Content by StationJimJr

1GuitarWiz Voodoo Dolls

A small set of voodoo dolls in various poses.

Alladin's Steps

A giant genie lamp (3 sizes) and some stairs.

Amp's Mannequins

These are blood stained mannequins made for Amplified. Many can be set as ride events to appear and disappear at set intervals.

Andreizsmart's Gears

Set of animated gears and stopwatches.

Apocalyptic Things

A large set of destroyed and worn pieces to set the stage for an apocalyptic theme. Items include awnings, ruined walls, building facades, ruined vehicles, gas pump, roofs, windows, parking meter, street pieces, debris, traffic lights and much more.

Basic Trims

Basic trims to add some variety to your walls. 9 styles each with full,half, diagonal and 2 plug pieces.

Bostons Scare Actor Anims

A set of ghoulish animated scare actors, modeled by Boston and animated by StationJimJr. Includes chainsaw guys, clowns, and zombies in several poses, some of which work as ride events.

Captains Aviaries

Frames, nets and birds to make your very own aviary!

Captains Walkways

A set of wooden walkways, stairs, and fences in straight and diagonal positions.

Castle Things

113 pieces. Lots of walls, windows, spires, battlements, arches, gates and columns.

Castle Things 2

Things for making castles with! Comes with 2 alternative texture sets.

Chapel Building

Design your very own church with this set.

Chapel Building 2

Lots of building items with curved walls. it also has some ride events including light up candles and opening doors

Chapel Building 3

Lots of building items that can be put together to build an old style building. It includes some decorations for this building and some ride events too

Country Inn

Items to build an amazing Country Inn!

Custom Wall Set

Stone wall set in a variety of positions including straight, sloped, curved, and diagonal pieces. Download contains basic instructions for changing the original texture to make your own custom walls.

Dungeon Things

A set of dungeon themed items including walls, ruins, chains, shackles and more.


4 fencing styles in an assortment of allignments complete with terrain covers and path enhancements ranging from lamps to bins to ducks. Also includes many plants in many positions.


Your one stop shop for household items.

Gardeners Concrete Walls

A set of concrete block walls featuring arches, straight, sloped, and diagonal pieces, plus a chimney with smoke effects.


A set for sprucing up your paths and parks. From benches to borders and fencing to fish ponds!

Gardening 2

Sequel set of garden prettifiers! From trees and hedges to benches and bins.

Gavins Apple!

A hollow apple, useful as a coaster ride through.

Ghost Cabin

Bits to make a haunted house with. 113 pieces including windows, walls, roofs, doors, decor and general spookiness!

Ghost Cabin 2

106 spooky pieces with windows, walls, doors etc! Have fun.

Ghost Cabin 3

111 pieces with re-colourable walls, windows, spires etc! Have fun.

Ghost Cabin 4

Fourth in the Ghost Cabin series, this set includes fancy roofs, walls, windows, decals and decor.

Ghost Cabin 5

The 5th set in the Ghost Cabin series features building pieces in worn brick and aged wood shingle textures. Items include walls, roofs, windows, arches, spires, dormers, brick cornerstones, plus curved walls and roofs. Also included are chimneys, pillars, and decorative pieces.

Ghost Fencing

Barbed wire and rickety wooden fence sets, including all of the positions of Station Jim Jr.'s Fencing set.

Ghost Gardening

A variety of ghostly trees, some with spooky faces and arms. Also included are recolorable lights for some of the trees.

Ghost Mining

Large set with everything you need to create an abandoned mine. Download includes a park file demonstrating placement options for the pieces. Objects include walls, roofs, windows, doors, rigs, customizable mine cart tracks, machinery and more.

Ghost Shopping

Items to build a spooky, abandoned shopping mall.

Gift Shopping

Rake in the funds for your park with over-priced junk from the gift shop!

Hotel Things

A set for creating amazing hotels. Ready to check in?

HSR Framework

Huge set of simple, recolorable columns and arches. This is an extension to Klinn's Framework set. Includes diagonals.

iEddiez FGW Train

CTR themed as First Great Western Train.

iEddiez Star Wars

Animated R2D2 and C3PO figures.

iEddiez USF arch

Small set to create the USF Archway.

