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RCT3 Wishlist
Post #1     : August 16, 2017, 08:01:33 PM
Here is a wishlist I made because I always wanted these CT/CTRs:

#1: RMC Raptor CT

I was gonna ask for an RMC Raptor CTR, but that would be hard to make. I want a RMC Raptor CT because I feel like RCT3 needs more CTs and we should have one on the RMC Raptor. It would be cool having a custom layout of an RMC Raptor instead of having the same layout as Railblazer and Wonder Woman's Golden Lasso Coaster.

#2: Zamperla CT

I want Zamperla CTs of the Volare, Motocoaster, and Spinning Mouse coasters, and it's kinda hard recreating them. Plus it's kinda hard to anty up the speed of the motocoaster while it's on block section and there's two trains it kinda goes slow when it launches up in the first part of the track.

#3: Boomerang CT with a catch car

Instead of a Boomerang CT launching backwards, someone should add a patch to Cinipae's Boomerang CT adding a catch car, so the Boomerang CT would be realistic and would make sense. There isn't any Boomerang coasters that launches backwards.

#4: Vekoma Rollerskate CTR

I know there's a rollerskater CTR, but I want one where the cars are the rollerskating shoes like the Roller Skater at Kentucky Kingdom. Plus it can't be recolored and have the same color scheme like the ones in real life.

That is all, I might add more, but I hope you enjoyed.
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Re: RCT3 Wishlist
Post #2     : May 26, 2019, 07:27:34 AM
What about B. A. Schiff Wild Mouse CT?
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