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Planetarium and some other scenery

Planetarium and some other scenery.rar

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Description: It's a minor pack of some scenery structures.
One is a plantarium, which also can be used as a ride cover for the Planetarium flat ride.
There are also a small sci-fi scenery building, and a silly house that can be placed at cliffsides - yes, it could be placed to cliffsides at water's edge, but it also can be, whoever lives there fishes for flying fishes...
Also include a set of amusement park midway buildings. I desinged these about the same time when the "Restaurants & Other Buildings", but thought they're too minor to upload. but if anyone interested in them...?
You can add Custom Vendors to them.

custom scenery sets needed:

Ralfvieh’s Beaver Homes
Ralfvieh’s Sci-fi
Ralfvieh's Russian Woods
Ralfvieh’s East Asia

Station Jim's gardening 1
Station Jim's chapel building 1 & 2
Station Jim's Gift Shopping
Station Jim’s Random Things
Station Jim’s Midway Things
Station Jim’s Hotel Things
Station Jim’s Sci-fi Things
Station Jim's vikings
Station Jim's pirates

Ropes by Elch
Zero G's things
SK-Canopy 101

put them to:
Keywords: scenery  structures  planetarium  midway  stall  sci-fi 
Posted by: Sora_92 May 18, 2018, 06:59:20 PM

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