metallica Logo by The Rick

Metalset (Metallwall) by PhiWie

A set of metal walls and roofs.

MexiStyle by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

A Mexican themed set so create little mexi villages and towns

MGJ's Building Materials by qss5188 (MGJ)

Assorted patterned walls in various heights and widths

Mickey Mouse Walls V2 by Eddie22 (Xistics)

The classic Mickey Mouse "three circle" head shape silhouette as walls.

Mickey's Fun Wheel Screamin' Face by AzoRctMan25

Turn your in-game giant Ferris wheel into Mickey's Fun Wheel from Disney's California Adventure.

Midway Games by Boudreaux

Nice midway games to use for carnivals, etc.

Midway Stalls by CoasterGirl

A set of 4 Midway stalls.

Midway Things by StationJimJr

Arcade machines, stall covers/canopies, prizes, accessories and a selection of midway/carnival games from the classics to the slighty strange!

Mies Van Der Rohe Wall Set by Spez

A wall set for office or apt buildings. Great for urban RCT3 parks. The zip file includes a README file with a few tips on how to use it.

Military Theme by Dkimber (Dkimber1974)

Tanks, tents, and an upside-down cow?

Minecraft Set by Therideman11

Set of Minecraft blocks in six different styles.

Mini ATM by Iceatcs

A working ATM machine.

Mini Coaster Addons by xIWillDestroYouAllx (IWillDestroYou, xIWDYAx)

Some addons for mini coasters

Mini Machine Generic Station Platform by Ullombrospictures

A station platform for the Ingame Mini Coaster track.

Mini Shima 2 by Park Novice

Wall with "The Punisher" graphic.

Mini Town by rctwizzkid No Known Working Download!

Minicoaster and Tower Launch AddOns by doenerschlumpf

A set for your Minicoaster, Wild Mouse and similar coasters with LIM stators and magnetic brakes. Recolorable.

Mining Company by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

A mine themed set with general mine themed items

MiriAutumnObjects by Lalla

A simple set, made by Lalla that contains a few two-dimensional figurines, a two-dimensional and other miscellaneous Autumnal object.

MiriAutumnObjects1 by Lalla

MiriAutumnObjects2 by Lalla No Known Working Download!

MiriHalloweenObjects by Lalla

MiriHalloweenObjects1 by Lalla

Misc. Set 2011 by Denny (osudenny)

This set contains park signs, path covers, walls, and fence pieces in several textures.

Miscellaneous Objects by veryConfused (puzzled5543, Yoshi)

This set contains objects created specifically for a park, and was released as some items will be helpful to others.

Miscellaneous Objects by Weber

Random items to add interest to your parks.

Miscellaneous Objects 2 by Weber

Miscellaneous objects ranging from industrial smoke stacks and rusty storage tanks to pool tubes to add to your water park and many things in between.

Missing Things by StationJimJr

A collection of 1 high walls in ten different textures. Full, half, and diagonals are included.

MNM Dark Ride V1.1 (Marnetmar's Dark Ride) by marnetmar

Creepy objects perfect for dark rides.

Moby's Arcade Games V1.0 by Moby

A small set of arcade games.

Moby's Armageddon by Moby

Scenery pieces created for Moby's Armageddon coaster.

Moby's Construction Vehicles by Moby

Contains a large truck-mounted crane, a flatbed truck, and a few other construction site related objects. The modular crane can be setup in a variety of positions and heights. All objects can be placed diagonally, have quarter-tile placement and are recolourable.

Moby's Glasshouse & Frameworx by Moby

A versatile glass wallset. The glass panes are recolourable, reversable and quarter-tile, with many variations of slants and curves. Included is a low-poly frameset to support. All very compatible. This set works well with many other quarter-tile sets, for example DasMatze's Office Day. There are 24 vertically straight glass panes, 46 slanted glass panes, 21 Flat Roof glass panes, and 50 types of frames, totalling 141 objects. All very compatible.

Moby's Jungle Fever by Moby

A selection of trees, plants, bushes, vines and other junglistic items.

Moby's Steel Jungle by Moby

Two sets of aligning steel tubes, very popular as coaster supports. They are quarter-tile based and can be used to make unique support structures of many different shapes and sizes. Height Displacement: Objects will not move up or down when editing terrain. This means you can build a coaster on flat terrain, build all the supports (which is easier on flat terrain), then terraform as you wish without messing up the height of the supports. Installation: Extract the file and place the two folders into style hemed as usual.

Modern Art Recolorable v. 4 by Eddie22 (Xistics)

Modular Vines by n7 (n747)

A set of recolorable bougainvillea vines in several sizes.

Monitor Cover by JMAinAZ

A Disney themed cover for the in-game queue line monitor.

Monorail Blue's Park Necessities by MonorailBlue No Known Working Download!

Monorail Blue's VMK Set v. 1.1 by MonorailBlue No Known Working Download!

Moonlight Shadow by Zephon

Various moons in different shapes and sizes

More fencing by StationJimJr

A basic wooden fence and a pretty picket fence in lots of alignments.

More Grave Stuff Pack by Denny (osudenny)

A variety of spooky stuff including graves, tombstones, and stall covers.

Mossy Rocks by Viscosity086 (Viscosity86)

A set of 8 Mossy Rocks in different positions and shapes.

Mouser Track Connectors by Starrollercoasters

Track connectors for Wild Mouse coasters. Recolorable.

MouseWorx v. 1.01 by JCat

Supports, "cheese" walls, and other accessories meant for the Wild Mouse coaster.

Move it CSO by zyned

This set is designed to fit the Move It CFR from CFH Rides. The set includes a ride backdrop, lights, and ticket booth.

Movie Studio Creator by Adam Gill (Adam 2000)

Create your own movie studio with this set. Items include various studio buildings, several types of path covers, an entrance, green screens, and more.

Movie Studios by diepas79

Set of 34 pieces to build a theme park for film studios. It has pieces to build the exterior of the sound stages and for the interior.

Moving Comets by Coasterfreak

Quick texture animation set, great for backgrounds for you Space themed areas and parks! This is one Comet, that has different speed settings and can be used straight or diagonal. Unlit texture used!

Mp Light Set by MrPark

Small set of lights, and lamps. Also includes a lit archway and fence.

mr Sions Tiki Bar by StationJimJr

A tiki themed cocktail bar. Party time!

Mr. Freeze by Kryptakwanakunalite (Krypt)

A nice set to use around Mr. Freeze recreations!

mr.Sions Snack Shop by StationJimJr

Treat your peeps to the finest delights! Cakes, donuts and ice cream for all!

MrPlow's & DasMatze's Coal Mine by MrPlow (InUse) & DasMatze

MS Tycoon by RCTchen

You can build a fantastic cruise ship with this set!

MSJ-91 Stone Wall Pack by BurgerQueen

A set of 40 different themed walls.

Muizen by Pat

Set of animated and static mice to populate your RCT3 kitchens. Also includes an old-time phonograph, cheese, and more. Four items are in ride events.

Mums by n7 (n747)

Flowering bushes that come in many different colors.

Museum 1 by RCTchen

Items to build a beautiful museum! Use in conjunction with Museum2.

Museum 2 by RCTchen

Items to build a beautiful Museum! Use in conjunction with Museum1.

Mushroom Town by Moki

Music Express CSO by zyned

A CS set built to enhance the Musik Express CFR from CFH Rides. Extras include fireworks, laser effects, and music files that work with the ticket booth.

Music Swing Verkleidung by CoasterGirl

Music Swing ride backdrop for Quasor CFR by CFH Rides. Come in standard and diagonal versions.

Musik Express by Haderlump

Ride backdrop for Musik Express.

Musik Express Construction Set by CoasterGirl

Construction of the Musik Express ride features ride shell, moving trucks, and construction crew.

Mutiny Bay CS - beta by ImagineerJohn

This pirate themed set contains a variety of useful items, including cannons and cannonballs, themed signs, barrels, crates, lanterns, drawbridge and more.

My Supports 'n' Stuff v1.2 by RCT3DuDe

A versatile colorable set containing supports, tunnels, floors, and more.

Mysterious Plants by Weber

This set of other - worldly flora can be used for your next science experiment gone bad.

Mystery Mine by YPS20

Mine set including barrel, doors, mining carts, mining tracks, roofs, signs, walls, and windows.

Mystic Machine Things by Liexom

A set of recolorable cogs and supports in several sizes, in straight and diagonal positions.

Mystic Particles by Xynaxus

Sparkly, magical-looking particle effects.


New Tunnels by Noporian

A 3 piece Tunnel set with Animated Textures.

n7's Things (& Tour Bus) by StationJimJr

Set made for n7 includes Tour Bus CTR and various cs objects including arches and tunnels.

Nature Things - Autumn by Kiotho

A set of trees in several shapes and sizes, featuring green and autumn colors. Also included are animated trees that change colors as the game runs.


Neoclassical Set by Silvarret

A small set with pillars and borders to create neoclassical buildings.

Neon Lighting Set by CoasterSim.Fan

Glowing tubes in an assortment of sizes and placements.

Neon Lighting Set - Lift Hill Expansion by CoasterSim.Fan

An expansion from the Neon Lighting Set.

Neon Lighting Set Recolorable Lighting Emitters by CoasterSim.Fan

Light emitters for the Neon Lighting Set.

Neon Signs Set 1 by Dkimber (Dkimber1974)

Many neon signs useful for shop windows and displays.

Neue Gruseleffeckte by Franky

Two spooky objects for a dark ride. Grim Reaper and skull.

New 2nd Lift Hill by mattatt14

A lift tunnel for Space Mountain.

New Break Dancer Verkleidung by K2K26

Carnival backdrop for Break Dancer CFR.

New Castle by Ralfvieh

Lots of pieces to create castles and old buildings

New Castle Walls by Ralfvieh

An expansion set for Ralfvieh's Castle Wall with re-textured, recolourable walls and many new items

New Klinn Set by wabigbear (Wagi)

Recolorable set of arch building pieces modeled on Klinn's Arches, including reversed and partial arch pieces.

New Mombasa Buildings by Weber

A perfect way to re-create the City of New Mombasa, most of these buildings are directly from the game Halo 2. Others have been designed after Halo 2 and 3 buildings.

New York Sound Blaster Bumper Cars by zyned

A ride cover for the bumper cars CFR by CFH Rides, featuring animated lights and a speaker function.

News Stand by Dkimber (Dkimber1974)

Basic news stand.

Noise Barriers by Kamilek

A set of Walls/Noise Barriers in varying textures.

Nostalgie by Haderlump

A small set of old-fashioned vehicles.

Nostalgie II by Haderlump

A small stage and entertainment troupe.

Nostalgische Geisterbahn by Istico

Ghost train facade.

Nostalgische Speeltuin by Pat

A set that contains items to recreate Eftelings playground.

Nuclear Fish's Particle Effects by -Nuclear Fish-

Many particle effects to add to your parks

Nuke Reaktor by Samplerocker

A 3 piece set with a Cooling Tower, a set of Doors for the ZTower, and a Turbine.

NYR's Box Supports by NYRfan85

A set of height-adjustable box supports.

NYR's Shingle Roofs by NYRfan85

Set of shingled roofs, both standard and diagonal.

NYR's Stadium Seating 1 v2 by NYRfan85

Now you can add arena/stadium seating to your parks! Create amphitheaters, sports stadiums and arenas, and more with this set! This was my first successful custom scenery pack, which took about 3 weeks from concept to completion. I had my struggles with learning the importer and techniques, but I was finally successful, and can now share my Stadium Seating set, which has been needed in the game since it came out IMO. In the set, you will see three (3) different levels of seating--flat, gradual slope, steep slope. You will also find corresponding stairs, as well as walls and other objects. Version 2.0 Updates/Changes: - 61 Pieces now in set - Completely re-done, improved diagonal seating pieces and stairs for all three types of seating (flat, gentle, steep) - New railing pieces separated from the stairs - Improved concrete texture, textures now shared, thus greatly reducing file size!

NYR's Stadium Seating 2 v3 by NYRfan85

An updated stadium seating set, with many new seating objects, allowing for endless stadium possibilities!

NYR's Stucco Roofs Set 1 by NYRfan85

Set 1 Includes these pieces: (55 pieces) - Roof Straight - Roof Outer Corner - Roof Inner Corner - Cap Straight - Cap X-Int - Cap T-Int - Cap L-Int - Cap End - Cap Spire

NYR's Stucco Roofs Set 2 by NYRfan85

Set 2 includes: (62 pieces) - Soffits (Overhangs) - Transition Roofs - Walls - Columns/Beams

NYR's Asphalt Roads by NYRfan85

Create parking lots and roads quickly and easily!

NYR's Pool Covers by NYRfan85

NYR's Sports Set by NYRfan85


Obi Wan's Iconz by obi_wan_cannoli (In_Honor_Of) No Known Working Download!

Simple white floor to make taking photos for custom scenery icons easier.

Objets Disney (Disney Objects, Walt Disney Objets) by Lulujarre (cacheuxi)

Characters and statues from the Disney Parks.

Oblivion Hole Kit by snakedoc227

A set to recreate the drop hole around the Oblivion ride at Alton Towers. Contains walls, paths, ramps, fences, a drop hole, etc.

Odd Benches by eriktheviking

A trio of "odd" benches...A tree, an electric chair, and a toilet.

Oddities + Lego by Boston (theCurmudgeon)

Varied set including Lego figures, glass building pieces, Tiki figure, globe, etc.

Odds and Ends by Denny (osudenny)

A set of concrete statues, also includes a gazebo and ride operator booth.

Odds And Ends 2012 by Denny (osudenny)

Signs, lamps, benches, and trash cans to add to your park.

Odds And Ends 2012 2 by Denny (osudenny)

A CS set with Kiddieland signs, an Altar and some Light poles.

Office Day by DasMatze

Very useful for any generic building, this elaborate wall set features many straight and curved pieces in both concrete and glass.

Ohio State University path covers by Dkimber (Dkimber1974)

Old Castle Set by Denny (osudenny)

A set designed for building spooky old castles. Items include walls and roofs in three stone textures, a working fireplace and chimney, two floor styles and some assorted ghosts.

Old Dutch Efteling Lamps by Patrick DVZ (Patrick)

A set that contains partially recolorable lamps from Efteling

Old House by delpaint

Medieval themed set in a grey stone texture. Includes walls, curved walls, arches, floors, roofs and more.

Old House - New Stuff by delpaint

A new batch of extras for the Old House series, including many types of windows, doors, gates, working fireplaces and chimneys, and much more.

Old House 2 by delpaint

Set of extras for the "Old House" set. Contains many items to create castles and medieval buildings.

Old House 3 by delpaint

Castle themed set of extras to complement delpaint's Old house 1&2 sets. Items include walls, windows, stairs, path covers, and roofs.

Old House re-done by delpaint

Delpaint's castle themed Old House sets 1, 2, and 3 have now been combined into a more user-friendly version with new icons.

Old House Set by disneyparkfreak

Small set to create a rustic house or shack.

Old Market by Old-Spice

An Arabian market set, with many pieces to build market stalls and various types of merchandise to fill them.

Old Sheriff by Samplerocker

Animated sheriff figure.

Old Spice's Boxes in Different Directions and Positions by JG59

This is an extension to Old Spice's Box Set. It contains no textures. Old Spice's Box Set set must to be installed!

Old Tokyo Disneyland Space Mountain by Mtxilay13

Scenery pieces to create Tokyo Disneyland's Space Mountain.

Old Wood Collection by AzoRctMan25

A set that contains wooden doors, roofs, fences, walls, chairs, and tables, and grass pathcovers.

Old World by Viscosity086 (Viscosity86) No Known Working Download!

Old World Village Inn by StationJimJr

CS set to create the Old World Village Inn based on Shyguy's Wonder World model. Extras include recolorable tables, chairs, and parasols.

