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Bussink Wheel

A large recolorable Ferris wheel seating 112 peeps. The download includes a diagonal version of the ride, plus CS sets containing ride extras.`


Chaos CFR seats 36 peeps, features animated restraints and is recolorable. There is also an unlit version. The download includes a CS set containing a backdrop, ride booth, sign, and platform, all recolorable as well.

Classic Ferris Wheel

A 24 seat classic Ferris wheel. The ride is recolorable and comes with a CS set containing ride extras.

Disk'O 24

A 24 seat Disk'O ride, featuring several versions: original, original unlighted, recolorable, and recolorable unlighted. Also included are 2 CS sets containing ride extras.

Giant Frisbee

Giant Frisbee comes in two versions, both of which are recolorable and seat 50 guests. Features include animated restraints and ride floor, plus a 4 piece recolorable support set.


A Fabbri Hurricane CFR seating 30 peeps. The ride comes in 4 versions: regular, unlighted, recolorable, and recolorable unlighted. The download includes 2 CS sets containing ride extras.

Wave Swinger

A classic chairswing ride seating 36 guests. The ride features a recolorable top and lights, and an unlit version is also included.