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Description: 156 pieces in total from walls to windows, pillars to partitions and beams to bonsai trees! Have fun! :)

EDIT: Version 1.2 - The objects are exactly the same as v1.1, the only difference being that I've moved a third of the items into the flowers menu to help navigate better.

EDITED EDIT: A fault with v1.2 meant that the objects in the foliage menu snapped to the ground when placed. This has now been fixed in v1.3. Apologies for the inconvenience, it won't happen again! :D

EDITED EDITED EDIT: V1.4 - The objects formerly found in the foliage menu have now been moved to the scenery/scenery items menu thus stopping them annoyingly appearing outside your parks!  ::)

IMPORTANT - If you have v1.1, v1.2 or v1.3 installed, you'll need to delete it from your themed folder completely and then install the new version. If you simply overwrite it, the objects in the scenery menu will not show up.
Any items already in your parks will not disappear (I've checked :D), this is just to split up the amount of objects and to fix bugs.

Thanks :)

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Posted by: StationJimJr March 24, 2012, 06:36:37 PM

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January 07, 2012, 10:55:26 PM
I understand mighty_borlaug's criticism, but the points he makes can be made against most advanced architectural based sets, including most of my own. What StationJimJr has created here is a great collection of pieces that you can use to create not only a hotel, but with a bit of imagination, can be used and combined with other sets to create so many other things. There is no specific way to use this set. It's not like you're opening up a box full of pieces that need to be assembled into one specific structure, and being frustrated because there are too many pieces and no instruction manual to tell you how to put it together.

I prefer these kinds of sets to the smaller, simpler sets that are obvious in their use, but limited to only what they were made for. Versatile sets like this one, can be difficult to master, but so much more useful with a little ingenuity and imagination.

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CS Depot's the best!

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January 07, 2012, 12:52:06 PM
How can anyone rate this set so low is beyond me??  The set is great and very complete.  Jim don't change a thing that you do at all.  It is hard alone to keep track of everything and doing it correctly.  Which you have done.  I am sure when you make the sets you make them for yourself first and then share you work with others.  People should be grateful in getting this and all your sets that you do.  Thank you very much!!


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January 06, 2012, 02:33:24 PM
@mighty_borlaug - Thanks for the feedback. Although I'm gonna defend my set, it's appreciated :)

It does contain alot of objects and it might seem overwhelming at first but I'm sure with a little practice, it'll be like any other CS and it won't seem so bad. The set has only been available for two days so I'd like to encourage you to give it a another chance. When I test things, I create a small scene to see what I feel is missing, I then add these missing pieces. The amount of objects kinda creeps up on you like this. I do agree, it's large but I personally would rather scroll down a bit further and keep the options available, as opposed to scrolling less and not have the alternative heights and positions. There's nothing in the set that is just there to make up numbers, I'd like to think it's all useful. I also spend extra time labelling, even re-labelling the pieces to make them as user friendly as can be so it's less daunting.

As for your suggestions (I didn't like the term "corrections")...

1. I'm not prepared to import the majority of the set again to save scrolling so I won't be doing it, sorry. I've had a thread on SGW showing the sets' progress for the past 2 months and I would've thought about it if it was mentioned during this time. As it only has an extra 20 or so objects more than my previous sets, I never really considered it to be an issue. It will be considered in future though :)

2. As a man who didn't send an email till 2009, this is way beyond me! But I agree, it'd be nice! :D

I understand you're not mindlessly bashing my efforts and you're just expressing your views on things but I have spent a sizable chunk of the free-time I've had over the past two months creating this so I do feel that you could've taken more time to figure out the set before making your comments. I'm not angry, mildly irritated but not angry! :D Thanks again


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January 06, 2012, 10:59:32 AM
A challenge to use, but the rewards are high if you can figure it out.

This building set suffers from an unusual problem: there's too much control.  Assuming you can figure out how to use this building set, you will be rewarded with the most incredible flexibility I've yet seen a building set.  This set, however, features so many objects that it can overwhelm most builders.  Such as it is, there are actually a couple of simple corrections that could be made to help solidify this set and make it work for everybody.

1. Break up the mass of objects into smaller sets like chairs; tables; counters; etc.

2. Find a way to change the size of the building object window such that it can accommodate the mass of options on screen.

Make no mistake, it's all here.  As a generic hotel building set, this custom scenery blows all others out of the water.  I merely found that I had trouble dealing with the incredible amount of selection presented.

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