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Custom Content Website Links
Post #1     : September 29, 2012, 07:10:22 PM
Hello. I was thinking it would be a great idea to post links in this thread to any type of RCT3 related website, mainly custom content related. That way, if anyone is missing a set, they could find it here :) I also created a format you could use, example below:

Site name: (Name of site)
Creator: (Creator's name, if there is none specified just skip)
Content: (Forums, custom content, RCT3 help, etc)
Site: (Site link)
Language: (Language of site, only necessary if a different language than English)

Blank template is below for you to copy and paste:

Site name:

Here I go!

Site name: shyguy's World
Creator: Shyguy
Content: Forums, RCT3 Help
Site: http://www.shyguysworld.com/
Language: English

Site name: Custom Scenery Depot
Creator: Shyguy
Content: CS, CTR, CFR, CT, Misc. Content, Forums, RCT3 Help
Site: http://www.customscenerydepot.com/
Language: English

Site name: DiarugaRCT3
Creator: DiarugaCoasters
Content: CTR, CFR, Parks, Rides, RCT3 Help
Site: http://diarugacoasters.wix.com/diarugarct3/home
Language: English

Site name: CSF On The Web
Creator: CSF
Content: CS, Forums, RCT3 Help
Site: http://www.csfontheweb.com/
Language: English

Site name: Laitch's RCT3 Site
Creator: Laitch
Content: CS, CTR, RCT3 Help, Videos
Site: http://laitch.com/RCT3/index.php
Language: English

Site name: Complete List of Custom Content
Creator: Shyguy
Content: CS, CFR, CTR, CT, Misc. Content
Site: http://www.customscenerydepot.com/cslist/index.php
Language: English

Site name: Archbak
Creator: Archbak
Content: CS, CFR, CTR, Forums, Photos
Site: http://archbak.webs.com/
Language: English

Site name: TycoonCoaster (RCT4)'s Homepage
Creator: TycoonCoaster (RCT4)
Content: CTR, Forums, Photos, Projects
Site: http://www.freewebs.com/tycooncoaster/
Language: English

Site name: NYR's RCT3 Custom Scenery
Creator: NYR
Content: CS
Site: http://rct3.aks-arch.com/
Language: English

Site name: RCTycoon
Creator: RCTycoon
Content: CS
Site: http://rctycoon.npage.de/
Language: German

Site name: Atari Forums
Creator: Atari
Content: Forums
Site: http://forums.atari.com/forum.php
Language: English

Site name: RCT3 City
Creator: CityJK
Content: CTR, Parks, RCT3 Help
Site: http://www.rct3-city.cz/
Language: Czech

Site name: CTRsNet
Creator: CTRSind
Content: CS, CTR, CFR
Site: http://www.ctrsnet.com/index.html
Language: English

Site name: NicolaRCT
Creator: MrCoasterSimulator (MCS)
Content: CS, Forums
Site: http://nicolarct.e-monsite.com/
Language: French

Site name: The Five Senses (Efteling)
Creator: ?
Content: CS, Forums
Site: http://www.vijfzintuigen.nl/
Language: Dutch

Site name: Cafe Naver
Creator: ?
Content: CS, CTR, CFR, Rides
Site: http://cafe.naver.com/rcdb/
Language: Korean

Site name: RCTLand
Creator: ?
Content: CS, Forums
Site: http://www.rctland.com/ubbthreads/home.php
Language: Dutch

Site name: K-Rides
Creator: kore1 (?)
Content: Forums
Site: http://www.k-rides.at.gg/
Language: German

Site name: Park Enhancement Project
Creator: PEP Team
Content: CS, CTR, CFR, CT, Misc. Content
Site: http://pep.rct-3.org/
Language: English

Site name: Winjasfans Homepage
Creator: Winjasfan
Content: CS
Site: http://winjasfans-homepage.co.de/index.html
Language: German