Old-Spice Sky by Old-Spice

A custom sky dome.

Olympia Looping Logo by K2K26

An Olympia Looping Sign

Orange Stinger Set by Thatonekid

California Adventure custom scenery

Oriental Roof Set by wabigbear (Wagi)

Antique tile textured oriental roofs.

Ornamental Shrubs by n7 (n747)

Ornamental Shrubs. Very Realistic

Ornamental Structure by Kosherboy35

A 1 by 5 ornamental gate structure made of recolorable beams, based on a piece from RCT2.

Ornamental Trees by n7 (n747)

Ornamental Trees. Very Realistic.

Ornamental Trees II by n7 (n747)

Currently includes: Topiaries - Land of Tomorrow (I & II), Box, Ball, Cluster (6) Laburnum (STREET) - In 3 seasonal variations

Ornamental Vines by n7 (n747)

Four styles of Wisteria.

Osudenny 2010 Pack A by Denny (osudenny)

A set full of extras to enhance your parks, including working food and drink stalls, a variety of clocks, lights, and more.

Osudenny 2010 Pack B by Denny (osudenny)

This set includes a variety of useful items including park entrance sections, counters, walls, and stalls.

Osudenny Brick Set by Denny (osudenny)

A large building set in four brick textures: gray, brown, black, and recolorable. Items include walls, windows, store fronts, vendor windows and more.

Osudenny Double Door Set 2 by Denny (osudenny)

20 stained glass double doors, featuring recolorable frames and door handles. Each texture comes in open and closed versions.

Osudenny Evil Wall Set by Denny (osudenny)

Worn brick walls and scary-faced windows to spook up your halloween parks and haunted attractions. Works well with Denny's Evil Window Set.

Osudenny Evil Window Set by Denny (osudenny)

A set of 25 creepy windows to add that spooky touch to your parks.

Osudenny Evil Window Set 2 by Denny (osudenny)

75 more spooky windows for your dark ride needs. The windows work well with Denny's Evil Walls set.

Osudenny Looney Tune Window Set by Denny (osudenny)

A large set of stained glass windows featuring your favorite Looney Tunes characters.

Osudenny Looney Tunes Window Set 2 by Denny (osudenny)

55 more windows to add Looney Tunes style to your park.

Osudenny Signs Pack by Denny (osudenny)

A variety of building signs for restaurants, ATMs, restrooms, and stands. Most signs are lit, and some are recolorable.

Osudenny Single Door Set 2 by Denny (osudenny)

Recolorable wood doors with 25 different stained glass panels. The doors come in both open and closed versions, and also feature recolorable handles.

Osudenny Super Heros Window Set by Denny (osudenny)

65 windows featuring a wide array of super heroes. Works well with Denny's Brick Set and Stone Set.

OZ Pathcovers by Citytrader

This set was made by Citytrader for the Wonderful World of OZ park created by Wabigbear and Citytrader. The set contains path covers in brick, cobblestone, and slate textures, featuring many sizes and positions.

Oz Set 2 by wabigbear (Wagi)

One of the CS sets made for the Wonderful World of OZ park created by Wabigbear and Citytrader. This set includes many banners and signs, entrance pieces, decorative pavements, water tower, booths, a hot air balloon, doors, windows and more.

OZ Set 3 by wabigbear (Wagi)

One of the sets made by Wabigbear for the Wonderful World of OZ park created by Wabigbear and Citytrader. This set includes more entrance pieces, ride stations, monorail supports, ride cover, billboards, a small stage, marquees, a rainbow bridge and more.

OZ Set 8 by wabigbear (Wagi)

One of the sets made by Wabigbear for the Wonderful World of OZ park created by Wabigbear and Citytrader. This set includes many shop window displays, signs, barbershop chairs and poles, L. Frank Baum statues, several types of cows, and a tractor.

OZ Set 9 by wabigbear (Wagi)

One of the sets made by Wabigbear for the Wonderful World of OZ park created by Wabigbear and Citytrader. This set includes a corner berm, potted fern, pathcovers, shop window displays, signs, Munchkin houses, and a static waterlily themed ride.


Panther Set by Archbak

Contains lots of panthers, a wall of guns a tent some signs and some bodys made to float on water, some of the bodies rise too. Includes ride events and animated objects.

Palm Trees by LoneWolf

A selection of palm trees

Panda Planters by PandaCoasters

A set of small brick planters in seven different shapes.

Panda's Zombies by StationJimJr

A set of zombie figures to add that spooky vibe to your parks.

Pandas Pews by StationJimJr

A set containing straight and diagonal church pews, plus an altar with speakers, platform, and an arch.

Paradise Pier Lighthouse by basketbuddy101

The Paradise Pier Lighthouse from Disneys California Adventure.

Paradise Pier Rides Signs by AzoRctMan25

A collection of signs themed to various rides at Disney's California Adventure.

Paradise Pier Scenery Set by Simtanic8

A few pieces themed on Disney California Adventure Paradise Pier.

Parallax Throne by Parallax (Brandon)

A marble throne.

Parc Guell Mosaic Path Walls by Jerr_Oen

Mosaic walls with rounded tops in a variety of curves, plus straight and corner pieces. Recolorable.

Park Bits and Pieces Set by Denny (osudenny)

This set contains a variety of signs, lights, and billboards to enhance your parks. Included in the download are 4 folders containing a total of 497 image files to use for billboards.

Park Entrance Essentials Part 1 by Magu

Everything you need to create a park entrance, from turnstiles and ticket windows to bag check counters and map holders. Also included are roofs, windows, and walls featuring textures from Ralfvieh's Beaver sets.

Park Entrance Essentials Part 2 by Magu

More park entrance entrance goodies from Magu. Set 2 includes roofs, ticket windows billboards and decor pieces. Objects are recolorable.

Park Extras by Kryptakwanakunalite (Krypt)

More tables and umbrellas based off the ones at SFOT (Six Flags Over Texas) for use in any park!

Park MagnuM Logo by LukasCoaster97

Park Magnum sign.

Parking Path Covers & Posts by Dkimber (Dkimber1974)

Items to place over path or roads to mark a handicapped spot, turn, or stop.

Parking Place Barrier by Moneyremco

A barrier for everything (not animated but with light!!!)

Parkplatz1 by RCTchen

Roads, bridges and guardrails.

Parkplatz1a by RCTchen

Road surface markings.

Parkplatz2 by RCTchen

Street signs and billboards.

Parks and Rec by _Brandon_

A small set containing path covers, a picnic bench and a iron fence. Perfect for making small parks for your theme park!

Path and Building Collection by Dutcher

A huge collection of walls, floors and stairs in several different brick and stone patterns. Items include walls in straight, diagonal, and curves matching shyguy's planters, straight and curved stairs, and floors sets to match all of the above. The download also contains Dutchers Texture Switcher program, which includes many more textures for the Building Collection.

Path And Train Covers by LittleMac

Covers for trains and paths.

Path Covers by briantjuh94

Path covers in assorted sizes

Path Covers (Expanded) by Shiggs713

Highly versatile set of path covers including curves and conforming pieces

Path covers v.2 by sh9032

works great with Shyguy's planters!

Path Covers v2.0 by Shiggs713

Path covers in 5 styles including conforming pieces with curves and diagonals. v2.0 includes recolourable path covevrs too!

Path Enhancement by Weber

This set includes many terrain conforming path covers as well as edges, railings and terrain covers perfect for any custom path work in your next park.

Path Removal Items by LittleMac

A small set that contains terrain path covers to remove and shape paths.

Pathcovers by Ralfvieh

Path covers in assorted shapes, sizes and styles.

Pathcovers 2.0 by briantjuh94

A set of path covers.

Paths Set by CTRSind

My paths set was designed to create the feeling of a contemporary park with scored concrete plazas and high curbs for planters. The set includes strollers, functional trash and recycling bins, as well as curbside drains on grid and diagonal.

Paths Set 1.0 by briantjuh94

Extra large set of paths, fences, and walls/borders, plus benches, trash cans and lanterns. Paths, fences and walls work with Shyguy's and Station Jim Jr.'s curves. Many textures and styles, and items are recolorable.

Pathway Extensions by RTRC No Known Working Download!

Beautiful pink, and purple path covers to beautify your paths!

Pathway Extensions V.1 by CoasterJoe

Realistic Paths. Curved Paths. You can create shear cliff sides with these.

Pathway Fences & Borders by pierre-louis (thiery)

A 15 piece Fence and Border set that is designed to work well with ShyGuys Planters sets.

Patriotic Signs by Dkimber (Dkimber1974)

American flags and such on walls with white backgrounds.

Pats Hout (Beams) by Pat

A set with beams. The basic 1h,2h,3h, etc. But also loose diagonal/ hd1/ 0,5 by 1 RCt3 tile beam Big Thunder Mountain like supports details for making windows/fences/etc.

Pavement Essentials Expansion Pack #1 - COLOR by Aceana

Same as the old sets, but all the pieces are recolorable. The borders have also been modified so they line up better, and although getting them perfectly aligned is next to impossible, these borders are pretty close.

Pavement Essentials Expansion Pack #2 - Conforming by Aceana

This pack is a smaller set consisting of stairs and 'ramps' that conform to the terrain.

Pavement Essentials Expansion Pack #3 - Walls and Railings by Aceana

The first wall/railings made to match the Pavements exactly. Built to allow as many mix-and-match fences as your imagination can come up with.

Pavement Essentials Expansion Pack #4 - OutTakes by Aceana

Everything that just wouldn't fit in the other three expansion packs. WARNING: Due to their conforming nature, some objects will be found under the 'Flowers' tab.

Pavement ESSENTIALS Packs 1 and 2 by Aceana

Pack 1 Borders -Concrete -Marble -Clay -White Brick Paths -Concrete -Marble -Asphalt -Clay -Tan Crazy Paving -Gray Crazy Paving -Colored Crazy Paving Misc. -Glow strips -Drain -Manhole Ground Tiles (lacking the curved and diagonal path counterparts) -Blue bordered -Red bordered -Sidewalk Tile Pack 2 Borders -Gold -Wood -Rock Paths -Red Brick 1 -Red Brick 2 -Gray Brick -Red Wood -Light Wood -Red Carpet (kindof a teaser for my next pack) -Grass -Dirt/Mulch -Rock -Black (for darkrides. also a teaser.) -Metal (also a teaser. works almost like a mirror) -Stars

Pavement Essentials Templates v7 by Aceana

A set of templates for Aceana's Pavement Essentials set, includes ASE files, SID files and sample textures.

PCG Spheres by poolcoasterguy

A set of spheres in in several colors, including rainbow and recolorable.

Peep Generator by DasMatze

A peep generator scenery piece that can be used in one's parks.

Pergola Set by ImagineerTom

Set that includes braces, posts, footers, and tops to create pergolas of all shapes and sizes. Pieces are recolorable.

Periculum 1 by StationJimJr

A large castle building set, featuring many curved and decor pieces. Items include several sizes of arches, straight and curved walls and windows, buttresses, columns, and doors.

Periculum 2 by StationJimJr

A medieval building set, featuring authentic stone, wood, and distressed plaster textures.. Items include arches, doors, columns, posts, beams, braces, walls, windows, and stairs.

Periculum 3 by StationJimJr

A set of interior pieces in the medieval style. Items include bookcases, tables, furniture, food items, potions, books, torture devices, and more.

Periculum 4 by StationJimJr

A small set of pieces in the medieval style, featuring arches, windows, and columns.

Pest-Lab Kart Set by Pest-Lab

Pew by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

A wooden church bench with carved wood sides.

Pfeilwerfen Wagen by nevs

Games booth and trailer. Standard and diagonal versions.

Pflanzen (Plants) by RCTchen

More plants to add to your collection!

Phantasia by RCTchen

Items to recreate the entrance to Phantasia!

Phantasia Set - Arabian Walls 01 by LuckyGirl

Arabian wall and decoration set.

Phantom Manor Disneyland Paris by pierre-louis (thiery)

some building items from Phantom Manor Disneyland Paris

Phantom of the Opera by Archbak

Phantom of the opera. Chandelier, ladder, organ animatronics.

PhiWie's Lights by PhiWie

Indirect lighting for your park.

PHL: Mystery Castle by Samplerocker

Scenery set to create the Mystery Castle at Phantasialand. Created to fit Mennoo's Mystery Castle v2 CFR.

Photo Flash by JMAinAZ

Add that realistic touch to your coasters with this set of ride cameras. The set includes poles, supports, and cameras, some of which work as ride events. Also included is a CS wall with instructions for best placement of the cameras.

Pine Trees by Old-Spice

Some pine trees. Has regular and winter ones.

Pinewood Supports v3 by Moby

A large set of recolorable wood textured supports in many sizes and angles. The set also features pre-made box supports.

Pirana Signs by eriktheviking

Entrance and 2 ''exits'' for Eftelings Pirana.

Pirate Cove Complete Pack by Denny (osudenny)

A pirate themed set with many extras, including a stage, treasure chest booth, ship booths, cannons, path covers, restroom doors, and counters.

Pirate like walls (Pirate Walls) by Dkimber (Dkimber1974)

A few walls in an old stucco texture.

Pirate Things by StationJimJr

Large set Including many pieces to make pirate themed buildings and ships. Also includes a skull rock, palm trees, treasure chests and more. Some items are recolorable. Download also contains structure files for three different ships, plus the pirate lair.

Pirates by MaZzer and RCTchen

A Building's set based on Pirates of The Caribbean style.

Pirates des Caraibes set 1 (Pirates of the Caribbean) by Lulujarre (cacheuxi)

Woohoo! Awesome Pirates of the Carribean sets!

Pirates des Caraibes set 2 (Pirates of the Caribbean) by Lulujarre (cacheuxi)

More Pirates of the Caribbean objects by Lulujarre (cacheuxi)! Be sure to use it with the first set too for the best results!

Pirates of the Caribbean Essentials by TheParseeMan No Known Working Download!

A few essentials for creating the perfect Blue Bayou from Disneyland's Pirates of the Caribbean. Made by TheParseeMan for his Pirates of the Caribbean recreation in 2010.

Pizza Logos by Syztemlord No Known Working Download!

Pizza Hut logos! Woohoo!

Pizzeria "Mamamia" by stephanbrunswik

Pizza vendor stall for carnivals and fairs.

PK's Bill Tracy Madness set part 1 v1.0 by Plokoon111 (Pred-Koon111)

1: crooked chamber 2: scary hallway 3: funhouse piece 4: darkride facade a 5: darkride facade b 6: darkride walkthrough a 7: darkride walkthrough b 8: glass house 9: castle wall 10: tracy clock 11: tracy bat

PK's Bill Tracy Madness set part 2 by Plokoon111 (Pred-Koon111)

1: Crooked wall panel 2: Lined Timbers 3: crooked fencing 4: wavy timbers 5: Whacky Shack Dormer Windows 6: crooked chimney 7: Mine shaft arch 8: Crooked mine hallway 2 9: the hand in the toilet scene 10: the barrel scene 11 & 12: Saw Mill + table included 13: Birthday cake 14: Spinning tunnel cover 15: stunt display cover 16: Thin black base 17: slope black base.

PK111's Beach set by Plokoon111 (Pred-Koon111)

PK111's Demolition Day by Plokoon111 (Pred-Koon111)

Planets by Old-Spice

A set including the planets 1 - 9 and some asteroids.

Planters N' Stuff by Old-Spice

Some planters and some other park extra items

Plaster Silo by darkfhantom

A modular set to create realistic silos for your construction site. Some pieces are recolorable.

Playground Set by Dkimber (Dkimber1974)

Slides, swings, and see-saws.

PNP Wall Set (Park Novice Wall Set) by Park Novice

Miscellaneous billboards.

