Content by Cinipaes

Cinipaes Shy Planters Extras

Designed as an add-on to the shyguy Planter Set. The set contains recolorable railings in many curved sizes, plus sloped and offset pieces.

Twist N Splash

Watery version of a spinning teacups type ride. Includes CS set.

Motocoaster CTR

Motocoaster CTR, Based on Booster Bike from Toverland.

Zamperla Twister Coaster

Twister Coaster CFR comes in two versions: with custom track, and ML03 track.

Condor - Huss CFR

Four arms , each carrying seven seats, rise to the top of a tall tower and spin. CFR is recolorable and comes with a CS folder containing ride extras.

Fabbri Mega Drop

A recolorable 35m drop tower seating 12 peeps. Comes complete with a CS folder containing animated lights and a platform.

Mega Disk'O

The Mega Disk'O CFR comes in three types: classic style with logo, and two recolorable styles. The download includes a CS folder containing a recolorable ride platform, and several different stair types.


Tagada CFR that includes a CS package containing a ride platform and six different backdrops, including recolorable and billboard versions.

Zamperla Disko 24

A smaller version of the Zamperla Disko CFR, seating 24 peeps. The download includes a CS folder containing extra pieces to complete the ride. Some parts are recolorable and the ride features animated lights.

Zamperla Mini Tea Cup CFR

A recolorable mini teacups ride, available in three versions. Download includes the ride with teapot centerpiece, without teapot, a no platform version, and a CS folder containing a scenery version of the teapot.