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Sora_92’s Rides Pack 2

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Description: A small rides pack, consisting 3 rides.
And so I designed a bunch of urban and other non-amusement park buildings in RCT3 lately, I though to try to design some things that could be in an amusement park. afterall... that's what the game is about originally...? Or something like that...

each have a version that uses Errt invisible entrances, and a version with standard entrances, just  in case. (they look better with invisible entrances, but there are also other sets with invisible entrances)
You can add Custom Vendors to the entrances and gift shop counters and an Individual WC to the gift shop.

Fort Hugo

Designed first of this trio, Fort Hugo is a small, family friendly coaster. The building also consist a small gift shop, cleverly placed at the ride's exit.

Sadly, the ride event doors should be set manually, one-by-one. Each should be activated by the track piece 2 or 3 squares before (because it doesn't opens right away, so if set to the track piece right in front of it, the coaster will pass through the closed door. ...which will open once the coaster left...)

custom scenery sets needed:

Station Jim's gardening 1 & 2.5
T4L fences and more

Ralfvieh's Pathcover
Ralfvieh’s New Castle 1-2
Ralfvieh’s Beaver Homes
Ralfvieh’s East Asia
Ralfvieh’s Antique World
Ralfvieh’s bridge set

Station Jim's castle things 2
Station Jim's chapel building 1 & 2
Station Jim's Gift Shopping
Station Jim’s Random Things
Station Jim’s Midway Things

Periculum 3
Kiotho in medieval times
Shy Circus Center Set 3
Sword in the stone

Toy Block Castle

How about a castle made of giant toy blocks?

custom scenery sets needed:

Station Jim's gardening 1
Station Jim’s Hotel Things
Station Jim's Gift Shopping
Station Jim’s Random Things

Kiotho in medieval times
Shy Circus Center Set 3


It's just a large möbius coaster.
note: when you place it, lower it one unit. maybe it's because the scenery elements of the station, but if you just place it normally, it will levitate 1H height from the ground.
Getting a road to the entrances is also a bit tricky, but either creating bridges or underground tunnels should work.

custom scenery sets needed:

Ralfvieh’s Antique World

Station Jim's gardening 1
Station Jim's Gift Shopping
Station Jim’s Hotel Things
Station Jim’s Furnishing

Das Matze’s Mc Connery’s Fast Food Set
SK-Canopy 101
Keywords: roller coaster  car ride  castle  fort  toy block  möbius 
Posted by: Sora_92 May 18, 2018, 06:43:36 PM

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October 06, 2018, 04:01:49 PM
Put the 2 coasters in Documents/RCT3/Coasters and they show in game.  where do I put the file for the Toy Block Castle?  Tried putting it in same as coasters but doesn't show up in the game.  Also tried putting the file in Tracks/Trackrides but no luck