Pokemon Scenery & Stalls v. 1 by DarkPokeFan21

Pokemon themed scenery and functional stalls. Gotta catch 'em all!

Polynesian Panic by Boston (theCurmudgeon)

This is a small set with some objects useful for creating a polynesian or beach atmosphere.

Polyp CSO by zyned

This set is made to fit the Polyp CFR by CFH Rides. The set includes a ride platform and backdrop, plus lights and ticket booths.

Pool Set by Old-Spice

Create your own reflective pool with this set.

Pork Stand Set by Denny (osudenny)

A stall cover in the shape of a giant pig.

Portable Coaster Supports by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

This is a set designed to be used as portable ride supports found on carnival rides.

Post and Beam Construction by Weber

Items to add more detail to your buildings!

Postapocalypto Set by Coconutter89

Nuclear fallout style custom scenery.

Postapocalypto Street Set by Coconutter89

Various destroyed street elements to add that post apocalyptic effect to your park.

Poster Scrolling Sign Set by Denny (osudenny)

A spooky themed set of scrolling signs featuring posters with creepy images.

Poster Scrolling Sign Set 1 by Denny (osudenny)

some scrolling signs and some poster scrolling signs

Postlamps & Banners Main Street USA by pierre-louis (thiery)

A large choice of lamp posts from Disneyland Paris Main Street USA. Choose the color of lamps, flowers,billboard, the intensity of light (off/ medium/high).

Postlamps FrontierLand DLRP by pierre-louis (thiery)

A Light's set based on DisneyLand Paris FrontierLand. The poles are recolorable, however the lights are not.

Power Panels by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

A small but versatile set that includes control panels with billboarded TV screens to add anything you want to them. Perfect for industrial themed rides.

Prebuilt Twin Towers by julesoogle No Known Working Download!

Premade Buildings by Denny (osudenny)

A Christmas themed set of premade buildings, including several shops and stall covers.

Prison Set v. 1.0 by mikeyca

Scenery objects to build a prison.

Prison Walls by Weber

This set includes items for creating a prison, including walls bars and lights.

Prisoner of Azkaban by Weber

A set of various components to go along with your next Harry Potter themed ride.

Project Phobia (BETA) by obi_wan_cannoli (In_Honor_Of)

Scenery set featuring metal loading station path covers, road blocks, and "Phobia" sign.

Proscenium Stage by Alien

Stage set.

Prost (Cheers) by Antero

Beer vendor stalls and transports.

Prost II by Antero

More beer vendor stalls and transports.

Prost III by Antero

More beer vendors, vehicles, and a large beer garden.

Proximity Sensors by iEddiez

A small set of Proximity Sensors for your Coasters.

Puke Inn by Bulldog2092

A unique substitute for the first-aid station.

Pump by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

Gasoline pump with billboard. Recolorable.

Pumpkin Patch by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

Pumpkins in several sizes, including 2 with random placement for a natural look.

Puzzler Set by ryanproductions14

A Puzzle piece

Pyro's Christmas Tree Set by PyroFREAK30001

Pyro's Fright Fest Set by PyroFREAK30001

Pyro's Six Flags Set by PyroFREAK30001 No Known Working Download!

PyroFreak's Scooby Doo Set by PyroFREAK30001

Doors, fire extinguishers, floor, ground covers, path covers, walls, and windows.

PyroFreak's Scooby Doo Set 2 by PyroFREAK30001

Recolorable fences.

Python netten by ThaaaEftaaaling

Nets for the Python.

Python Sign Final Release by JR-Imagine (jordy_rym)

a few bits and bobs to make the Python sign


"Booster Maxxx G4" Fuhrpark und Transport Set by CoasterGirl

Trailers and transport vehicles for the Booster Maxx G4 ride.

"Happy Fly" Kirmes Verkleidung by CoasterGirl

Ride backdrop for the Little Chairswing (Zweefmolen) CFR by Patrick.

Quartz Font by Ynor9

Pieces to make letters and numbers in quartz font (digital clock style!)

Queue Line Railings V.2 by CoasterJoe

This set is great for creating those realistic queues that you have always wanted.

Quians Rug Preview by Gravquian

This set features rugs in 7 textures, including both floor rugs and tapestries in many straight and diagonal positions.

Quidditch-Ring v.1.0 by Eviron

Quidditch rings from the popular Harry Potter books/movies.


Romana Asmosia by Sir Asmo (Asmodis)

Roman walls, columns, and statues.

(R)Evolution Screens (BETA) by Kiotho

Race Girl by Samplerocker

A 1 Piece Ride Event Peep CSO

Rafting set by DarkRideFreak

Set to create realistic waterrides.

Railings Expansion Set by FlyingDutchman7 (FD7)

Railing set designed to match Shyguy's Planters railings. Set contains both gold and recolorable versions.

Railings v. 0.55 by DasMatze

A much older version of Dasmatze's Railings.

Railroad Crossing Set by DasMatze

Designed to make a railroad crossing.

Rails by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

Set of rails and pulleys, recolorable.

Rain Forest Cafe Set by pitchounais

This set contains a number of objects themed to the Rain Forest Cafe restaurants.

Rainbow by StickyGum32

Pieces to make rainbows.

Rainbow Bolevard by Scoaster

Rainbow Lift Hills, Rainbow street, and Rainbow Ride Scenery from Mario Kart!

Ralfvieh's Attractions - WC by Ralfvieh

Functional lavatories for needy peeps!

Rampe (Ramp) by Cycas (Mega_Shark)

A ramp textured in black and yellow caution stripes.

Random Mini Set V1 by andrewhurley13

This set includes: *Blazing Fury ride sign *Daredevil Falls ride sign *Dollywood Sign (not in picture) *Adventure Themed Gem shrine *Adventure themed sun dial *adventure themed trash bin *Spooky themed Rsted lockers *Spooky themed Television [animated] *Lizzie Borden Prop (spooky themed) *Animated Saw Blade *Animated saw blade with wooden supports *Animated spooky themed casper the friendly ghost (beta) *Spooky themed Zombie with tombstone *Fire extinguisher

Random Stuff by DasMatze

A miscellaneous bunch of pieces including domes, an RCT2 style park entrance, and often overlooked from this set, a useful set of footers.

Random Things by StationJimJr

A random collection of essentials for a realistic park. Items include awnings, billboards, vendor carts and stalls,test seats, CCTV, ticket windows, coaster goodies, a rock climbing wall and more.

Rat by Knight Rider (ricD)

A nice rat to add some theme to your parks.

Ratatouille Taste Walls by Jonte_The_Playe

RcBoats (Remote Control Boats) by riddl Avatare ( Avatars) by Luigi Wollknäuel

Avatars from the most popular users on

RCT-3.ORG Userwall by Samplerocker

A Wall containing many signatures from the members of RCT3.ORG

RCT2 - Abstract Theme by Coasterfreak

A recolorable glass building set inspired by the RCT2 Abstract Theme.

RCT2 - Mechanical Theme set by Coasterfreak

A set inspired by the Mechanical Theme in RCT2. The set includes animated cog wheels, plus pipes, walls, ceilings, and floors. All pieces are recolorable.

RCT2 Mechanical Theme (new) by RCT2 Revival Crue

The new version of the RCT2 inspired set features animated gears, pipes, fences, walls, ceilings and more in a recolorable metal texture.

RCT2 Revival Crue - Water Feature Theme Set by RCT2 Revival Crue

Themed after the Water Feature theme in RCT2, this set includes recolorable ice cubes in several sizes and positions, fountain jets, walls, arches, waterfalls, and more goodies.

RCT2 Revival Crue - Medieval Themed Set by RCT2 Revival Crue

Create a medieval vibe in your parks with this RCT2 inspired set. Items include a variety of banners, cannons and cannonballs, walls, windows, towers, and cottages.

RCT2 Revival Crue - Space Theme by RCT2 Revival Crue

A large Sci-Fi set, inspired by the Space Theme in RCT2. Objects include benches, lamps, a guest injection point, large rocket, walls, path cover, roofs, and other useful items. Many items are recolorable, and there are both standard and "indiglo" versions of most pieces.

RCT2 Revival Crue Snow and Ice Theme by RCT2 Revival Crue

An RCT2 inspired winter themed set, featuring several styles of fences, igloos, animated snowman, stall covers, and snowflakes.

RCT2 Ride Exit and Entrance v1.1 by TRJTA

Entrance/Exit set designed to look like the generic entrance/exit in RCT2

RCT2 Station Set by RBch

A Station Set including an Entrance, an Exit, Station Cover and 2 Fences

RCT3 City Mega Pack by JK

Build a mega city with this mega pack of 73 sets featuring over 1500 objects! Sets include walls, path items, buildings, shops, street lights, fixtures, bridges, tunnels, plus tons of vehicles including cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, airplanes, and much much, more!

RCT3 Jurassic Park Set by kornsoadhts (Shifty)

JP-themed gate and fences.

RCT3 Vanilla's Glass Walls (Modified) v. 2.2 by mikeyca

Rct3m's Fence by rct3m

RCT3Mike & Viscosity086's Slide Cover's Coaster Tunnel's and More Beta by Viscosity086 (Viscosity86) & RCT3Mike No Known Working Download!

RCT3robin's revolution set by RCT3robin

Glowing, neon frames and decor.

RCT3robin's tunnel by RCT3robin

RCT3robin's animated wall(s) v0.1 by RCT3robin No Known Working Download!

RCT3robin's Led signs BETA by RCT3robin No Known Working Download!

RCT3robin's random wall set by RCT3robin No Known Working Download!

RctAdam's Inventions by StationJimJr

Da Vinci designs of a flying machine, armored car, helicopter, and a few easels.

RCTAdam's Stately Manor by StationJimJr

Build a stately manor house with this versatile set. Includes walls, windows, pillars, posts, cornices, roofs, dormers and more. Many items are recolorable.

RctAdams Mayan Door by StationJimJr

Mayan doors, walls, columns, and bridges. Several are ride events.

RCTAdams Statues by StationJimJr

The set contains two statues: a dragon and a robed figure.

RctD Dwervels by StationJimJr

Little plastic troll things!

RCTLVR's Vending Machines V 0.5 fix by rctlvr

5 vending machines.

Rctmaniac's Amphitheatre Set v1 by rctmaniac

Rctmaniac's Billboards Pack 1 v1 by rctmaniac

rctmaniac's Coaster MaNiA by rctmaniac

rctmaniac's modularz by rctmaniac

RCTManiac's Oddities by rctmaniac

rctmaniac's Path MaNiA-Trial Version by rctmaniac

RCTManiac's Racing Mania by rctmaniac

rctmaniac's restaurant MaNiA by rctmaniac

RCTManiac's Sign Post by rctmaniac

RCTMORE and Dr. Pest's Amps Version1.1 by rctmore & Dr. Pest

boxes, control panels, loud speakers, sound equipment, speakers, stag

Re-Colorable Dining Tables by Disfan1

Realistic Concrete Bridges by PiecesofPrestige

Create realistic bridges with this concrete and asphalt textured set. Items include supports, roadways, and railings.

Realistic Dutch Bridge Set by PiecesofPrestige

A set containing all the pieces you need to build a traditional Dutch bridge.

Realistic Wooden Bridge Set by PiecesofPrestige

Everything you need to build realistic wooden bridges, including decking, railing, supports, footers, and bolts.

Really Custom Generic Shop Set by Belgabor

8 textured stalls, machines and billboards.

Recolorable Castle Set by Pteri3

A recolorable castle building set. Includes walls, roofs, windows, arches, ivy,tower pieces and tower supports in many sizes.

Recolorable Fence by PhiWie

A recolorable wooden fence.

Recolorable Footers by godzilla

3 recolorable footers.

Recolorable StarSpeeder 1000 by sideswiper22

Star Wars starspeeder.

Rectangular Supports by zezegui

Recolorable supports in different sizes including upright and angled pieces in straight and diagonal placements.

Red Guiding Arrows by Dandymorganl

Red Monorail by mattatt14

Stationary red monorail scenery object.

Redd Rockett's Pizza Port by Kosherboy35

A large building modeled on the restaurant in Disneyland.

RedRock Coaster Tunnels Adds & Edits by Samplerocker

A set of Coaster Tunnels covering the basic Hills and Turns, Straight and Diagonal. Also includes Curved, Sloping Walls in different sizes.

Renfrews v1 Set by Gravquian

This is a set of Rct3 static vendor structures and some pre-imaged billboards. The structures are compatible with Belgabor's RGCS set, to become interactive.

Restaurant Pack by Denny (osudenny)

A restaurant-building set featuring logo windows, walls, fountains, billboards and ATMs.

Restaurant Signs and Shops Pack by Denny (osudenny)

A large set of restaurant signs, also featuring many shop buildings, ATMs, and vendor windows.

Rettungsfahrzeuge (Rescue Vehicles) by RCTchen

Rescue vehicles to use in your parks for realism!

Revolution Screens by Kiotho

Animated texture ride event screens (for recreating "Revolution" at Bobbejaanland).

Revolutions "Steampunk" Cutouts by Hethetheth

A collection of figures in Victorian costume created for Hethetheth's Revolutions ride.

Revue der Illusionen by CoasterGirl

Funfair Revue der Illusionen (Magic Show).

Rhian's Paths2 by CTRSind No Known Working Download!

A "prequel" to the previous set, this version is meant to look a little older. In addition, the set includes split-post fencing, umbrellas, and an iron patio set.

Ride Backdrops by drucifer67

Giant billboards of varying themes.

Ride Control Panels by Olimar 511

A set of control panels in 9 positions, plus corner pieces in 5 positions.

Ride Doors by replay308

Ride event doors in three styles: plain, metal and glass, and wooden. Each door is recolorable and comes in eight animation types.

Ride Effects (GermanTaco's Particle Effects) BETA by GermanTaco (OneLeggedCow) No Known Working Download!

Ride Event Doors V1 by Pearman

A pair of ride event doors for a fun house.

Ride Events Animatronics by DasMatze

This set takes many of RCT3's animatronics and makes them ride events.

Ride Signs Set 1 (Scenery) v. 1.1 by Dkimber (Dkimber1974)

Various ride signs.

Ride Signs Set 2 (Scenery) by Dkimber (Dkimber1974)

Various ride signs.

Ride Signs Set 3 (Scenery) by Dkimber (Dkimber1974)

Various ride signs.

Ride Signs Set 4 (Scenery) by Dkimber (Dkimber1974)

Various ride signs.

Ride Station Expansion Set by Denny (osudenny)

This set contains pieces to enhance your station buildings, including several path covers in mosaic and stone textures, bar sections, stone walls with borders, windows, and doorways. Works well with the Ride Station Set.

Ride Station Set by Denny (osudenny)

A set with pieces to build ride stations, featuring stone walls and wood shingled roofs, plus two styles of path covers. Works well with the Ride Station Expansion Set.

Ride Wait Times by iEddiez

How long is the Queue? Tell your peeps with this ride wait time set from iEddiez and StationJimJr! Also included is a huge set of pre made billboards to be used!

Rita Tire Sign by RCTBlizzard

Sign for Rita - Queen of Speed at Alton Towers

River Banks by Adam87

A small set to terrain pieces to create more natural looking river banks.

River Currents Set (Update 1) by JimmyG

Everything you need to make realistic rivers, waterfalls, and waterways. The set includes water pieces, whirlpools, particle effects, animated river textures and waterfalls. The pieces come in straight and diagonal positions, and there are many pieces designed to fit the in-game White Water Rapids ride.

Road Barriers by GRP-Disneycoaster93

A set of safety railings for roads.

Road Equipment by GRP-Disneycoaster93

Here is the package of road equipment, it contains material for teams of highways, there is also a vehicle and barriers.

