Land of the Lost

Land of the

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Description: Land of the Lost by LaserRash

Permission to do what you will with this - I don’t need any credit - enjoy :).

Ride Story:

land of the lost is and excursion back in time to capture Dimetrodon eggs and return safely.   You will have to avoid flying dragons, Trex’s, volcanoes and other perils.   You  have captured and trained a Pteranodon to take flight.

The track choices were limited for this ride so I wouldn’t say it’s the most exciting with no loops etc.   This was more to see what kind of scenery I could create for a Dinosaur themed ride without it being too cheesy.   Still a bit cheesy but - hey - this is my first creation I’ve posted.

Several options are included in this Zip files for your convenience.

Land of the Lost.dat - Park file - goes in your Parks directory
Land of the Lost.trk - Track file - this is the track file without scenery and goes in your coasters directory
Land of the Lost with Scenery.trk - Track file - this goes in the coasters directory

CS’s required:
You'll need the following CS sets to get the full effect.
(I know all these exist as of Dec 1/2019 on

Temple of Torment
Temple of Torment Expansion
JimmyG Glowing Crystals
Fisherman’s Enchanted Forest
Pat’s of the Temple of Ular Berbisa
Steel Cat’s Steelworx
Shyguys Rocks
old spices waterfalls
Ert’s Water set
Tree mega pack
Station Jim’s Gardening 2.5
Station Jim’s Gardening 2
JP Teranodon Flyers (Required for the ride)
Kiotho’s Dragons
NF Particle Effects
Spice’s Trees
Fisherman’s Dreams
Deep Caverns

Final Comments
This ride was meant to be added to a park, hence the cheesy walls around the ride.  I also tried not to use terrain leveling so as to make loading it into your own park easier.   You may want to remove the rock walls and do terrain leveling for a nicer effect.   Lastly, I plan to add a river ride that goes through the center of this in my own park but for another time.

I spent about 16 hours building this - that doesn’t include hunting for all the CSs needed

I could not figure out how to load invisible track on my mac so I used JCat’s Steelworx to do the strut killer to limit the number of posts.   I could have took them all out but looks more like a ride with a few of them.   You could turn of track and posts to get a pure flying effect.

Credits:  This ride was inspired by the Temple Expedition.   I captured some of the objects from that park and leveraged those ideas here.

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