Content by Lulujarre (cacheuxi)

(Bob L'eponge) Sponge Bob

Sponge-Bob and other characters from the popular cartoon.

America (American Western)

An Western themed set different from the in-game set

Chateau Magique

A pre-built Disney magic castle to use in your Disney recreations!

Chateau Magique v2 (set 2)

More fantastic Disney magic castle sets to inspire Disney recreations, or even your own parks!

Disney figurines (Disney figures)

A set of figures from the Disney films and Disneyland Parks.

Objets Disney (Disney Objects, Walt Disney Objets)

Characters and statues from the Disney Parks.

Pirates des Caraibes set 1 (Pirates of the Caribbean)

Woohoo! Awesome Pirates of the Carribean sets!

Pirates des Caraibes set 2 (Pirates of the Caribbean)

More Pirates of the Caribbean objects by Lulujarre (cacheuxi)! Be sure to use it with the first set too for the best results!

Rock\'n\'rollercoaster (Rock 'n' Roller Coaster)

Another Rock N Roller Coaster CSO set to make recreations with!


Safari-themed animals to use in your Safari parks!

Star Wars

A nice Star Wars set by Lulujarre (cacheuxi) for Star Wars rides!


Simpsons and Smurfs figurines to use in your parks!