Road Lines v2 by LittleMac

Road Set by Pajpaj

Road pieces with railing, signs, and supports.

Road Set 1 by Misteris

A 27 piece set of realistic asphalt road pieces. Included are straight, diagonal, ramps, and a large roundabout piece. Download includes a Sketchup file for those wishing to create their own roundabout centerpiece.

Road Set 1 by Maddox61

A large road and street set, with bicycle lanes, and many types of curved and straight road sections. Works well with Maddox61 Road Set 2.

Road Set 2 by Maddox61

A set of extras designed to enhance Road Set 1. Includes bus stalls, disabled parking spaces, grass islands, parking stalls and road signs.

Road Signs v. 1.1 by mikeyca

A large set of traffic signs and railway signs.

Road Signs V.2012 by GRP-Disneycoaster93

A set of Road Signs and Gate's.

Road To The Horizon Set by Laitch

Extend your roadway past the park fence to the horizon with this set. Includes concrete walls, lights, sidewalk, and road.

RoadStuff 1.0 by LittleMac

RobDog's Station by RCT RobDog

A single, recolorable station cover.

Rock Borders by Callum

Large rock border set with 5 textures. Single textured, mixed and recolorable versions plus singles in various positions. Works with Shyguy's Planters and Station Jim Jr. Fencing set. Conforming pieces can be found in foliage.

Rock Express No2 by Pyro Pro

Ride backdrop for CFH's Music Express CFR.

Rock Mountain V3 by jon123

This set is designed to build custom large rock structures for Mine Train's, Log Flumes, etc.

Rock n RollerCoaster by Dara223

Large set pieces to re-create the Rock 'n' RollerCoaster attraction.

Rock n Rollercoaster (beta) by superlegochannel

Rock n Rollercoaster signs

Rock Set by shyguy

Rock items in varying textures

Rock The Net by DasMatze

Letters and numbers with a rock appearance.

Rock Walls by Phil (Froggee)

Rock-shaped pathway edging.

Rock'n'roller Coaster pack by GRP-Disneycoaster93

A multipack of objects to build Rock 'n' Roller Coaster.

Rocket by crange97

Rocket is a funfair style CS backdrop/platform designed to fit the Xtreme CFR by Steel Rides. Features include loudspeakers, ticket booth, and signs with animated lights.

Rockin Space Mountain Set by Mtxilay13

Lights, lift hills, and tunnels for Space Mountain recreations. This is a collection of mini sets.

Rockin' Tug Scenery by BerwoutsArend

A billboard of a sailing ship on rough seas.

ROCKS by Aceana

Terrain coloured rock set.

Rocks by Pteri3

A mini set of five large rocks.

Rockwell Font by Zeppelin

Rockwork Set 1 (Revised) by composerboy

Jagged rock pieces for caves, cliffs, and mountains.

Rock\'n\'rollercoaster (Rock 'n' Roller Coaster) by Lulujarre (cacheuxi)

Another Rock N Roller Coaster CSO set to make recreations with!

Roller Coaster Goodies 1.2 by gadget

Supports, catwalks, and braks for roller coasters.

Roofs & Canopies by Viscosity086 (Viscosity86)

Small set of roofs and supports.

Rope Fence by Archbak

Small set with a Rope fence/walll

Ropes by AdamY

A set of ropes in various lengths, heights and orientations.

Ropes by Elch

An assortment of ropes in various sizes and angles. Extras include buckets, rope knots, and hooks. Some items are recolorable.

RopRanger by Samplerocker

A set of 5 Animated figures, suitable for use as security or law enforcement on Dark Rides and other types of rides.

Round Footers by LoneWolf

Footers for supports adding the realism your coaster needs!

Round Stained Window Set by Denny (osudenny)

Set of round stained glass windows in 40 different textures.

RSHotel by JR-Imagine (jordy_rym)

lots of building bits to make a good hotel

Ruined It! by matt9537

Ruined It! 2 by matt9537

A newer version of the Ruined It! set, featuring walls, windows, ruins and rubble in 4 distressed brick textures.

Ruined Mine by matt9537

A set of mine themed scenery including walls and ruins in stone and wood textures, plus ladders, crates, carts and barrels. Many items are recolorable, and some have random placement for added realism.

Ruined Warehouse-Exterior Scenery by matt9537

A sequel to the Ruined It! set, containing crates, barrels, litter, fences, and a nuclear tower. Many items are recolorable, and some have random rotation placement for greater realism.

Ruined Warehouse-Exterior Walls by matt9537

This sequel to the Ruined It! set contains many styles of ruined and distressed walls, plus doors, windows, and pillars.

Ruinned It! Fences and Floors by matt9537

Destroyed Fences and Floors

Ruinned It! Roofs by matt9537

Destroyed Roofs

Ruinned It! Walls by matt9537

Destroyed walls.

Rulers 2.1 by Weber

This is a special set used for measuring other objects in Rct3. It is especially usefull for making custom scenery to add to another's set. These are the updated version of my old ruler set. These now feature a texture rather than each number and line having its own face. These are also now double sided and feature offset versions.

Running Track by Rob

Full-sized running track.

Russian Woods by Ralfvieh

Typical russian wooden building set inspired by the russian colony Alexandrovka

RUST Themed Set by FallingDown

Rusty objects for your rusty parks.

Rustic Walls by Weber

Rustic wall set designed to work with Shyguy's Catfish cove set.

Rusty Flying Saucer by Dylan Prod

A large flying saucer in a rusty metal texture.

Rusty Pipes by Weber

Made to compliment Weber's Sewer theme, this set features rusted pipes and flanges that you can connect to create a network of plumbing.


Station Set by Rct3Demo (Ardy)

Concrete station set , suggested to use with RCT3Demo's Concrete Walls and Concrete Footers sets.

SideWalk pack for road by GRP-Disneycoaster93

A set of SideWalk pieces/ Path Covers

Station Set V.2 Thicker by 182470 (1-23456)

A set that contains several plattforms to build stations.

Stationcover V2.1 PLUS by Moneyremco

A Station Cover set.

Safari by Lulujarre (cacheuxi)

Safari-themed animals to use in your Safari parks!

Safety Guide Set by 182470 (1-23456)

A series of generic safety signs for rides.

Safety Set by Haderlump

Police cars and fire trucks.

Salvia by n7 (n747)

4 Salvia plants.

Santa Claus (Weihnachtsmann) by Samplerocker & RCTchen

A CS set including 2 Santa's, a wooden train, 4 wrapped presents of different sizes, and a sack.

Saturn Wall by Eviron

A wall with a picture of the planet Saturn on it.

SAW by Archbak

The original Saw set, with familiar items and props from the movie series!

Saw HQ by Archbak

The sequel to the Saw set by Archbak, themed after the ride at Thorpe Park.

Saw Stuff by FunDMental

Objects and Ride Events from the movie "Saw".

SBC Redemption by MaxInfinity

Paris Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Scaffolding by StationJimJr

Recolourable wooden planks, decking, scaffolding and catwalks including numerous broken objects.

Scaffolding Old Wood Retexture by StationJimJr

Wooden planks, decking, scaffolding and catwalks including numerous broken objects. Re-textured version of StationJimJr's original Scaffolding Set.

ScareActors v.3 by Boston (theCurmudgeon)

Chainsaw wielding peeps, scary clowns, and zombies (CSO) in several different poses. Download also includes a clown head entrance, circus cages, and maze walls.

Scarecrows Set by Archbak

Hay bales and scarecrows for Autumn or spooky theme.

Scarefest 2012 by Project Towers

The 2012 edition of our Scarefest Custom Scenery!

Scary Faces by Adiel19

The scary faces are walls with scary textures that you can put to your parks to make them look better.

Schiffschaukel (Ship Swing) by Haderlump

Mini ship swings with peeps. (non functioning)

Schilderset (Signs Set v0.6) by Der Freak 00

Various signs for one's park including warning signs and ride height signs.

Schmalzkuchenbackerei (Cake Stall) by stephanbrunswik

Carnival cake stall.

Schokofruchte-Verkaufsstand (Chocolate Stand) by stephanbrunswik

Carnival chocolate stand.

School Set by Adam Gill (Adam 2000)

Create your own school room with this set. Items include brick walls, whiteboards, desks, chairs, and two types of path covers.

School Supplies (back to school) by Dkimber (Dkimber1974)

A few items including a desk and giant pencils.

Sci Fi Things by StationJimJr

A large and comprehensive set of objects to build your dream Sci-Fi park. Objects include aged metal walls, windows, arches, ceiling, floors, glass roofs, skylights, CS spacecraft, various machines and much more.

Sci-fi Theme by Weber

Version 1.1 Contains everything you need to create that perfect Sci-fi backdrop for your rides. You'll even find some familiar objects and textures in this set. Updated: 02/18/10

Sci-Fi Theme 2 by Weber

This is the sequel to Sci-Fi Theme One. It's features many new types of pieces. Some of these are pieces that "glow" day or night and some even resemble holograms. With this new set your sure to be able to create that perfect Sc-fi backdrop for your rides. Updated: 02/18/10

SciFi Set by Ralfvieh

Large set comprised of walls, roofs, cornices with pipes and stripes, different spaceships/UFO's, 2 entries, roof systems and other miscellaneous items.

Scooby Doo Set by Denny (osudenny)

The Scooby Doo Set features glass walls and character windows, restaurant equipment, a themed fountain, signs, billboards and more.

ScreamWorx v 1.0 by JCat

An enormous variety of gags, surprises, and creepy items for dark-rides.

Scrolling Signs by Denny (osudenny)

A set of scrolling signs in three different shapes.

Scrolling Signs 2 by Denny (osudenny)

More scrolling signs in several shapes and sizes, in including two spooky types.

Sculpture and Stage by elljhitch No Known Working Download!

Seat Railings by fechu

A collection of railings made of chain, wood, and steel. Some may be used as benches that the peeps will sit on.

Seats by KS Silver-Design

Ride test seats CS featuring three styles of seats: shoulder bar restraints, seat belts, and a log ride car. Some items recolorable.

Security Booth by Kryptakwanakunalite (Krypt)

A one-piece set that contains a security booth.

SeilbahnStation (Chairlift Station) by RCTchen No Known Working Download!

Chairlift Station

Sensors by Polytronics

A set of coaster sensors.

Sesame Street Game by zyned

A six piece set to build a Sesame Street themed funfair/midway game. The set features animated lights and "Oscars".

Sesselliftstation (Ski Lift Station) by Winjasfan

A Ski Lift Station set.

Sewer Set by Dark_side300

Sewer pipes designed to fit around rides.

Shack by PB&J

A detailed shanty shack including gutters and unique, extendable windows!

Shack Pack by Syztemlord

Rustic wooden set including inclined pieces to create lift hill covers.

Shake Wall Set by wabigbear (Wagi)

Wooden shake walls in several textures including inclined pieces.

Shark Head Piece by StationJimJr

A sharks head CS piece, useful as a themeing element for dive machines and drop coasters.

Shelterz Mania V1.1 by rctmaniac

Shipping containers and Trash Cans by Tiger

A set of Shipping containers and Trash Cans

Ships and Banners by StationJimJr

Set of ships, ship buiding pieces and banners. Recolorable.

Shooters CSO V1 by RCT3maniak

Create complex water shows with the mixmaster.

Shooting Gallery by Dkimber (Dkimber1974)

Firearms, targets, and other items useful for a shooting gallery attraction.

Shownight by Ynor9

Get your dancing shoes on, it's party time! Disco equipment, DJ decks and accessories, reach for the lasers!

SHR91 v. 1.0 by stuk71

Cover walkways and queue lines with these modern looking canopies - LCD Billboards will illuminate at night when the 'speaker' is attatched

Shrek Set by Denny (osudenny)

A building set featuring Shrek themed pieces.

Shrek's Swamp by RCT-Spanky

Shrek themed set including Shrek's treehouse, outhouse, signs and more.

shyguy's Planters 2 v1.3 by shyguy

New set of planters features stone path curbs and walls, fancy metal railings, modern and wooden planters, and more.

shyguy's Planters by shyguy

The first set to take your park paths completely off the grid.

Sign Set 1 by Denny (osudenny)

This set contains a variety of shop and restroom signs, plus lights.

Sign Set 2 by Denny (osudenny)

A wide variety of shop and attraction signs, including a large zoo entry sign with elephants.

Signs and Extras Set by Denny (osudenny)

A set of signs and billboards, including many themed items.

Signs and Lights Set by Denny (osudenny)

A set of lights and signs to enhance your parks. Also included are a bench, fountains, and a shelter.

Signs and Poles by AnubisLive

Recolorable set of small billboard signs in rectangular and arrow shapes. Set includes poles and a pole cap, and billboards in straight and diagonal positions.

Silent Hill Sign by B-A

Silent Hill sign with lights.

Silly Porky Letters by AzoRctMan25

A set of letters that change continuously change colors.

Silly Suspended Supports by KingVeveraine

Supports and footers for suspended coasters.

Silver Set Part 1 by John Oldman

Plenty of pieces to create buildings with silver textures.

Silver Set Part 2 by John Oldman

Another set featuring silver textures.

Silvertree Painted Billboards 1.0 (Barnstormer sign) by thornsilvertree No Known Working Download!

Simple Metal Cubes by elljhitch

Single Door Set by Denny (osudenny)

A set of single doors in many styles, including recolorable and stained glass.

Six Flags Magic Mountain Sky Tower by Mister Twister

A set containing pieces to build the Sky Tower from Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Six Flags Signs by StationJimJr

A set of logo signs for your Six Flags parks. The signs come in three sizes, both diagonal and straight.

Skate Park Set by yesnt

Objects to build a skateboard park.

Skull Scrolling Sign Set by Denny (osudenny)

some scrolling signs with skulls above them

Sky Fall Kirmesverkleidung by craschcool

Ride cover for the in-game Launched Drop Tower.

Sky Jets by RedOctoberRCT3

Set of various jetliners, both high and low poly models, skyway and a support vehicle.

Sky Tower Set by Mister Twister

This set includes two towers, Magic Mountain's Landmark Sky Tower & Elitch's Gardens Total Tower.

Sky Trip by crange97

Flat ride backdrop for the Tango CFR by CFH Rides.

Sky Wheel CSO by Thrillzone100

CSO for the Sky Wheel flat ride.

Skyride Covers by Safari J (Jasonnkloos)

Recolorable Skyride Support Skins.

Skyscrapers by SenorTwizzler

Three VERY tall skyscrapers.

SkyScrapers by ST

A set of 3 enormous skyscrapers in different shapes and textures.

Slate Roof Set by wabigbear (Wagi)

Curved roof set in a slate texture.

SliverSpace by Sliverfas

Set of space-themed objects perfect for indoor Space Mountain-type dark rides.

Small Crocodile by Dylan Prod

A small crocodile.

Small Rock Loudspeaker by sr3d

A nice rock speaker by sr3d for your parks!

Small Shop Pack by Denny (osudenny)

This set contains two ATMs, two custom stalls, and a path cover set.

Small Stuff by Alxou

Crates, sacks, and other small details.

Smallish's Corral by Smallish

Log fences and rails.

Smallish's Sip It! by Smallish

Drinking fountains and signs.

Smallish's Water Park Pieces by Smallish

Various items to decorate a water park.


A memorial honoring the creators of RCT3 custom scenery.

Smoke Machine by C1hrisin

A smoke machine with particles

Snack Machine by Coasterfreak900

A snack machine which can be set like a stall to sell the item of your choice.

Snack Machine by ivanjacob No Known Working Download!

