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Breakdance Stuff

CS set to enhance the Breakdance CFR from Advanced Rides. Includes two styles of ride railings and several terrain pieces.

Kraken CS

A large Kraken, based on the Krake coaster in Heide Park.

UCEP - Art Deco

Huge set of art deco objects and walls. All objects are yellow with recolorable accents.

UCEP - Art Deco II

A second art deco set to compliment UCEP - Art Deco (1).

UCEP - Park Accessories

Large set comprised of various walls, roofs, trees, path covers, and other assorted objects.

UCEP - Super Mario World

Large set of Super Mario Brothers objects.

UCEP - Wildlife

Africa-themed set for making zoos.

Winter Wonderland

Christmas themed decorations and snowy path covers.

Aquatica Floss Battle

A floating raft ride, seating 8 passengers per raft. The ride is based on the Flossfahrt attraction in Heide Park, Germany.

Colorado Adventure

A reproduction of Colorado Adventure Mine Train coaster.

CTR Inverter

Suspended roller coaster.


A gently floating wooden boat ride, seating 12 guests per boat. Recolorable.

FairyTale Ride

A circular raft ride.

Flying Jalopy

Roller coaster with cars shaped like whimsical airplanes.

Flying Western Wagon

Suspended coaster cars with a Western theme.

Lynet CTR

Recreation of the Lynet coaster car at Farum Sommerland in Denmark.

Manta (overseat)

Based on the Manta coaster in Sea World San Diego, the CTR features manta ray shaped cars and recolorable track.

Manta (overseat) No Known Working Download!

Based on the Manta coaster in Sea World San Diego, the CTR features manta ray shaped cars and recolorable track.

Manta (underseat)

Based on the Manta coaster in Sea World Orlando, the CTR features manta ray themed suspended cars and recolorable track.

Shamu Express

Based on the coasters in Sea World's Orlando and San Antonio parks, the CTR features killer whale shaped cars.

Shoot the Rapids

A CTR featuring boat shaped coaster cars. Track and cars are recolorable.

Speed Racer

Roller Coaster CTR.

Spinning Coaster

Generic spinning coaster CTR.


Maurer Sohne's X-Car CTR.

Break Dance

Break Dance flat ride.

Break Dance 3

Improved version of the Break Dance ride.


Breakdance CFR.

Dream Tower

Observation tower CFR.


Revolving thrill ride.

Flic Flac

Here is the another Version of the Devil Rock.

Flying Fiddler

A crab themed spring tower ride, seats 10 peeps.

Green Tree

A gentle swinging ride in the shape of a tree.

Kettenkarussell Generic

A generic themed flying swings ride seating 32 peeps.

Kettenkarussell Pirate

A pirate themed flying swings ride seating 32 peeps.

Kettenkarussell Taxi

A taxi-themed flying swings ride seating 32 peeps.

Kettenkarussell Xmas

A Xmas-themed flying swings ride seating 32 peeps.


A Huss Magic CFR, seating 48 peeps.

Mario Montgolfiere

Exactly like the Montgolfiere by with different themeing.

Maverick Blades

A paddlewheel style thrill ride seating 13 peeps. The "water" version features a wooden platform with a retractable center. Also included in the ride folder is the generic version. Recolorable.

Mirror Spring

A CFR with double towers that rises and drops.


Rotating balloons that move around central tower.


Flat ride similar to the Octopus.

Pirate Carpet

Pirate themed version of the Spinning Carpet.

Pirates of Magic

A pirate themed Huss Magic CFR, seating 48 peeps.

Rafting Jump

Rafting Jump is a spinning flat ride, holding up to 32 peeps and featuring round raft shaped cars.


A scrambler-like flat ride that rises up in the air.


Kiddie drop tower ride.

Screamie (Lighthouse)

A lighthouse themed drop tower, seating 12 peeps.

Sea Stadium

A stadium type CFR, seating 78 peeps.

Spinning Carpet

A ride where peeps are spun round diagonally which looks like a magic carpet


A stadium where your peeps sit and enjoy the view.

Star Dance

A spinning flat ride.

Starshape V2

Flip and rotate while doing 360 deg. loops on this monstrous arm. Recolorable.

Wild Rafting

A Disk-O style CFR, seating 22 peeps in a river raft shaped vehicle.

Wild West Quest

Western Style FreeFall CFR.


Soar high above on the WindSeeker, as your swing rises high above your park, nothing below your chair but air. A thrill ride experience! Recolorable. Advanced Rides.

Windseeker V2

Version 2 of RCT3-Advanced's Windseeker. It's recolorable, but has no lights.


Windstorm CFR takes your peeps on a wild spinning ride. Seats 20 guests.