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CT Poseidon

Poseidon CT features recolorable track and cars, plus a CS set containing footers and recolorable supports.

Tagadisco CFR

Tagadisco is a recolorable spinning thrill ride. Also included in the download is a CS set containing backdrop, signs, lights, speakers, and more.

The Smiler CT

A CT modeled on The Smiler coaster in Alton Towers. Also included are two CS sets containing a station building and supports, plus structure and music files.

Barca Viking Itinerante

A funfair-style swinging ship ride seating 30 peeps. The download also contains a CS pack containing a ride platform. Both the CFR and platform are recolorable.

CFR Viking Universal Park

A recolorable Viking ship CFR seating 32 guests. The download includes a CS set featuring a ride platform, animated lights, and sign.

Crazy Drop

Crazy Drop water slide CFR.

Extreme Street Fighter

Extreme Street Fighter CFR. Includes CS.

Kamikaze CFR

A pendulum type thrill ride seating 32 peeps. The ride is recolorable, and comes with a CS folder containing platform sections.

Roda Gigante

Roda Gigante is a recolorable Ferris Wheel CFR, seating 24 peeps per cycle.

Skate CFR

Skate is a recolorable Disk-o type flat ride. The download includes a CS folder containing lights, stairs, and a platform.

Space Loop Itinerant

Space Loop is a recolorable Top Spin style CFR, and includes a CS set with ride extras.

Tapis Volant

Tapis Volant is a Flying Carpet style CFR . The download includes a CS folder containing a ride platform, signs, and lights.

Traffic Jam CFR

This funfair style CFR spins up to 16 peeps in a pair of vehicles. The download includes a CS folder with ride fence, platform, and signs.

Wave CFR

A pendulum style CFR with a beach theme. The download includes a CS folder containing a ride platform, backdrop, lights, and signs.