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Description: FOR NOLIMITS 2 - This coaster was mainly inspired by Flying Aces at Ferrari Land, except with a launch instead of a lift. The launch track was my first attempt at making a detailed 3d model of something, so I'm very happy with how it ended up turning out.

The ride features a fully working Hydraulic launch.

Similarly to Flying Aces, this coaster was originally meant to be a wng coaster, but I wasn't able to get custom trains to allow me to do this. This is why some of the transitions on the ride are a little bit more drawn out compared to when Intamin would usually do.

-Length: 1680m / 5512ft
-Height: 51m / 167ft
-Speed: 122kmh / 76mph
-Inversion: 2
--51 m Non-Inverting Loop
Posted by: Projektion January 17, 2016, 05:29:22 PM

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