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New Member - Ambitious Project - Help Needed
Post #1     : June 28, 2020, 01:01:35 PM
Hi everyone

Thanks for letting me join this forum, I'm very new to custom scenery on RCT3 but really enjoying building structures with the help of some of the amazing files downloaded from this site. Some of the sets I've installed have been a fantastic help, so thank you to each and every one of you that has taken time to upload files …..

A couple of week ago I built a simple generic football stadium as part of a city I was building, then it occurred to me to be a bit more ambitious and try to replicate an actual stadium … being a lifelong Liverpool supporter I decided to have a crack at replicating Anfield. What I've put together in a couple of weeks is by no means perfect but it's coming along nicely ….. I'm about tree quarters done but could really do with some help regarding finishing touches.
The picture for Shyguy's Water World Set 1 has a round window which I need for the side of the brick pillers on one of the stands, however, once installed, it only seems to have square windows and one with a round top but square bottom but no fully round window ….. So my first question is, do any of you know another set that contains circular windows ? Also, is there a way I can put custom lettering on structures …….. ie THE KOP in red letters on the outside, as per the real building ?

Hope you guys can help me ……

If I can work out how, I will upload the stadium when it is finished !!

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