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DasMatze's CTRs Part 2 RCT3 CTRs/CFRs/CTs*****48571182633.79MB3
Drop Tower 70m RCT3 CTRs/CFRs/CTs*****555822471.19MB0
CoasterJoe's Intamin Supports RCT3 Custom Scenery ****189128906532.08kB2
CoasterJoe's Intamin Turns RCT3 Custom Scenery *****1523270454.96MB1
Intamin Aceleration Coaster RCT3 CTRs/CFRs/CTs*****1274747714.36kB0
ISP's Intamin Double Coaster RCT3 CTRs/CFRs/CTs(None)55551261737.21kB0
Techno's Custom I305 Cable Lifts RCT3 CTRs/CFRs/CTs*****70061555616.12kB0
Freefall (Intamin's First Generation Drop Tower) RCT3 CTRs/CFRs/CTs*****1700462762.04MB4
ISP's Accelerator Catch Car CTR and CS RCT3 CTRs/CFRs/CTs***102853107529.48kB1
ISP's Intamin Blitz V.1 CTR Pack RCT3 CTRs/CFRs/CTs*****302811552212.95MB1
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