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Park CleanUp 2


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Description: Almost 1 year after the release of Park CleanUp 1.1, there is now a new version of Park CleanUp available. Focused on speed and usability, v2.0 has radically changed from previous versions. While it maintains the core features of the previous versions, new functions have been added and existing functions have been improved for optimal performance on modern computers.

Faster selection:
Beieng able to use the full speed of modern computers, Park CleanUp v2.0 loads, as wel as cleans alot faster. Where load times have been increased up to 8 times (depening in your computer), cleaning times have vastly improved and have become up to 5 times faster on the tested machines. But not only the selection proces is alot faster, it also cleans a bit better giving even better results!

Custom Content lists & ZIP-files:
Perhaps one of the most wanted feature additions by the community are the improved custom content list creator and the ability to pack your park including this scenery together in a ZIP-file. Park CleanUp is now able to create aswell as lists of missing custom content aswell as all required custom content. It can now even create a ZIP-file of your park including all custom content that is required in order to run it on another pc!

Changes in v2.0.0
- Added an autoupdate function which is enabled by default
- Both load- and clean times have been vastly improved, especially on multicore computers.
- The interface has been redesigned to make it more userfriendly
- The tool can now open any RCT3 archive: parks, scenario's, structures, tracks, ..., however only park and scenario files should be cleaned
- Cleaning the parkfile should give better results
- Added an option to create a ZIP-file containing the cleaned parkfile and all required OVL files (the files in which custom content is saved)
   together in 1 file that can easily be shared with other people
- The function to see which custom content a park requires has been improved, making it more easy to use
- Plugins aren't supported anymore
- The error tester is not included anymore.
- The program isn't multilanguage anymore and I currently have no plans to reimplement it

Known bugs:
None at the moment
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Posted by: Joeywp May 15, 2013, 01:46:29 AM

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