Content by Heve-RCT (heverton)

Boomerang CT

Classic Boomerang roller coaster. Includes small CS set.

Crossfield CT

Crossfield Custom Track. Includes a small custom scenery set.

Giant Inverted Boomerang CT

This is a Vekoma Giant Inverted Boomerang CT created by Heve-RCT. (member herverton on Shyguy's World) This CT set includes supports and track details.

Looping Star Playcenter

Looping Star CT. Non-recolorable version (green). Includes a small CS set.

Looping Star Recolorable

Looping Star CT with CS set.

ShuttleLoop Custom Track No Known Working Download!

Custom track and scenery items to build a shuttleloop coaster.

Vekoma SLC CT

Vekoma SLC custom track and CS set.

Carrossel de Automovies

A kiddy ride featuring automobiles.

Carrossel de Carros Conversiveis

Kiddy ride featuring convertible cars.

Carrossel de Motocicletas

Kiddy ride featuring motorcycles.

Carrossel de Xicaras

Kiddy ride featuring teacups.


CFR with two revolving arms.

Cataclysm V.2

Second version of heverton's Cataclysm CFR.

Double Shock CFR

Recreation of the flat ride at Playcenter in Brazil.

Drop Zone

It has 18 meters high, contains 16 peeps per full cycle, has recolorable function both in structure and in lighting, and all are three falls, the last considered to fall where the complete gondola climbs to the top and descends to the ground!

Evolution V.1

Evolution CFR.


Recolorable carnival flat ride.


Looping CFR

Roda Gigante Versao Itinerante

Ferris Wheel CFR.

Tagadisco CFR

Spinning carnival flat ride.