Jake C - Verbolten

Scenery objects for creating the Verbolten coaster at Busch Gardens and various other pieces including luggage rack, cubby holes, giant leaves and lightning bolts.

James - GRR Rafting

A set of rafting ride items, including barriers, lifthill, turntable, and entrance pieces.

James Studios Rafting Ramps

Rolling platforms for river rides using animated textures.

Jungle Things

Beams, walls, decking, rope bridges and a thatched roof to create a tree house in the jungle.

Mac's Huckleberry Knotts Set

A set featuring various building components including columns, arches, roofs and decorative pieces.

Mac's SFOG Set

Re-create the Six Flags Over Georgia entrance. Also includes Knott's Berry Farm signage and other decorative objects.

Midway Things

Arcade machines, stall covers/canopies, prizes, accessories and a selection of midway/carnival games from the classics to the slighty strange!

Missing Things

A collection of 1 high walls in ten different textures. Full, half, and diagonals are included.

More fencing

A basic wooden fence and a pretty picket fence in lots of alignments.

mr Sions Tiki Bar

A tiki themed cocktail bar. Party time!

mr.Sions Snack Shop

Treat your peeps to the finest delights! Cakes, donuts and ice cream for all!

n7's Things (& Tour Bus)

Set made for n7 includes Tour Bus CTR and various cs objects including arches and tunnels.

Old World Village Inn

CS set to create the Old World Village Inn based on Shyguy's Wonder World model. Extras include recolorable tables, chairs, and parasols.

Panda's Zombies

A set of zombie figures to add that spooky vibe to your parks.

Pandas Pews

A set containing straight and diagonal church pews, plus an altar with speakers, platform, and an arch.

Periculum 1

A large castle building set, featuring many curved and decor pieces. Items include several sizes of arches, straight and curved walls and windows, buttresses, columns, and doors.

Periculum 2

A medieval building set, featuring authentic stone, wood, and distressed plaster textures.. Items include arches, doors, columns, posts, beams, braces, walls, windows, and stairs.

Periculum 3

A set of interior pieces in the medieval style. Items include bookcases, tables, furniture, food items, potions, books, torture devices, and more.

Periculum 4

A small set of pieces in the medieval style, featuring arches, windows, and columns.

Pirate Things

Large set Including many pieces to make pirate themed buildings and ships. Also includes a skull rock, palm trees, treasure chests and more. Some items are recolorable. Download also contains structure files for three different ships, plus the pirate lair.

Random Things

A random collection of essentials for a realistic park. Items include awnings, billboards, vendor carts and stalls,test seats, CCTV, ticket windows, coaster goodies, a rock climbing wall and more.

RctAdam's Inventions

Da Vinci designs of a flying machine, armored car, helicopter, and a few easels.

RCTAdam's Stately Manor

Build a stately manor house with this versatile set. Includes walls, windows, pillars, posts, cornices, roofs, dormers and more. Many items are recolorable.

RctAdams Mayan Door

Mayan doors, walls, columns, and bridges. Several are ride events.

RCTAdams Statues

The set contains two statues: a dragon and a robed figure.

RctD Dwervels

Little plastic troll things!


Recolourable wooden planks, decking, scaffolding and catwalks including numerous broken objects.

Scaffolding Old Wood Retexture

Wooden planks, decking, scaffolding and catwalks including numerous broken objects. Re-textured version of StationJimJr's original Scaffolding Set.

Sci Fi Things

A large and comprehensive set of objects to build your dream Sci-Fi park. Objects include aged metal walls, windows, arches, ceiling, floors, glass roofs, skylights, CS spacecraft, various machines and much more.

Shark Head Piece

A sharks head CS piece, useful as a themeing element for dive machines and drop coasters.

Ships and Banners

Set of ships, ship buiding pieces and banners. Recolorable.

Six Flags Signs

A set of logo signs for your Six Flags parks. The signs come in three sizes, both diagonal and straight.

