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Superman the Ride (not a recreation) RCT3 Rides(None)4915151116.24MB0
Subway Madness RCT3 CTRs/CFRs/CTs**644918881.18MB0
ISP's Intamin Double Coaster RCT3 CTRs/CFRs/CTs(None)55761264737.21kB0
ISP's Accelerator Catch Car CTR and CS RCT3 CTRs/CFRs/CTs***103103118529.48kB1
ISP's Intamin Blitz V.1 CTR Pack RCT3 CTRs/CFRs/CTs*****303381553412.95MB1
Thunder - CFR RCT3 CTRs/CFRs/CTs(None)981138302.45MB0
Dale Lake Theme Park RCT3 Parks(None)472713377.16MB0
Giant Frisbee CFR RCT3 CTRs/CFRs/CTs*****698137565.98MB3
Bizzaro Braces and Tunnels RCT3 Custom Scenery ****184441986.76kB1
Superman Braces & Tunnels RCT3 Custom Scenery (None)1852533146.73kB0
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