Content by Mennoo_ (Mennoo22)

Castle Madhouse

CS Pack Included

Giant Slide Roof Kit

Beautiful roofs to beautify your Giant Slide rides!


CTR to recreate the Droomvlucht ride at the Efteling!

Intamin Boat Trip

Made off of Intamin's Boat Trip, this CTR by Mennoo_ is sure to be very handy!

Vekoma MK-700

More Vekoma cars from Mennoo_!

Vekoma MK-900

An awesome CTR for littler kids rollercoasters (somewhat) but it's very useful!

Castle Madhouse

One madhouse of the many in Mennoo_'s Madhouse series, this one will be sure to blow your mind!

Feng Ju Palace

Intamin Indoor Bungee Drop

KukaMadhouse Mennoo

Another awesome Madhouse CFR from Mennoo_!

Mystery Castle v2

Suspended Top Spins: Recolorable

Replace that ugly in-game top spin with these beautiful ones!

Top Spin - Talocan

This is a CFR of the Huss Suspended TopSpin with textures based on the Phantasialand ride 'Talocan' This CFR contains 2 versions with 2 different loading platforms to optimalize the way you want to use the ride!

Top Spin - The Rock

Link has The Rock, The Rock without floor, and The Rock without floor 6 long.