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Stand (0.15m) (None)198163110.09kB0
Funtime StarFlyer CT & CTR ****2287635176.8kB4
Griffon (None)1432636893.84kB0
Waterworld Stunt Show Spectacular *****153965317.71MB4
Boomerang / Corskcrew CTRs (None)2967669987.61kB0
Wild Coaster (None)2518676115.76kB0
Stand (0m) (None)19946809.63kB0
FearForce Spin *****3149682475.68kB1
Tomorrowland Transit Authority People Mover (None)5369682222kB0
Slinky Dog Dash CTR (None)2204699254.29kB8
Extended Coaster with Stormrunner *33997095.17kB0
Service Vehicle Pack (None)21837090B0
Gerogia Gardens *****3610717127.11kB0
Space Diver *****2304721558.05kB4
Intamin Accelerator-Stealth (None)26807241.92MB0
ExtremeSurfer (None)1885727334.1kB0
Arrow Huss' Stand-Up Coaster ****34797306.58kB0
Oaken Buckets (None)1973738860.61kB0
Epcot Friendship CTR *****5027748521.27kB0
Top Thrill Dragster (None)2537760265.6kB0
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