Site name: X Enterprises
Creator: X
Content: CS, Blog, Software
Site: http://www.xenterprises.org/
Language: English

Site name: MokiWorld
Creator: Moki
Content: CS
Site: http://moki6771.altervista.org/index.htm
Language: Italian (Button to turn to English)

Site name: RCheT 3 Blog
Creator: RCheT
Content: CS, Tutorials, Blog
Site: http://rchet.blogspot.com/
Language: Portuguese

Site name: Ckef Worx
Creator: Ckef
Content: CS
Site: http://www.ckef-worx.com/
Language: English

Site name: Ralfvieh's CSO's
Creator: Ralfvieh
Content: CS, Tutorials
Site: http://rct.ralf-paschke.de/
Language: German, English

Site name: The RCT Vault
Creator: ?
Content: Parks (RCT1, RCT2)
Site: http://mikeworleymusic.com/rct3/index.html
Language: English

Site name: Luigi Productions
Creator: Loudbader (Luigi)
Content: CS, CTR
Site: http://luigiproductions.webs.com/
Language: English, German

Site name: A Hint of Spice
Creator: Old Spice
Content: CS, CFR, CTR, Misc. Content, Projects
Site: http://www.putmeonthenet.net/content/old_spice/index.html
Language: English
Site name: Jdrowlands.org
Creator: Jdrowlands
Content: CS, Misc. Content
Site: http://www.jdrowlands.org/rct/
Language: English
Site name: Krypt's Galaxy
Creator: Krypt
Content: CS, CT, CTR, CFR, Misc. Content, Tutorials
Site: http://www.krypt.weebly.com/
Language: English

Site name: Lulujarre RCT3 Concept
Creator: Lulujarre
Content: CS
Site: http://lulujarrertc3concept.e-monsite.com/
Language: French

Site name: GrollerMe World
Creator: RCTMe1 & Groller1000
Content: CS, CFR, CTR, Forums, Tutorials,
Site: http://grollermeworld.weebly.com/index.html
Language: English

Site name: RealTycoon3
Creator: Coaster Inc, Mrcobra92, Ullomsbrospictures, Sideswiper_22
Content: CT, CS
Site: http://www.realtycoon3.com/realtycoon3/Welcome.html
Language: English

Site name: Efteldingen CSO
Creator: ?
Content: CS, Forums, Projects
Site: http://www.efteldingencso.co.cc/
Language: Dutch

Site: GaryRoach Production (GRP)
Creator: disneycoaster93
Content: CS, CTR, Pictures
Site: http://disneycoaster93.e-monsite.com/
Language: French

Site name: Gardaland Fanpage
Creator: ?
Content: CS, CTR, CFR (You need to go to GFPF on the green bar, then hit Labs)
Site: http://gardalandfanpage.altervista.org/index.html
Language: Italian

Site name: K2K26 RCT3 Website
Creator: K2K26
Content: CS, CFR, Photos, Videos, Projects
Site: http://k2k26.jimdo.com/
Language: German

Site name: Matheus RCT3
Creator: ?
Content: CS, CTR, CFR, Blog, Tutorials, Structures
Site: http://troca-rct3.blogspot.co.uk/
Language: Portuguese

Site name: PB&J Studio
Creator: PB&J
Content: CS, CTR, Projects, Tutorials
Site: http://pbjstudio.weebly.com/index.html
Language: English

Site name: LoneWolf's Site
Creator: LoneWolf7
Content: CS, CTR
Site: http://lonewolf7.wix.com/lonewolfs-site?partner_id=WMGs4POB1ko-a&orgDocID=5Fgn2S9Rf6k-a&experiment_id=empty&wsess=eE145_4l09tuU4dvNHvev3lNBc9Sfi5Ltq9195JqZByHc7f1tFTVRrGwgYZbe8Ya1e8567o5u3w-a&wixComputerID=zt%2FoSTHrssEeRewAWszKbA%2BpvXORsKCX6jY3cY1o1jjlMjBimaWfdIzMQi3EO4k1q%2F1s%2B%2FJT2wn082uL6Wi6mQ%3D%3D&gu_id=ff0b7011-fab7-4dda-be19-9f56fa9277d8
Language: English

