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Disco Loco CSO

Backdrop for Advanced Rides Star Dance CFR.

Fireball CSO

A Fireball themed CS piece to cover the in-game Meteorite flat ride.

HL Generators

Three styles of generator trailers to add realism to your funfairs.

HL Isaac's Dunk Tank

A carnival dunk tank.

HL Isaac's Water Gun Fun

Water gun game stall with working seats.

HL RCGMS Ticket Booths

A set of funfair-style ticket booths, featuring animated lights.

HL Starship 2000

A funfair style ride decoration designed to fit the in-game Gravitron.

HL Tents and Prizes

A set of six colorful midway game tents, and a variety of prizes. Suitable for use with Station Jim Jr.'s Midway Things.

HL Zipper CSO

A CS piece consisting of a trailer, lights, and a sign, designed to fit the in-game Zipper ride.

HL Zipper V2

An 80's themed ride cover for the in-game Zipper ride, featuring a sign with animated lights and a trailer.

Sky Wheel CSO

CSO for the Sky Wheel flat ride.