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It depends.
If you saved your park at all, it would be in your documents/rct3 folder. If you didn't... well... Its gone. :'(
Shyguy has a point. I had my theme park crash, i lost it all, but the entrance looked better the second time
What was the scenery u were using?

Hello XKR, not sure about which scenery I was using because I bounce around so much, plus I have a short memory. I have noticed before when such a thing happens, the CS pack is fine, I just forgot to remove or have included a ReadMe txt. file. I pay more attention now, and check all before install, and save a lot more often. Thanks ShyGuy and XKR, Razz

 ???I got carried away building a Park Scenario and did not save often enough. Well I came across a CS file and the game froze and became non-responsive. I save quite often due to this fact but this is a case where I didn't. Turns out something was wrong, possibly on my part. I got the no svd and lost a lot. Can this game file be found anywhere in the computer files or is it just lost forever. Please if anyone knows, please respond. I apologize if I am posting this matter in the wrong place, but this is new to me and my first correspondence. Thanks, Razz

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