Snow Roofing

A versatile roof set in a snow texture with recolorable trims. The set features roofs in several heights and styles, and also includes dormers, chimneys, and spires.

Spooky Inn

An 80 piece, spooky expansion kit for Station Jim's Country Inn set. Includes broken walls and roofs, spires and more

Station Jim's Bridge Things

A small set of 3 bridges. Two are re-colorable.

StationJimJrs Gardening 2.5

A 58 piece set of trees, featuring a wide array of species and and a set of Circus Trees.

Steam Engine

CS set of a steam train features an Engine, Carriage, and Tender.

Steampunk Blimp

Airship created for RCTAdam's Steampunk City. Includes blimp, net, and rotor pieces. The net will connect with the pirate ship from Station Jim Jr.'s Pirate Things.

Thorpe Park Entrance

Thorpe Park entrance.

Tomes Africa

An array of items on an African tip.

Toofpikks Lego

Let your inner kid come out again! Recolorable Lego bricks and signs in various positions. Very versitile

Vikings 1

Wooden walls, a thatched roof and decorations of a Viking nature

Vikings 2

Sequel set with a wealthier Viking flavour than the first

Vikings 3

Completes the trilogy with items of general Viking clutter!

Western Things

Saddle up for a ride in the Wild West!

Western Things 2

Sequel set on a new theme. Build a derelict bandit hideout with this set


126 pieces including animated blades, wall, windows, roofs, supports, doors and more.

Wizard's Tower

A small set with books, potions and smaller details to make a lair for an aspiring wizard!

Zero G's Shipwreck

Objects to create an old shipwreck.

Zero G's Things

An assortment of 75 random pieces from bridges to cranes, domes to propellers, pulleys to periscopes.

Zoo Things (part 1)

Enclosure pieces and animals to start building a zoo. Mostly arctic and polar creatures in this set.

Zoo Things (part 2)

Sequel set with animals from Africa, complete with log walls, bunker walls, trees, plants and extras!

Angry Rat

A classic, cheesy, carnival ghost train in the style of a rat. Seats 2

Big Dipper

Classic wooden coaster car

Captain's The Seaward

A jungle themed paddle steamer boat ride made for captain. Seats 13 peeps.

Classic Cars

5 classic coaster cars on the wooden coaster track. Comes with a CS version of each too

Disney NW Railroad

A CTR based on the former Disneyland attraction, "Mine Train Through Natures Wonderland." The ride features animated wheels and six carriage options, some of which are recolorable

Ghost Bug

A VW Beetle themed coaster car

Ghost Bus Tours

A ghostly tour bus that seats 14 peeps!

Ghost Ships

Spooky, miniature, ghostly pirate ships that seat 2 peeps

Ghost Train

A creepy, rusty old train for your spooky ride!

Haunted Hayride

A torrid tractor pulling petrified peeps! Seats 12, plus a driver!

Jungle Jeep

A jungle themed Jeep coaster. Comes in 2 styles. One with loading platform. One without.

Jungle Jeep v2

This version of the Jungle Jeep Coaster features recolourable lights and better cameras! This version has a loading platform and replaces the original Jungle Jeep CTR.

Maya River Expo

Maya River Expo features 16 passenger recolorable boats and recolorable track.

Sci Fi CTRs

A pair of CTRs in the Sci-Fi theme, designed to compliment Station Jims Sci Fi Things CS set. Sci Fi Utility Truck runs on invisible track and features recolorable lights and windows. Space Racers features four car types, plus recolorable windows.

Spinning Pumpkins

Pumpkin shaped spinning cars for spooky parks

Spooky Steam Train

A spooky, Halloween themed steam engine with carriages that seat 8 peeps.

Steam Train

A steam engine with 24 peep carriages

Viking Coaster

A viking long boat coaster. Seats a minimum of 6

Viking DR Flume

A Viking themed log flume car. Seats 6 peeps

Viking Longboat

A huge Viking longboat water ride

Wooden Cars

Timberwolf themed car, Halloween themed car, and plain car which is recolorable