Snailmale152's Odds & Ends v. 1 by snailmale152

Various upright and horizontal columns and bases in a stone pattern

Snailmale152's Odds & Ends v. 2 by snailmale152

Version 2 of a set of vertical and horizontal columns and bases in a stone pattern

Snailmale152's Pillers & floor covers by snailmale152

Third version of a set of vertical and horizontal columns in a stone texture

Snailmale152's Wood beams by snailmale152

Cave walls

Snow Roofing by StationJimJr

A versatile roof set in a snow texture with recolorable trims. The set features roofs in several heights and styles, and also includes dormers, chimneys, and spires.

Snow Tunnels by Coasterfreak

This snowy set of tunnels and supports will add some frosty fun to your tracked rides.

Snowset by Belgabor

An awesome snowset created by Belgabor for snowy scenes!

Soarin Epcot Sign by Imagineer Michael

A recreation of the sign for the Soarin attraction at Epcot.

Sodapopdude4's Tunnels V1.0 by sodapopdude4

Sodapopdude4's Turn Spike by sodapopdude4

Sound Machine by zyned

This set contains a ride platform, ticket booths, and animated lights designed to fit the Topscan CFR by CFH Rides.

Southwestern Cliff Walls by veryConfused (puzzled5543, Yoshi)

Set of reddish stone cliff walls in many different positions, Also included are several large flat stones topped with terrain texture.

Space Balloons 1 by slayer (Richtopia)

This is set one of five space balloons for you to enjoy in your space park.

Space Balloons 2 by slayer (Richtopia)

This is set two of five space balloons for you to enjoy in your space park.

Space Balloons 3 by slayer (Richtopia)

This is set three of five space balloons for you to enjoy in your space park.

Space Balloons 4 by slayer (Richtopia)

This is set four of five space balloons for you to enjoy in your space park.

Space Balloons 5 by slayer (Richtopia)

This is set five of five space balloons for you to enjoy in your space park.

Space Mountain 1977 by Mtxilay13

The original Disneyland Space Mountain circa 1977

Space Mountain 2005 Set by Mtxilay13

Objects for building Space Mountain, including dome, lift tunnels, and platforms.

Space Mountain Hanger Queue Set by KrakatoaCoo

A set to be used to recreat the Space Mountains queues.

Space Mountain Mission 2 by Scoaster

Objects for someone making a Space Mountain set

Space Mountain Mission 2 Indoor by stitch59650

Interior theming for DLP's Space Mountain ride

Space Mountain Paris by Mtxilay13

Tunnels, planets, and meteors for you Space Mountain interiors.

Space Mountain Tubes by Funtimes17

A set of three different tubes themed after the Space Mountain ride at Walt Disney World.

Space Mountain Tubes Beta by coaster-inc

Space Mountain Tubes Beta 2 by coaster-inc No Known Working Download!

Space Mountain: Ghost Galaxy Lifts by KrakatoaCoo

A set of lifts from the Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy recreation.

Space Port by Weber

Sci-fi themed set to create a space station.

Spaceship Earth by Albert Caine (Captain EO)

Spaceship Earth from Epcot.

SpaceVertigo Dach V2 by RCT RobDog

A cap for the Space Vertigo ride at Gardaland.

SpaceWorx v. 1.2 by JCat

Space themed goodies including star walls and Star Wars items

Spanish Tile Rooves by TNStickboy (tnstickboy70)

A nice spanish roofing set!

Spanky's Christmas World by RCT-Spanky

Some christmas related objects, including candy canes and snow covered trees.

Spanky's World (Custom Scenery Set) by RCT-Spanky

A few items to build an old german town and or bavarian / alpine village.

Speaker Rocks by Old-Spice

6 rocks in 2 different types for a total of 12 speaker* rocks. Now you can have decorative speakers* throughout your park! They are just speaker* rocks. I am not going to make 50 of them with 100 different positions because there speakers*, not ment for building caves and tunnels with. Just a decorative speaker* rock.

Speakers by Darkslade

A Speaker set found in Ride Events

Speakers Pack (Pack Enceintes) v. 0.5 by Battor77

Working speakers pack.

Speakybutton's Path Covers by Speakybutton No Known Working Download!

A small set of path covers.

Special Effects Set by Adam Gill (Adam 2000)

A set of stage equipment plus a scaffold and a truck. The download includes firework files for use with the pieces, see the readme for installation instructions.

Spectrum Set by buckwilde

A set of rainbow colored walls and path covers.

Speed Bump by Goliathdude (rct3m)

A simple speed bump.

Speed Bumps by GRP-Disneycoaster93

Speed bumps.

Speed X by Scoaster

Recreate some parts to a SPEED X TUBE

Speedjumper's Zaun (Speedjumper's Fence) by Speedjumper No Known Working Download!

Speedway Set by CompressedAir

a set which can be used to make a complete racing track

Spices Viking Ship by Old-Spice

A CS set that that contains a Viking Ship which rides can pass through the middle.

Spiders and Webs by Coasterfreak

A set of creepy spiders and webs in vertical and horizontal positions.

Spiegel 1.1 (Mirror 1.1) by Scoaster

2 mirrors

Spielplatz (Playground) by GreenTomTom

A CS set made to go with GTT's Spielplatz CFRs.

Spikes by Archbak

Animated spikes for darkrides or murdering peeps!

Spikey Walls by DasMatze

Recolorable walls with a faceted appearance.

SpinBack's Vending Machines v.2 by SpinBack

A set of vending machines.

Spinball Pinballs by wardy91 No Known Working Download!

Spirea by n7 (n747)

A set of spirea plants in several different varieties.

Splash Boat Terrain Covers by RCTchen

Grass covers for the rafts for the splash boats.

Splash Mountian by castmemberzack

A mountiain based off the Disneyland Resort Ride

Splash-Pad Set by IEI89

Contains Splash Cave, Splash Arch, Splash Poles 1&2, Pads-Bottom right, Bottom Left,Middle,Top Left, Top Right

Spook Lights by Coasterfreak

A spooky set of string lights in straight and diagonal positions. Styles include Frankenstein, ghost, witch, skull, and pumpkin, plus a light pole and 3-way recolorable light strings.

Spooky Inn by StationJimJr

An 80 piece, spooky expansion kit for Station Jim's Country Inn set. Includes broken walls and roofs, spires and more

Spooky Island by Kiotho

A Scooby Doo themed set created for the SSD15. Items include tribal masks, a mask arch, large bones, tomato plants, and Mystery Machine vans in several positions.

Spooky Shops by Zephon

Spookily themed shops and stalls!

Spooky Themed Walls by Coasterfreak

Walls of a terrifying nature

Spooky Time by Zephon

A set featuring a collection of walls and roofs, broken pieces, and blood-stained paths.

Spooky Time V2 by Zephon

A collection of objects that could be used to build spooky dark rides, includes torture devices, broken stairs, blood stains, walls, and more.

Spotlight Pack (Pack Projecteurs) by Battor77

Another spotlight pack for awesome and realistic concert stages, and of course, other reasons!

Spunky - Loudspeaker Rocks v1.1 by Spunkycomics

Rocks that double as loudspeakers.

Spunky's Mystery Mine by Spunkycomics

Objects to create a Mystery Mine dark ride.

sr3d & CPcisco's Coaster Expansion Sets: Steel Chaos by sr3d & Cpcisco

Various supports for roller coasters.

Sr3d's Landscaping and Mini Set by sr3d

Assorted items

SSD '14 (Team B) Set by CTRSind, PB&J, & Weber

A set created for the SSD14 entry by Team B. Items include a variety of barrels, crates, logs, cliffs and more.

SSD '14 (Team D) Sewers by Boston (theCurmudgeon)

A set created for the "Lake Town vs Dry Town" dark ride by Team D for the SSD '14.

SSD14 (Team D) by Boston and JRCH

A set created for SSD14s Team D entry. Items include paths, tunnels, signs, and dam walls.

SSD14 (Team D) More Dams by Boston (theCurmudgeon)

More scenery created by Team D for the SSD14.

SSD14 (Team D) Viking Pals by Boston (theCurmudgeon)

A set of viking and monster figures created by Boston for the 2014 Summer Showdown.

SSD14 (Team F) Set by Dutcher

A set created for Team Fs District 7 attraction in the Summer Showdown 2014. Items include ride targets, neon signs, and posters.

St. Patrick's Day Giant Clover Leaf by RCT-Spanky

Giant four-leafed clover in full and quarter tile positions.

Stage 42 by Mickadu66

Stage Light 2-D by hornedlizard

A stage light

Stage Lighting Mega Pack by Adam Gill (Adam 2000)

A set of stage lights to add realism to your park stages.

Stage Lighting Set V2 by Adam Gill (Adam 2000)

A set containing several types of realistic stage lights, plus trusses. The download includes lasers and light effects to use with the CS pieces.

Stage Lights Set by coasterman20076

StageLight Set by GRP-Disneycoaster93

Stage lights and supports.

Stained Glass Double Door Set by Denny (osudenny)

A set of stained glass double doors in 20 textures. Doors work well with Osudenny"s Stone Sets.

Stained Window Set by Denny (osudenny)

A large set of windows in many different stained glass textures.

Stair Billboard by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

A one-piece set that contains stairs with a billboard on it.

Stairs Set by Ckef (Ckef01)

Recolorable stair set in a brick texture with straight, diagonal and curved pieces.

Stairs v1.1 by Weber

Made to compliment my Path Enhancement set, this versatile set features many types of stairs that can be mixed and matched to your liking.

Stall and Shop Pack 6 by Denny (osudenny)

A set of shops and stalls for your peeps to enjoy, in a wide variety of styles and sizes.

Stall Cover Set by Coasterboy

A stall cover with various signs

Stall Coverings and Extras Set 3 by Denny (osudenny)

Stall covers and signs in many styles.

Stall Coverings and Things Set 2 by Denny (osudenny)

A set of stall covers in many styles and sizes, plus signs and lights.

Stall Pack by Denny (osudenny)

A set of eight stalls in different styles and textures, most with billboards.

Stall Pack 2 by

This set contains stalls in several different styles and textures, including pushcarts, generic and thatched roof versions.

Stall Pack 3 by Denny (osudenny)

A variety of working stalls in many styles, some recolorable.

Stall Pack 4 by Denny (osudenny)

More stalls to enhance your parks. This set includes working stalls in many styles and textures, some featuring lights and billboards.

Stall Pack 5 by Denny (osudenny)

A set of stalls and stall covers in several styles and textures.

Standard Billboards by briantjuh94

A set of 8 billboards which can be used as walls also.

Standl Set by kore1

Wooden stands suitable for custom stalls, in several different sizes.

Star Covered Catwalk Lift Piece by mattatt14

Star-covered catwalk piece for Space Mountain.

Star Park Cafe Entrance Set by Denny (osudenny)

This set contains park entrance and planter pieces.

Star Walls by Old-Spice

Some walls that have a star texture. Texture credit goes to 'Fisherman'.

Star Wars by Lulujarre (cacheuxi)

A nice Star Wars set by Lulujarre (cacheuxi) for Star Wars rides!

Star Wars Wall Set by Park Novice No Known Working Download!

Starbucks Stall And Benches by Krankin4 (K4C)

Set includes Starbucks stall with lit neon sign, working concrete bench and concrete round table with Starbucks umbrella.

Starbucks Stuff by Syztemlord

Use this set to make a Starbucks in your park!

Stargate Set by Old-Spice

Various Stargates from Sci-Fi shows.

Starspeeder1000 by basketbuddy101

Starspeeder 1000 for your space themed parks.

StarTrek Scenery - Cargo Room v. 1 by Groovdafied

Set themed to Star Trek.

Station Cover's 2 by OS7

A Station Cover set with 5 Themes. Bamboo,Beton,Gold,Slime,and UFO.

Station Covers by OS7

A set of Station overs in 5 themes, Adventure,Brick, Sci Fi,Spooky and Western.

Station Covers and More by Therideman11

A set of coaster extras including friction wheels in three positions, flat and sloped station covers, plus flat and sloped safety stripes.

Station Gates by Odys

A nice set of station gates for a roller coaster.

Station Gates Part 1 by coinich

Animated gates for ride stations.

Station Gates Part 2 by coinich

Animated gates for ride stations.

Station Jim's Bridge Things by StationJimJr

A small set of 3 bridges. Two are re-colorable.

Station Platform Set by Coasterfreak

Coaster station platforms and extras

Station Set by remii66

A variety of pieces to make your station complete

Station Set by Cmoney

A set of station covers with different textures.

Station Set V.2 by 182470 (1-23456)

A set that contains several plattforms to build stations.

Station Set v2 by Rct3Demo (Ardy)

Recolorable station building set.

Station Wheels by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

3 piece friction wheel set including single, double, and no wheel pieces. Recolorable.

StationJimJrs Gardening 2.5 by StationJimJr

A 58 piece set of trees, featuring a wide array of species and and a set of Circus Trees.

Stations Mini Set by IA (RCT3freak)

things that can be used to make station platforms

Statue Set 1 by Denny (osudenny)

A variety of concrete statues.

Statue Set 2 by Denny (osudenny)

A second set of statues.

Statues by Pat

A great jungle themed set.

Staudamm (Dam) by Christian S.

A 8H Dam for creating Lakes, with walkway across the top

Stealth Set by SPACEMTNMAN

An entrance wheel and launch lights for a recreation of stealth. Sit back, face forward hold on tight... 3, 2, 1, GO! GO! G-

Stealth Tire Entrance by Krankin4 (K4C)

A recreation of the entrance to Thorpe Park's Stealth Roller Coaster

Steam Engine by StationJimJr

CS set of a steam train features an Engine, Carriage, and Tender.

Steampunk Blimp by StationJimJr

Airship created for RCTAdam's Steampunk City. Includes blimp, net, and rotor pieces. The net will connect with the pirate ship from Station Jim Jr.'s Pirate Things.

Steel Chaos by Cpcisco

Expansion of Moby's Steel Jungle

Steel Coaster Tunnels - BETA by ImagineerTom

A straight steel coaster tunnel.

Steel Transfer Beams by Wayne2224 (2Wayne)

A set of Steel Beams and Footings, (Recolorable)

SteelWorx v. 1.2 by JCat

Supports, cat-walks, and other framing for roller coasters.

Steps 'N' rocks (with turnstile) by Usf geek

Set of rocks, some steps, and a turnstile.

Stone by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

Stone arch and wall.

Stone Creations Vol. 1 by Weber

Set of stones in a grey texture, many different sizes and types.

Stone Creations Vol. 2 by Weber

Rock set in a brown stone texture, including many sizes and types.

Stone Creations Vol. 3 by Weber

Set of various rocks in a rust colored stone texture.

Stone Fences by Denny (osudenny)

Stone fences in several textures, some with billboards or glass. Also includes stone posts.

Stone Park Wall Set by Denny (osudenny)

Park walls in several different stone and brick textures, plus recolorable versions. Also included are corner pieces and connecting pillars for the walls.

Stone Pathcovers by JR-Imagine (jordy_rym)

A collection of stone path covers.

Stone Set by RCT_Lego

Stone Set 1 by Denny (osudenny)

A large set of building items including walls, windows, sloped walls, windows, store front windows and more. Pieces come in various stone and brick textures.

Stone Set 1 Recolored by Denny (osudenny)

Recolorable versions of the items in Osudenny's Stone Set 1. This set also includes windowed room dividers.

Stone Signs And Litter Bins by Denny (osudenny)

A large set of litter bins and scrolling signs. Litter bins come with many logos such as 7-Up, Coke, Batman, etc. Scrolling signs come in several different textures, some recolorable.

Stone Wall Set by Denny (osudenny)

A stone building set, also featuring tile roofs, marble counters, and a fancy door.

Stonewalls by macer

With this set you can build the (brick) stone walls from RCT2 in RCT3.

Store Front Neons Set by Denny (osudenny)

A selection of neon signs to enhance your restaurants and food stands. Signs include pizza, fries, burgers, ice cream, subs and more.

