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RCT3 City Mega Pack

Build a mega city with this mega pack of 73 sets featuring over 1500 objects! Sets include walls, path items, buildings, shops, street lights, fixtures, bridges, tunnels, plus tons of vehicles including cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, airplanes, and much much, more!

Aircraft Pack

A set of 25 CTRs including passenger and cargo planes, helicopters, futuristic crafts, and UFOs.

Auto Truck Bus Pack

45 CTRs featuring a huge assortment of automobiles, trucks, and buses.

Elevator & Escalator Pack

A large set of working elevators and escalators.

Factory Line Pack

Create a factory production line with these CTRs.

Machinery Pack

A set of 19 vehicles on multiple tracks. Includes construction vehicles, farming machinery, and cranes.

Service Vehicle Pack

A set of 41 service vehicles for your city, including dump trucks, taxis, trash collectors, and trams. Also included are trains, cranes, and metros.

Tower Control Room & Restaurant Pack

A set of elevated control rooms of various types to keep your transportation systems running smoothly. Also includes elevated, rotating restaurants. All are CTRs.

Train & Maglev Pack

A set of 33 Train CTRs, including Maglev trains.