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Top 10 Things To Do If You Don't Want Anyone To Use Your CS Set
Post #1     : March 25, 2012, 01:42:43 PM
As I have been adding new cs sets to the Downloads section of the CS Depot and cataloging them on the CS List, I am discovering that many of these sets are sets that I will never want to use. Almost all files submitted to the CS Depot are accepted, as long as the submission follows a few simple rules. I do not choose only the good sets, or make any type of review. But there are many sets that I am accepting that make me wince to as I click the "accept" button.

To help all the new cs makers out there, I have complied a list of all things you should do, if you DON'T want anyone to use your sets.

Top 10 Things To Do If You Don't Want Anyone To Use Your CS Set

1) Create a "set" with one object. I know you're excited to get your newly created item out for everyone to use. But unless that one item is really super cool, I'm not going to waste space in my already massively long list of cs items that I have to scroll through when searching for items to use in the game.

2) Use really BIG graphic textures. I'm not going to use a set that weighs in at 50 mbs. And what really gets me is a set that has only one or two items and is 5 mbs! What are you thinking? Textures should be no larger than 512x512. And if you're using a lot of them, please learn about texture sharing. The more megabytes your set takes up, the more lag it adds to my park.

3) Give your set a weird title and hide it in a category that it doesn't belong in. I just love to spend a half an hour trying to find the set I just downloaded.

4) Don't make any icons. When I'm searching for an object to use, I don't want to have to read the name of each and every item to find what I'm looking for. Most iconless sets don't last very long in my cs collection.

5) Create a set called "My First CS Set" and put in a couple walls and a cube. Don't expect people to line up to download that.

6) Don't spend much time making the textures look good. And make path covers that aren't tileable. (The key to successful sets it in the texture. You can make really simple objects that EVERYONE will want, if you take the time to texture them properly.)

7) Never make your objects recolorable. Why should they be versatile? The dull, brown brick walls you made should fit in everyone's parks.

8] Make a wall set with only 4H tall walls, no diagonals, no doors, no windows. We all need big blank 4H walls that don't match anything else in our parks, right?

9) Create objects that don't fit the scale of other sets. That way, no one can combine them with other cs sets they may be using for their parks. Good idea.

And for 10, here's how you can get your cs set download submissions rejected when you submit them to the CS Depot...

Don't add a description.
Don't add a photo.
Link the file to mediafire or another file hosting site.
Create a set so bloated that even zipped, it goes over the 35 mb limit.
Upload someone else's set.

I hope this list helps all the up and coming cs creators. These are all very common mistakes made by beginners. With some practice, some discipline, some patience, and some time to read a few tutorials on making cs, you can overcome these mistakes and make some sets that everyone will be happy to download and use.

Comments are welcome as are any other additions you may have to add to this list.

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Re: Top 10 Things To Do If You Don't Want Anyone To Use Your CS Set
Post #2     : February 08, 2015, 03:56:14 AM
About number 1, how do you make sets with more than one object? Thanks.

I ask this because I am making a harry Potter Set and I don't know how to make a folder for them!
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