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Babyflug-Verkleidung Star Trek

Star Trek themed ride cover for the Kiddie Plane Ride CFR by Darkslade & StationJumJr.

Black Out

A themed backdrop, ticket booths, and platform made for the Pegasus CFR by CFH Rides. The set features left and right ticket booths, lighted signs, and working loudspeakers.

Crystals City

Funfair house of mirrors.

Crystals City Maze

A funfair style maze, with separate lights and extras.

Das Funschiff / Clubschiff

Funfair style ride extras, designed for the Viking CFR from Steel Rides. Included are supports, lights, signs, ticket booth, and a backdrop.

Eisbude (Ice Cream)

A funfair ice cream stand.


Duck Fishing funfair game.

Food Stall "Grill Schinken"

German funfair style grilled ham stalls, in straight and diagonal positions. The stalls feature animated lights.

Gluck-Auf Turm

A complete cafe/bar CS piece featuring a tower on top.


A funfair style CS set designed to be used with the Inverter CFR by Custom Funfair Designs.


A pair of sports-themed midway games.

Krumm und Schiefbau

Funhouse/obstacle course.

Little-Vegas Crane

A funfair style crane game featuring animated lights. The game also functions as a working stall.


Rocket is a funfair style CS backdrop/platform designed to fit the Xtreme CFR by Steel Rides. Features include loudspeakers, ticket booth, and signs with animated lights.

Sky Trip

Flat ride backdrop for the Tango CFR by CFH Rides.

The King - Verkleidung

Ride backdrop for the Loop Fighter CFR.

ToonTown Crane

Classic funfair crane games with a ToonTown theme.

Volare-Wave Swinger

A CS set made for the Wave Swinger CFR by Adrenaline Rides, containing a backdrop and ride extras.


A colorful funfair ride seating 16 peeps. The download includes a CS folder containing ride extras.