RCT3 Miscellaneous

RCT3 Platinum / Complete Edition CoasterCam fix *****11572007.25MB1
FC - Custom Paths (and queues) v2. *****149215681.81MB1
FC - Custom Diagonal Paths Part1 *****987516961.04MB0
Watermelon Sandal's City Building 2 (None)1481279737.99kB0
Watermelon Sandal's City Building (None)55318424.75kB0
Park Signs (RCT3) (None)19167103.15MB0
Every Firework i have(ALL NOT MINE) (None)9844075.68MB0
Watermelon Sandal's Colonial Mansion 2 [No CC Required] (None)95432628.76kB0
Watermelon Sandal's Colonial Mansion [No CC Required] (None)70026826.87kB0
CTR Creator v.1.00 (None)287112281.44MB0
GTT's Shared Textures *****16606341.27MB0
Planetarium and some other scenery (None)236151840.64kB0
Japanese port town & shinto shrine - map & buildings (None)2511140018.4MB0
Medieval Keep (None)12534645.86MB0
Antique Asian City (None)21307128.19MB0
Osudenny's Textures and More Part 3 (None)179795117.1MB0
Osudenny's Textures and More Part 2 (None)110739952.59MB0
Osudenny's Textures and More Part 1 (None)148953454.69MB0
Metro station (None)2430479364.65kB0
Epcot Path (None)3018977315.27kB1
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