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Turbo Drop Playcenter (None)22566023.4MB0
Tomorrowland Transit Authority People Mover (None)5173606222kB0
Strat-O-Liner (None)7011610131.52kB1
M-D eTrack *25226258.41kB0
ExtremeSurfer (None)1754637334.1kB0
Boomerang / Corskcrew CTRs (None)2905651987.61kB0
Stand (0m) (None)19366519.63kB0
Oaken Buckets (None)1790651860.61kB0
FearForce Spin *****3068657475.68kB1
Intamin Accelerator-Stealth (None)26096661.92MB0
Wild Coaster (None)2491668115.76kB0
Service Vehicle Pack (None)21186770B0
Extended Coaster with Stormrunner *33516945.17kB0
Space Diver *****2233704558.05kB4
Dark Mine Train (None)36947072.53MB0
Gerogia Gardens *****3598708127.11kB0
Arrow Huss' Stand-Up Coaster ****34227186.58kB0
Tony Hawk's Big Spin (None)2819719209.89kB0
Epcot Friendship CTR *****4973728521.27kB0
Top Thrill Dragster (None)2485737265.6kB0
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