Content by Vodhin

Googie Building Set

Pieces to create futuristic buildings with that 1960 Googie style look.

Vodhin's Arboretum Set

A bunch of path covers and walls to make an Arboretum

Vodhin's Bench Kit v1.0

Various styles of benches with multiple positions

Vodhin's Cafe Kit V.2

Variety of cafe/coffeshop/restaurant and related objects

Vodhin's Ghoolish Goodies

animated and static ghosts and ghouls

Vodhin's Girders 'n Glass

This is a set of structural supports and various iron girders and beams for use in your RCT3 parks. There are also a number of Glass Walls and roofs that are framed in the same texture style and should match up nicely with existing RCT3 sets as well as the iron girders and beams.

Vodhin's Gizmos updated

Assorted animated and static objects themed to coasters, traffic or railroads

Vodhin's Ironwork Trellis Set

Created: 09/15/06. A set of iron work trellis pieces for that New Orleans look in your park.

Vodhin's Lighting Kit 2008

Variety of lighting styles.

Vodhin's Lighting Kit V2

This is a set of various lamp fixtures that you can place around your park.

Vodhin's Mill Set

A new set for building a water driven mill, complete with moving water and a rotating water wheel (using animated textures).

Vodhin's Mt Snow 1958 Set

Pieces to make a vintage ski lift.

Vodhin's Neon Tribute

Neon signs that include tributes to Community members

Vodhin's Northern Lights

Winter themed including Holiday decorations

Vodhin's Ride Operators (Generic Entrance & Exit)

Replacement ride entrances and exits

Vodhin's SkyWay Kit v1

Animated Custom Scenery - not a working ride

Vodhin's Strip Lights

animated light strips, coaster lights, poster frames and theatre marquee

Vodhin's The Emerald City Of OZ

Themed to the Emerald City from the Wizard of Oz

Vodhin's The Emerald City Of OZ - Special Edition

Themed to the Emerald City of the Wizard of Oz

Vodhin's Utility Poles v.1 (DEMO)

Vodhin's Vermont Scenery

This is a set of walls and roofs for log cabin and "board and batton" style buildings. There is also a covered bridge kit, and limited snow cover for some pieces.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

CTR featuring the flying car from the movie. Download also includes a wagondaten and bahndaten for use with the CTR creator.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Speedboat

CTR featuring the speedboat version of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Flintstones Car

Flintstones themed CTR featuring a choice of two car types: Fred Flintstone's or Barney Rubble's.

Great Racers

CTR featuring the Hannibal Twin 8 car from the film "The Great Race".

Sky Train

Retro style monorail CTR with recolorable track and cars.

Flag Tests Part 2

CS blocks to test the function of each of the flags in the Importer. This set covers flags 33-64.

Stall Test

A test for creating stalls.