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Atomic Set

Doughnuts Caribbean Pool Set (beta)

A Caribbean themed pool set for water parks.

Doughnuts Flowers

The flowers in this set are billboards that can be used to make entire pictures from the flowers.

Doughnuts Madhouse Preshows

Doughnuts neXus set v1.0

Paticles Not included.

Doughnuts Pool Structures

Another pool set for your water parks.

Doughnuts Railings

This set includes railings, queue covers, and mist fans.

Doughnuts Universal Studios Globe

The classic globe from the Universal Studios parks.

Doughnuts Universal Studios Globe V2

The classic globe from the Universal Studios parks. (v2)

Doughnuts UpLift

Pieces for the elevator ride.


This set contains a zombie along with multiple nasty weapons that he can carry. Also included are hearses, giant zombie hands, grave, tomb, and a dragon.

James Hunt Set

A set designed to work with the buggy you can drive when using the "James Hunt" cheat.

Junkyard Letters v3.0

A grungy letter set for creating signs.

The Fear of RCT3 Set

Scenery objects with a created for a James Bond-like spy video. Contains a Hovercraft, Clone Tube, Blaster, and other futuristic gadgets.

Doughnut's Madhouse

Classic Mad House ride.

Paratrooper CFR

Paratrooper CFR, recolorable.