Site name: RCT-3.org
Creator: ?
Content: CS, CTR, CFR, CT, Misc. Content, Parks, Rides, Pools, Forums, Photos
Site: http://www.rct-3.org/
Language: German

Site name: RCT3Csos
Creator: Arknot, Krankin4
Content: CS, CTR, CFR, Misc. Content, Forums
Site: http://rct3csos.com/forum/index.php
Language: English

Site name: PutMeOnTheNet
Creator: JMAinAZ
Content: CS, Videos, Parks
Site: http://www.putmeonthenet.net/nMain.htm
Language: English

Site name: CustomDB
Creator: ?
Content: CS, CTR, CFR
Site: http://www.rct-customdb.com/
Language: German

Site name: RCTDataBase
Creator: ?
Content: CS, CTR, CFR, CT, Parks, Rides, Fireworks, Videos
Site: http://rctdb.com/
Language: English

Site name: RCTLounge
Creator: ?
Content: http://rctlounge.com/forums/
Site: Forums, Contests
Language: English

Site name: Rct Net.de
Creator: ?
Content: CS, CTR, CFR, Videos, Rides, Forums (inactive), RCT3 Help
Site: http://www.rct-net.de/start.html
Language: German

Site name: Revolutionary Rides
Creator: ImagineerJohn, Gadget, Jonnyears, Fisherman, Markus Lomberg
Content: CS, CTR, CFR, CT, Tutorials, Tools
Site: http://www.revolutionaryrides.net/
Language: English

Site name: Jonathan's Foolish Site
Creator: Jonnyears
Content: CS, CFR, CTR
Site: http://www.jonnyears.webs.com/
Language: English

Site name: Weber's RCT3 Land
Creator: Weber
Content: CS, CTR
Site: http://velvetskyemusic.com/RCT3_files/Rct3_Land.html
Language: English

Site name: RCTgo
Creator: ?
Content: CS, CTR, CFR, Parks, Rides, Fireworks, Structures, Pools, Peeps, Scenarios, Forums, Videos
Site: http://rctgo.com/
Language: English

Site name: ModsToTheMax
Creator: Marnetmar
Content: CS, Forums
Site: http://www.modstothemax.net/community/
Language: English

Site name: vPyro Forums
Creator: ?
Content: CS, Forums, Fireworks
Site: http://forums.vpyro.com/page/index.html
Language: English

Site name: RCT3Italia
Creator: ?
Content: CS, Parks, Scenarios, Rides, Blog, Tutorials
Site: http://www.rct3italia.altervista.org/
Language: Italian

Site name: Lassoares-RCT3
Creator: Lassoares
Content: CS, Blog, Tutorials
Site: http://lassoares-rct3.blogspot.com.br/
Language: Portuguese

Site name: Project Towers
Creator: Project Towers
Content: CS, CTR
Site: http://projecttowers.tk/
Language: English

Site name: Project Towers Scarefest
Creator: Project Towers
Content: CS
Site: http://projecttowersscarefest.tk/
Language: English

Site name: Coasterfreak, RCT3, Custom Scenery
Creator: Coasterfreak
Content: CS, CTR, CFR, Tutorials, Tools, Textures
Site: http://coasterfreak.wix.com/rct3customscenerydownloads
Language: English

That's all I have for now. If I made mistakes please tell me. I may add more later. If you know what to put in the spaces with ? marks (means I have no clue what goes there), please tell me. Sorry for the huge thread, it's due to all the sites I know of. If any sites go down, please do not remove them, but strike through them so they are still there. FEEL FREE TO POST YOUR OWN WEBSITE LINKS IF THEY ARE NOT HERE ALREADY! Enjoy!
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