Storeworks by Funtimes17

A five piece set of wooden store shelves. The set includes straight, island, and round shelf units, plus a tile floor piece.

Stormrunner Must Haves by Skiboy247

Some addons to place on your stormrunners

Stratosphere Tower by sober_penguin

Model of the Stratosphere Tower as custom scenery

Street and Path by Weber

A set of path covers in eight textures.

Street Set 3 by Schulzi

A road building set including lights, signs, road pieces, barricades, sidewalks and more.

Street Way by qss5188 (MGJ)

A set for creating streets and parking lots. Items include asphalt roadway, street lines, curbs, stoplights and more. Some items recolorable.

Street Way 2 by qss5188 (MGJ)

Add on to MGJ's Street Way. Even more objects to build your streets and parking lots, including speed bumps and signs, plus many sloped and diagonal items.

Street Way 3 by qss5188 (MGJ)

A set that contains safety barriers, streets/roads, supports, and pathways to create a street or road. An add on to MGJ's Street Way 1 & 2.

Streets by Ralfvieh

Path extras featuring functional benches and bins

Streets of Frontierland by pierre-louis (thiery)

New version of CSO Frontierland Disneyland Paris with 63 objects. Table, chair, bench, stool, lamp, post lamp, barrel, customizable panel ...and some interactive objects with peeps. Find decorative elements inspired by Frontierland.

Stressed Out West I by ParkFink

A large Western themed set in an aged wood texture. Most items are recolorable, and a diagonal set is included as well.

Stressed Out West II by ParkFink

A large and versatile Western themed set in an aged wood texture. The set is compatible with Stressed Out West, and features many recolorable pieces and a complete diagonal set. Items include cornices, walls, wall decor, doors, crates, windows, posts, signs, railings, and walkways.

Stringlight (XPAG Stringlight) by Rollerbote (Rollermessenger)

Strobes & Lights 2 by Cap'n Pogo

Lights that can fade, change colors, and flash.

Stucco & Brick Walls (Unfinished) by The_Cook

Stucco Set 1 by Denny (osudenny)

A building set featuring fancy doors, tile roofs, windows, stalls, and stucco walls.

Stucco Set 1 & 2 Expansions by Denny (osudenny)

A set of doorways in several stucco textures, made to be used with Stucco Sets 1 & 2.

Stucco Set 2 2011 by Denny (osudenny)

A stucco textured building set featuring walls, windows, stalls, and fancy doors.

Studio Walls by L-33

This set is for creating ride buildings, based on the one's found at Universal Orlando. There's 4 different interior styles, concrete, wood, stucco (cream) and pitch black for creating dark rides.

Sultan's Palace Expansions V1.1 by veryConfused (puzzled5543, Yoshi)

A user-created expansion to expand the in-game Sultan's Palace object set.

Sun Ridge Set 1 by veryConfused (puzzled5543, Yoshi)

Many building items to add to the inside of your shop or home

Super Hero Set by Denny (osudenny)

A super hero themed set containing many themed building pieces and path extras.

Superheroes Scenery Pack by drucifer67

Signs and icons with a superhero motif.

Superman Braces and Tunnels by xIWillDestroYouAllx (IWillDestroYou, xIWDYAx)

A small set that contains Superman/Bizarro-themed braces and tunnels for roller coasters.

Superman Ride Logo v0.1 by Bridgepiece

A large Superman Logo to place near the ride.

Superman Ride Logo v0.2 by Bridgepiece

The second beta version of the first one created by Bridgepiece, this Superman logo will sure compliment your Superman rides!

Superman Wall Set by Park Novice No Known Working Download!

Surf Up Refreshment Set by Denny (osudenny)

An aquatic themed cafe building set, including wave-shaped entry pieces, fish lights, path covers, and more.

Swamped 2016! by Kiotho

Create a swamp for your park with this versatile set. Includes walkways, lights, many types of vines, grass and more.

Swirly Tubes by JCRise

Six swirly tubes.

Swiss Flag by Der Freak 00

A swiss flag that can be mounted on a wall.

Swizz It! by DasMatze

An elaborate set of walls and roofs having a log cabin/alpine appearance.

Swizz It! 2012 by DasMatze

Updated version if the original Swizz It! set. Updated again in 2013 to include new roof pieces.

Swords by Brisingr Productions & Coasterfreak53

Large straight and diagonal swords featuring recolorable, glowing orbs in the handle.


Treppe (Stairs) by snacker

T4L - Billboards by T4L (tycoon4life)

A nice billboard set to compliment your park.

T4L - Counters and More by T4L (tycoon4life)

T4L - Death Ride Events by T4L (tycoon4life)

Animated Ride Events featuring killing devices for use in dark rides.

T4L - Death Ride Events V2 by T4L (tycoon4life)

More animated killing device Ride Events for dark rides.

T4L - Fences and More by T4L (tycoon4life)

T4L - Lamps and More by T4L (tycoon4life)

T4L - Paths and More by T4L (tycoon4life)

T4L - Rocks and More by T4L (tycoon4life)

Table by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

A recolorable table.

Taco Cafe Set by Denny (osudenny)

A set to build a taco cafe for your peeps. Includes stone and tile entry pieces, tile roofs, counters, walls, and path covers.

Talocan Phantasialand by Pearman

A modular building set to recreate the Talocan building, from the Phantasialand theme park in Germany.

Talocan V1.0 by Pearman

Ride cover for Talocan CFR by Menno_.

Tanagram Gardens by Moki

Tardis Set by B2tfking

The Tardis from the Dr. Who series. Includes lit, unlit, and crashed versions.

Tarzan by Samplerocker

An animated Tarzan swinging on a vine.

TDD Fencing by Iamok

A fence with an appearance similar to that of security fences.

TDG Coaster Signs by The Drum Guy

A sign set featuring the logos of 12 popular coasters.

Tea Cup Accessories by Jonnyears

Set of add-on pieces for the Tea Cups CFR.

Techno Power by CoasterGirl

Ride backdrop to fit CFRs "Superstar" from VTR or the "Rocket" from Advanced.

Temple of the Ular Berbisa by Pat

Large, versatile set for your temple making needs.

Temple of Torment by Boston (theCurmudgeon)

Temple of Torment scenery created by Boston for making temples/ruins!

Temple of Torment 2 by Boston (theCurmudgeon)

Making temples is now even easier! Temple of Torment is here with new textures!

Temporary Road Signs by GRP-Disneycoaster93

Billboard signs and traffic cones.

Terra Temple by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

Recreate an ancient temple with this nice set. Perfect for dark rides!

Terra Vines by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

A set of vines made to compliment MPGs Temple set.

Terracovers by Brisingr Productions & Superlegochannel

Set with stairs and ramp, used with in-game ground textures.

Terrain Block Half by Kryptakwanakunalite (Krypt)

A nice half of a terrain block to fit in those tiny spaces where you'd need one!

Terrain Corner Fillers & More - Beta by coinich

A set designed to "round out" the terrain when building underground.

TerrainStuff by LittleMac

Tesco Set by Jonnyears

Test Track by Pate

The set contains 77 pieces including the track covers for the exterior loop, which are to be used with Loubauder's Test Track CTR with the vehicle positioning set to terrain level. Also there are crash test dummies, road signs and other test-ish gadgets

TexMod Ground Textures v1.0 by Old-Spice

Included in the download are 2 .tpf files; Extras.tpf and Ground.tpf. These are files used by the "TexMod" program and injects the textures directly into the game without changing any game files.

Th13teen Podiums by Project Towers

Podiums based off the ones on the Th13teen ride at Alton Towers.

The Asylum by Archbak

A large set of gruesome asylum and morgue items to enhance your horror themed rides.

The Dancing Shoes (Dansende rode schoentjes) by Patrick DVZ (Patrick)

It's a remake of the dancing shoes of the Efteling.

The Drum Guy's Box Set by The Drum Guy No Known Working Download!

So far, this only contains four pieces: Brick Box Concrete Box Metal Box Stone Box

The Fear of RCT3 Set by stu-2693 (Doughnuts)

Scenery objects with a created for a James Bond-like spy video. Contains a Hovercraft, Clone Tube, Blaster, and other futuristic gadgets.

The Haunted Mansion (sets 1 to 4) by Disfan1

Many items useful for a spooky theme or Haunted Mansion recreation including wallpaper walls, portraits, ghosts, and tombstones.

The Haunted Mansion (WDW Orlando) by eeZee

Pieces for building the facade to the Haunted Mansion ride at Walt Disney World including diagonal and straight brick walls, metal roofs, and windows with an illumination effect.

The Haunted Mansion (WDW Orlando) - Path Covers by eeZee

Path covers for eeZee's Haunted Mansion set.

The King - Verkleidung by crange97

Ride backdrop for the Loop Fighter CFR.

The Lost Cities: Easter Island Set (Rustic Objects) by veryConfused (puzzled5543, Yoshi)

Many of these objects match those found in the Catfish Cove set by shyguy

The Muppet Set by Denny (osudenny)

A building set themed after the Muppets. The set includes standard building pieces plus fountains, billboards, restaurant equipment,and more.

The Partners Statue by Kerlwis

A recreation of the Disneyland "Partners" statue featuring Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse. The set includes a base with inscription, and statues of Disney, Micky, and Oswald.

The Real Nessy by LeNoir

CS set to theme ImagineerJohn's Pirate Ship.

The Ring Theme by PhiWie

A TV and a wall for 'The Ring'.

The Sword in the Stone v. 1.1 by Bridgepiece

The updated version of Bridgepiece's Sword in the Stone. Beautiful for medieval themes!

The Vodhin Community Theme Park Set by Remarkable No Known Working Download!

This set is part of a park download.

Theater Marquee Set by Coasterfreak

Recolorable theater marquee set with animated lights. Set includes walls, billboards, lights and doors.

Theater Marquee Set V2 by Coasterfreak

Marquee set featuring many curved straight, and diagonal pieces, all with recolorable lights.

Theater Marquees by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

Some recolorable theater marquees to add to your cinemas.

Theme Park Goodies by Albert Caine (Captain EO)

Sky Tower

Theme Park Stuff by briantjuh94

A small collection of useful items including barrel trash bins, crates, and a large glassy diamond.

Thi3teen by Archbak

Demons and statues from Alton Towers Thi3teen ride

Thorpe Park Entrance by StationJimJr

Thorpe Park entrance.

Thorpe Park Rush Entrance by Darkslade

Entrance signs for the Rush ride at Thorpe Park.

ThorpeParkV1.3 by Archbak

A set designed to recreate the Thorpe Park entrance plaza, including the park's signature coaster track entry piece.

Thunder Bobs Kirmes Verkleidung by CoasterGirl

Ride cover for the Thunder Bobs ride.

Thunderbirds (SR4THUNDERBIRDS v1.0) by StarRanger4

Set based on the Thunderbirds television program

ticket booth by JR-Imagine (jordy_rym)

a few building pieces

Ticket Window ATM & Vendor Windows by Denny (osudenny)

Large set of ticket windows, ATM walls, and vendor windows in a variety of stone textures, many of which are recolorable.

Tidus Wall Set by Park Novice

A set of creepy billboards.

Tiki Bar by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

Tiki themed set including supports, doorway and tiki. Recolorable.

Tiki Shack Set by Denny (osudenny)

A Tiki themed set with plenty of extras, including signs, fence, a stage, counters, and Tiki bar.

TikiJungle by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

Fences, bushes, tree trunks, path covers for a Tiki style jungle.

Tile Fountains by Elizabeth

A small set of tiled fountains in several shapes and sizes. Also included are benches in straight and diagonal positions.

Tiled Paths by Rct3Demo (Ardy)

A small set of tiled path covers.

Tilted Crocodile by Dylan Prod

A large crocodile in a tilted position.

Time For Dinner by jhnshm

Table settings and decor for restaurants. Designed to work best with shyguy's Main Street 7 set.

Titanic Set by yesmydear

Scenery set created for the Titanic video by birou006

TM's Factory Set by Themepark Master

Create your own factory building.

TMG CanalBoat Set by wabigbear (Wagi)

This set is made up of objects representing the type of canal boats used in New England early in the 1800's and the canals they traveled. Included are four different boat type, as well as a set of canal walls meant to mimic the towpaths used by horse to pull the boats upstream. These include straights, curves, stations and flanking paths to take the towpath up and over the station. There are also several types of ivy that fit over the walls, as well as matching path covers. Included is a stationary, non-functioning canal lock gate, used where locks raise and lowered the canalboat. There is a matching ride event gate available in another set. A matching Canal Boat ride created by ImagineerJohn is also available. Created for Citytrader's DisneyAmerica Park.

TMG Colonial Tower Set by wabigbear (Wagi)

Created for Citytrader's DisneyAmerica Park, this set contains objects themed to colonial America. Included are a number of Colonial tower toppers in various placements, sizes, and with differing details. Also included is an entrance gate for DisneyAmerica park, a DA logo sign, several American flags, bales of 'cotton, assorted DA banners, a decorative arch piece, architectural trims, and a herringbone path cover set.

TMG Expo Park Set by wabigbear (Wagi)

Expo themed set with many signs, ticket booth, path cover, a huge "tree of life" and more.

TMG Expo South America Set by wabigbear (Wagi)

Large and varied set in a South American theme, including signs, walls and roofs in several different styles and textures, murals, baconies, treelines and many more items.

TMG Odds N Ends by wabigbear (Wagi)

Various objects, including lighted gypsy wagons, gypsy tents, gates, tea crates,clock face, billboard banners and more.

TNS Garden Walls by TNStickboy (tnstickboy70)

Awesome garden walls to use to make barriers around your paths!

TNS Sit-On-It by TNStickboy (tnstickboy70)

Allows peeps to sit on the TNS Garden Walls set.

TNS Walls by TNStickboy (tnstickboy70)

Stone walls great for making bases of buildings includes diagonals, half walls, half diagonal walls, quarter walls, and quarter diagonal walls.

TNS Windows by TNStickboy (tnstickboy70)

A set that contains windows similar to those found on concrete apartment buildings.

TNS-Pool Path-Terrain by TNStickboy (tnstickboy70)

Cover that ugly in game pool path with these terrain-colored pool path covers!

TNS-Pools-Terrain by TNStickboy (tnstickboy70)

Pool covers to cover the ugly pool texture!

TNS-Rockets V.1 by TNStickboy (tnstickboy70)

You can build rockets with these pieces!

Tobbogan Kit by DasMatze

Covers for the alpine coaster track.

Toilet Articles by fechu

A set of objects to create restroom interiors.

Tomb Raider Set by ZigZou

An adventure set themed to Tomb Raider. Items include temples, bridges, a mural, and a Lara Croft figure.

Tomes Africa by StationJimJr

An array of items on an African tip.

Tomorrowland Objects 1 by Xtian

A recolorable set of objects and building pieces inspired by Disney's Tomorrowland/Discoveryland in the California, Florida, and Paris parks.

Tomorrowland Set by MattCollins

Inspired by Disney's Tomorrowland, the set contains a variety of streamlined, futuristic-style building and decor pieces. Most items are recolorable, and some feature recolorable neon lights as well.

Tomorrowland Sign by mattatt14

Tomorrowland Sign.

Tomorrowland Stage V2 by Adam Gill (Adam 2000)

A futuristic themed stage.

Tomorrowland WDW Path Set by ImagineerTom

A small set that contains Tomorrowland WDW themed benches and path walls.

Tony Hawk's Big Spin Set by Pikapower

A set of Tony Hawk's Big Spin logos and icons.

Toofpikk's Greek Stuff by Callum

A small set of ancient Greece themed pieces in an aged marble texture.

Toofpikks Lego by StationJimJr

Let your inner kid come out again! Recolorable Lego bricks and signs in various positions. Very versitile

Toons by Lulujarre (cacheuxi)

Simpsons and Smurfs figurines to use in your parks!

