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Odd RCT3 Crashes With Large Address Aware (Need help solving this issue)
Post #1     : December 13, 2018, 05:05:42 PM
Game crashes between 19:30 and 20:30 as the sun sets. The RCT3plus.exe is modified with LAA. The crash will happen when in freecam. Normal cam, everything is fine. This problem didn't exist before I modified the .exe. Once the game crashes, guest will spawn where ever they want and will tend to not spawn at the injection point. If they spawned out of no-where, clicking on them will cause the game to crash. The guests will ignore the entrance and will walk out of park. However, they act like they can walk wherever they want and will wander outside of the entrance. Everyone seems to have a working .exe after using LAA. I dont know if they experience these problems but i can list the steps on how to recreate this oddity.

1. Load up a large park with lots of CS and CFRs.
2. Go in freecam.
3. Set park opening to 19:30 and closing to 20:30.
4. Expect the game to crash around 19:45.
5. If game crashes recreate these steps for possessed guests.
6. Load up same park.
7. If you find a guest spawning in park or outside park where their not suppose to, click them.
8. Expect the game to crash at some point after clicking them.

Any help on how to resolve this issue would be a blessing!

The game is Steam Edition. I have the game disk, but no DVD/CD Drive. I would rather use the disk to play the game as it tends to run better. It seems that the Steam Edition is possessed.

Here are specs:

Intel core i7-6700 CPU @ 3.40 GHz
Windows 10

I tried recreating these vary same steps with no LAA. The game acted fine, until it ran out of allocated RAM.
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