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Buzz Lightyear

A cardboard cutout of Buzz Lightyear

T4L - Billboards

A nice billboard set to compliment your park.

T4L - Counters and More

T4L - Death Ride Events

Animated Ride Events featuring killing devices for use in dark rides.

T4L - Death Ride Events V2

More animated killing device Ride Events for dark rides.

T4L - Fences and More

T4L - Lamps and More

T4L - Paths and More

T4L - Rocks and More

California Space Mountain

CTR based on Space Mountain in Disneyland. Recolorable.

Dark Ride

Dark Ride CTR with recolorable track.

Futuristic Wild Mouse

Wild Mouse CTR with modern cars. Recolorable.

Hover Speeder

Futurific-styled coaster with cars shaped like small hover speeders.

Inverted Dive Machine

Inverted Dive Machine CTR. Recolorable.


Revolator Max v3

7 peeps at a time will get spun head over heels in this CFR. Recolorable.

Space Rings

Tycoon4Life's Revolator Max

Tycoon4Life's Revolator Max 2.0