ToonTown Crane by crange97

Classic funfair crane games with a ToonTown theme.

Top Gun Theme Pack by drucifer67

Building pieces for a hangar and other objects including jets.

Top Thrill Dragster by wouty157

Station custom scenery piece

Top Thrill Dragster Set by Coasterfreak

Everything you'll need to make a station for your racing attraction, including station pieces, asphalt, flags, starter signs, and billboards.

Topper Greifer by nevs

Funfair game stall.

Torii Gate by Remarkable

Re-colorable Torii Gate.

Tower by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

Set containing tower with billboard, large branches, and wooden platforms. Recolorable.

Tower Crane by disneyworld

A crane for construction pictures.

Tower of Terror by Disfan1

A few items useful for a Tower of Terror recreation like creepy elevator doors. Other items such as a fireplace and bookshelves that can add charm to any indoor scene.

Tower of Terror by Beefstu

This is a single piece facade for making Tower of Terror Disneyland

Tower of Terror by iEddiez

Includes various pieces of animated and non-animated scenery. Animated scenery by Cotda.

Tower of Terror Hotel Sign by marnetmar

As seen in Fisherman's "Tower of Terror" rct3 video

Tower Supports by _Brandon_

Supports for vertical lift hills. Made especially for Eurofighters. Contains footers, tower sections and track connectors.

Town Set (Beta Version) by K2K26

A 7 piece CS set of BUildings. 1 "Skyscraper" tower, 3 Office/Condo Buildings and 3 Condo/ Apartment type Buildings.

Toy Blocks by Mr.Me101

Recolorable cubes similar to toy blocks.

Toy Set by coasterman20076

Toy Story - Smash It! by Stummel89

Toy Story themed game booth.

Toy Story Playland Totem by Jenova

"Totem Pole" style sign created of blocks spelling Playland. A separate Toy Story sign may be placed on top part of the totem.

tpn's Diagonal Bedrock Wall by Themeparknerd

Track 11 Edits Expansion Set by Samplerocker

Track expansion set for Track 11 Looping Coaster.

Track Beds by The_Cook

Track beds for your railroads.

Traditional Roofs by Weber

Recolorable roof set with many sizes and diagonal pieces. Made to work with Shyguy's Catfish Cove set and Weber's Rustic Walls.

Traffic Light Set by GRP-Disneycoaster93

A large set of traffic lights.

Train Bridge Set 1 by Jmbekrub

A bridge set for trains.

Transformer Verkleidung by CoasterGirl

Ride backdrop for the Top Star flat ride.

Transformers1 Allspark by Samplerocker

Huge metallic cube from the Transformers.

Trapezoid Hotel by hornedlizard

The Trapezoid Hotel

Trash Bins v1.1 by CoasterJoe

A set of four working trash bins.

Trash Can Set by Techno_Dude

Set of trash bins in different styles, some with billboards.

Tree Expantion by Old-Spice

A boatload of trees.

Tree Lines by Old-Spice

Backdrops of trees. Regular and Fall colors.

Trees 'N Plants by Old-Spice

Set of diverse trees and plants, including palms, fern, grass, pine and more.

Trees and Shrubs by Pajpaj

just a few trees and shrubs to make your park environmentally friendly

Trees Mega Pack by Weber

Various trees and plants including palms, bamboo, and more.

Trees [New] by Old-Spice

Some more trees completely different to the old version as they are all in new styles

Triggered Particle Effects Set by DasMatze

A set of particle effects designed to work as ride events, including water splash, explosions, and smoke effects.

Tripod by Nike Dorchain

A Martian Tripod from War of the Worlds.

Triton by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

Triton sign.

Trolley Track by JMAinAZ

Track covers for Revolutionary Rides Classic Trams. Recolorable.

Tropical Pack by Denny (osudenny)

A set of tropical themed items, including firepits, fountains, shelters, and stalls.

Tropical Stalls by JR-Imagine (jordy_rym) No Known Working Download!

2 Custom Tropical Stalls.

Tropical Trees by Pajpaj

A set of mostly tropical trees such as palms and bushes, but also lilacs, oaks, and cherry trees.

Tropical Trees 1 (Palm Trees v1) by Old-Spice

5 different palm trees, 2 palm groups, bush's, and 1/4 sq versions as well.

Tropical Trees 2 (Palm Trees v2) by Old-Spice

A bunch of high quality palm trees.

Tropical Trees v2 by Old-Spice

Updated version of Old-Spice's Tropical Trees set featuring new and improved textures as well as more trees and plants.

Truss Set by Adam Gill (Adam 2000)

A stage equipment set featuring lights, speakers, and truss supports.

Tube end walls set (Tube Wall Ends) by rrobnett

Although this set is contained in Tube Wall Ends update, its pieces have a slightly different mesh and texture than their equivalent in the updated set, that some may prefer in a given park, so it is also listed here. Besides, both sets can be loaded in the same game.

Tube Wall Ends update by rrobnett

Although this set contain all pieces found in Tube end walls set (Tube Wall Ends), the equivalent pieces have a slightly different mesh and texture, so they are not identical; some people may prefer the pieces found in the old version at a given time. Besides, both sets can be loaded in the same game, so both are listed here.

Tubes v.1.0 by RCT3robin

Tunnels by miku12 No Known Working Download!

Turmuhr (Clock) by Eviron

A wall with a clock on it.

Turning Doors by errt

Animated rotating doors.

Turnstyles by SPACEMTNMAN No Known Working Download!

Small set of turnstiles.

Turnstyles by JackyX

Park entry turnstyles in a few offsets.

Twilight Zone Tower of Terror by Zargorde

Detailed facade of Disney's Tower of Terror attraction.

Twist N Splash by Cinipaes

Watery version of a spinning teacups type ride. Includes CS set.


U.S. Western Adds by Samplerocker

A diverse set of western items including wagons, terrain pieces, roofs, signs, western peeps and an animated waterwheel.

UCEP - Art Deco by Advanced-Rides

Huge set of art deco objects and walls. All objects are yellow with recolorable accents.

UCEP - Art Deco II by Advanced-Rides

A second art deco set to compliment UCEP - Art Deco (1).

UCEP - Park Accessories by Advanced-Rides

Large set comprised of various walls, roofs, trees, path covers, and other assorted objects.

UCEP - Super Mario World by Advanced-Rides

Large set of Super Mario Brothers objects.

UCEP - Wildlife by Advanced-Rides

Africa-themed set for making zoos.

UCEP Gift by Denny (osudenny)

A set that contains walls, stands, and roofs to make buildings.

UCEP SeaWorld Building Set by Denny (osudenny)

A set containing walls, awnings, buildings, floors, signs, doors, and stands to create buildings in a SeaWorld style.

UFO by RCTchen

Items to create a beautiful UFO in your RCT3 game!

Ultimate Adventure Set by Weber

Create a ruined environment with this set containing walls, floors, torches, columns and more.

Ultimate Rides - Broken by KingVeveraine

A mini set of non animated flat rides.

Ultimate Rides S&S Screamin' Swing by KingVeveraine

A giant swing ride object, recolorable.

Ultimate Traffic - BETA by KingVeveraine

Street elements such as traffic lights, speed bumps, bus shelters, etc.

Uncle Sample's Cornfield by Samplerocker

A small set of corn plants, hay bales, and a scarecrow.

Uncle Sample's Western City Edits by Samplerocker

A set of walls, roofs, and posts created to match the in-game Western Town Walls set.

Universal Hotel Port by Adam Gill (Adam 2000)

A large hotel building modeled on the Universal Hotel Port in Osaka, Japan.

Universal Studios Florida Arch by Albert Caine (Captain EO)

A recreation of the entrance arch from Universal Studios Florida. Also included is a generic version with no logo.

Universal Studios Orlando 2.0 Pack 1 by djfriktion (Junior026)

Universal Studios set pieces and facades.

Universal Ticket Booth by CoasterGirl

A set of 3 Ticket Booths.

Universal Trams by Adam Gill (Adam 2000)

A set of trams inspired by those in Universal Studios Hollywood.

Universal Twister Set by Adam Gill (Adam 2000)

A set based on the Twister-Ride It Out attraction at Universal Studios in Florida. Includes component pieces and a completed scene.

Unsichtbare Wände (Transparent Laser Wall) by Feuer-Link

This is a fully transparent wall that can be used to project laser shows on to. It has a shadow, so it is somehwat easy to delete.

UOR Anniversary Pack by pitchounais

Special anniversary set in honor of the "Universe of RCT" site.

Urban Backstreets 2.5 by Adam_Thorpe No Known Working Download!

Decorations for your urban theme.

US Animation Rocks V1 by Samplerocker

Animated, falling boulders & cave-like tunnels.

US Street Pack by Humbucker

A set that contains sidewalks for streets.

USExplosive CTR Edits by Samplerocker

Set of terrain formations designed to support Dive Coasters, specifically the DynamitE CTR.

USF Arch by Usf geek

Universal studios Florida Arch.

USH Entrance by Humbucker

A entrance that resembles USHs.

Utilities Set by Old-Spice

A great set for sprucing up back lot areas, and buildings.

Utilities V1.3 by DasMatze

This set contains many of the useful objects spread amongst Dasmatze's sets including an invisible entrance and loudspeaker, peep generator, footers, billboard flags, terrain path cover, and a measuring tool for custom scenery creation.


VerkehrsschilderSet. v.1 by Kamilek

Large set of street signs.

VanHelsing's Factory Stuff by Samplerocker

Objects to build a scapyard. (with a Van Helsing theme)

Vegetation Set by Old-Spice

A set containing some plants, vines and more.

Venturer X-14 by LeNoir

CS to theme the Motion Simulator by Doughnuts and Jonnyears.

Verkehrsschilder (Signs) by Mr Jobsworth

Verlock by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

Worn metal set including doorway, walls, glass tube and more.

Verschiedene Objekte (Some Objects - Different Objects) - v. 2.2 by Der Freak 00

Tunnels in a few different textures including a glass version and shop items.

Vertical Flying Saucer by Dylan Prod

A flying saucer CS piece in a rusty metal texture,

Vertical Supports by Parallax (Brandon)

a few pecies that could be used to make a tower

Vespa Set by Adam Gill (Adam 2000)

A set of Vespa scooters. The Vespas come in four colors, in both straight in diagonal positions.

Vikings 1 by StationJimJr

Wooden walls, a thatched roof and decorations of a Viking nature

Vikings 2 by StationJimJr

Sequel set with a wealthier Viking flavour than the first

Vikings 3 by StationJimJr

Completes the trilogy with items of general Viking clutter!

VIne Set by Rct3Mike

A vine set consisting of eight vines. Three vines in diagnal and the same for the regular ones. Also included are two thorn vines in a stalagmite and stalacite positions.

Vines by The_Cook

Vine set designed to work with The_Cook's Vaulting sets.

Vines&Walls by JR-Imagine (jordy_rym)

vines that will fit well onto walls so that they look more natural

Vintage Set by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

Set for building a vintage firehouse or train depot.

Vliegende Hollander Projectie (Flying Dutchman Projection) by Joey

This set contains the projection of the Flying Dutchman and a number of loose waterfalls that are specifically tailored for the projection but can be used for other purposes.

VMK Set 1.0 by MonorailBlue

A small set that contains items that are themed from the Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK) game. Contains benches, posts, shops, an ATM, signs, etc.

Vodhin's Arboretum Set by Vodhin

A bunch of path covers and walls to make an Arboretum

Vodhin's Bench Kit v1.0 by Vodhin

Various styles of benches with multiple positions

Vodhin's Cafe Kit V.2 by Vodhin

Variety of cafe/coffeshop/restaurant and related objects

Vodhin's Ghoolish Goodies by Vodhin

animated and static ghosts and ghouls

Vodhin's Girders 'n Glass by Vodhin

This is a set of structural supports and various iron girders and beams for use in your RCT3 parks. There are also a number of Glass Walls and roofs that are framed in the same texture style and should match up nicely with existing RCT3 sets as well as the iron girders and beams.

Vodhin's Gizmos updated by Vodhin

Assorted animated and static objects themed to coasters, traffic or railroads

Vodhin's Ironwork Trellis Set by Vodhin

Created: 09/15/06. A set of iron work trellis pieces for that New Orleans look in your park.

Vodhin's Lighting Kit 2008 by Vodhin

Variety of lighting styles.

Vodhin's Lighting Kit V2 by Vodhin

This is a set of various lamp fixtures that you can place around your park.

Vodhin's Mill Set by Vodhin

A new set for building a water driven mill, complete with moving water and a rotating water wheel (using animated textures).

Vodhin's Mt Snow 1958 Set by Vodhin

Pieces to make a vintage ski lift.

Vodhin's Neon Tribute by Vodhin

Neon signs that include tributes to Community members

Vodhin's Northern Lights by Vodhin

Winter themed including Holiday decorations

Vodhin's Ride Operators (Generic Entrance & Exit) by Vodhin

Replacement ride entrances and exits

Vodhin's SkyWay Kit v1 by Vodhin

Animated Custom Scenery - not a working ride

Vodhin's Strip Lights by Vodhin

animated light strips, coaster lights, poster frames and theatre marquee

Vodhin's The Emerald City Of OZ by Vodhin

Themed to the Emerald City from the Wizard of Oz

Vodhin's The Emerald City Of OZ - Special Edition by Vodhin

Themed to the Emerald City of the Wizard of Oz

Vodhin's Utility Poles v.1 (DEMO) by Vodhin

Vodhin's Vermont Scenery by Vodhin

This is a set of walls and roofs for log cabin and "board and batton" style buildings. There is also a covered bridge kit, and limited snow cover for some pieces.

Vogelrock lampen by Rick

A flashing ride event lamp useful in recreating the Efteling in RCT3!

Vogelrok by BN

A single piece set containing a detailed reconstruction of the Vogelrok situated in Efteling Park at the entrance of their Vekoma coaster.

Volare-Wave Swinger by crange97

A CS set made for the Wave Swinger CFR by Adrenaline Rides, containing a backdrop and ride extras.


Wildwasser2 Schild by sio1

Illuminated version of the sign found in Wildwasser CSO Set 2.

Wagi's Dark Thatch Roof Set by wabigbear (Wagi)

Dark thatched roof set

Wagon de Mine by sirorco

Mine themed CS set with track pieces, locomotives, wagons, tnt boxes, and ore textured wagon covers in different varieties.


A large series of "Hollywood Star" style path decals honoring a number of RCT3 Community members for their contributions.

Walk Of Fame Stars by LittleMac No Known Working Download!

Wall Blast Brick V1.1 by Shevek

A large Brick Wall set with many Round Walls and Overhangs. Many pieces are Recolorable.

Wall Blast Stucco V1.1 by Shevek

A large Stucco Wall set. Many Rounded Pieces and Overhangs, with many being Recolorable.

Wall Railings by disneyparkfreak

A small set that contains various wall railings.

Wall Set by 741852963951753 (GraphicShadow, -GS-)

Metalic wall set and a rocket.

Wall Set - Granite (Granit Walls Set) by eeZee

A set of granite walls.

Wall-E to put in Box by Dylan Prod

A CS piece modeled after the movie robot.

Wallpaper Set (beta) by IU

A recolorable wallpaper set in 4 textures. Included are straight, half, diagonal, and offset pieces in each texture.

Wallpaper! by Citytrader

A set of wallpaper veneers to dress up your walls, in four different textures: Haunted Mansion, stripes, recolorable fishscale, and Victorian floral. A set of recolorable molding pieces completes the set.

Walls by Remarkable

A set of 1 high crenellated walls in a stone texture.

Walls and ceilings (Ceiling set) V1.1 by snailmale152 No Known Working Download!

