Content by Samplerocker

Batman Stuff

Batman set featuring many animated ride events.

Cowboy Cool

Animated cowboy demonstrating target practice.

Crazy Laboratory

A Mad Scientist type set with Test Tubes, table, Wall Switches (Frankenstein Style) and several Lightning Flashes both Vertical and Horizontal ranging from little bolts to giant vertical flashes.

Disco and Race CSO Peeps

A set of 8 Peeps.

Dynamite Trio

A trio of animated western figures.

Fantasy World Luigi's Base Center V2

Sci-fi themed set including floor, platforms, tunnels, stairs, computers and more.

Fantasy World Luigi's Shared Fantasies

Small set containing several mushroom people, sci-fi themed portals, and a wooden bridge.

Measure Template

A block to measure buildings, etc.

Nuke Reaktor

A 3 piece set with a Cooling Tower, a set of Doors for the ZTower, and a Turbine.

Old Sheriff

Animated sheriff figure.

PHL: Mystery Castle

Scenery set to create the Mystery Castle at Phantasialand. Created to fit Mennoo's Mystery Castle v2 CFR.

Race Girl

A 1 Piece Ride Event Peep CSO

RCT-3.ORG Userwall

A Wall containing many signatures from the members of RCT3.ORG

RedRock Coaster Tunnels Adds & Edits

A set of Coaster Tunnels covering the basic Hills and Turns, Straight and Diagonal. Also includes Curved, Sloping Walls in different sizes.


A set of 5 Animated figures, suitable for use as security or law enforcement on Dark Rides and other types of rides.


An animated Tarzan swinging on a vine.

Track 11 Edits Expansion Set

Track expansion set for Track 11 Looping Coaster.

Transformers1 Allspark

Huge metallic cube from the Transformers.

U.S. Western Adds

A diverse set of western items including wagons, terrain pieces, roofs, signs, western peeps and an animated waterwheel.

Uncle Sample's Cornfield

A small set of corn plants, hay bales, and a scarecrow.

Uncle Sample's Western City Edits

A set of walls, roofs, and posts created to match the in-game Western Town Walls set.

US Animation Rocks V1

Animated, falling boulders & cave-like tunnels.

USExplosive CTR Edits

Set of terrain formations designed to support Dive Coasters, specifically the DynamitE CTR.

VanHelsing's Factory Stuff

Objects to build a scapyard. (with a Van Helsing theme)

Western Dance Girls

Two animated dancing girls.

Western Styled Peep CSO's

A set of 9 Peeps, with 6 being Animated

Balloon Flight

A hot air balloon ride on the Invisible Track.

Carpet Flight

A flying carpet ride using the Invisible Track.

Coca Cola Weihnachtstruck

X-mas themed Coca Cola truck on an invisible track.

Eagle Hunter

Rocket-like winged coaster cars. 2 versions. One with constant speed, one without.

Fantasy Spin

Spinning coaster cars.

Fantasy World Luigis CTRs

The package contains two CTRs with unusual vehicles: Holzbiene (Carpenter Bee) is a wooden airplane CTR that flies on invisible track. Nemos Car is modeled on Captain Nemos car from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen film.

FearForce Spin

Spinning coaster car based on the Winjas Fear & Force.

Ghost Rider

4D coaster "Ghost Rider" car.

MarbleRunner Kugelwagen

Marble ball CTR with seats inside. There are 2 versions. One rides on Track 3 and one on the Bobsled track.

Motorbike CTR

Motorbike racers.

New Compact Inverted

Compact inverted coaster car.

Police CTR

Police themed CTR with animated lights.

RCT3 Batman CTRs

A trio of Batman-themed coasters.

Samplerocker's Karts

Four racing cars, two with drift function.

ShowNight RaverTruck

The peeps rock out on a party truck.

Spiderman 3 Cars

Spinning coaster cars themed after Spiderman.

Spinning Coaster Set

A set of 4 themed spinning coaster cars.

Time Riders

A quad for the Mouse / Giga Track.

Track 5 Inverted Edit Set

Track expansion set for Track 5 (extended track) Inverted coaster.

Track 6 Expansion Set

Track 6 edits expansion set for Giga Coaster.

U.S. Water Inc. Western Rafting

Rafting CTR on invisible track for a more realistic ride.


Recolorable wingrider coaster.

Yoshi's Crazy Egg

A CTR Spinning Coaster in the "Giant Yoshi - Egg" style with a suitable CTR-Ride, which also fits the Dino theme.

Bermuda Triangle

A ship that slides and rotates up a short ramp.

Big Splash

Nautic Jet CFR.

Crazy Barrel Bullets

Western-themed spinning flat ride.

Crazy Carpet - Arabian Nights

A great twist on the Magic Carpet ride.


10 by 15 square dance floor CFR suitable for a disco or concert area. Peeps fill the dance floor and dance to the music!

Devil's Throat Western (Rusty Style)

Topspin CFR in a rusty texture.

Drag - Rocket

A drag race type CFR.

Drehendes Haus (Traumlandpark)

Drehendes Haus ride from Traumlandpark.

Galaxy Flyer

Rotating mini-jet style attraction.


Rotating arm CFR.

Kinderseilbahn (Heege Skydive)

Skydive cable ride for kids.

Luna Loop

Junior ride on a circular track that turns passengers upside down.

Mine Excavator

Spinning Fun Fair flat ride.

Old Western Steam Carousel

Western-themed double decker carousel.


Rocket-shaped motion simulator.

Sheriff (Beta)

Western-themed Top Spin ride.

Time Machine

A CFR in which 12 cars are placed on a roughly 60 degree "clock face" with each car able to spin and rotate. occupies a 6x8 space. from behind has a Castle look to it.


Carnival flat ride. Includes 2 versions.


Flat ride.

Turm (Tower)

A junior drop tower.

WildWestWaterInc - STS

A Top Spin style CFR with missing paint and rusty textures. Occupies a 4x8 space.