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Seeking Assistance Making Custom Scenery
Post #1     : October 18, 2018, 07:20:18 PM
Firstly hello everyone, been a patron of this site for a while, but just recently made an account.

I came back to RCT3 after a bit of time away and saw a couple new CSOs that were custom signs for attractions and I'd like to be able to make my own custom signs for rides...  (photoshop and billboards isn't doing it for me anymore, haha)

I've dug around through tutorials that I can actually find and I really feel like I'm only getting 30% of the full story because a lot of the tuts I've found have links to other forum posts or websites that simply no longer exist anymore.

I have Blender v2.79 and already have figured out enough to take an svg of a logo that I prep in illustrator and extrude it to get a mesh.  I also think I have a grasp of how to UV map as well. (but I wouldn't turn away help)  I found a script to export to ase model formats for version 2.79.  When I exported from Blender and tried using it with the RCT3 Importer the program doesn't recognize my meshes.  I then tried exporting from Blender as an obj and using Bitturn to convert to ase.  Bitturn appeared to recognize my mesh, but when I tested that result in the RCT3 Importer the program just crashed.

Today I tried remaking the model in Blender v2.43 (a version that was referenced in some of the information I could find with RCT3 CSO tutorials), but when it came to creating a UV map in that version I...was a little lost.

I'm still new to Blender and want to learn more, and I figured making some simple CSO would be a neat way to get better at modeling...

I have found a tutorial or two that uses Sketchup, but I'd rather not have to use Google Sketchup if I can avoid it.  Blender is a much more powerful tool.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Last night I found a tutorial in the depths of YouTube that utilized Blender v2.49 and after a lot of head scratching I ACTUALLY got something to work in game!  But I could still use some assistance with some nitty gritty details in the importing process.

I really want the signs I make to be on a quarter tile placement but positioned where they look like that they would be mounted on a wall.  I got the quarter tile placement working but it was positioned in the exact middle of the quarter squares.  Also getting the size right would be rather nice as well.  The sign was roughly 1.25 RCT3 tiles wide and I'd really like to figure out how to make it roughly 2 tiles wide.  (so a sign can easily go over both an entrance queue and exit path)  Also icons completely eluded me...  I tried and just got white squares in game.  I feel infinitely closer now compared to at first, though!
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Re: Seeking Assistance Making Custom Scenery
Post #2     : October 20, 2018, 04:19:51 PM
Hi, masterzenii.

Since I've never used Blender and its been years since I've done any cs for this game, I can't offer you any help. I do recommend that you post your questions at SGW instead of here, as these boards are not really viewed by anyone any more. There is a lot more activity at SGW and still a few cs makers that visit those forums.

Good luck with this.  :)
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