Ceilings and walls

Walls and Edges by Dutcher

A set containing a huge load of walls. Curved walls in both full, half and diagonal and inclined parts. Also has normal inclined pieces including conforming. Moreover there are top-mid and bottom parts to allow more versatility on the height level. Comes with a total of 4 different types.

Walls N' Stuff by Old-Spice

Some basic walls and floors

Walls/Floors for Splash Battle by Dj Dance

Here you will find a high wall in the 1H and diagonal arc. And a full tile flooring, a large 2x2 floor and the matching bottoms for the curve and the diagonal in blue

Walt Disney World Mini Set by MonorailBlue

Walt Disney World street entrance and Mickey Mouse cut-out.

War Frigates by FallingDown

Two full sized frigates

War of the Worlds by Nike Dorchain No Known Working Download!

Wardy by Park Novice

A wall with a Sunset Lake logo. Author: Park Novice

Warehouse/Factory Set by xIWillDestroYouAllx (IWillDestroYou, xIWDYAx)

A nice factory set with a lot of pieces to build the perfect factory!

Warner Bros. Pictures Wasserturm by desperate

Water tower.

Warner Brothers Studio Set by ifred

Various pieces useful for clean, almost retro buildings. The set also includes pieces for a theater marquee.

Warp Portal (Warp Gate) by Liam-Blackwolf (Liam Nigél)

Amazing warp portals to use in sci-fi rides!

Warp Wall Set by Liam-Blackwolf (Liam Nigél)

Washington Monument by 05marshallol No Known Working Download!

Washington Monument.

Washout by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

A whitewashed set of wooden coaster supports.

Wasserbahnverkleidung by Caederus

An assortment of flume covers

Water Fun Pack by yesnt

Set of extra objects for your swimming pools.

Water Lilies by n7 (n747)

A set that contains many varieties of water lilies and water flowers (which are named after important RCT3 Custom Content creators).

Water Towers, EZ Wood, & Toxic Tanks by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

Industrial themed set including water tower, tanks, sign and pull-up supports in metal and wood. Recolorable.

Water Works by LostThought

Off the grid pool covers and goodies that will spice up any water park

Water World Set 1 v. 1.1 by shyguy

The first release in the Water World series by shyguy,

Water World Set 2 by shyguy

Second release in the Water World series by shyguy

Waterfalls by Old-Spice

A simple waterfall set. Just like the ingame waterfalls, without the placement issues.

Waterset (Wasserset) by PhiWie

WDW and DL Essentials Bench beta by rctman12

Five benches from WDW and DL.

WDW Entrance by pyrofr3eak

Entrance archway to Walt Disney World.

WDW Space Mountain 2.0 by rctman12

WDW Space Mountain 2.0 objects including domes, fast pass machines, ride covers, ride decoration, ride signs, roofs, tunnels.

WDW Space Mountain Pack 1 (WDW Space mountain V.1 Pack Domes and TTA Things) by rctman12

WDW Space Mountain Set by Mtxilay13

Interior pieces to build Space Mountain.

Weasel's Spanish Roofs v1.0 by weasel497

Nice Spanish Roofs to use on your buildings!

Weasel's Path/Ground Covers by weasel497

Weather Shelters And Huts by CoasterGirl

A set that includes pre-built Huts with benches and without, a stand alone fireplace, and some poles and a roof for expanding the size of the covered area

Webers Construction Equipment by Weber

A set that contains construction vehicles and other misc. construction items.

Weihnachts Pyramide by stephanbrunswik

A Christmas-themed kiosk with animated props.

Wesley's Airplane by J.M.W. Thieves

An A380 passenger plane.

Western Balloons 1 by slayer (Richtopia)

Western themed balloons.

Western Dance Girls by Samplerocker

Two animated dancing girls.

Western Styled Peep CSO's by Samplerocker

A set of 9 Peeps, with 6 being Animated

Western Things by StationJimJr

Saddle up for a ride in the Wild West!

Western Things 2 by StationJimJr

Sequel set on a new theme. Build a derelict bandit hideout with this set

Western2 by RCTchen

Items to build beautiful Western buildings! Best used in combination with Western2a and Western2b by the same creator.

Western2a by RCTchen

Used in combonation with Western2 and Western2b, used to make beautiful western buildings!

Western2b by RCTchen

Used in combonation with Western 2 and Western 2a, make beautiful western buildings with this set!

Westernstadt Zusatz (Western City Extras) by RCTchen

Floor and wall pieces in a wood texture.

Wetterhahn (Weather Vane) by eeZee

Rooster weather vane.

White Ash and Brick Set by Denny (osudenny)

A building set with many fancy doors, stall windows, fountains, billboards, and lights.

White Horse Restaurant Set (Witte Paard) by Patrick DVZ (Patrick)

A Multi set download based on the White Horse Restaurant at Efteling Park. WH1 Building has 48 pieces WH2 Building has 51 pieces and WH Terrace has 60 pieces

White screen set V1.2 by Moneyremco

A set including a 1H White wall and a 1/3 high White floor

White Set by CoasterSim.Fan

Useful for making Custom Scenery icons or taking a picture with a blank background.

White Walls by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

Marble textured building set , recolorable.

Wild West! (Alpha) by Kiotho

This set contains a series of wooden walls, some tipi's, cactus, dead tree branches, wanted posters, (animated) vultures and an animated mill for all your Western themed parks.

Wilde Maus Kinzler CSO by wuzeltown

Wild Mouse carnival boarding station.

Wilde Maus Schriftzug by wuzeltown

Animated Wilde Maus sign.

Wildwasser 2 CSO SET 1 by sio1

A set made to decorate your log flume with a wild west theme.

Wildwasser CSO Set 2 by sio1

Illuminated versions of some of the pieces available in Wildwasser 2 CSO Set 1.

WildWildWest Shooting Gallery by zyned

A six piece set to create a Western style shooting gallery game. The shooting gallery features animated lights and targets.

Windhelm CS Set by Ironaiden

The set was inspired by the bridge and front gate area of Windhelm in the game Skyrim. Set includes arches, walls, broken walls and wall caps, path covers, pillars and torches. Pieces come in straight, diagonal , and slopes.

Windmill by Dkimber (Dkimber1974)

Title says it best!

Windmills by StationJimJr

126 pieces including animated blades, wall, windows, roofs, supports, doors and more.

Windmuhle (Windmill) by RCTchen

An animated windmill.

window set by timy492

a set of many different windows to add to your walls

Windows XP Logo by Stickguy7

A Windows XP logo for your park

WingRider Cover by ProdigyRider

A recolorable cover piece to add realism to your WingRider stations.

Winter Time and Christmas Stuff by Moki

Winter Wonderland by Advanced-Rides

Christmas themed decorations and snowy path covers.

Winterwonderland Set (Winterwounderland Set) by coasterman20076

Wizard's Tower by StationJimJr

A small set with books, potions and smaller details to make a lair for an aspiring wizard!

Wizarding World of Harry Potter by Harakhty

This set contains Hogswart Castle and Hogsmead Village from the Harry Potter stories.

WOC Laser Dome V1.3 by AzoRctMan25

World of Color themed laser dome.

Wonderland Set by wabigbear (Wagi)

Alice in Wonderland set with bookcase pattern wall, playing card themed walls, floor piece and oyster sign.

Wonders of Life Building by Luke

Domed building and sign from Epcot's Wonders of Life pavilion.

Wood Covers by briantjuh94

Path covers in assorted sizes

Wood Wall Set by Bulldog2092

A wood textured building set including walls, roof, window, railing, floor, and a working chimney.

Wooden Beams Set by superlegochannel

A set of wooden beams with normal and damaged pieces. Beams come in 1m, 2m, 3m, and 4m heights.

Wooden Catwalks by Scfjunkie

A set of recolorable wooden catwalks in flat, 1H, and 2H styles.

Wooden Catwalks by ImagineerJohn

This set features catwalks in an aged wood texture.

Wooden Coaster Footers by zezegui

Coaster footers in 3 positions.

Wooden Coaster Footers V2 by zezegui

Recolorable coaster footers including diagonal and straight positions.

Wooden Coaster Stuff by JackyX

Station control booths, chain covers, friction wheels, and other useful wooden coaster items.

Wooden Coaster Supports V1.0 by Viscosity086 (Viscosity86)

Wooden coaster supports in straight, angled, and horizontal alignments. Some pre-fab and pull-up pieces.

Wooden Coaster Triangular Supports v.2 by Phil (Froggee)

A set containing useful support pieces for building a wooden roller coaster.

Wooden Path Covers by RCTAuthority & xIWillDestroyYouAllx

Wooden path covers with stair and ramp pieces.

Wooden Roller Coaster Brakes by Iamok No Known Working Download!

Bulky wooden roller coaster brakes.

Wooden Set by Denny (osudenny)

A set of walls in a rustic wood texture, plus two styles of decorative borders and a roof set. Works well with the Wooden Stall Set.

Wooden Stall Set by Denny (osudenny)

The set contains wooden stall covers with a wide range of logos, plus a smaller booth and an entrance cover. Works well with the Wooden Set.

Wooden Station by Kryptakwanakunalite (Krypt)

A nice set to build beautiful wooden station!

Woodie by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

Some wooden coaster supports

Woodpiles by macer

Logs and broken wood pieces.

WoodWorx (Pathways/Wallz and Tunnelz) by TPM INC

Pathway & Path Cover: includes a single 1x1 path cover tile plus various path cover structures including 2 pieces that slope at one high. Wallz & Tunnelz: includes a tunnel in flat, one high, and two high, a tunnel end and blocks from one high to four high.

Words by Nightfall

letters and a sign post

Working Strobes and Lights by Cap'n Pogo

Lights that flash with a strobe effect.

Workshop Set by KS Silver-Design

Various items to create a workshop.

World Cup Souvenirs (Wenn der Ball rollt) by Antero

A vendor stand for World Cup souvenirs.

Wurfbuden by CoasterGirl

A pair of animated midway games.

WWE Wrestling Set by Park Novice

WWE wrestling wall graphics.


X- Railings by Moby

The set consist of diagonal, curved, sloping and offset variatons of this X-shaped path railing.

X-Mas 2014 Diag by Antero

Diagonal Christmas-themed stalls.

X-Mas 2014 Part 1 by Antero

A set of Christmas-themed booths.

X-Mas 2014 Part 2 by Antero

More Christmas-theme stalls and objects.

X-Mas 2014 Plus by Antero

Christmas decorations.

XiaOxie Station by Rocker79

A round station for Rocker79's XiaOxie CFR.

Xistics Anchor Monuments Set by Eddie22 (Xistics)

A large anchor monument/statue.

Xistics Borders V4 by Eddie22 (Xistics)

Borders/curbs for paths.

Xistics Concert Wing Set v. 2.1 by Eddie22 (Xistics)

Classical instruments.

Xistics Fokker Airplane v. 2 by Eddie22 (Xistics)

WWI style planes.

Xistics Formula One V2 by Eddie22 (Xistics)

Formula One objects for a museum.

Xistics Garden Eden v2 by Eddie22 (Xistics)

Archways, path covers, and fountains for creating a garden.

Xistics Italy Fence V 3.8 by Eddie22 (Xistics)

Recolorable fence with a European Romantic style.

Xistics Italy Set 1 - Road Cafe by Eddie22 (Xistics)

A huge assortment of items for building an Italian cafe including awnings, fancy brick walls, double doors, tables and chairs, and stucco walls.

Xistics Modern Art Blue v. 2 by Eddie22 (Xistics)

Xistics Office Glass Set by Eddie22 (Xistics)

Glass and modern metallic walls and roofs for an office building. The set also includes couches and desks.

Xistics Particle Strom (Storm) by Eddie22 (Xistics)

An enormous set of essentially all the particles available in RCT3.

Xistics Pier 6 Walls v. 5 by Eddie22 (Xistics)

Pieces for making a European style harbor.

Xistics Recolorable Furniture V 3.1 by Eddie22 (Xistics)

Recolorable couches and tables.

Xistics Volcano Volume 1 by Eddie22 (Xistics)

Ground covers for making lava flows.

xIWillDestroYouAllx CS Set by xIWillDestroYouAllx (IWillDestroYou, xIWDYAx)

A custom scenery set that contains walls, floors, tunnels, coaster stations, footers, coaster extras, and two large domes that have blackout and star textures inside of them.

xss277x's Tunnel by xss277x

Tunnel from Space Mountain

Xtians Fantasyland by Xtian

A set of Fantasyland inspired buildings.


Yesnt's Arcade Set (BETA ) by yesnt

Small set of game room and arcade objects.

Ye Olde Custom Shoppe by Belgabor

A new custom shop, included with custom carried items (the first!) to use in your parks!

Yellow Brick Road by C1hrisin

Path covers with decorative borders for those who are off to see wizards

Yosemite Rocks by MGP2300 (MyGirlPepper, Terraform)

Set of large rock formations.


Zero G's Shipwreck by StationJimJr

Objects to create an old shipwreck.

Zero G's Things by StationJimJr

An assortment of 75 random pieces from bridges to cranes, domes to propellers, pulleys to periscopes.

Zoo Critters by wabigbear (Wagi)

Set includes heron, penguin, flamingo, black swan and white swan in different poses.

Zoo Things (part 1) by StationJimJr

Enclosure pieces and animals to start building a zoo. Mostly arctic and polar creatures in this set.

Zoo Things (part 2) by StationJimJr

Sequel set with animals from Africa, complete with log walls, bunker walls, trees, plants and extras!

Zordork's Rock & Stone Formations by zordork

Zordork's White Picket Fence V4 by zordork

Zyneds Christmas Pack by zyned

A large and versatile set of Christmas themed items. Includes several styles of Christmas trees, a variety of lighted garlands and decorations, wood building pieces, snow covers, a collection of themed stalls, and much more. Also included are two ice skating CTRs, with a skating rink CS set.

Zyneds Stalls Pack by zyned

A large funfair set featuring 10 styles of very detailed stalls. Each type of stall has working speakers and optional lights, plus diagonal, closed, and trailer versions. Each stall also comes with it's own truck for added realism.


1 Meter Thatched Roofs by Brisingr Productions

Thatched roof set.

1920's Car by Dkimber (Dkimber1974)

Nostalgic car in two different sizes.

1977 Space Mountain CS by Funtimes17

A set designed to recreate the 1977 version of Space Mountain.

1GuitarWiz Voodoo Dolls by StationJimJr

A small set of voodoo dolls in various poses.

2011 Fountain pack 2 by Denny (osudenny)

A set of new fountains

2011 Fountain Set by Denny (osudenny)

12 Fountains and 2 path covers.

2011 Halloween Extra Set by Denny (osudenny)

a few halloweeny signs and decorations

2011 Halloween Extra Set 3 by Denny (osudenny)

some Halloween themed decorations

2011 Halloween Ghost Set by Denny (osudenny)

a set containing a few ghosts

2011 Halloween Ghost Set 2 by Denny (osudenny)

a set containing many ghosts

2011 Halloween Ghost Set 3 by Denny (osudenny)

a set containing many ghosts

2011 Halloween stuff by Denny (osudenny)

A few spooky theme items including lots of signs, a few pathcovers and a lamp

2012 Fountain Pack 1 by Denny (osudenny)

This set features fountains in a variety of sizes and styles.

20Cent Wand und Boden/Decke by dennis2x2 No Known Working Download!

3rd Supplybox by qss5188 (MGJ)

Large industrial themed set featuring many walls, floors, and roof pieces.

50s Gaspump by darkfhantom

A modular set to create your own vintage gas pumps. The pumps are recolorable, and come in two heights to use with or without the concrete base.

8 Curves & Floors by amsterdam87

A set of 8-tile curved walls with matching curved floors. Also included are standard and diagonal floor pieces. All items are recolorable.

81mm Mortar Launchers by rctlvr