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Parkitect Files

Parkitect Custom Object Reference (None)127917696.05kB0
Krake Heide Park (None)1250181120.66kB0
Compact Wild Mouse (None)1472217186.08kB0
Bronzewood Thrill Park (None)786270392.34kB0
Silverton Amusement Park (None)13852984.06MB1
BlackBelt - Steel coaster (None)939304120.41kB0
Log Flume by Davidcoaster (None)1249352130.53kB0
Stadt Garten Platz (None)938353755.94kB0
shyguy's White Lightning (None)1369372117.04kB0
Splendor Farmlands (incomplete) (None)11903871.02MB0
Caribbean & Medieval Park (None)16873962.73MB0
Maelstrom (None)1146409149.03kB0
The Smiler **1575411160.34kB0
The Pier (None)25494641.22MB0
El Loco (None)1193464151.7kB0
shyguy's Building Set 2 v1.3 (None)2077487765.68kB0
Music Rock Park Updated as of May 2017 (None)1440505821.53kB0
B&M Inverted coaster (None)1201518109.32kB0
shyguy's Building Set 3 v1.1 (None)4639526873.04kB0
shyguy's Building Set 4 (None)4710546479.76kB0
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