Content by Patrick DVZ (Patrick)

Animated Dragon (Edna)

A ride-event featuring an animated dragon that spits fire and splashes water with its tail.

Old Dutch Efteling Lamps

A set that contains partially recolorable lamps from Efteling

The Dancing Shoes (Dansende rode schoentjes)

It's a remake of the dancing shoes of the Efteling.

White Horse Restaurant Set (Witte Paard)

A Multi set download based on the White Horse Restaurant at Efteling Park. WH1 Building has 48 pieces WH2 Building has 51 pieces and WH Terrace has 60 pieces


The Efteling Bobsleigh recreated in RCT3! Includes 2 versions of cars.

Efteling Train

A beautiful train based on the one at Efteling. The train has recolorable lights and animated wheels!

Radiator Springs Racers

Racing car CTR based on the Radiator Springs Racers ride at Disney's California Adventure. The cars are recolorable, and come in two versions: with or without "eyes" on the windshield.

Traptreintjes CTR

A kiddie train to recreate the ride at the Efteling!

Booster Maxxx CFR

A CFR that is very similar to the ingame Spin Doctor, however with better Animation and Lighting options. A definite upgrade.

Drop Towers

A set of four recolorable drop towers, with heights of 45 feet, 82 feet, 131 feet, and 400 feet.

Flying Island "Pagode" CFR

Flying Island Pagode CFR Based on the ride at the Efteling Theme Park. Download also contains a 5 piece CSO set with ride platforms.

Halve Maen CFR

Swinging ship CFR based on the ride at the Efteling Theme Park. Download includes a CSO set.

Little Chairswing (Zweefmolen)

A miniature Chairswing CFR based on the ride at the Efteling.


A beautiful Merry-Go-Round.

Troika CFR

Two recolorable versions of the Troika flat ride, one generic and one with central structure and Troika logo.