Content by K2K26

Camping Set

A set based around Camping. Includes Bungalow's, Tent's, RV,Camper,Car, 2 types of Swimming Pool, Firepit, 2 types of Grill, Lounge Chairs w/covers, 5 working Toilets and many other item's.

Christmas Set

A set with 2 Ice Skating Rinks, Buildings, Walls, Roof's, and Window's

Christmas Set 2009

Christmas stalls.

Christmas Set 2010

Christmas decor and ice rink.

Christmas Set 2011

A Christmas set including an entrance, Ice Rink, Buildings, Snowman Shaped Stall, and the Coca Cola Truck.

Festzelt Set

Fun Fair (Oktoberfest Zelt)

Fire & Ice logo

A Fire and Ice Logo/Sign

Floor Set

A set of square pathcovers in 54 different textures including wood, brick, snow, asphalt and stone.

Fun Fair Accessoires (Beta Version)

An 8 piece CS set that includes 4 light pole, 3 Signs/Entrances and a Toilet

Fun Fair Living & Transport Set

Fun Fair CSO Set - Living & Transport.

K2K26 Street Set

A large set of street and roadway building pieces. In addition, there are items to build parking lots, elevated train roads and cycle paths.

Metal Set v2.0

A set of walls, floors, slopes, and station covers in a safety metal texture. All item types come in 9 colors.

New Break Dancer Verkleidung

Carnival backdrop for Break Dancer CFR.

Olympia Looping Logo

An Olympia Looping Sign

Town Set (Beta Version)

A 7 piece CS set of BUildings. 1 "Skyscraper" tower, 3 Office/Condo Buildings and 3 Condo/ Apartment type Buildings.

Break Dancer

Fun Fair Break Dancer (CFR&CSO)

Flic Flac

A combination CFR/CS set.

Flip Fly

Fun Fair Flip Fly CFR & CSO

Flying Circus

Fun Fair Flying Circus CFR & CSO

Fun Fair Frisbee

Fun Fair Frisbee CFR & CSO

High Energy

Fun Fair High Energy CFR & CSO


Fun Fair Jumping CFR & CSO

Power Tower 2

Fun Fair Power Tower 2 CFR & CSO


Fun Fair Riesenrad CFR & CSO (Ferris Wheel)

Star Flyer

Fun Fair Star Flyer CFR & CSO

Take Off

Fun Fair Take Off CFR & CSO


Fun Fair Vortex CFR & CSO